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RP [Open RP] Welcome To The Kikyo Sector

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Alima considered the question, she didn't remember Fiamma. "I have, but I think I'd remember someone as beautiful as you."


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As the night went on, the Star Army soldiers began to clear out, paying their tabs to Irchaet returning to their overcrowded trains on their way to their starships. For many of them, it was the last night out they'd have in YE 42. Soon they would be on one of the most epic missions the Star Army had ever undertaken...the Battle of Glimmergold.

"Say, what's the name of this bar anyway, it just say 'bar' on the outside," Kalena asked Irchaet on the way out.

"Got a suggestion?" Irchaet asked.

"The Thirst Trap?" Kalena laughed.

"Anyone got a better suggestion?" Irchaet asked. "I guess that's what it will be. I like it. It's funny."

Kalena winked at Irchaet and slipped out the door.

(OOC: A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this RP thread, it's one of the most fun ones I've had in a while! I'm going to close it now since post activity is winding down and so we can move on to the YE 43 threads. I hope our characters run into each other again in the future! )
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