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Ark Alpha Hospital

Rakel had fallen asleep more or less consigned with the fact she was going to die here but at least she had a handsome guard with her. However she woke with a start and grabbed her sword bow and looked right at the snake human thing. She sat up and wobbled a bit prompting Endri to hold her steady. "I am Rakel, if you are here to help we appreciate it. There are many in here who will die if they don't get medical aid soon." The elf woman herself looked close to death but she put on a strong face. She was tired and her blood transfusion just made her even more tired. She leaned into Endri a bit but still looked ready to fight. Then the doors opened and people came inside. "Get the critically wounded out first and those with black tags they need the most medical attention, those that cant be moved without killing them well just leave them and save who you can." She turned to Endri and gave a weak smile. "Seems we might survive just yet."


Zeck sprang into action and left the bridge as soon as the Sobek took damage trusty tool box in hand. She went right for one of the damaged sections and stuck her hands into a flaming control panel. The red skinned alien was immune to fire and heat and seemed to enjoy the warm feeling but she had a job to do. Fire suppression systems started up as Zeck fixed the panel and removed her hands. She ran her soot covered hands through her wet hair and looked for the next thing that needed fixing.


Delmira hated everything about this but she had a job and she did it. She was firing every gun she had into the enemy but it seemed to have little effect. She burned through 200mm railgun ammunition fast and linked up with another unit of Ryoko's that was in the area and was helping them lay some ordinance into whatever they where fighting. She was quite happy one of her friends she trained with was in the squad but they would talk later, well it seemed like she would have a lot of people to talk to later.
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Operation Fireplace Ending​

Following the fall of the creature known as Bothosar, the Star Army vessels and the Norian Leviathans were brought to Pisces and the offloading of refugees was completed. Thanks to the efforts of the Star Army, the NDC, the Senti, Reds, Ryu-Mizumitsu, and the Independent crew of the Sobek, the lives of 360 Million were saved through their efforts. For those who had come to this new universe on the Arks, it was just the beginning of what would be a new life as they were distributed into the refugee towns on the designated worlds to wait for their new home to be built on Akina.

Airwin's words of thanks were already transmitted, but the debt he and his people felt they owed needed to be repaid for the sake of honor. Many of the MERN soldiers would join the Star Army, and their presence on ships across the Sector would be quickly noticed. Civilians and those who took the opportunity would begin to build new lives to take advantage of the many offerings of the Yamatai Star Empire when it came to jobs and education.

For many, this was just the end of the beginning.

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