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RP: NSS Inquiry [Post Mission-Two] Debriefing : Blink of an Eye Briefing


Redshirt on the Wire
Game Master
Polup Forest

Alec landed on his feet with a skid before letting go of Mark. He turned back to look at the smoke raising from the the pile of rock and ash that was the enemy facility and let out a whistle of bemusement.

"Whew, talk about cutting it close." He sighed before taking position to form a perimeter. "Don't jinx us now, Mark. I'd like to get home alive and in once piece."


Game Master
Polup Forest

With the final pieces of the facility succumbing to their own weight and leaving the facility a mere pile of rubble and fire, a new radio contact appeared,

, this your eagle's eye speaking dropping down fast, ETA t-minus... what 5 minutes? Hang tight until then a prepare to make a snappy departure, we won't be returning to this planet soon. Out"
With the radio transmission coming to a close, Vizil and the wounded Glynn crawled out from the forest and towards the rest of team, seeing the area has been cleared of resistance. Behind them trailed few nonthreatening Elefirn souls watching the group, and eventually the Nepleslian transport ship which soon landed on Polup's soil and opened it's bay for the soldiers for a trip towards the stars. Even after the doors closed, the native Elefirn still continued to watch the Nepleslian troops leave their atmosphere in both shock and awe in their faces.

Within a few moments, the team was once again inside the NSS Inquiry, and as the door opened, Manson was waiting already waiting for them with his stoic glare.