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RP Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 2: Lost But Never Forgotten


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Sanda just raised another eyebrow at the suggestion of Thaddaeus going without his shirt. Boy this guys is full of himself. Thought Sanda. Is he trying to impress me or does he just not stop talking? Sanda felt the same way Thaddaeus did. She too would do whatever was necessary to save her squad mates in a life or death situation. But she didn't go around talking about it. When he mentioned having a bad feeling and became serious Sanda studied him closely. She saw the swag and brag disappear for a moment and clearly saw someone who genuinely wanted to help people. That she could grow to like.

I agree we should know each others strengths. What do you say to a friendly duel? Loser has to buy a few rounds of drinks? That is if you think you can take me. And now it's gone. Sanda snorted again and rolled her eyes. She had no problem with having confidence in your own ability's. Personally she preferred a man who was so confidence in his own abilities that he didn't need to go telling other people what he could do. Sanda was like that, most of the time. Even she had a tendency to brag now and then. In other settings, Sanda would have risen to the bait. Say something like, 'I'd gut you like a fish pretty boy' or 'Are you sure your ego will handle being beat by a girl?' But Sanda's mind was on the mission ahead. And once she started thinking about the mission she became very quite and would start analyzing every piece of intel and constantly scanning her surroundings for ways of possible attack and retreat. "Maybe after the mission is over we can go a few rounds. If you're not to tired. but we've got..." She checked her time piece, "Less than 3 hours till we arrive. We should finish prepping for the mission." She glanced around the armory. "Since the other's haven't arrived yet, I suggest we head over to the science lab and see what the science boys have figured out about us locating our targets?"


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Thaddeaus always did have a certain level of arrogance, more so for those who he just met. Though he truly means no harm and isn't trying to grand stand by any means. Though it can come off like this to those who are unfamiliar with him. For him these are just him being purely himself. The reactions that come from it is purely coincidental. Which tends to lead him into situations that sort of just happen and not by any design of his own.

He thought for sure Sanda would want to assert some dominance given her Nepleslian background. It was to his surprise she side stepped the offer and instead put focus back on the mission. One of his eye brows lifted at this as it caught him completely off guard. He reached up and rubbed his chin a few times as this intrigued him greatly. He always did a very through job of reading up on those he would be working with. Could this be part of a bigger plan of hers?

"Kind of you to consider how tied I am but there is no way I'd miss the chance to have a celebration drink. More so after slapping around some kuvvies." He gave a quick shrug, followed by picking up his stuff. "Lead the way, sure the science boys have a plan in mind." He took a step back and motioned with his hand a gesture of going first out the door. "Shall we?"