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RP: YSS Kaiyō Post-Mission Nine: Mizu

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That invitation was a most welcome one, enough to put a bit of a spark in Abart's proverbial step. "Gladly!.... wait, aren't the others coming along....?" Her response insinuated that he and Eden would go along, which was somewhat surprising. though not as urprising as her second remark, throwing his already confused brain for a loop. Was this another one of those ....weird Yamataian proverbs?
"A baby mou-.......i'm sorry, what?'
"I can't really stand hot temperatures in my mouth unless I turn off my pain receptors, which I don't like to do because, well..." Eden was now arm in arm and walking him towards She Brew Coffee.
The Nekovalkyrja woman that stepped off of the shuttle had an intense glare and disposition, her piercing green eyes staring at the diverse figures that milled around the landing pad as if she was studying them. Clad in nothing but volumetric light which gave the illusion that she was wearing black leggings, white tennis shoes, and a low cut blouse, Kasumi made for an attractive, if common Yamataian appearance. Although she was slightly cold, Kasumi had decided to not wear Star Army standard issue attire for the excursion, as she did not want to draw undue attention from the inhabitants of the city. She was not in Yamataian space, so she reasoned that the uniform would not afford her the dignity that it would elsewhere.

Her first order of business was to go on a shopping spree, to buy a collection of fashionable civilian attire that she planned to wear throughout the shore leave. After that was done, she had also planned to go to the local ice rink, to try out ice skating.

Created on UX-19 II in the New Vicky system, Kasumi had an affinity for cold weather and athletic activities that took place in such conditions. She had first seen people ice skating on her home planet. However, she had never gotten the chance to try it out for herself until now.

Kasumi lingered by the shuttle for a few minutes, as she was not in too much of a hurry to leave just yet, especially if it meant the opportunity to interact with a few of her new crew members...
Iemochi didn't seem to hear the clanking and Leeta Aoi, instead seemed to notice the AI, saying to her, "Where are you about to go?"
Chlorate stopped, and turned to look at Leeta Aoi. "I was going to ask Seinosuke Iemochi about what a fam-ilee is. He had mentioned this concept previously, but I did not get a chance to ask him what it meant."
"Ah, i see....." Abart replied. Now that he caught her drift, it made sense. Though that left the question of the pain receptor thing.

" ...beeeecause you wouldnt be able to taste it like that?" He guessed, being dragged along slightly by the cheerful neko officer.

Admittedly the position the two were in made Abart quite self-aware, with a slight blush on his face despite the chilly weather. "...a-and isnt this pose a bit too..... intimate, shosa?..."

Despite his akward words of protest, he subconsciously hugged back on Eden's arm, cuddling up to the soft, comfy warmth that he oh so needed at that moment.
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