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Approved Submission Red Mountain Multipurpose Corvette


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Technically a RyuK design (Nuwa is based on it), it is a spiritual descendant of the Red Hill design, Interior layout is a mix of Outlaw Star and Firefly.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Needs FM sign off by one of the other Yamatai FMS, then I will do the review.
@Yuuki or @Wes for FM stamp then I will do review.
It's Nepleslian?
I thought the Reds not in Nepleslian territory fall under Yamatai?
Is NRM a yamataian corp?
Oh yeah, I guess they are. OK FM APP
It's a strange situation the Reds have found themselves in, lol. I am okay with waiting to get sirkully's blessing as well.
Reds fall exclusively under Wes’ jurisdiction as the defacto fm.

Trust me I tried to bring the reds under neps umbrella when I was FM once and had no authority to do so other than the BRR reds which were a nep enemy made by legix. They are a *subfaction* under yamatai~
Is there better art on the way for this? @demibear - I will do a full review later tonight.
That is the plan, but it hasn't been the highest of priorities.