• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

ryu keiretsu

  1. demibear

    Yamatai News (YINN) New City Opens on Fujiko IV

    Fujiko System, Fujiko IV Shenhong City Yesterday the Ryu Keiretsu announced the opening of their forcefield domed city of Shenhong as open for business. With its octagon shaped perimeter sporting Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing designed "Protector" shield towers along the perimeter and...
  2. ajax228

    Bushi rifle variant

    To: Remy Belmont CC: RyuK From: Delmira Brunhilde Lulie Greetings Remy its been awhile! I was on a op not long ago and i had the idea for a rifle variant of the Bushi. Something that would fit better as marksman rifle for snipers such as myself give the compact nature of the Bushi. i have a...
  3. Yuuki

    SYNC To RHI Licensing Department from YFW Procurement Department

    To: Director, Licensing, Ryu Heavy Industries From: Wakaba Masami, Yugumo Fleetworks Procurement Department Director: Yugumo Fleetworks requests payments of the first ten million (10,000,000) KS in royalties related to licensed Yugumo products used in the Nuwa frigate be paid in product at...
  4. demibear

    Increased Investment Announced for the Red Hitherlands

    Coming off of the success of their Tange Operations in partnership with the Yugumo Corporation, the Ryu Keiretsu announced in an investor virtual conference a plan to invest in the infrastructure of the region of space containing Sector Grids 1410, 1411 and 1511. Consisting of the systems...
  5. demibear

    RP [International/Corporate] YE 43 International Defense and Non-Defense Industry Expo

    End of another year meant it was time for the corporations of Kikyo to show off their projects. While certainly not the largest of the Trade Shows, the Ryu Clan's "Kikyo Defense and Consumer Expo" or "KI2EX" this year was being held on the Pisces Station within the Xylar System. Chosen for its...
  6. demibear

    Yamatai News (YINN) Ryu Keiretsu Seeks Partnerships to Explore the Frontier

    Tatiana, Inuyama City "The Kuvexian War was a trying ordeal with the Yamatai Star Empire and our allies. For the first time, we battled a foe from distant space that wished to impose their will against all who did not fall into line. Only by coming together as a sector did we defeat and crush...
  7. demibear

    SYNC RyuK Mecha Procurement Inquiry

    To: Osman Heavy Industries, Noval Heavy Industries, Origin Industries From: Ryu Keiretsu Procurement Department Greetings, In order to accomendate an ever changing landscape of technology, the Ryu Keiretsu is seeking to bulk order one or two types of Mecha for our Black Crane Securities. Below...
  8. demibear

    Yamatai News (YINN) Ex-slave Training Center opens in Ternifac

    Yamatai, Ternifac In a small ceremony in the central business district of Ternifac, the Toyotomi Training Institute (TTI) announced it was officially open for business. A transition training facility, the main focus of the TTI is the integration of former slaves found outside of the Yamatai...
  9. demibear

    RP (RyuK-GH Meeting) Welcome to Inuyama City!

    Inuyama City, Ryu Keiretsu HQ Rooftop Like all cities on Tatiana, Inuyama City possessed a hulking building that served at the beacon for the city. A huge volumetric kaimon containing a War Tessen marked it as the Ryu Keiretsu Headquarters. Aside from the Mizumitsu Complex on Yamatai, it was...
  10. demibear

    RP [Open RP] Exams for Justice!

    In the outskirts of the Jiyuu System, a single large vessel emerges into the physical realm in a flash of blue energy. Sporting the black and gold livery of Takeda Minerals and Mining ships, the sides of the ship bear the following: "YL-C27-0001 Ashizuri". The lead ship of a new class of Mining...
  11. Yuuki

    SYNC Black Crane Counter-Boarding Training

    A Yugumo Corporation Company Tokyo, Jiyuu III OFFICE OF THE SHACHŌ From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Shachō, Takeda Fleet, Fuku-Shachō Yugumo Corporation To: Mizumitsu Tomomi, Black Crane Securities Mizumitsu-san, As Takeda Fleet has adopted the Paradin system and other Ryu Keiretsu hardware pursuant...
  12. SirSkully

    RP Shady Dealings in a City of Lights

    (OOC: Same night as this thread) The meeting had been set to take place in a nice bar a few storeys up one of the many towers that made up the skyline of downtown Kyoto, a nice little place made from panels of genuine lacquered wood that took a few obvious queues from historical Yamataian...