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RP [Origin-RyuK] All that glitters


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Ake System
Ake System
YE 45.4

It was a busy week for Kai Kenshin. But that had always been the case since he became the number 2 in control of the Ryu Keiretsu. The current head of the Ryu Family refuses to talk to him, believing he was the one the position should have gone to. But Kai had no time to think about how to mend old friendships.

He could only imagine what was going through Daimyo Ryu-Mizumitsu's head in moving the bulk of their personnel from Tatiana to the Fujiko Region. For the longest time the Reds, in their classic anarchist ways, didn't even bother to name the region until they got a new senator on Fujiko. New in the sense that they completely forgot who their old senator was.

Kai Kenshin was regularly in meetings with the CEOs of Fujiko Development Corporation and Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing about their respective corporations. Now this new Fujiko Trade and Cultural Exchange Office created in large part due to Senator Yokota’s efforts for the region was going to cause more headaches for him.

The Reds are not historically diplomats (or anything else for that matter), but they were determined to change and take advantage of the good fortune they had received. But he knew there were going to be a lot of hiccups that were going to affect the RyuK.

Now he was on his way to Ake to negotiate with the powerful Origin Industries to acquire their older technologies. All thanks to a sales intern showing too much initiative. He couldn't walk the inquiry, so Masamune felt like Kai was the one for the job due to his success with the Yugumo Corporation that granted them the opportunity to expand into Fujiko.

"Sir, we have arrived in the Ake System." A large man said at the controls of the Crane Dropship modified into his personal yacht. The Red and Gold scheme is only partially ruined by the craft's registration number on the rear paneling.

The familiar hum of the CDD drive coils could be heard "spinning up" before they began traveling the vast distance between their hyperspace exit at the edge of the system and Dawn Station on the opposite side of the system.

"Dawn Station, this is CY-C207-0117. Currently inbound and requesting docking authorization." the pilot next to the giant of a man said. She just glanced over at him for a moment while the ship started to shudder a bit as the CDD “braked” as the large station quickly could be seen. A quirk of RHI designed CDD systems, even with the Yugumo Corporation designed coils.
As the Dropship entered the system, the occupants would see just how busy everything was. From the initial distance, Dawn station was nothing but a glimmer in space orbiting the second planet, but as they approached, it became clearer and clearer the scope of Origin's operations in the sector. A controlled chaos, ships filtered in and out, some passing near the Ryu Keiretsu shuttle on their way out toward the center of the sector, while others breezed away in nearly every other direction, including a constant stream to and from the surface of the planet. As the starfish-like shape of the station itself came into focus, a few rather large objects became clearer next to it. Several well-stripped space hulks nearly unrecognizable aside from the general shapes, including an NMX flagship and a Chiharu-class, as well as one new flagship type vessel, the latter of which appeared to be nearing completion and sporting Origin's colors.

"CY-C207-0117, this is Dawn Control," A voice responded to the ship's request, "Docking is not authorized at this time, please divert planetside. We will be receiving you in Origin City, sending coordinates and landing clearances now..."
"Roger, adjusting course." The pilot simply replied before cutting the communication. When the coordinates and flight path came in, she just slightly nudged the craft's course to adjust. Despite the Crane having wings, it was not the most agile of creatures in the sector. The re-entry was more bumpy than most people expect, but Kenshin was used to this by now. He was simply focused on reviewing everything Ryu-Mizumitsu-sama wanted out of this and what the RyuK might offer in return. Something told him that Origin was going to be a tougher nut to crack however.
As the shuttle descended into Ake's atmosphere, those near a window could see a rather awesome view- Bleak, windswept hills and valleys covered in black rock and gravel, with circular lakes dotted all over, centered mostly around the equator. Near the tallest mountain range in the vicinity, shimmered a massive lake, the cookie-cut edges signifying it had likely been produced in the same manner as the smaller lakes dotted about. At the northwest of the lake, nestled between it, and the mountain, lay a fairly large city. Nothing compared to the likes of Kyoto, or Funky city, but it was clearly bustling, with wide streets and tall towers, a spaceport situated on its lakeside edge, which was where the shuttle was being directed to. Columns of steam from the city's heating system and industrial actions billowed skyward, joining what was currently a sparse cloud cover, though in the distance a bit of a storm could be seen building on the opposite side of the lake.

Aside from the city, and the blackened hills, the mountain itself was quite majestic, with snowcapped peaks and rugged features that showed just how far Ake had come- only fifteen years prior there wasn't enough water to support life, and the atmosphere was too noxious to breathe, yet below the aptly named Origin City showed that the megacorporation's terraforming efforts and industrial capacity had paid off, taking a dead, inhospitable world, and bringing it to life.
"Landing site identified. Locking onto automated landing system frequency 147.25... now." the pilot of the craft said as they approached the coordinates of the starport. The Red and Gold Crane Dropship stood out from most of the air traffic typically seen. Not enough to have people turn their necks quickly in amazement, but certainly enough to make someone go hmm.

Finally over its landing pad, the craft did a maneuver to kill off forward motion and then came down with a faint thud as the weight settled. The tall yojimbo exited from the rear of the Crane first before Kai Kenshin exited to make way to the port's customs and security section.