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RP [Pisces Station] And All the Rest

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Honoka blinked and waved to the leaving senator. "I will. You take care too Senator, and Abby too." She took a single rushed bite of her hardly touched plate of food, before she rushed off towards the conference room, her hand resting on her NSP.

She wondered what was going on? What could be causing all of the commotion? Whatever it was, the aide didn't want to find out. Before long, she too was outside the conference.

Saori let out a yelp of surprise at the alarm. Her presence on Pisces wasn't in an official capacity - it had been a brief stopover on her way to somewhere else (she hadn't decided where yet) due to being on leave - but an alarm and the sounds of combat still roused her quickly. Saori had never seen live combat, she hadn't even been given a full military assignment since completing training, but that made little difference to her.

There was fighting and alarms. She intended to find out exactly what the hell was going on. Her first destination was the conference room: with all the officials of rank present on the station, it seemed a logical first place for violence to strike. After all, the Lorath were known to be evil and the Nepleslians were known to be savage and the Ketsurui were known to have no sense of humor! The idea of putting all three in close proximity for any length of time had always seemed hilariously ill-conceived to Saori, and furthermore she was a little disappointed to have missed it...

Skittering between the chaos of moving people and the chaos of (in her view) badly laid out hallways, NSP gripped in her left hand, Saori came to a skidding halt outside the main conference hall. Maybe she could get some answers here, she could spend a moment or two to find out at the least. The authorities had to know what was happening.
Running towards the universe's leaders with a gun didn't turn out to be such a great idea. A number of armored troops with LASR rifles quickly surrounded Saori. "DROP THE GUN! DROP THE GUN OR WE WILL SHOOT YOU!"
Saori blinked a few times and then realized, dressed as a civilian as she was, the NSP might not have been the best accessory. (Not that she would have done any different given another shot to play it through. Excitement was good!)

She dropped the pistol, lifting her hands noncommittally. "I am Santo-Hei Chiaki Saori. Currently off-duty." She did her best not to sound too frustrated. "I wanted to know what caused the alarms." Saori stopped there, lest she cause any more problems. She did have a tendency to exacerbate bad situations by poking her nose in too deep and inhaling...
A trio of armors shoved Saori to the ground and held her down while another placed handcuffs around her wrists. They searched her (everywhere), scanned her, and then hauled her off to a nearby security center, where they stuck her alone (but monitored) in a bland confinement room to await interrogation.
"Well... That was rather exciting, don't you think?" Arkase asked Honoka, pistol still out.
He watched the armors haul the civilian girl away, shaking his head. "I almost wish we had shot, you know what I mean?" Arkase glanced over to the Aide.
Oberstabsfeldwebel Schwab awoke to the alarms and lights with the full alertness that attested to a true soldier's battle-honed training.

"Stay here!" He ordered the other two ambassadors. Karla Lang was only to happy to agree, but Adala had to argue.
"Where do you think you're going?" She demanded.
"I'm going to see what in the Void's name is going on around here. Now Sit!" Schwab yelled. And with that he ran out the door with one hand on his service pistol. He followed the movements of the guards, guessing that they would be somehow setting up a defense around the higher ups. Maybe the Yamataian ambassador would shed some light on things.
Honoka blinked, before she had to resist the urge to facepalm. "It's not that exciting, and no, it would have been bad if we shot. You ask before you shoot, not the other way around." She couldn't believe she was stuck with someone who thought like that when alarms are blaring and there were fire fights. Sure, she was one that would be normally cheerful, but still Arkase's comments weren't appropriate for the situation.

She kept a tight grip on her NSP, and kept an eye out for whatever it was attacking. What could it be anyway? What could have been hostile that had gotten onto the station without so much as a warning from a ship before? What could have even been hostile at a 'peaceful' relations conference.
Arkase sighed, "Apparently you don't know what I mean..." then, out loud, "Understood Ma'am."

"It just kind of reminds me of the Sparkling Glade movie, you ever see it? 'Tension so thick I can cut it.' the best scene of the entire thing was when the Captain goes into the..." And he continued talking about the rather old movie, trailing off into random facts about the actors and how it was based on a short story...

He kept himself alert, though. His eyes constantly scanning the area with the NSP out and ready.
The security with the Fourth Fleet Staff tapped at the console to the door, shutting a panel over it. They had locked it down, and were starting to look anxious as the sound of gunfire got closer, and closer to the main hall.

There was silence for another minute, save the young man with his NSP, and the incoming sound. A dying Nekovalkryja was tossed to the ground in front of the incoming group. She rose, with a sickly, dripping wound on the ground and cackled, raising her NSP.


One of the security members fell back as the shot hit him in the shoulder. The group was coming closer. "Fire at will, fire at will!" They called, things were going to get worse for Arkase and Honoka. There, in the oncoming field of fire, and the dead-eyed infected, were Mishima, and Aoyama.
"This delay is simply intolerable, Captain."

"I'm aware, sir!"

"I suppose it cannot be helped. Watch out, two o'clock."

"Thank you, sir."

"Just keep shooting."

Mercir was splashed with a good-sized spray of hemosynthetic blood. He frowned as he looked down at his uniform. It was covered in the stuff, and he was well aware it did not wash out well. Luckily, it appeared the infected personnel were beginning to wear their numbers out. Not that it mattered, yet. They apparently hadn't gotten into the Powered Armor stores of the station, and as such were easy pickings for the squad of heavy NOZH armors and Marine regulars guarding the mouth of the Nepleslian concourse. With no threats forthcoming, the soldiers relaxed somewhat. Mercir just looked glum.

"Have we received any further word from the group we dispatched to get the Sky Marshall?" the Lieutenant Commander demanded of the head of the armored troops. The massive black armor shook its head. "No sir, nothing." Mercir looked to the leader of the Marine detachment, a Senior Chief named Wintergreen. "Chief, I want you and three men to come with me. The rest are to stay with the Operators here and hold the concourse." The Marine nodded, and grabbed several men, who jogged to meet the IPG official, all muttering under their breaths about what an unforgivable c*** he was.

Mercir looked to the Operator head, a big, mean Captain. "Don't let anyone through. If they look unthreatening, sit them down out of the line of fire, but don't let them into the concourse. Holding this area is operation critical. I also want a scouting party out in front. Marines, let's go."

Mercir left the crude, weapon-encrusted barricade cutting off the Nepleslian diplomatic area from the rest of the station, and headed into the station with the marines in tow and two cloaked Britvas rapidly moving forward. Their primary destination was the conference room.
P2C Fay Saelus was quiet for most of the battle. It had been a long while since he last saw combat, but his well-drilled discipline held out over the nervous fear that clutched his stomach. So many dead.. he seethed behind gritted teeth in his Hostile Power Armor. Drifting from duty station to duty station had caused him to accidentally step into this hell hole. Now, this Geshrin/Nepleslian Hybrid was just handpicked for a supposed suicide mission.

Fay formed up with the other marines about ready to head out, his PA's heavy boots making fairly loud clanking noises on the floor plating. The medic tried to ignore the dead and dying, but even if they were the enemy... It hurt his very soul to just abandon them to slip away... alone, afraid, cold, crying... It was enough to clutch his HPAR to not keep himself from ending their pain with a single, well-placed bullet. It would be another's job to do so. His mission was only beginning. Another breath to keep going... just one more... just enough time to keep his heart from escaping from his throat in pity.
"I say, this dark chap is quite the bumblefuck." rolled Wintergreen's classy voice in a transmission to the Marines in line with him, the Senior Chief kept it private, so that Mercir would be none the wiser. His Hostile moved up, keeping pace with IPG man.

"You know, good sir, do you think that it is palpable that our jolly little squad is going to fare better without knowing infecta-foolery that befell our other half?" asked Wintergreen, questioning the dark man.

((Enjoy your classy Wintergreen, Sub.))
Schwab walked out onto a hall where a firefight had just seemed to have finished. Not knowing who was on his side he kept his pistol unholstered and his sword lose in it's scabbard. Then he saw a large PA walking down the hall slowly towards him. He ducked around around a corner and called out towards the large armor in severly accented Yamataian. "HALT! Who goes there!?"
The commotion which took hold of the station had swirled up a fuss from a majority of the security present. However, there was a group which remained focused and vigilant over the conference above any other matter. From the United Outer Colonies, a group of black uniform clad Jiyuuans and plate armor clad Fyunnen stood watch over the conference room, patiently they stood guard even as the sounds of the dying could be heard. Once the battle turned however, and the enemy came closer, a portion of the group made their move.

The Jiyuuan security team slipped back closer to the conference room as they took decidedly defensive positions with weapons drawn and ready to fire upon any advancing enemy. Their gaze fixed to the distant portions of the corridors as they kept their vigil.

Activity however mostly came from the Fyunnen as heavy cloaks were thrown aside to reveal packs which they carried. These packs held their 'tools of the trade'. Some of the Fyunnen had pairs of rifles slung over their shoulders, models such as the Hik'id and Ek'yra made their appearance as the formidable soldiers brought their first weapons to the ready. One of the Fyunnen however was given the task of the initial 'mow down' process. Beneath the formidable armor clad woman's cloak was a large metallic backpack with a multi-barreled twin-handled weapon slung beneath it. The Fyunnen drew the weapon and propped it against her plate-armor clad hip as she began to spin the barrels of the Deviance Gatling weapon. Scrawled across the side of the weapon in Lorath script was a phrase... 'Petals, Rain, The Dead - All Fall'

It was a deafening sound as the Fyunnen let loose with her initial volley of fire. A series of small taps on the trigger produced thundering sounds as durandium-coated beads of shot flew through the air, scattering in the direction of the infected and any which were stupid enough to stand in the way. The Fyunnen was careful with her fire, gently easing into the spray of metal as she let the enemy come along with some friends before she would let loose with another volley. When the wounded fell, she would make it a point to place a couple of shots into each corpse before moving onto the next target.

The Gatling shotgun bearing Fyunnen was not alone in her efforts however. When an attacker would come from a blind spot, or when it was a single individual, her sisters in combat would support her. One of the Fyunnen guards which held one of the Lorath made railgun rifles let loose a shot at a pair of infected which attempted to charge from a blind-side. The single shot tore through the air, and as it collided with the first of the infected, the round exploded and shattered into many smaller bits of shrapnel as the round passed through the other side of the first target, and into the other, tearing one of the infected in half, and tearing dozens of massive wounds into the second.

The Fyunnen were in their element. In a situation which they were bred for. The slaughter of those which threatened what lay behind them and what they were vowed to defend. Regardless if the room contained the Empress of one of their people's most hated rivals, it did not matter, it was their job to keep the room safe.

Behind the Fyunnen, the black uniform clad Jiyuuans maintained their watch. Seemingly doing little... however, they made their contributions to the cause in the form of precision supportive fire. With the aid of the suits which clad their frames, the Jiyuuans were able to place precision shots using their Arbitrator pistols. Infected which attempted to bear their weapons against the Fyunnen or Jiyuuans would find their weapon quickly incapacitated by a shot, or their shooting hand reduced to a stump. Then... the Fyunnen would finish the job. Despite the panic of the moment, the guards which came from the Colonies made their stand at the secured door. Not advancing, not falling back, but merely standing their ground as they promptly disposed of any which advanced on their position in any sort of threatening manner.

While they laid down their fire, one of the Fyunnen spoke up. "Charger, what do you think got into these heathens?" She spoke as she fired a burst of plasma at one of the attacking Nekovalkryja, reducing her into a pile of char and ash.

The Fyunnen which released burst after burst from her Gatling replied. "Not sure, I don't care though. We get to kill some of the wretches."

"Confirmed." A third Fyunnen spoke as she placed a fresh magazine into her weapon. "Just try not to hit the ones that look scared, they're most likely the innocent ones... As I said though, just try." With that, the Fyunnen brought her weapon to her shoulder and unleashed a burst of bullets which promptly popped an Infected Yamataian's head off of her shoulders.

"Black, you never let us have any fun." The first of the group spoke before she was broadsided by a Nekovalkryja which charged her once her weapon's power cell ran out.

The talkative Fyunnen soon found why the Nekovalkryja had managed to fare well in the field of battle for so long, as the infected soldier brought her boot down upon the Fyunnen's armor. The stonethread-titanium composite cracked under the blow, but not before denting inwards. A ragged cough and a sputter of blood came from the Fyunnen's helmet as she felt her rib-cage give way to the stomp, and her wings snap and crack behind her. The nekovalkryja then reached down and ripped the helmet off of the Fyunnen before lifting her and pulling a writing object out from her back, where the vile creatures had made their temporary home.

The Fyunnen soldier set her eyes on the writhing creature. The sharp barb on the beast told her all she needed to know. It was the embodiment of plague and corruption, and she would not let such a thing touch her. With a barbaric scream the Fyunnen brought her armor clad fist forward and into the Nekovalkryja's belly. The clawed gauntlet tore through the belly of the soldier of the Empire. While the Fyunnen's hand was in the Nekovalkryja, she grasped onto what she thought was an organ to pull it out... instead, when she removed her hand it was another of the vile writhing barbed creatures. She promptly crushed it in her hand before she looked to the Nekovalkryja, which looked terrified as she fell to the deck and clutched her belly in pain.

"They're infested!" The Fyunnen called out with a ragged cough of blood as she took a knee and went about bringing her fists down upon the remaining parasites which clung to the Nekovalkryja. "Don't let them touch you, and shoot anything that crawls!" Once the Fyunnen finished crushing the parasites beneath her fists, she crawled back to the side of the Jiyuuans as she began to conduct first aid procedures upon herself using a Lorath first aid kit.

"Goddess forgive us then as we have taken the lives of the innocent in the path to dispensing justice upon the wretched." The Fyunnen named Black spoke as she let out a somber sigh. The other Fyunnen too muttered softly in their own tongue 'Forgive us' as they lost the taste for the moment, yet continued in their defense of the conference room.
Mercir didn't stop walking. "Nepleslian military. Drop your weapon and step out. If you show hostility, we will respond with lethal force." Behind the Abwerhan, one of the stealthed Britvas aimed its rifle at the alien's head, prepared to fire if need be.
At the sight of the other crew members of Nadare coming toward them, Arkase had ceased talking and began firing mechanically at anything hostile. Now, he just stood a bit farther in front of the Aide, a grim look ruling his face.

The suspense was gone now, and the 'excitement' had begun. The nervousness had melted away for the moment.
They're probably glad I shut up. He thought, masking a smile that would be far too out of place.
Honoka stood stunned for a moment. Why were her former crewmates now seemingly hostile? This wasn't making sense. But, they still weren't acting very kindly, so Honoka had to act still. She was tempted to just use the stun, but those protecting the conference room were being shot at. It wasn't a time for a more peaceful resolution.

"Gomenasai," she whispered to what used to be friends. She fired her NSP into the oncoming enemies.
"Did any of you chaps catch that?" Wintergreen sputtered, hearing the roughly translatable Yamataian words to his ears. He noted one of the Nepleslians shrugging their armored shoulders while the others just looked at him. Either way, he could clearly catch Mercir's words and signaled the other Marines forward.

"Brizzles, boys! Rifles steady!" Wintergreen advanced to Mercir's left flank, rifle up. The other Marines flanking Mercir on his right, keeping pace with the IPG Man.
Schwab was no idiot, he knew when he was outgunned. Enemy or not, he slowly put his pistol on the ground. "Oberstabfeldwebel Gunter Schwab, Abwehran Military Envoy. Can I ask what the alert is for?" he stated in a loud, clear (if slightly accented) voice of command.
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