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RP [Pisces Station] Breathing time

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"Not by choice," Roxanne said as she rounded a corner. "I'm just tired of not doing actual damn work! I'll try and fix that on the shipride home. With all the heavy looks you were giving Ayana, you obviously need some work done to you."

Soon, the pair were on Roxanne's rented transport, and they were on their way to Yamatai.
Maysaki blinked a little, "... I am really not quite sure what you are on about now, Roxxy-poo. But whatever." She then waved dismissively toward the woman before boarding the transport along with Roxanne.

... And then they were on the way to Yamatai. Yay.
"These are just some, it's very popular. Try this? It's from water that has no salt in it." Double-checking it would be all right, she pointed at a few of the other selections. "These are from animals on the land, the meat has a different taste to it." Pausing to sip from her drink the officer wondered about the turn of situation. She was sitting at a restaurant with someone who hadn't known there were other people in the stars a few days ago! Killing to mingling in no time flat.

The Mishhu had gone, and for the first time in her mission wasn't to kill or die. Rubbing at her eye with the back of her hand, she apologized with an embarrassed smile. "What are your families like, Retyur?"
Retyur sampled some of this 'land meat', but he frowned at the taste. "Hm... it surely is unique, but truthfully, it is not to my liking." He nodded with an embarrassed smile, "When we are born, we are taken care of by nurses. These nurses protect, teach, and care for us until we are grown enough to learn and live on our own." He nodded sagely, hoping that this custom wasn't too strange for his new friend to understand.
"Sort of..many of us are made, others are born and taken care of by the pair that conceived them. That's how it is typically..but Nekovalkryja stay young for only a short time, a quarter of our year. I'm barely three years old." She flashed a smile at the holy warrior, to smooth over the shock she was expecting. A few large glasses of spring water were placed near Retyur, for good measure as they continued to chat.
A look of surprise did wander over his face for a short while. The word 'year' had been translated as 'cycle' into his language, so he understood what she meant. Retyur laughed a little as he replied, "Well, that is fascinating. I'm currently on my 23rd year myself. We Azoreans live for a good 80 years before we return to the Goddess." He smiled as he sampled some of the spring water. It was a little different then the water that he was used to, but since Azoreans seas aren't at all salty, there wasn't that much of a difference.
"Would you like to try anything else? I could order a dessert but you may not like it. Do you have a 'sweet' taste?" Kurusu realized when she asked that maybe there wasn't anything sweet for them to have a word for it. She still had to go to the market, she had a large list from what her escort, Rufus Taisa had said she could find some things to spend her money on.

"We serve at least eight years until we earn our freedom. At least that's the standard rule. I can't imagine leaving." The Shosa calmly admitted.
Retyur thought for a moment before answering, "We have a few plants that we use to sweeten meals, but nothing in particular that is extremely sweet. Becoming a holy warrior is a choice that few decide to commit to, but we are honored to complete the Goddess' will." He nodded with a smile as he sampled a few more seafood things.
A conference attendant made her way to their table, bending down to whisper in the Shosa's ear before leaving. She smiled up at her dining companion,"It seems things are already calming down for the day, your delegation might wish for you back. I need to visit the market and return to my ship, you're welcome to join me shopping but won't they require you shortly to escort the ambassador?" Misaki had a lot of things to buy, and tapping PANTHEON she realized she'd better hurry with them so Hanako wouldn't have to wait long.
Retyur nodded in agreement, I had better get back soon. The ambassador does not anger easily, but I must complete my oath to serve and protect her. My apologies, but I cannot join you. He stood to leave with a smile at her.
"If you need to contact me again just use the communicator we left and draft a written message to Kurusu Misaki Shosa. Just go back the way you came, or ask someone for directions. Open stars."

Settling the tab on a military account, the YSS Eucharis' XO left the restaurant bound for the market. She sent a quick message to Hanako on her way.

Hanako Taisa,

I'm going to the market before coming, should I bring you anything?

~Kurusu Shosa
Hanako said:
No thanks. Please bring the ambassador back to the ship so we can get going.
"They Azorean delegation will remain for the next day's deliberations, Shosa." One of the security personnel informed her, would they be able to let the other exploration squadrons handle the remaining escort? She stepped past the checkpoint and into the market, starting by browsing a Nepleslian dealer.

Misaki said:

It seems the ambassador's group will be staying for the next day of the conference. They may be here for some time, is there any reason another ship can't take them back?
Reytur hurried back to his post. When he saw that the ambassador was waiting for him, he apologized and offered to kill himself to make up for his lateness, but she dismissed his apologies with a simple nod. Aqueniss understood his curiousity all too well. The delegation then made their way slowly through the station. None of them would probably get any sleep after today's excitement and the fact that this was the first time that any Azorean had ever spent the night with alien accomodations.
Misaki handed her moneycard over to the Kohanian merchant as his attendants hurriedly began to pack everything she had purchased to go back with her. The less Hanako was waiting the better, but anything she could buy to make the ship more like home the better, and there were so many nice things to get. Using a mirror she put up her hair with the dual-pronged hair sticks she had bought, they could accent just about any colour, and added a distinct look of class to the style.

Skirts, tops, two tapestries, other accessories, and a plant in a container were all placed inside the box. Turning to the next booth she ordered a few bottles of wine sent also, and some fresh fruit she thought the galley would be able to use. A pair of sandals that had caught her eye were also included. A really good run considering she'd never even set foot on their home world before.

"Kurusu Shosa?"


"Your card." The merchant handed it back, which the officer took.

"Thank you..send both boxes right away." Deciding she could order more later if she needed, Misaki made her way back to the Eucharis so they could get underway. Once the purchases had been loaded, she put what needed to be in her bunk there, and contacted Hanako.

Misaki said:
"I'll be on the bridge shortly, Taisa."
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