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RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 6: Machine Moon


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Sanda was relieved to finally see someone who would take the discussion seriously and not stray off topic, Koyama. Sanda listened to Koyama, but was very reassured as the officer hadn't heard of these creatures before of could find any reports of contact other than the Res. The Nepleslian born ranger thought a moment and said, "Those Neps we rescued from the Spark. I don't remember now how they said the creatures first got on their ship. Did they just appear on the ship or were they accidently brought on?"

Sanda just snorted at the Doctor's comment. She wasn't particularly in the mood for small talk. Especially after what had just happened with Frank and Del. She'd try to talk to Frank later, alone. Maybe she could finally figure out why Frank was all happy and buying gifts one minuet then flipping her off the next.


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The Resurgence shot through hyperspace like a bolt of plasma and emerged into hyperspace with a shimmer of bright teal light near the star system designated as UX-3, which was one of the systems marked by the former Empreror Uesu on his grand exit in YE 30 as he tore through the Mishhuvurthyar with his huge personal fleet. The flag-patterned gunship began to approach the edges of the system.


"Hail the colony," Aoba directed, taking a look at a data pad with a SAINT intelligence report about the Kōun's visit to the strange Kuvexian outpost.

"Hai, Chūsa, bringing them up." Tachiko's fingers danced on volumetrics even as her SPINE made other commands. "On channel, Captain."

"Attention Sood Zadra, I am captain Aoba Kuranosuke of the Star Army gunship Resurgence. I am on a purely information-gathering mission to learn more about some points of interest in coreward space, and I would like to visit your colony and talk with people there who might know some things. I also can release some of crew to go shopping and support local business. I request permission to approach and dock or land," Kuranosuke opened.

"Yamataian Warship, approach approved, Landing Array Nine, Pad Four." The voice that spoke in Trade on the other end of the line lacked the moist, flappy wetness of a Kuvexian, or the velvety purr of an Elefirn, or the deep gravelly roar of an Ehlen. Just like it transpired when the Kōun visited, there was simply a cursory scan and a single sentence of directions, along with landing coordinates encoded into in the out-of-band comms. No diplomacy, no greeting. Just simple air traffic control. The gleaming gold warships, far more in number after the bold attempt at an invasion with small craft, do nothing. Not even a scan from anyone but the orbital defense platform.

In the distance, peeking over the horizon from the approach, was another platform in the late stages of construction, and the distant flashes of work crews' plasma torches clearing orbital debris.

"Captain, channel closed. They sent coordinates and hung up."

"Take us in," Aoba ordered.

"Aye, captain," Gabriela nodded. She plotted a suitable course to get the ship to the coordinates the locals gave her.

"Wow," Tachiko leaned back from the Comm console, "That is a lot of advertising spam."


Sanda made her way to the Wardroom. The Res would be arriving at Sood soon but Sanda was looking for Frank. She wanted to try and clear the air between them and maybe try to get a better understanding of Frank.

Frank would look to Sanda as she walked in. "what can I do for you Sanda?"

Sanda took a breath and smiled at Frank. "Hey Frank." She paused, looking a little uncomfortable. "I wanted to talk about the indecent that happened between us recently. I'd like to clear the air and maybe get a better understanding of things so they don't happen again."

"Hey Frank." Thad said as he walked into the room. "Oh, my bad...I see you're already having a date with Sanda." He took a step back and leaned against the wall by the door. "I shall wait my turn."

"Thad the adults are talking one moment." Frank stated still a little annoyed before turning to Sanda. "Look its not your fault its mine. I'm still struggling with the fact that most of my life outside from 7 years I've been a tool a machine that can be broken down and replaced if need be. Yet ever since getting sentience I'm struggling with all the things I have done all the bad and I believe I'm just a monster. So if I die protecting you guys that's what I view as acceptable due to the crimes I've done."

Cassie wrapped her arm around Frank's shoulders and leaned into his ear to whisper, "be nice," to him. As she did, her lips brushed against him a little.

Thad perked up after being addressed. "I will have you know that I learned to wipe my own ass thank you very much. Was the best feeling I had like 15 minutes ago." He reached up and rubbed his thumb across his chin. "Frank, come on man, its tough but you have a place to call home here."

Sanda rolled her eyes at Maximus. "Would you please shut up for moment? I am trying to have a serious conversation with Frank and I really don't need you butting in right now." Turning her attention back to Frank she said. "I think I get that." She paused for a moment, processing what Frank had said. "Ok, then what did I say the other day that made you so upset?"

Frank nodded to Cassie, "sorry hun I'll try not to." He stated before answering Sanda. "Honestly its not your fault, I got angry from the comment of if i watched out I wouldn't die next time, but Del the little fuzzball helped me understand your thought process. I'm sorry that we don't see eye to eye on things."

Sanda took in what Frank said. She was glad that they seemed to finally be on the same page. "I don't want to see you die, Frank. I'd like for all of us to be able to compleate our mission and come back alive from it." She paused then added. "Just so you know, I take my job very seriously, especially when it comes to planning and executing a mission. Just know that what I say then isn't personal. I just want to make sure the mission gets completed and everyone comes home safe."

Frank smiled, "Careful Sanda you wouldn't make a good commander if you suddenly care about all your troops" frank joked.

Sanda snorted but smiled. "Commander nothing. I've got my sights on Senior NCO. They get to have the real fun of making the Hei's life miserable. I'm glad we got to have this talk, Frank. See you later." She headed out of the Wardroom. As she left she saw Mia in the hallway. ¡Gracias a Dios que me voy de ahí!

Frank nodded, looking over to Cassie, "I think I would want to spend some time with you before mission If your up to it."

Delmira came out of the kitchen a bowl of ice cream in her hand that she was eating.

Thad took notice of Del and the bowl of ice cream she was holding. He slid his way closer to her to beg for a bite.

"Go ask Nalini, i had to work for this literally." she said and took a bite.

"Such a tease" Thad said with a pouty face. "I shall once I get my turn to speak with Frank, I have manly man things to talk about." Thad then made a strong man pose.

"THADDY!" Mia grinned, coming over and giving Thad a huge and a sloppy kiss on the lips. "I'm back! Baby's with Julia so we can party!" she cooed, pulling a whiskey bottle from behind her back. "I know it's the morning but do you want a little for the road?" she asked, already popping the cap off and pouring some of the drink in a glass for him.

Delmira side stepped Mia ice cream in hand.

Thad held the pose like he was frozen in stone. His manly man things had just went up in flames. "Mia, what have I told you about drinking before noon." He said as he stood upright and put his arm around her. "Just one," he then reached for the glass. He took a quick sip and smiled at her. "You really need to not drop the little guy off on Julia, you know she has a hard time saying no."

Delmira will offer some ice cream to Mia.


Vec had one more appointment before the Res made port. He and Poppy had already began scrubbing down and inventorying supplies. Raucous lyrics lambasting the Empress over sloppily played guitar blasted from the the portable speaker he'd set up. The irony of his music choice wasn't lost on him.

Only Vec's status as an officer kept Poppy from giving Vec an earful for playing such garbage. Poppy was a fierce loyalist of the empire, and served it out of gratitude. She had a high opinion of Himiko, who had always been a friend to the military in Yamatai.

Yayoi had finally arrived at the Medical Lab, she knew that it was always a good idea to get backed up, and she was certain she should should get checked out, but she was sure she was in perfect health so there was no need.

"Music, pause," Vec said as his final appointment entered. "Asakura Yayoi," he read off of his data pad, "Looks, like you still need a post mission and a backup. Grab a exam table and get comfortable."

"Finally," Poppy muttered.

Yayoi nodded silently, to Vec and another to Poppy as she heard her, and noted her presence. She'd also heard the music when she arrived, but she gave no opinion, though it appeared that it was distracting for Poppy. She found a exam table and sat on it, crossing her legs.

"You know, Pinky, you can always make music requests," Vec said over his shoulder trying to suppress a smile. Turning his attention back to Yayoi, "Cool cool, Let's start, excessive drinking? Well more than a soldier normally does."

Yayoi raised a eyebrow, wondering if he was crazy or if he was unaware of who she was, then again she did now own a bar so logical to ask that. "Other than, Water, apple juice, and milk i do not drink anything with alcohol in it. Though I do have those drinks at my bar"

"How are your physical training sessions going?" Poppy asked. "Have you got to give another go at fighting Sakuko The Solid? I didn't know they made Minkans with flesh that tough.I guess all that box-moving pays off."

"I should take a lession from you, goodness," Vec said making a note.

Yayoi glanced to poppy. "I've gotten rid of my usual dummy target The Rix for training and instead focused on sparring with real people, like Sanda-nee, I don't recall fighting this Sakuko The Solid though, I ... am interested trying it out. " She told her then nodded to Vec, and Poppy again. "true" She said.

Poppy nodded. "No training muscle sprains or anything?" she asked.

Vec listed in on their side conversation, he tried to get some time in working out, but he'd been so busy he'd begun to worry he'd soon be too out of shape to qualify for SASO again. "So these next few questions are a formality, I can probably guess the answers. Smoke? Unprotected sex?"

Yayoi raised an eyebrow "smoking is illegal in Yamatai, which i am sure you know well, Sex? i hadn't had that though i hear i am an Auntie already. from news back home. "though Motoyoshi-Chui. Never mind not my place"

"I think those were supposed to be offers," Poppy wisecracked.

Used to the comedy duo routine, Vec continued. "I know, do I look like an MP? I just want to make sure my soldiers don't have popcorn lung or some crap. Also, congratulations," he said making notes. "Okay, what about your implant. Are you experiencing any pain at the site of attachment?"

Yayoi shook her head, "I did feel some latent pain the first few days after i transferred my body to this new form." She gently rubbed the flesh of her arm where after was a huge mechanical arm. "but it hasn't been hurting in a week since last week."

Vec marked down the slight pain and the date, "Let's keep an eye on that. If you start feeling pain again, let me know immediately. Okay, final question, how's your sleep?" He always asked this way, because he'd come to learn a lot of soldiers could be a bit cagey about talking about mental health.

Yayoi remained silent when the last question came, mostly she'd had nightmares, but since she'd been bunking with Sanda, those seemed to go away.

Poppy made a brief stop at her medicine cabinet and then gave Yayoi a bottle of mild muscle pain pills. "These are basically Minkan Motrin, you can take two every 4 hours if you feel the need," she offered.

Yayoi nodded accepting the bottle. "thank you" she said to Poppy. "oh, my apologies doctor, i have been sleeping well."

"Uhh huhh," Vec said making a note of pause, "Okay, so Poppy's going to get you backed up. Enjoy your shore leave and don't get into any bar fights you can't win. If you've got any questions for me, don't hesitate to ask."

Yayoi nodded her head silently to his words and waited for Poppy to do her thing.


The Resurgence rocked and rattled as it descended through the cold, thin atmosphere and finally came to a slow hover above the landing pad, as Gabriela landed the ship with a gentle thump heard throughout the interior.

Unlike when the YSS Kōun first visited, there was no red carpet treatment with a luxury hoversled and the local Baroness's attendants. It was simply the hustle and bustle of a small-to-middling-sized spaceport that was a bit busier than it had ever been. Outside the dome of the spaceport proper, in the broad avenue leading up to it, hoversleds for hire pulled up, were boarded, and took off. The better ones were driven by Ehlen. Most were driven by Rixxikor.

They were curious vehicles, completely open-topped, despite the frigid air, with complicated, baroque deck heaters instead to render the passengers comfortable with the most deliciously wasteful inefficiency possible. There was no open flame, given the high oxygen levels (though they were less high here in the more terraformed parts of the colony), but instead volumetric projections of flames in various colors.

There were ground vehicles as well, but mostly smaller, privately-owned affairs, or in some company livery or another.

Zeck watched the ship land and looked at the toolbox in hand. There was no way she was going to be able to service that mammoth of a ship. She had her nervous grin showing off her sharp teeth. "I dont get pay enough for job." She said her accent heavy and her trade broken. She made sure her crowbar of the free-man was nestled in its usual spot in case she needed to fend off a unrurly creature.

Captain Aoba got on the ship's intercom, "Attention crew, this is your captain," he began. "We've just landed on UX-3 III, a corporate colony to the coreward of the Samurai Sector out in neutral space. "There's a good chance some of the Kuvexians and other people here might know of some machine planets like the kind we're looking for, since they come from that area of space...if you can get them to open up. I need volunteers to go out on the town and get chatty with locals," he explained. "Anyone interested please report to the cargo bay at the rear loading ramp where Beryl will meet you with any supplies you need. Try not to look hostile."

Vec had already changed out of his uniform into a t-shirt for a synthtrash band with only about five fans, layered over a thermal undershirt and his only pair of jeans. He grabbed an ancient nondescript field jacket at the Captain's announcement, he'd be able to hide a pistol and an IFAK under that. Not 100% leave then, he thought heading down to the bay to requisition a pistol. Maybe if Leyton had a moment he'd prod her about getting a Type 30 Machine gun for Norita to chop on for him.

Cheilith was wearing a sweater and thick winter pants. She had kinda planned to get chatty with the locals regardless, perhaps find a good deal. If there was something to look out for, she could do that too. She stood by the rear loading ramp and waited for Vec. She had tucked a standard NSP in a concealed carry holster on her belt. The sweater was loose enough to allow her to both clear quickly and hide the sidearm's presence.

After collecting his pistol Vec sidled up next to Unknifto, "So should I have grabbed my guitar or no? Maybe people'll talk to a busker... Or they'll just avoid eye contanct"

"Depends on how good you are. People don't notice what they expect to be there." Cheilith replied.

"I'm better when the crowd's drunk or have been in a FOB for a month," Vec said with a shrug.

"Then you should probably skip the impromptu preformance." Cheilith said.

"Hua," Vec said shoving his hands in his coat pockets, "So let's ask some questions and get a stomach bug from the street food. Should be fun no?" While he waited he dropped the mag on his pistol and performed a quick function check. Full charge, just like when Leyton had handed him the weapon a few moments ago.

"Always, I want to see if I can find if there are any salvage giveways or perhaps bidding on what's in abandoned storage." Cheilith shared.

"A mechanical moon does seem to be a scavenger's legend," Vec said, just happy to get dirt beneeth his feet again.

"Exactly, lost tech or just strange tech can go for a lot on the collector's market. Especially if it's still working." Cheilith explained.

"Then, let's kick ass and buy trash, ay kid?" Vec said offering a fist bump.

Cheilith bumped Vec's fist with a grin.

Delmira finished with her treat made her way to the hanger bay dressed for cold weather. She had on a light jacket and a scarf. She had her sidearm as well as her MPP which was hidden unlive her eneergy pistol.

Euikoshi said goodbye to Pidole, who didn't want to go because the cold might be bad for her beetle buddy Bidole, and went down to the cargo bay wearing a fur-heavy cold weather outfit that looked straight out of a Catacombs & Creatures tabletop game book. As the ship's science girl, she basically had to go out and research.

Delmira moved right up to Euikoshi. "where did you get that coat and where can i get one?"

"I have one more in my room. I got it from a salvage swap meet," Euikoshi told Delmira.

"Is there room for two in that coat?" Delmira asked her friend. "Also did Kinie say she was going to make it?"

"I think so," Euikoshi said. Sure enough, Kinie joined the group. Knie didn't have any fancy civilian clothes so she was wearing her black Star Army Service Coat and her blue wool sailor cap.

Delmira walked over and wrapped part of her scarf around Kinie. "You're going to get as cold as me, i asked Euikoshi if her coat can fit to people."

Sanda made her way to the cargo bay, looking for Beryl. After she found the supply specialist Sanda said, "How's it going Beryl? What's your recomendations for going out and gathering intel?"

"I recommend breathing masks for any extended time outdoors," Beryl said, offering some Emrys-made ones. "Don't bring anything that sparks or has open flames."

After getting backed up, Yayoi moved to her quarters to grab her warmest outfit, and moved down to the Cargo hold to join the others. She took note of Sanda there, and moved to join beside her. "Hey Hermana" She said after Beryl's response. She took a breathing mask to be on the safe side.

Sanda eyed the breathing masks. She wasn't a fan of anything being on her face, but needs must. She smiled at Yayoi. "You planning on going out as well?"

Yayoi nodded her head"yup, thought it would be interesting, Never been to a Corporate Colony before."

"Me neither." Sanda admitted. "Wonder what kind of trouble we can get into?" She smirked then asked, "How do you want to play this? Tourist looking for information? Or stealth and see if we can break into some of there data banks?" That last one she added with a devious smile.

Yayoi nodded her head" Tourists sound fun to be, but if that doesnt work we'll probably need to do the last idea" she said noting the smile on Sanda's face.

Sanda rolled her eyes at Yayoi. "Fine. We'll do it your way and play nice. For now." Sanda had changed into cold weather gear but wore her camo-cloak overtop of it. Her camo-cloak was slightly diffrent then the one she normally wore. In fact, it was a compleatly diffrent cloak. Caffran had given it to her the last time they were together.

Thad had suited up and joined the team in his warmest outfit. He also took the extra information he had gained from Alastair awhile back with details on Soon and possible areas of interest.

Everyone with a digital mind was sent a message- it went to the communicators of anyone without one, that included map information from what had been declassified from SAINT's report on the Kōun and that which had been scanned as the Resurgence descended from orbit. "Mission Ops to all away team," Tachiko broadcast, "ensure you are reporting your location and any telemetry you can. Audio, video, temperature, the works. You're our little data points! And be safe out there!"

"Everyone stick with a battle buddy," Beryl suggested. "It's a strange place, with unknown laws, and possible pirates. Don't wander off alone," she recommended.

Delmira smiled at both Kinnie and Euikoshi. "Well i guess its the three of us."

Poppy came down to the cargo bay wearing a gorgeous close-fitting sparkling black dress, looking ready to go to a big event. She cleaned up quite nicely. "I am going to shop for jewelry," she explained. "I need to look the part." She reached into a slit on her dress and made sure her service pistol was securely strapped to her thigh-high stockings, which she wore with her star army boots instead of heels.

"Looks like i shoud have worn something fanicer." Delmira said looking at Poppy.

Sanda noticed Vec getting ready to head out as well. She moved over towards him and asked, "Are you going out too Doc?"

"Yeah, Hoshi," he said noticing the Ranger, "Unknifto and I are going to find a junk swap. Maybe there are rumors there. If not at least we'll find some interesting street food. Want in?"

"Don't worry, we won't get into trouble. Probably." Cheilith nodded in agreement.

Sanda nodded. She was glad someone was going with the Doc. Cheilith would be able to handle any trouble they might get into. She shook her head. "No thanks. I just wanted to make sure someone was going with you. Yayoi and I are going to do some... Ranger stuff."

"Hey, I'm not dead yet, Hoshi," Vec said with a wry grin.

Sanda smirked. "I never said you were."

"Well have fun with your ranger stuff, want me to grab you a souvenir? Vec said fighitng the urge to give his pistol another function check.

Sanda smiled. "Thanks, but I'm good." She thought she saw Vec's hand move towards his side arm. She nodded towards it. "You know how to use that thing?" She teased.

"Yeah, I was Class Six," Vec said tapping his arm where Giretsu pins would be on a uniform. "Thanks for worrying about an old man, Hoshi."

"I worry about everyone on this ship, except for Koyama and Yayoi. I know they can take care of themselves.... And Maximus. I don't care what happens to him." Sanda confessed.

Vec's lips tighened slightly, "You don't have to like the man, but still watch his back." He hated to put on his officer pants, but there they were.

"I watch out for every member of the Res." Sanda snapped, but then softened. "But Maximus... takes a lot more effort to remember that than the others."

"I understand," Vec said, deciding not to lecture. "Well you make sure you don't end up on my operating table, ok Ranger?" he said
a fist bump

"I promise." She raised her own fist to his. "Just make sure you also stay out of trouble. But if you can't... Call Thunder and Blade first." She pointed to herself and Yayoi.

"I'm a Rescue Jumper, that's my line 'feat first into hell,' and all that," Vec said feeling a spike of inter unit rivalry.

Sanda smiled. She liked the Doc's spirit. "You're ok Doc. You are OK."

"Why do I get the feeling you don't believe me," a bemused Vec said. He didn't want to boast about his previous posting, but he felt like he was being wrapped in bubble wrap.

Once everyone looked ready, Beryl pressed the controls for the door and the large shuttle bay door began to emit a loud mechanical whine as it slowly opened up to reveal the alien world beyond, which looked kind of like a touristy cyberpunk mining town in the middle of nowhere. A layer of dirty snow blanketed the ground.

Interestingly the prices for everything, were in KS as whole numbers and DA as the half-fraction, for as soon as the Spaceport door opened, everyone would be assaulted with vendors and hawkers and every hustler and player in the sector seemed to be thronging anyone departing from the spaceport proper to show off those prices. In between the food carts and cheap knockoff Emrys Uno smart glasses kiosks were the hoversleds. They were large enough the entire away team could fit on one, if they wished, but it also seemed common for only one or two riders to hire one as well.

Zeck could be seen grumbling in her alien language as she went about getting ready to help inspect the ship for maintenance.

Cassie emerged from thin air in a MINDY suit, waving Zeck away. "Please, stay away from the ship," she told Zeck. She was providing security while the others were out exploring. "No service is required."

Zeck freaked out and shouted in her alien language and fell back on her ass not before she threw her banged-up tool box at the machine woman out of fright. Her crowbar quickly made its way to her hand as she dove into cover. The red skinned alien clearly scared out of her mind.

Cassie just kind of made a shooing hand gesture at Zeck.

Poppy and Euikoshi stepped out of the ship into the cold and went to go find the nearby vendors. "Wow," Poppy shivered. "I think I'll start by trying to buy a jacket," she said. "I didn't think it would be this bad." Poppy glanced at Zeck, "Can we help you?" she asked, unsure if the person could speak Trade.

The red skinned woman poked her head up and pulled out a data pad and held it out. "I work on ship, part of uh docking package, or what you call." Sure enough it would say in the standard docking package that a maintenance check was provided but presumably the Res didn't get the standard package.

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Realizing he was the ranking officer on this little expedition, Vec added everybody to a shared comm channel and sent out a text message.

If you run into trouble, shoot me a message. Stick with your battle buddy, and if I catch you losing a bar fight, I’m kicking all of your asses. Beyond that, have fun!

“Okay, Unknifto,” he addressed the little Nekovalkyrja at his side, “Which way do you want to head first?


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“Chusa,” Koyama said calmly as she entered the bridge, approaching his seat. She had a datapad in hand, one that seemed to be rather… heavily modified. Likely her personal pad, it would seem. “I have been working on the problem our team faced before. Attempting to find a solution.”

Holding it out to him, it showed what the group had gleaned. All picked apart as if she’d gone at it with a surgeon’s tools and microscope. Everything from movement patterns, behaviors, and the list went on and on in some detail. And it was clear the Taii tried to dumb it down enough with as little science jargon as possible.

“Some of the crew believe an electromagnetic pulse would work. However, unshielded, a strong EM field can… say, affect neurons in a way to be wholly unpleasant. But, going over the logs from the MEGAMI as well, I noted we jammed a signal as well.”

Being connected to the pad wirelessly, Koyama brought up the log. From where she was going, and what was being displayed, it seemed his XO was theory crafting, fighting fire with fire. Using the enemy against itself. But it was all rough, with notations that what they’d encountered before may not be the same elsewhere. If at all. From all of the notations, it seemed to be the only conclusion she'd drawn based on what little information was reliably sourced.


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Frank would make his way to the armory seeking help outfitting a mindy with a particular loadout. “Miriam, If you don't mind I would like your assistance outfitting my mindy II to work as a heavy assault loadout.” Frank passed over the requisitions he'd need to pull it off.

“Also out of curiosity have you heard of the new holodeck game coming out John Rancy’s glimmergold 2: finest hour?”


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Mochi followed in only shortly after Koyama, whistling gently as he did. "Captain. XO." The Elysian threw up a casual salute, spotting a new face he didn't believe he recognised. Raising a hand in greeting, Mochi waved warmly to her, sunburst wings rustling lightly as he did. The Taii made note to introduce himself properly in a moment, if the new Neko wasn't too busy with her work.

For now, he drew up beside Koyama, resting a hand gently on her back for a moment as he made to address Aoba. "Apologies for not attending the meeting earlier. I've been neck deep in sensor data. I called up all the raw data I could from SARA's archives that SAINT marked as unclassifiable when it was received. I cross compared everything I could get my hands on against all confirmed machine planet sensor data that's been gathered since then."

The blonde haired Science Officer pointed to Koyama's pad. "I got some matches on potentially undiscovered machine worlds that sensors caught in the past but didn't have the data to flag as such at the time. I've also included systems where unmanned ships have been encountered before by our forces. I sent them to both of your consoles and PDAs."

"If there's anything else I can help with, just let me know."


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Locke and Soban

..... Okay, Unknifto,” Vec addressed the little Nekovalkyrja at his side, “Which way do you want to head first?" He put away his comm and shoved his hands in his coat pockets against the cold

Cheilith patted the tattered old looking satchel with a worn old style Hinomaru she wore that contained some things she could barter. She had gotten the satchel in a salvage give away. She grinned, "Right here"

Vec looked around, "What? Do other junk traders just come find us?" His eyes drifted towards one of the street venders.

"Looks like they are." She said, diving into the crowd of junk vendors. She talked to some of them, her strategy emerging of finding the dealers who had tech of various sorts and gauging whawhat else they might have.

Knowing his place, Vec let Unknifto take the lead. He simply grabbed a pair of mistery kabobs from a street vender and followed. Passing one to Unknifto, he said, "I can't say what it is, but I now for a fact it isn't beef."

She took the kabob and bit into it as they looked for some scrap shop. "It's meat..." She said, uncertain what sort of meat it was. "I've had worse street food."

"I mean sure," Vec said, "Whether you know what the meat is and if it's good are too seperate issues. I'm just kind of particular about beef." He scanned the crowed and noticed an alien with goods displayed on a ratty old blanket. "What about them?" He asked gesturing with his skewer.

The smaller Neko nodded, and started to move towards the vendor. "Why beef?" She asked.

"Grew up on a farming world," Vec said following, "I was learning to be a live stock vet before I joined the Army." He tried a bite of the kabob, "But yeah, this is pretty ok, for whatever it is."

Cheilith nodded, chatting with the vendor and looking over the pieces and scanning them for the signature they were looking for. There was a partial match, so she decided to buy one of the pieces and they haggled for a few moments before she pulled a old but functional communicator that she had gotten at a salvage swap and gave it to him in exchange. She thanked the vendor and they moved on, "I don't think I've ever been to a farm. What's it like?" She asked.

"Not like the movies or in ads, with a grand dad and a few smiling animals," Vec said, eyes scanning the crowed. "We mostly had large ranches on Tallus. A few wealthy families owned most of the herds and if you weren't working as a rancher, you probably worked at a meat processing plant. Goodness, when I put it that way it sounds pretty grim. So, what did you buy from that guy?"

"The sensors said that this piece of tech might be something we are looking for. I don't think he knew what he had." She said, showing the anchient device to Vec. "Anyway, so you were going to be a vet? What made you decide to join the army?"

"Thought I could do some good," Vec said, glancing back at the Alien, he added, "Do you think we should have asked him where he got it?"

"He said he got it from a traveler, so it could come from anywhere. However, assuming it was picked up in space, there is probably some radiation or something we can track down. He mentioned that the traveler traded with some other people, so I'm hoping I can get more information from them." She said, tucking it back away in her bag.

"Yeah," Vec said in a somewhat absent voice, "Where do you want to go? Let's maybe take the scenic route." With a casual hand in his pocket, Vec tapped his communicator dropping a location pin for the others to see.

"Sure, got anything in mind that you'd like to take a look at?" She asked.

"I'm just here to watch your six, kid," he said scanning the crowed again. His eyes met those of an alien hunkered in an alley across the crowed. He tried to let the the contact pass casually. I swear he's been looking at us. This time he took his hand communicator out and used it to snap a turisty picture. Opening up the messenger, he typed:
Green boy across the yard's looking at us. Act natural
Leaning in to Unknifto as if he wanted them to take a selfie, he showed her the message.

Cheilith smiled for the selfie, then brought out her own communicator as if to get her own copy of it. "Well, he pointed me towards a shop down that way." She said, picking a more open direction. I see him, not many nekos around theese parts. Let's mosy on and hope he's not dangerous. She texted before puttting their status to yellow and then putting the communicator in her pocket. "Come on, it will be fun!" She said, moving in the direction she had pointed.

Trying not to look so dour, Vec followed along, trying to give off the air of a couple of friends out for a stroll. As they walked, he looked for Green Boy in reflective surfaces the way Ueda had taught him after they'd stopped hating each other. "I think that vendor's got sweets a.k.a a way to stay on Koyoma's good side," he said gesturing to a stand off to the left.

"Yes, the empress's sweet tooth." Cheilith said, turning to the stand.

Approaching the vendor, Vec said, "Can I get a bag of lemon candy? Anything else sour if you don't have lemon here. I want something with chocolate and berries," he nodded to Unknifto, "My treat, what're you getting?" He could see the reflection of Green boy moving a bit closer in a shop window.

"I've always enjoyed sour lemon drops, if they have any." Cheilith said, looking around to see if they had any, letting her take a quick glance at the Green boy. She grabbed a sack of them and put them with Vec's purchases.

He scanned the barcode and paid. Plopping a chocolate covered berry into his mouth he lead them off to the side. "Let's take another selfie," he said his smil almost genuine as he lifted his comm and trying to catch their pursuer in the viewfinder.

"Sure," Cheilith said, grabbing onto Vec and leaning into him in a friendly hug.

Vec pulled a face and snapped a picture the moment Green boy's face was clearly in frame. He drew a circle around the sent it in a message to Hoshi and Yayoi along with a location pin.

Eyes and ears rangers, if you've got a moment check on this guy. He's been doing a bad job tailing us.

Leaning back in for another selfie, he whispered, "We can try to confront him or slip him, but I'd like to hear back from our rangers first if we start stuff."