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Psionics (General Information Page)

Primitive Polygon

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Discussed this with Wes already, apparently this doesn't exist. A page to define the exact qualities of psionic powers, who has them, and information on how the average character in the setting might perceive such things. There is also a (possibly incomplete?) list of factions who possess technology relating to it.

Obviously kind of a pseudo-magical element, but also deeply ingrained in the setting- I've chosen to equate it more to hypnotism, the power of suggestion, and the god helmet to give things a clearer but still spooky, X-Files-type aesthetic.

No doubt there is some massive chunk of deep lore I have missed, but I hope this covers enough of the bases to be useful!
I believe most factions within the Kikyo Sector can probably be considered to have PSC/Psionic dampening fields, given that ADN technology has been in use relatively unchanged for thousands of years, and PSC technology was widespread on the civilian market in Geshrinari products and elsewhere.
Fair. Though this submission isn't really talking about a psionic arms race, but rather giving more flavour to what it actually is.

Nothing on the wiki actually goes past the surface level.
I just thought it might be worth mentioning in here since the article talks about factions who have psionic/anti-psionic tech. You mentioned the list of factions might be incomplete so I felt it might be worth offering what I knew on the matter.
I appreciate it!

There is just a lot that goes unspoken, and anti-psionic devices all seem to all claim 'complete' blocking of the effect... But if total disruption was super cheap and a dime a dozen, wouldn't that make Nekovalkyrja telepathy extremely easy to block and effectively redundant?

Either way, the discussion of how effective the related technologies are really goes beyond what I was trying to establish. I'll just remove that section entirely, if it's really going to be a problem.

Or more strictly define an exact scientific method for how psionic effects work in the SARP universe, I guess.
Or more strictly define an exact scientific method for how psionic effects work in the SARP universe, I guess.
I sort of like things are as currently defined by the Telepathy and Magic Rules, which is that psionics are limited to communicative telepathy and anything more powerful is basically reserved as one-off, non-replicable GM plot device. Something new that provides in-character ways for players could go beyond that is probably bad news because the setting has been amazing ever since OP magic and magic-by-any-other-name (psionics) were reigned in.

That’s all I gotta say as a concerned roleplayer who enjoys a consistent setting. Would normally not even mention it but +1 for the donation drive.
So I'll note that the anti-psionics are very much of a strong dampening effect than a pure anti-magic field. It has been established that you can burn out a PSC with sufficient power behind it.

Overall, I'm pretty anti-psionics. I don't feel like it fits with how the site is themed overall. That said, it is a part of our history. It would also be somewhat hypocritical of me to say no as I currently have a character who basically has psionics that's powered by super-tech nanites rather than magic.

Last time we allowed psionics, I said we shouldn't and it was a disaster. However, I was happy to use them to tell good stories. That's still my opinion and what I'll do regardless. That said, I do think there is a huge difference between said person and Primitive Polygon. We had basically no idea about them or what they would do in the community and with the system. We know PP, they have been a part of Star Army for a long time and have contributed a lot of cool stuff. PP has our trust and has been a part of our community for a while. I think they have a good understanding of what fits and doesn't fit into the setting.

Because of those relevant differences, I'm willing to trust PP with it in a way that I'm not really willing to trust someone new. So they have my approval, and willingness to see where this leads. It's not like if things go horribly wrong we can't walk things back (again).
Would it make both of you feel better, if I made the 'temporal lobe manipulation through magnetic fields' description a lot more clear and obvious? Again, the basic concept is real science. There was a reason why the article brings up things like neural control helmets; Though I didn't want to go as far as saying it's definitely that as; A) I cannot speak for the intentions of people who already created their own technologies, and B) I don't think it is in the spirit of things to completely crush the mystery out of people who want to play 'magic-esk' things, such as elves.

All this said, I can see the potential for abuse by other players, even if I don't intend on misusing it myself. Part of the reason I'm not going to site anything I'm working on that is related. Such a policy has to stand on its own two feet.

Aesthetics and 'too much drama' are both valid concerns, so I hear you on that. But somebody is going to find that old lore and do something with it, at some point. The Mish in particular are like... A really big and fundamental part of this setting's general backstory.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and giving your honest opinions.
If people still really dislike this, then I'm willing to drop it for an adequate reason.

But I still think completely removing a core component of one of the original arcs of the entire site, is doing the overall plotting a disservice.

This is NOT an attempt to reintroduce magic or instant mind control into the setting, this IS an attempt to equate the old lore to psi-ops or psychological manipulation through esoteric means. Something that appears like magic, but in a way where that could just be a cover story, or called such things by people who do not understand the real mechanisms at work.

Despite being basically a fluff article, it describes in pretty exact terms how it cannot be abused.
Don't really think this "fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels" because it inherently changes what the RP feels like compared to what's been the norm for over a decade, but if Wes wants to approve it then it's kind of a whatever because he knows what fits best. Always thought that stuff was relegated to elsewhere in the multiverse. It ultimately won't change the RPs I interact with, though, so while I'm surprised I'm not going to complain or anything.

Sounds like it's time to have all of our Nekovalkyrja grow a horn to compete with the resurgence of space wizards.


Don't really think this "fits into the Star Army universe's space opera theme and technology levels" because it inherently changes what the RP feels like compared to what's been the norm for over a decade.

Genuinely the only reason I included mind control was because it's already part of the setting, at it equates the effect to things like mental programming, which is an *overwhelmingly huge* part of the setting, since that is what Soul Transfer technology effectively is. I'm also referencing IRL examples of attempts at such things, such as MK Ultra or the 'God Helmet'. My intention was literally to give examples of how pre-existing examples *could* work in our current technological ethos, that pretty much all modern sci-fi except Star Wars now sticks to.

This is not intended for magic or mind control. The latter is only in there because it's already part of the setting, I did not invent that or intend to use that.

A rather large disclaimer has been added to the top of the wiki page now regardless.
Only discussion of the submission will be allowed in this thread. Do not make it personal.
Not many people know that there is a magic and telepathy rule page: Telepathy and Magic Rules on Star Army Space Roleplay
What does this contribute to the setting that couldn't go on this page? PP said this page is all OOC where theres is not, but aside from some IC rumors, the submission is another OOC rule page. This time with more options that we haven't seen before.

It's a new setting material that seemed to contradict what's already in the canon. More than half the stuff on the bullet list of "known abilities" have never been seen in RP before, so I'm really just trying to understand if the creator of the article even understands that it's setting changing.

I'd like to point out that enemies have been the vast majority of characters (NPCs) with psionic abilities. My main problem is that I want to see enemies with this incredible power as a challenge to work around, not overpower my characters with it.

PrimitivePlygon has said they didn't invent the Mishhu (thus didn't invent psionics). They'll be the one that gave Mishhuvurthyar powers to the laymen, then.
My concern is strictly limited to how this would change the aesthetics of the setting, to use terminology that has been said. Right now psionics exist but they're mostly for GM usage. This puts a big flag on the concept and tells people they're okay to use beyond that.

Also, the current rules say what is not allowed:
  • Characters cannot use their minds to physically manipulate reality. No telekinesis or fire-starting, etc.
  • Passive mind reading (hearing what others are thinking). People's minds are not constantly transmitting thoughts.
And the new article says:
  • Being able to ... manipulate another's movements during a close quarters fight.
  • Being able to detect ... the active minds of other alien species.
That discrepancy should be reconciled because it's confusing. Seems like the new version specifically encourages things that are not permitted.