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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Mizu

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24日 8月 YE 39

The shuttle gave a low hum as it reached its destination, which was a small landing pad in the city of Kyope on the planet of Sudran in Azorean space. Eden turned around as the cockpit began landing before clearing everyone to disembark.

"Remember a few things!" Eden said to the Kaiyō crew that had come along for the journey. "Tomorrow is the only sunny day forecasted for a long time and we're only here two weeks before many of you go to Elysia, so get in some skyboarding while you can in the Western part of the city at the edge of where it meets the water. Remember, the Azoreans live under the city in the water, so watch where you pee this trip. Always wear a helmet!!" She showed a volumetric map of the city from her palm and got up from her seat to be in the aisle for everyone to see. "We rented out the top story of a nearby hotel a two minute walk North West of this shuttle pad. This city is very safe, but be wary of places like Algol's South of here. I hear he is a bandit prince in the Iruotl system... There is the convention center we will go to next week," she highlighted a large dome what appeared to be about five minutes walk North of the hotel. "That is where you can buy just about anything during our stay. Remember this is a great place to buy Iromakuanhe tech. I hear Hoshi is getting symbiotics in strange places." She closed the volumetric map with the slow snap of her fingers to her palm. "Anyway, let's all try to buddy up with someone we haven't been around much before, alright! Have fun and enjoy yourself. If you would like to spend time with me, please let me know."

The pilots gave the okay.

"Everyone off!" Eden called and waved her arm.
That landing pad place

Arbitrated Iemochi stretched her free arm and yawned quietly as her husband led her out of the craft and onto solid...ish ground.The expectant mother smiled at the fresh, sea-permeated air, a cool breeze passing by and ruffling her primaries a little. Even a passerby could have figured out by now that the smol one was pregnant, her stomach bulging healthily within her sky blue overshirt.

Sora ducked down as she followed the married couple out, her black hair shining in the light as the very same breeze washed over her. She stood slightly awkwardly, as if unsure what to do, simply turning to face the shuttle as the rest of the people who had come exited it.

Meissa rode out on her trusty steed.

That is, Matsuvo.

The Iroma were an oddity, Meissa observed. Their bodies were like computers, somewhat like the Seraphs of Elysia, except instead of feeling no emotion, they were more than capable of artistic emotional catharsis.

That and they were basically the opposite of Elysians. Instead of being light as feathers, their bone structure was a dense, unbreakable quartz. Quite something, Meissa contemplated. She wasn't planning to stay for long, since a visit to Elysia was planned, but for now she wore simpler clothes that didn't have STAR ARMY scrawled all over them.

Sacre was dressed casually as she stepped onto Kyope. A small medkit rode on on her belt, partially covered by her untucked blue shirt. Completely covered was a small folding knife on her belt that should't arouse any suspicion. Vera rode completely concealed, the grip under her bra. She felt almost naked with only two knives and a scalpel, but she was trying to relax. Her mind wandered a bit as she considered her shipmates. Her experience with William had opened her up to possibly getting a bit closer to them. She wondered if any of them would like to go shopping for knives with her. However, she felt awkward trying to ask, so she would just go with the flow. With any luck, they would stop somewhere that sold good knives.

The melancholic, indifferent technician stepped out into the rain, pen and his journal in their respective pockets. The architecture was stunning, however the gloomy weather overshadowed the beauty... Literally.

Never would I have imagined the day were I'd see something literally overshadowed..., Walter thought. He exclusively used that word, overshadow, in metaphorical context; after all, since when does anything in the physical world become truly overshadowed by a larger construct of natural or unnatural origin?

Apparently anything can become overshadowed when it's raining all day, every day, every month, every year... Kind of depressing.

He wondered if there happened to be any clothes he could buy in the following week. The Minkan didn't bring anything from home aside from his essentials of the liberal art variety; once again, another oversight contributed by simply thinking too hard. It at least gave him incentive to indulge in other cultures, perhaps even get new ideas. New ideas are always welcome.

Wet Walter couldn't help but look at Sacre; not for any particular reason other than wondering if snakefolk like herself could get cold in these conditions.
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The tired Second Officer was still in her uniform, or well a projection of it. After the mission, she was getting more tired and was almost always attached at the hip to the XO except for bridge watch. She'd forced herself to get a majority of her work done before she went down, which cost her in that she'd have to project instead of wearing anything the first day.

She quietly walked up behind Eden and placed her head on her shoulder before exhaling. "I'm cold."

She spoke again as if she'd never complained, her voice higher and a tad more giddy, "So what are we going to do on our only day of sun?"
"There are any beaches for me to build sand castles on and Kikyo's not here for us to watch her swim..." Eden whispered telepathically as she felt the windchill on her own green bomber coat. The contrast of the married couples' attires showed the dissimilarities in how they felt about their jobs. Even when off duty, around her crew, Saki was less inclined to give up the responsibility to them, even in appearances. Eden, on the other hand, was detached from the bridge or work.

Since helping in the designs of the Fuji-class, she had felt listless commanding unless directly involved in mission training or execution. She wanted to be in combat or designing, but she didn't have the experience of being an engineer like their cheif engineer Anastasia Barlow and didn't have the technical training of her either. Her hands longed to build... Like they had built Ise and designed the Fuji. Like they would build in the future, but presently they were tied to her white panels.

She threw an arm around Saki's shoulder as they walked out of and away from the shuttle and she pulled their hips in close so that they were walking in stride.

"Ever want to see what the back room of an Iromakuanhe and Azorean lounge looks like, Saki?" Eden's hand fell to Saki's hip. "I think our fun in the sun will be shadowed by what happens inside, my girl."

Since his days in the Academy, Darwin had mostly been in reserves until finally being deployed to the Kaiyo. Much to his surprise, the first destination he disembarks from the Kaiyo II onto would be the embassy city of Kyopelinvuori (A name which took about six tries for him to finally nail down the pronunciation). But surprised doesn't mean upset. The beautiful cities all encapsulated by the sapphire oceans is enough to leave the human's jaw agape and eyes opened even farther. Not a word could escape the boy for a few moments while his feet left the ramp off of the shuttle and onto the ground below save for "Wow..." in a hushed tone. He steps up beside a pink-winged Elysian and blinks a few times just trying to comprehend the view. "Guess I'm not on Yamatai anymore..."
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Ume listened in excitement as she listened to the explanation given by Eden. This would be the first time she went to a planet outside of Yamatai's controlled area for recreation, and it was a planet that she could swim just about anywhere. The only unfortunate part was that she had already received a warning from Kazue that she can't just run around naked in the city, and even if the locals swim naked she couldn't.

She would not let this get her down though, there was too much to do in this world new to her, and she had to do as much of it as she could. When everyone stepped off the shuttle she did as well and looked around at the group. "Who wants to go swimming?"
Eden turned around sharply when Ume spoke and looked to Misaki as they stood about in the dreary weather and then to Darwin, said, "Come on, the lot of you, let's go to a nearby coffee shop." She pointed out a She Brew cafe within walking distance and let go of Saki's body to tilt her head to her wife and jutted out her chin towards Darwin while Eden got in line with Ume, walking towards the cafe while also saying, "Do you have a favorite warm drink? Unless you really want to go swimming, in which case I will have to make Misaki and myself partake, unless...?" she sort of left the sentence hanging and stood in between going and staying.
Chlorate stepped off of the shuttle and looked around once she reached the ground. She scanned over the city, and then she just stood there. The modified Emma bot wasn't sure what to do. What did she want to do? Was there anything she needed to do? Not particularly, for her... Many of the crew here she did not know. She glanced over to the fiery-winged Iemochi, and his words from the prior incident in the science lab suddenly echoed in her electronic head: "Do you have a family, my dear? I never had a family. Would you like a family?" And she could hear herself asking what this "fam-ily" concept was again. Was now the time to ask him what he meant? Would Walter approve- but did that even matter? After all, the last time they spoke, she had been in a FARS, this time she was... real...
The human was caught off guard by the sudden turn of attention towards him. Maybe his low rank left him assuming that he would remain unassuming - especially when it comes to minor things such as this. "Well, I'll admit that I haven't had a good coffee in a while... Plus..." His gaze turns to the side while his mind reels through the events of his training in Fort Hajime, where he had to dive into a pool with his classmates to hunt down a bomb contained within its filter. He hadn't swum since... unless it was ordered. "I don't really feel like swimming quiiite just yet."

Iemochi Seinosuke was more than a little excited to be on Kyope. As soon as he'd heard on the way here that you could but Iromatech here that was unavailable anywhere else the phoenix had been raring to see what that even was. He'd glimpsed a few different Iroma symbiotes during his education but they were always in jars. The scientist whistled, impressed, as he led his beautiful wife by the hand gently out into the natural light and ocean breeze, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and giving her a little one-arm hug. Whatever he did, he would have to make sure the lil' birb and her precious cargo was comfortable the entire way.
En Route to Coffee shop

The weather did not seem to put a damper on Ume's mood as she followed along to the coffee shop. She had a big smile and was just full of energy as she answered Eden. "Favorite warm drink? Mmm that's hard...but it has to be something sweet." She gave a nod, still enthused and continued to speak. "Swimming is fun, I plan on going once I find a good spot."
That Planet With the Crazy Name

Arbles snuggled up against Sein as he put his arm on her shoulder. Her warm little body cast a cute shadow next to his she her arms wrapped around his lower chest happily, the little one taking a deep breath of the salty air. The little mother's eyes sparkled as she turned up and looked at the blonde scientist, her pale smiling face gleaming like a piece of jewelry in the sunlight.

"So, Mochi, do ya wanna spend some time looking around while we're here? Or did you have something neat planned out already?" The smol redhead gave one of her adorable toothy grins and hugged him warmly again.
He soon realized... that her question wasn't for him. Strike one in his mind making him visibly flinch and his eyes widen. Good thing nobody was looking as far as he could tell. First impressions, first impressions... The human would think, standing at attention while his entire body tensed out of embarrassment. All he can hope for is that it's brushed off quickly or even unnoticed. His eyes dart around to the rest of the crewmates while he ponders which route to take. Maybe he could hop along with the folks going to the beach? Or... maybe stick with the coffee goers? Or maybe he could just wander the town? Explore the town on his own and make his own discoveries - maybe find a nice place to eat or something. The idea is quite tempting while his posture lowers and he taps his forefinger to his chin, his gaze turning to the ground at his feet as if the answer were scrawled next to his shoes. I should have a map on hand of the destination uplinked to my Comm device... While everyone organizes and gathers, he stands where he had stepped before, getting lost in thought while his gaze returns to the cityscape before him.
Chlorate realized Mochi was walking away and quickly made her way behind him. Mochi and Arbs could hear an unfamiliar clanking noise getting louder and louder, closer and closer. While Chlorate had been around Mochi before, she did not have a physical... clanky... body then.

Misaki followed Eden around and quietly whined when she was let go of. She looked to Eden as she waited for a decision to be made by her wife. She idled her time by toying with her hair while gazing out into nowhere in thought. Her mind drifted back to her work that remained on the ship but she forced herself to turn her thoughts to something happier.

She quietly stole one of Eden's arm and wrapping herself around it tightly. It was one of the few times they had shore leave. She wanted to spend it with her.
With a soft 'plop' noise, Abart'huse's tail slumped down onto the pavement, sliding off the shuttle all snakelike, as one would expect of him. He wasnt sure what to expect of the Kyopelinvuori trip, but he'd heard there was a huge convention in a few days so that sure caught his interest. He'd leave the issue of how to spend the other days for another time.

Standing amidst the kaiyo crew, the many different towers looming over the lot were an impressive sight to see, making him think on whatever commodities were housed inside. For now he might as well follow the rest in whatever they were doing, picking up sights along the way. He made a mental note to get a map or tour of the place sometime.

The notion of coffee came as a pleasant surprise. He wasnt feeling most comfortable yet, having to get used to the idea of beig on a big platform over an endless ocean. His homeplanet Essia had it's share of rivers and lakes, but in sparse amounts. Switching from that to......this.... felt unnatural to the separa. Even if he himself could swim just fine, the temperatures of such vast volumes of water, along with the lessening warm weather made it a not-so appealing thought.

"Hmm..... i could go for something warm actually, anything..." That last word was laced with a hint of discomfort, as the surface's ocean wind made his whole cold-blooded, serpentine body shiver slightly. "I kinda need to acclimatize a bit..."

He mumbles a bit about not having taken warmer clothing whilst slithering over to Eden and Misaki, along with Darwin and whoever else would tag along.
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Eden smiled wide and grinned at Abart, "Good! Maybe you and I could enjoy a cup of Joe!?" She turned to Saki, saying telepathically, "I'm getting some very depressed vibes from him and I'm thinking that he and the Neshaten arrival might get along. I want to float the idea. Mind if I spend some time alone with him?"

When Saki gave the okay, Eden kissed her tenderly and said, "I'll remember my vows if you remember yours."

Cryptic for the situation and pretty out of context, Eden thought she was being mysterious. She made her way to Abart and told him, "I have a baby mouth."
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