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RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 6: Machine Moon


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Descending to Machine Moon

Nalini and Cheilith sat next to each other in the shuttle. The two had become casual friends over their time together, it wasn't clear why the cook had volunteered to go on this away mission. However, for someone who had never officially went into combat personally, Nalini seemed calm and prepared. In addition to being kitted out like the rest of the crew, she had brought a scanner, but also a specialized tablet. The tablet was displaying information to Nalini at a prodigious rate.

Cheilith for her part had a massive sword that she held. With a flip of a switch, it could be energized to cut through anything. However, it was still a giant sword if that didn't work. It was far from her first ride into danger, and for the moment there was nothing to do but wait. Getting her suit hacked was a risk, but going down without any armor was a recipe for waking up without any memories of the last battle.


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Aboard Shuttle, Descending towards the machine moon.
Yayoi heard Sanda’s message she’d sent to her, and she glanced over to her. She felt glad that she felt so highly to her so she allowed her breath to relax. She could maybe do this, at least she’ll try. She’d thought of sending a message back telling her if she died, she’s giving her the silent treatment, but thought that would be immature, plus, wouldn’t be effective in intimidation since she knew how silent she usually was.


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Machine Moon

The shuttle raced over a landscape that was absolutely desolate. The moon, or space station, or entity, whatever it was, was made of dark and blackened metal as far as anyone could see, and it was jagged with holes and dents and craters and missing stolen sections from a thousand years of war and looters. There was an eerie quiet in the shuttle as Beryl moved it to the place where Beryl thought there could be some access to its controls. Finally, the shuttle came to rest in the air hovering above the floor of a barren hangar bay large enough to hold the entire Resurgence. When the shuttle door opened they could see the dead hulks of dozens of ancient combat robots scattered around the bay.

Sanda stood as the shuttle came to a stop. She was the first to exit the shuttle and landed silently on the giant hangerbay. She held her rifle up and scanned for any threats. When nothing could be seen visually she did a few scnns with her mindy's sensors but no immediate threats appeared. "Thunder to Shuttle. No contacts at this time. Stand by." She moved forward to give the imideat area a quick scan before she gave the all clear.

Yayoi glanced out to the barrenness, the hoard of robots was a tech lovers goldmine though she did now know any tech lovers, though she was familiar with one skilled technology specialist. She was ready to jump out of the shuttle, but held her weapon close as she followed the plan.

She heard Sanda's report, but made no comment.

Delmira tacked the shuttle from her postion in orbit. She watched and observed the surrounding area.

Mochi was sat towards the back of the shuttle and could easily glance out at the surface below. The sight of all the warbots scattered and seemingly destroyed outside, sent a twinge of doubt across the Elysian's mind. "Why do I get the feeling that some of those are going to jump up any moment.."

Thad was enjoying the ride down to the world surface. At least the place didn't seem to be crawling with all kinds of bad things. At least not that was visible on sensors.

Cheilith bounded out of the shuttle with her sword held at the ready.

For her part, Chiasa stuck to the plan Sanda had drawn up prior to the landing. She had her aether rifle held at the ready, but waited for the signal to be given before moving to float out of the shuttle. However, since the tiny Nekovalkyrja was medical specialist and one of the least experienced members of the away team, she was one of the very last to disembark. In doing so, Chiasa leveraged her Mindy's CFS to slowy, yet gracefully float down, until her feet touched ground.

"Because you're smart, or at least play a lot of video games," Vec said to the winged science officer. He gave his weapons one last check and waiting for the signal to move out.

"I got you on visuals Sanda, nothing in your area yet." Delmira said observsing the situation ground side. Delmira would have moved in her mech if she could but it took care of her body still the out of body experince she was feeling was still strange no matter how many times she synced with her mech.

"Clearly there is some bad out there. However I am loaded up on some good." Thad said as he continued to load aether shells into his shotgun axe.

Sanda didn't see any threats. "Thunder to shuttle. All clear. Come ahead." She radioed in. She continued to scan her surroundings, rifle up and ready to blast anything that moved.

Poppy hopped out of the shuttle, falling in slow motion to the surface in her Mindy. "I guess this is the front door," she speculated, looking around the huge bay in wonder. "This place is enormous."

Yayoi jumped out after Poppy, and moved to join Sanda.

Nalini was one of the last off the shuttle, she wandered over to one of the nearby fallen robots and started poking it curiously.

Thad walked up beside Nalini. "Mindful of what you poke, some bad might just jump out of the woodwork."

Nalini straighted suddenly, suprised by Thad. "Of course. Of course, it's just so fascinating, and so old."

"Hey, team," Vec said over the comm, "Before we get too far in, grab a battle buddy, and don't lose them." He worried things would be getting chaotic soon. The CMO took a moment to revel in the low gravity as he drifted to the surface. It was something to keep in mind. He signaled to Kōchō and the big VCMAD lept down in walking mode to follow.

Thad racked his weapon making a loud sound. "I got my buddy right here, oh and guess I can team up with Nalini."

Nalini gave him a skeptical look, but after a moment nodded. "Just try not to take off the end of my tail with that." She said before going back to what her readings were telling her.

Sanda compleated her scan hanger area. There were several passages and stairways leading away from the hanger. "Which way do you tech people figure we should go?" Sanda asked the group.

Mochi stepped over to the exitway and gracefully leaned forwards until he fell. Soaring down headfirst with his thrusters off, the Elysian saw the ground racing towards him at speed. Nearly too late, he flipped forwards so his feet were pointing towards the ground and flared off his speed, landing with a little "crunch". Glancing up, he would pull some science equipment from his buttpack and start taking readings, pulling his pistol as he scanned the nearest seemingly dead warbot. "If the squad leaders could ensure a 360 and perimeter that would be lovely." The science officer suggested. "Let's not get too free range until we're sure it's safe."

Cheilith nodded, moving out to her point on the permiter with the science people on the inside.

Euikoshi joined the group and told Sanda, "Well, in the similar machine moon that Taisho Hanako found, the habitable section began with a sort of maze to keep out intruders and the controls were located deep in the maze. In the habitable sections of these machine world's it's not uncommon for their to be life forms present, as well as robots. I'll start trying to doors."

Delmira had a sudden thought and synced her cameras feed to the Res. "Delmira to Tachiko and the Resurgence i figure you guys may also want to watch whiile im getting them on camera."

Thad gave Nalini a nudge. "Promise, no friendly fire." He then started to move out and explore this wasteland. "Wonderful, a maze we have to deal with. Any chance we can just like, fly over it?"

Chiasa initially thought to ask Vec to be her battle buddy, but it didn't take her long to realize that it didn't make sense to have all of the medics together. Instead, she shifted her attention to Iemochi-san, before flashing the Elysian scientist a transmission.

Battle buddies, Iemochi-Taii?

Chiasa took a deep breath and looked up towards the scientist with a questioning glance, albeit hidden by the unreadable mask of her helmet.

Sanda considered Euikoshi's intel. She didn't like the idea of a maze with all sorts of booby traps and such. She looked around to make sure no one had wondered off. Everyone was still present in the hanger.

Vec fell in near Euikoshi, simply claming the science specialist as his battle buddy. He kept his SMG at the ready, scanning the shadows with his suit's sensors.

Nalini sent the data she was gathering about how the robots had been destroyed to Mochi as the group slowly moved.

"I think I see the entrance," Euikoshi said, looking at a door that was blocked off with a layer of armor that had been haphazardly bolted over the doorframe. On the blocked door there was a large sign with warnings in 20 languages including trade, which said "DO NOT ENTER THIS PLACE, THERE IS ONLY DEATH, THERE IS NOTHING HERE OF VALUE, ANY ATTEMPT TO AWAKEN IT COULD BRING GREAT HARM TO ALL LIFE IN THIS GALAXY."

"So, that's where we're going right?" Vec said in an amused tone, "My armor's packing a number of cutting tools if we need to breach it."

Yayoi wasnt sure she liked the idea of a maze but she kept silent as she processed Mochi's words. She did agree that a secure perimitter was a good idea.

Thad had made his way over to the door and grabbed a charge out of his mindy's center. "So, should be make an entrance?" He asked as he tossed the explosive up and down in the air.

Cheilith igniged the huge aether saber, "Can can cut through it if we need to."

Nalini reached out an touched it, "It is welded shut, we will need to if we want to enter this place. Danger still lurks here."

Mochi looked up from his instruments to Chiasa, nodding as he sent back a telepathic message of reassurance. "Absolutely. Glad to have you!" Hearing a ping in his ear, the science officer glanced back to the scanner. Reading it, he relayed verbally to the team, "It looks like these are about.. two decades old. Destroyed, thankfully. It looks like hypersonic railguns. Daily old tech by our standards."

Checking on Euikoshi, he'd fall into a little jog towards her and begin to assist with the doors. "I have a cutting torch if you'd like, Euikoshi?" After he spotted the warning, Mochi whistled. Carefully, he'd check the origins of the languages to see which regions of space whoever had written it had visited.

"Uh, okay..?" Euikoshi shrugged, sounding a little concerned.

Chiasa blinked as she took in the sign.

"Hey y'all, I think-" The tiny Nekovalkyrja began, before falling silent to let the louder voice in the group speak.

"Hold it everyone!" Sanda said before things got out of hand. "Lets slow down a bit." She called the Res. "Resurgence, this is Thunder. We found a door with a warning on it, in about 20 diffrent languigs. Sending you a visual now. Requesting an update."

Yayoi opened her mouth to add to Sanda's authority. "Agreed, we need to slow down before we get outselves killed.

Oh so now we're being logical about things, Vec thought to himself, helmet masking a wry smile.

Mochi rubbed his helmet as he pondered the implications of their finding. "Whoever's here isn't here anymore. Unless they're hiding in here, they might have just trapped a bunch of these warbots inside.." The Elysian would focus his scanner, trying to penetrate through the door and read what may be beyond.

"Away team this is Resurgence Actual," Aoba's voice came over the intercom. "Your presence has drawn some attention. It looks like you have a large group of robots moving towards your position that will be there in about two minutes. We count over one hundred and they are heavily armed. You may want to find a place to hide if possible," the captain told them. "I am pulling out the shuttle to a safer position for safety's sake."

Thad put away the explosive and instead walked over to the sign to look it over more. After a few moments he started to work to remove it. "In case them robots can read, maybe this would stop them. Either way it will make a great shield."

"This is Delmira i have visual on enemy formation premission to launch a bombardment strike on the formation to give the ground team some time?" Delmira asked shifting her weapons to focus on the formation of enemies and working out new fireing soultions.

Cheilith looked at Mochi, "Does that mean we breach now?" She asked.

"We don't necessarily know they're hostile, but they look pretty hostile. Hold fire for now," Aoba said. Rules of engagement and so forth.

"Copy that, holding fire but plotting fireing solutions just in case actual." Demira said useing her cameras to let the bridge get a birds eye view of the robot horde.

100 robots?! Chiasa's Nekovalkyrja intuition flared up in anticipation. While she was a medical specialist, it went without saying that her design predisposed her towards violence. Accordingly, she primed herself and her Mindy for combat and stealth, her CFS flaring as its scalr fields activated to cloak her presence—not from the naked eye, but from prying sensor pulses. All the while, she moved closer to her battle buddy, ready to cover him as needed.

Not wanting to step on any toes, Vec simply slung his SMG in favor of his gattling rifle. He didn't know if things would get hot, but extra firepower on the firing line had never hurt anybody before. At least nobody who wasn't down range.

"I don't know about you yall, but maybe we should duck into this here maze and not get into a fight already." About that time Thad had successfully removed the sign and was forming it into a tower shield using the rare power of the mindy.

"Patience, Thaddeaus." Nalini said to her companion.

Yayoi heard the report from the ship, and glanced around calmly for a place to potentially hide.

Mochi clicked his tongue in annoyance and cursed quietly in Elysian. "We need cover and if we get in here they might miss us. Trouble being that fighting in enclosed spaces might give them the upper hand." He stated at the doors, "100 is a lot.. We might not have a choice but to shelter or hide in here." The Elysian looked to the squad leaders, "Your call on whether we can take them or not."

Sanda moved away from the maze door and to the hanger opening. She scanned around but it wasn't hard to miss the mass of robots hurring towards the hanger. There wasn't many places to hide, at least none that would hide them from any kind of scanners. This was not going at all the way she expected things to go. Still, it wasn't too hopeless just yet.

"Yayoi im going to try something, let me know if you get a visual of what im ooking at." Delmira said and would try to send her visuals to the ranger's power armor. The short neko could feel the strain on her processing power a bit as she was syncing the visuals to multipule people.

Thad started to cut away at the bolts that was holding the armor in place over the door. "If there is 200, we can all agree there is a good chance there is another 2000 out there. I vote the maze." The mindy made quick work breaking the bolts which fixed the armor in place.

Yayoi agreed "hundred is a lot" she started to say before Delmira spoke to her. She soon began recieving visuals from Delmira's mech.

"Receiving your feed, Lulie-Hei! Thank you!" Chiasa piped up as she spun up a dedicated sub-process of her digital mind to monitoring Delmira's feed from the lower atmosphere. In a situation as dangerous as this, she anticipated that any information would be helpful.

Cheilith nodded, and blunged her aether coated zesuanium blade into the door and started cutting away opposite of Thad. "We'll get it open." She said confidently.

Mochi grimaced, "Of course, they might just be heading here to warn against opening. Maybe we can try to hail them with radio.. Before we've opened it..."

"A maze also makes a good choke point," Cassie pointed out, helping Thad by yanking on the armor plates.

"And we don't know what's on the other side of that door, we could be setting ourselves up to get flanked," Vec countered. He also wanted to suggest that they at least try to find fireing positons if they couldn't find true hiding spots, but held his tongue for the moment.

"We should er on the side of caution since they fired on the ship" Yayoi said as she thought of using the maze as a choke point for attack.

"The planet fired on the ship and it hit a mine or something dodging it," Euikoshi said. "We don't know if these robots work for the planet."

"Who's to say they are not working for the planet." Delmira said over team comms "Best to err on the side of caution."

Thad had completed breaking away his side of the door. "You got your side Cheilith free?" Thad called out as he prepared to pull the armor away from the door.

Mochi took the executive decision to send a hail to the approaching mass. The teams could already almost see each other, but maybe they could get an idea of hostility. "Friend or foe?" He would ask the bots.

The robots, which had four legs and huge guns for arms, began firing orange plasma bolts at the away team, immediately blowing off Chiasa's leg and putting a smoking hole in Cassie's Mindy's back.

"Done. I say Foe." Cheilith relied as she cut through the last bolts and her, Nalini, and Thad pulled and pushed the armor away.

"Fall back to the maze opening!" Sanda yelled. "Defensive positions!" She brought her rifle up and began returning fire. She was still by the hanger opening and had a diffrent field of fire from the rest of the team. She hoped to draw their fire long enough for the rest of her team to move into the maze. She could always teleport to them at the last minute if she needed to.

"foe, move your asses people!" Yayoi replied as the robots began firing, and moved to Fire back to also distract.

"You are cleared to fire," Aoba said, frustrated but not surprised.

"Firing on the enemy formation." Delmira said and let loose a combined salvo from her 200mm railgun and her 150 mm howitzer. No atmosphere meant that the neko didnt have to worry about her howitzers shells buring up before they reached the ground.

"Well, that answeres that," Vec said, dropping to a knee and firing off rappid bursts of excellerated aether.

"Inside! Inside!" Mochi agreed, waving people towards the door as the shots flew towards them. Squinting and hoping to be the last one in, Mochi would try to pick out what kind of weapons the bots were using. Quickly, he barked, "Squad leaders, make sure we keep up suppression as we infil. Someone get ready to blow the entrance so they can't follow us in. They look too chunky to fit but I don't want to risk that if we hear them breaking in."

Cassie crawled into the alien facility through the crack in the door cover that Thad had opened up, leaving a trail of black smoke. Poppy grabbed Chiasa and helped her through.

Cheilith charged forward with her aethersaber shining light on the inside, prepared to defend the team from any enemies inside.

"Thaddius, I believe we can replace the door with the armor here to give us a few more moments." Nalini said.

"Understood." He shouted as he pushed and pulled the armor back into place. He then slapped the charge he had from earlier onto the side of the door. "Primed, I'd get back from this."

As the team began to bound back towards the maze, Vec also displaced rushing towards Pink and Ohara's position. "Set her down over here," Vec said pulling the tiny Medic's IFAK free and ripping it open. Using a few quick pulses from his armor's plasma projector, he cut away the armor right above the wound and wrapped a smart tourniquet around the extemity. As soon as he yanked the end, the internal motor becan winching it tight enough to cut off the blood flow. A time indicator popped up on the display immediately. He immediately began slathering the stump in MedicaGel and wrapping it up with gauze. A few more packs of gauze from his primary kit and he'd managed tos top the blood flow.

"Pink," Vec said addressing the other medic, "Keep her leg elevated and get a suit seal over that." He stood moving on to where Cassie had managed drag herself.

A white-hot wave of pain came over Chiasa, but it left as soon as it arrived as her pain receptors in her leg were shut off. However, by the time she came back into alertness, Vec and Poppy were working over her and it was as if a switch flipped in her mind.

"Sir...what's wrong?"

Sanda continued to fire, but the shear numbers of weapons firing was stagering. Then Del's first salvo hit and everyone started stagering. "Miércoles!" Sanda yelled, impressed at the destruction.

"Ground team, im going to bomb the srrounding area with a swarm of aether torpedos get inside." Demira said releasing the safties on her torpedos. She fired another salvo from her howitzer and railgun while she was getting ready.

Yayoi fired at the robots, before she watched as Delmira did her thing. "copy that" she said and hurried to where the others were.

Nalini slid backwards on her tail, using the armor module on her tail armor to provide others with a defensive line as they retreated with the chunk of armor held between them and the enemy.

"NCOs, start getting your team inside. We need to get down there before we take more casualties and nobody's going inside-" Mochi advised, firing his MAW from beside the entrance. "Nobody should be out here if torps are coming down!" With that, having got the scans of the warbots and their weapons, he'd squeeze inside the entrance.

"Is everyone through!?" Sanda yelled into the coms as she was forced to take cover. She couldn't remain where she was anymore. She just hoped the rest of her team had made it to cover. She activated her teleporter and jumped to the maze door.

"everyone inside now!" Yayoi roared into the coms as she joined them.

“Sir?” Koyama called, “If they are like the last encountered, what I had been working on before might be worth a shot. Because of how lethal the last robots proved to be and the world trying to send a signal out to us, I pondered on piggybacking it.” Koyama gesticulated while speaking, punctuating it as a stabbing motion.

“Introduce malicious software into their code to flip their FOF designation systems. Maybe, just maybe, get them to turn on each other. For however long, considering what is controlling them. It would not be without risk.” She warned at the very end.

"I got a big hole back here," Cassie said, panting. "It looks like it goes down for kilometers."

"Lets push into this place so I can blow the entrence. Going to make them have to dig to get to us." Thad grabbed up his weapon he had laid down and moved away from the now armed door.

"Extra holes are no good, soldier," Vec said takign a knee near Cassie, "Let me take a look at that."

Delmira would wait for now on the torpedos and fired her beam cannons spread fire mode at the front of the enemy formation. She watched as her cannons barrel released the built up energy that would surly vaporize anything it hit.

It didn't take much longer for Chiasa to regain her alertness get up onto the one leg that she had left, instead opting to float via her CFS, rather than run or walk. Fortunately, it was just a leg, so Chiasa believed that she was still capable of fighting like everyone else. However, the blood was inconvenient.

Kōchō, the Medical team's VCMAD rolled up to Chisa and gave her a helpful beep.

Mochi, safely inside, would illuminate the interior and scan it for signs of life, moving clear of the entrance. Looking back over his shoulder, he'd still hear gunfire and see an absence of bodies coming after him. "Start issuing direct orders, NCOs!" He'd say hurriedly, now getting quite concerned.

With everyone safely inside, Nalini helped manuver the huge armor door back into place and started to weld it back into place.

The robots outside the door didn't attempt to open it. They were too afraid of what was inside.

"Do you think we could use the armor's volumetric projectors to make Chiasa some sort of temporary hard-light replacement foot?" Euikoshi pondered.

"I'm not a fucking liability." Chiasa grunted, sounding annoyed. "I can float."

"If you'd like, I can attach a blade to your busted leg. Can get some revenge on them with it." Thad said with a chuckle.

"Guys, my oxygen supply is fucked," Cassie blurted out, looking at the damage reports from her Mindy's AIES.

"shit" Yayoi commented as Cassie spoke of her predicament. Her own was fine, but she quickly glanced around to see what she could do to help Cassie, though as a last resort, she'll replace Cassie's with her own.

Vec immediatly began wrapping Molecure tap over the suit holes. "Weve got spare O2 on Kōchō," he said, "We can hook it up to your suit but it won't last forever and pure O2 really isn't that great for you in the long run." He signaled Kōchō and the bot rolled over to let him begin digging through the packs webbed to it's back for an O2 pack.

"I'll give her some of my oxygen." Chiasa piped up. A part of her wondered if the oxygen would be better served with Cassie than with her.

On the radio, Aoba gave permission for Koyama to try to hack the aggressive robots. "You can give it a try, Koyama," he simply said.

Koyama gave a little nod, “Increasing the MEGAMI’s protections, starting ECW suite for counter-intrusion.” she announced, much of the task being performed through her SPINE interface. The code that had consumed her time for the last two weeks transferred from her datapad.

“Sampling incoming and outgoing signals…” Afterward, she became rather quiet while she worked. Taking what she could here or there from what the sensors, communications systems and E-War suite collected. Threading the needle as it were, Koyama slipped her signal into those coming into and out of the killing-machines currently bent on massacring the away team. With one final push of the button with malicious intent Koyama sent the viral package hurtling toward the robotic force.

Sanda remained towards the back, her weapons trained behind her. She wasn't sure if she should be relieved or conserned that the robots hadn't followed them into the maze.

Thad figured the rest of the team had things covered. He reached into his center pack and pulled out a light. This was in addition to the lights on his mindy which turned on so he could better scan the area.

"Damage report. Any more than two hit?" Mochi would glance over his shoulder again. "Medics, triage and give us an idea of operational time. Looks like our rear is safe.. guess the warning was left by the bots. I need an NCO to start probing forwards."

Sanda heard Iemochi's orders. Still concerned about the situation she pushed it aside. "I'm on it Sir." She moved passed where Vec was working on Cassie and Chiasa. She noticed Chaisa seemed to be missing a leg but was still operational. Sanda paused said, "Guess you do have what it takes to share a room with the Rangers after all." Before moving on to take the point.

"What did you expect? I'm a Neko." Chiasa snapped, contempt almost seeming to drip from her tone. However, a part of it came from lingering shock and the fact that she was annoyed at herself for getting shot.

Yayoi glanced to Sanda and Chiasa's conversation, and she could hear it in Chiasa's voice. She turned and glanced around the new area.

Mochi and Thad could see a large shaft the size of a city block that was covered in tubes and wires and machinery and it was so deep the bottom wasn't visible. It was very dark except for pulsing purple lights that appeared here and there and little blinking yellow lights scatted on the unexplainably complex alien systems. After some time, they were able to locate what appeared to be a button for the elevator.

"So who is hoping that there is some hot goddess at the bottom of this hole and not some scary monster of death?" Said Thad.

"Shut up Maxiums. Focus please." Sanda said as she passed him to scan the area.

"According to my calculations, at the entrance to the habitable section there may be an airlock with breathable air inside," Euikoshi said.

"Don't be too hard on yourself, kid," Vec said on a private line to Ohara, "Bad luck is the most high speed operater out there and he's always on the other guys team. "

Mochi stared at the nearest light, then the nearest of a different colour, trying to make sense of what they might mean. Spotting Sanda go towards the shaft, the Elysian would address Yayoi, "Let's start moving towards the oxygen. What formation do you want us in?"

Yayoi sighed in annoyance. "Sanda, scout ahead and report back" she said thinking that separating Thad and Sanda would be a good idea. "I want everyone to remain close to your partner. I also want someone guarding the front and the rear"

Nalini examined the controls for the elevator, taking a few moments and then with a realization she said, "I can summon the elevator when you want." She announced.

"Are you seeing this?" Aoba asked the bridge crew, "Are the robots building a factory?" he said, peering at the view from orbit. Not only had the robots starting building structures outside of the entrance, but these factories were building mecha and orbital-class rockets out of nanomachines.

Delmira tired to zoom in further to give Aoba and better view of the situation planetside.

Chiasa floated after Iemochi and Sanda as they moved towards the shaft, her aether rifle held at the ready. The tiny Nekovalkyrja wanted desperately to prove that she wasn't a liability.

"How was it luck, sir?" Chiasa answered Vec over the private line. "I was out of position or slow or something and got shot for it." She sucked in air, clearly irritated at herself.

"Yeah, and I got stabbed in the kidney by a child once, sometimes shit happens," Vec said keeping his voice light, "If you know where you went wrong, then just don't repeat the mistake. You're still alive, to be mad about it, that's a win."

Sanda moved forward, making sure she never strayed out of sight of the others. Rilfe up with her aether bayonett attached to it. The way seemed clear, but Sanda couldn't shake the feeling that they were heading towards something very bad.

Cheilith was at the head of the main group, keeping track of where Sanda was in case she needed help.

"Ground team whats your status? The robots are building what appears to be anti orbital weapons on the entrence of the maze and i may need to deploy these torpedos sooner than later." Delmira said and checked the time to recharge her beam cannon.

Koyama looked toward Aoba then, “… it wasn’t me.” referring to the code she’d just tried slipping into the robots. She hadn’t told them to build munitions and factories… at least she hoped she hadn’t.

As Aoba and Koyama watched, the robots successfully deployed an armed satellite into orbit around the moon.

Mochi keyed his mic back to the Resurgence, "Copy that. Are we saying this is now a strategic target? Search and destroy? We can't let those rockets fly, for all we know they're full of those things."

Yayoi didnt like the idea of the robots building something that could be a threat to them, or Delmira.

"Captain permission to engage the satellite?" Delmira said. If she was in her body she would be sweating.

"Delmira, you are cleared to engage the target," Aoba said. The away team could hear his order since they were all on the same channel.

Yayoi heard the captain give Delmira the order and nodded, hoping she can handle it. "Medics, move to the middle of the group" She said thinking that they could protect the medics better there.

Still hating the feeling of being babysat, Vec moved towards the middle of the formation and fell back in near Euikoshi. He set his AIES to notifiy him if Cassie or Ohara's conditions deteriorated.

"Don't worry," Cassie patted Chiasa on the back, "It couldn't be helped. We're lucky we didn't lose anyone," the catgirl said with a cough.

Chiasa moved to the middle of the group, still annoyed at herself, but trusting that the Rangers and Infantry would have the situation covered.

Delmira stowed the beam cannon and drew her particle rifle. The short neko retreated her mecha into the debris field. "Hanger crew prep the thruster pack for deploymenti may need the extra speed."

Mochi did a double take at the mention of an elevator, "Hit it. That's probably faster than pushing ahead on foot. How many does it fit?" He also glanced to Euikoshi, "How far is the airlock? On foot versus the elevator?"

"I estimate this shaft is over 10 kilometers down," Euikoshi replied.

Nalini nodded, pushing a sequence of buttons on the interface. "Everyone. I believe that the elevator would be faster compared to desending into the unknown via our suit's ability to fly. The elevator is being summoned."

A flat beam of light extended out into the center of the huge shaft, allowing them to walk to a very large metallic floating island that arrived in the center. A sound like bees swarming filled the air as it reached the top and waiting for the away team to come aboard.

Nalini moved from the interface at their level to the interface on the massive cago elevator and waited for everyone else to get on.

"Oh." Mochi sounded a little astonished as he muttered to himself off comms, "An elevator in the huge shaft. I was expecting the wall to open up or something and reveal a little room.. That makes sense."

"On something of this scale, this is a little room." Nalini noted.

Mochi glanced over, not realising there had been anyone close enough to hear him mutter to himself. "Mhm." He said simply, then louder, "Alright, all aboard."

"Do you want to be my battle buddy, Cassie?" Poppy asked.

"Sure, Pops," Cassie nodded. "Let's just get to the air and hope it's good." They both carefully stepped on the glowing energy bridge and made their way over to the elevator-island. As they stepped onto it they noticed it had some sort of passable forcefield around it, similar to the ones the Resurgence used to keep the air from escaping the shuttle bays.

Yayoi moved onto the bridge after testing it with her weight and moved completely onto it and the floating island thing when she found the weight posed no problem. Her eyes scanned the environment for danger.

Sanda had held back momentarly as the group reached the elevator. She was scanning the elevartor shaft for booby traps or other potential dangers. She remained on guard as the rest of the team boarded.

Sanda's keen eyes spotted something on the elevator. Rixxikor droppings.

"Blade..." Sanda said as she zoomed her sights to confirm what she thought she saw. "You're not going to like this Hermana."

The crew couldnt see it, but Yayoi had a look of pure disgust on her face as she spotted Rixxikor droppings. "Your right, i am indeed not going to like it. Resurgence, we've uh spotted Rixxikor crap.. there may be a hive on the planet too." Silently though she hoped the robots killed them all.

Chiasa quickly followed the others onto the floating platform, but in the her case, she was also floating as well. In her semi-delirious, annoyed state, the tiny Nekovalkyrja restrained a giggle at the irony of it. However, upon seeing the Rixxikor droppings, Chiasa could no longer hold back her laughter, which came out as a series of high-pitched cackling noises that seemed to echo across the expanse of the shaft.

Cheilith made her way onto the huge cargo elevator, wondering what had meant to be moved on the huge platform.

"Confirmed Lulie-hei, launching on your mark," a woman's voice said over the channel.

Delmira checked her howitzer and saw she had 5 rounds left. She would fly through the debris field, keeping to the cover it provided and fire them at the nanomachine satellite. She would also pop out of the field and fire two of her aether torpedos at it freeing up her should hard points.

"If the satelite is within the field, it won't have a clear line of sight on us," Koyama stated as she continued to monitor it. "If so, until we can deal with it, we can continue using the debris as cover."

Rifle at the ready and Kōchō on his heels, Vec stuck near Eiukoshi as they began crossing the bridge. The sound of Ohara's cackle grabbed his attention. She wasn't doing too well. He didn't blame her, but she did need more medical attention than the brief dirty job he'd been forced to do under fire earlier.

Mochi stayed by Chiasa as she floated, feeling kind of bad that his battle buddy had already been hit, endeavouring to watch her more closely. At the mention of Rixxikor, the Elysian sighed. "Not those trash goblins. Alright, send us down. Eyes peeled for contacts." When Chiasa started laughing, Mochi stared at her. "Quiet down! Echoes!" He whispered.

Nalini nodded, "Sending us down." She said and the massive elevator began its descent.

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As they rode the elevator, Vec took a second to be thankful that, for the moment at least, nothing was shooting at them. “I don’t know what’s going to be at the bottom of this shaft,” he said over the comms with his external speakers muted, “but let’s take a moment to regroup and prepare, physically and mentally. Let’s see if we can do any field repairs on Cassie’s O2 supply. Anybody not on that, check your gear and make sure you aren’t leaking yourself then get on the firing line.”

The CMO himself went to check on Ohara. “Hey, how’re you holding up, Kid?” he asked in a low voice. “Let’s get some painkillers in you before you pass out.” He used his suit’s thermal sensors to check if her body temperature had risen in the vicinity of her injury. With gauntleted fingers, he did his best to assess whether the wound had stopped bleeding or not without removing the dressing.


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Frank fallowed Thad into the maze remaining unusually silent his head twitching every now and then as he looked around. a thump sound on one of his shoulders singaled he chambered one of the 50mm guass rounds out of a wapping 60 he had on his person. in his hands he carried a automatic granade launcher. "this mission has exactly 355 trillion different possibilities however due to the many unknowns only aproximently 60% are in our favor with minimum casualties," Frank stated in a unusually calm almost monotone voice. his head still twitching slightly as he kept looking around. "Thad would you like to be my battle buddy?"
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The football-field sized elevator platform never made it to the bottom. At least not the normal way. It went down into a swirling portal and the crew found themselves in what could only be described a a huge lobby area like the grand front desk level of some hotel, except it was dusty and long abandoned. There were oversized benches and couches and tables with overturned wine glasses on them. There were painting of Essai diplomats on the walls, visible through cobwebs. There was stale but breathable air here, which Cassie hungrily gasped up as she took off the helmet of her damaged MINDY armor suit. "Suggest we take a brief break and assess the situation," she finally said.

"Looks like an old welcome center," Euikoshi said, waving her scanner around. "I'm seeing signs of Rixxikor infestation," she said, looking at a very nice carpet with a shit stain in the middle of it.

Vec and Chiasa

"I'm fine." Chiasa grunted back as the elevator went down, still floating with only one leg. "I don't need to be babied." She grumbled, her features forming into a pout beneath the mask of her helmet as she crossed her arms under her chest.

"Why don't you check on Cassie instead." She added.

"Look, you're doing a damn site better than I would without a leg, but a job's a job," Vec said, carefully probing the stump to see if the blood was coagulating.

Blood loss was rarely a problem for Nekovalkyrja and Chiasa was no exception in that regard. However, that didn't mean that Vec's assistance wouldn't be helpful. Indeed, it was quite possible that should the team stay too long within the maze, Chiasa's leg could start regenerating which might present problems of its own, considering the fact that she had no armor to shield it.

"Yeah, nice job. I guess." Chiasa grumbled. "You don't happen to have any ration pills do you, sir?" She added, displaying a rare moment of clarity. "I might need them if this leg is gonna come back during the mission."

By the time she finished speaking, Chiasa found herself inside of what appeared to be an abandoned lobby. The tiny Nekovalkyrja took a quick glance at her surroundings, before moving to take a seat.

Vec moved out into the new location surveying it through the sights of his SMG. "Yeah, the DMFK usually has a bottle," he said. Kōchō clanked along behind him. Once they'd found a place to rest, Vec fished out a bottle of pills. "Suit scan says the air in here's breathable," he said handing over the bottle, "I'd rather a spicy fish filed ration, but the customer's always right, ya know."

Chiasa immediately took the bottle and turned it over—dropping ration pills with enough calories for roughly three days in the palm of her hand in the process. Then, she offered the bottle back to Vec before taking off her helmet and downing all of them in one gulp.

"I might need more later." She replied. "Normally hemosynth would do it, but...I don't think we have a tanks' worth of that right now."

"I can get you on an IV, maybe tape the bag to a FARS drone to keep it at the right relative height," Vec mused. "But, the whole leg growth thing might become an issue if we hit somewhere without oxygen again, could probably use some vacuum tarp and more tape to keep everything space worthy."

"Let's hope we don't then." Chiasa sighed.

"Here, put your arm out, the left one" Vec said, wishing Star Army power armor had injection ports. If wishes were space rocket engines and all that. Instead he began to disassemble the plates over her forearm. Once the skin was revealed, he sanitized the area and found a vein. "This won't be the best stick," he said apologetically as he used his gauntleted fingers to guide the thin needle into her vein. Unpacking a FARS drone from the gear he'd webbed to Kōchō, he fastened the bag of hemosynth to it with a length of molecule tape. He replaced the armor plates that wouldn't obstruct the IV and used a strip of vacuum tarp and molecure tape to seal up the rest of her suit. "Try not to move that too much."

In Orbit in the debris field.

Delmira poked her mechs head out to see the damage she caused to the enemy kill sat. She still had her payload of aether torpedos to drop on the new enemy facility.

The satellite was destroyed completely. However two more had been launched. These ones went into hiding away from the Resurgence and Delmira's mech.

"Delmira to Resurgence splash one kill sat but two more have launched not sure where they went. Send out the booster unit for my mech I may need to move quickly." Delmira said and looked around. Her sensors where working to filter out debris for any thing that was moving in an abnormal pattern.

"Roger that," the woman on the other end replied. Soon the aforementioned booster unit request was filled. The equipment drifting toward Delmira's mech.

Delmira turned and adjusted her position as the booster unit drifted to her. It was a tedious process but she had rehearsed this in simulations many times before.

Koyama wore a frown as she looked at the code she’d written. Literally no effect beyond earning its ire. If so, it was what amounted to a grain of sand fighting a literal moon in terms of the coding and software battlefield. The frown twisted into a grimace once she began furiously tapping at the screen before her. What could she do against such a thing?

“Confirmed, Del,” her voice coming over the comms.

“Try to get a track on the two satellites that went dark.” Koyama said aloud, looking meaningfully toward Tachiko and Kalena.

"I will see what I can do. Can we get a drone out here to monitor the nanomachine facility." She asked and looking at her mechs systems.

"One will be prepped and sent out." Koyama answered.

Delmira will focus and will send out her 16 nodal support drones. She had never used them before now in a official capacity but now she had 17 eyes looking for the satellites.

Main Group

"That is what this was. In a station this large, it still takes time for things to get where they need to be. This is designed to be a pleasant place to be while that happens." Nalini explained.

"oh i know there were Rixlor here" Yayoi said in a tone of voice that alerted others to her displeasure. Yes Yayoi really hated Rixxikor with a burning passion, fortunately she could control herself. Which she used as she found herself in a new place.

Sanda was surprised when the elevator suddenly became a teleporter and they suddenly found themselves in what could only be described as a lobby. She swept the surrounding area with her rifle looking for any movement. Seeing none she responded to Cassie's suggestion. "Agreed. But first we need to make sure this place is secure."

Cheilith wandered around, poking at various things. "Wish the Rixxikor hadn't gotten to it. Probably a nice place before then."

"If the Rixxikor were here, there's obviously no wine left," Poppy chuckled, sticking with her battle buddy Cassie and shining a flashlight around.

"Some of the replenishment systems may still be working." Nalini said, waving her scanner around, looking for something.

"Delmira to ground team are you clear of the entrance so I can drop my aether torpedo payload on the entrance of the facility?" Delmira said over the comms

"Exactly how will we get out if you do that?" Cassie asked Delmira, who seemed all too eager to unleash a nuclear level strike on their position.

"How will you get out with a enemy fortification sitting on it, best to destroy it soon and figure out a entrance for you guys if you need to extract fast." Delmira responded.

Yayoi's red and yellow eyes looked around as she took in the scene in front of her. She was about to respond when Cassie spoke first.

Nalini made her way behind the bar and stooped over. She brought out some glasses. "It looks like they are working. Mostly ailen, but they won't poison you." She said pulling out four bottles, one that was clear and then the other three in red, blue, and green.

Sanda was about to leave the group to make sure their position was secure but remembered that no one should be moving alone. She glanced around. "Frank. With me. Lets secure the perimeter." Sanda headed off but gave Yayoi a heads up before she left.

"So..." Euikoshi speculated, "My hypothesis was that this was an Essai base that was used by them for many years, but then it lost its sanity somehow and has been quarantined, and someone doesn't want the AI in here to be unleashed, which is why they left the sign. What do you think?"

"It's reasonable, the state of things does suggest that is a possibility. The cyberscape around here is very... disjointed." Nalini noted pouring herself a water then realizing she didn't have a way to drink it without taking off her helmet. She sighed and put it back down.

Yayoi glanced to Nalini but sensing she shouldn't drink, she chose to instead turn her attention to the area. Sanda called for Frank and she nodded her head in agreement, securing the area would be a good idea.

"You'd think if it were possible to just send in a team and reset the systems, the Essai would have done it already," Euikoshi added. "So why haven't they, or why hasn't anyone been successful?"

"Resetting an AI of the scale needed for a moon like this isn't easy. The AI has a... firmware advantage compared to an AI that wants to take control. You have to have a very strong mind and understand the underlying architecture for a replacement to work. Otherwise, you just have so much scrap metal." Nalini shrugged.

"Maybe the reason they haven't touched it is it's contagious," Poppy said, thinking in medical terms of quarantines. "In the previous mission we encountered a similar machine world that had some sort of computronium virus golems on it, right? Maybe it's too dangerous to fix."

"Maybe the system encountered a bug, literally," Cassie said, as she shined her light on the dried up exoskeleton of a weird looking Rixxikor of some sort. It was definitely not the kind they were used to seeing so far. It was bigger, more alien looking, and had some wings. It was still purple and ugly, though. "Found a dead one by the way."

"Enemy action could take the form of a virus, one that's still infectious. Breaking the mind of the AI. A combination of battle damage and virus damage. This is definitely not a healthy machine." Nalini considered.

Thad came back to the group after he had scouted ahead to see if he could learn more about this place. "Well whatever is here, it for sure keeps the locals in check." Thad said out loud to the group.

Sanda scouted around the area, moving absolutely silently even in PA. Her Aether baronet was attached to the end of her rifle in case she had to take something down quietly. While there was plenty of evidence of Rixx activity, none of it looked super resent. She nothing was coming back on her sensors and for the moment, her intuition was that the area was secure, for now. Still, she would do a through check before heading back to the group.

Nalini made her way over to the weird Rixxikor, using her scanners to gather information on it.

The scanner showed the Rixxikor had ceased living some 44 years ago, give or take. The Rixxikor was equipped with a communications wristband of Kuvexian design.

Nalini nodded, "This Rixxikor died as the empire was being founded. So probably long after what ever happened here. I'm going to see if I can extract any useful information from the communicator." She said, touching it to see if she could coax it back into life to give them information.

"Ground team be advised there are now two enemy kill sats in orbit. Not that it effects you guys much, just don't expect a swift extraction." Delmira said over team comms.

"Noted," Yayoi replied as she glanced around, noting the not so recent Rixxikor things.

"Well, the doesn't seem to be any immediate danger in this section, why don't we have a breather," Cassie suggested again. "Maybe the robots will calm down up there, and we've still got a maze ahead of us and one foot to repair, as well as my armor. With Yayoi's permission I'd like to get out of it and look at the damage myself."

Sanda finished locking down the area. She set trip sensors to alert the team if anyone approached from any of the other passages before returning to the group. She immediately reported in to the two Heishos. "Perimeter is secure. Doesn't look like anything has been in this area recently, but I wouldn't want to push our luck. That said, I think a breather and a chance to get the team back up to 100% wouldn't be amiss."

"Excellent," Cassie nodded to Sanda. "I really like you," she added with a smile.

Sanda removed her helmet and shook out her hair before starting to retie it into a pony tail. With hair band still between her teeth she looked back at Cassie and smiled. Cassie might be a bit of a whiner, but the girl never stopped. She was good to have around in a tight spot.

Yayoi heard Sanda's report and silently nods as she processed the information.

"Seems like as good a plan as any," Vec added, trotting up to the NCOs.

Poppy fished around in her rucksack and pulled out a Type 38 Ration and read the label out loud, "Chicken Yaktori and Red Beans & Rice," she said, before pulling it open to pull out the little black plastic tray with the two green food packets nestled into it along with a black plastic spork. She shoved the food packets in the flameless ration heater and poured some canteen water into it and soon it was smoking with that distinctive ration heater steam smell. While that was going she went to check on Chiasa with Sanda.

Sanda finished tying her hair and asked Vec. "How is Chiasa doing?"

"Somewhere between, yellow and green," Vec said, "She's obviously hurt, but you know how Nekos are." He began to fish out his own Type 38 ration, saury in spicy sauce. For the last few years eating the spicy fish had been a bit of an emotional gut punch, but nothing could beat the flavor.

Euikoshi saw Poppy taking a lunch break and decided to do the same, heating up a ration of BBQ pulled pork with compressed shelf stable jalapeno cornbread. "I miss the dessert from the Type 30 but the main menus are better," she commented. "You just gotta pack your own cheese danish or whatever."

Sanda snorted at Vec's diagnostic of Neko's. Yeah she knew. "They are either professional soldiers or horney teenagers." Sanda said with an eye roll. Seeing everyone else eat made her realize she was hungery as well. She pulled out her own food ration. Orange chicken and rice.

"I resemble that remark." Cheilith said jovially, sporking some of her food into her mouth.

"First time out the wire, and she lost a leg. I think it's eating at her professional solider side, bringing out a more... moody teen, maybe say something to her at some point," Vec said, before starting as he noticed Ohara still with him.

"I'm right here, you know." Chiasa said in an exasperated tone.

"It's not the first time something like has happened. I randomly got shot in the ass on Hanako's world," Cassie pointed out, hoping to comfort Chiasa. "By Rixxikor, even."

"Ouch." Chiasa piped up.

"happened to me too." Yayoi commented after Cassie mentioning getting shot in the butt.

"It's because you have a big ass," Euikoshi said, as she basically tongue-fucked the barbeque out of the ration packet.

"You know these come with trays?" Poppy wryly pointed out. "And sporks?"

"See, dumb stuff happens," Vec said stuffing a piece of fish in his mouth, "We called our old CO Bungie because he got all tied up hanging from one leg during a fast roping exercise. If you can walk, er float away from it, then you're doing pretty good."

Sanda wolfed down her food so fast she was finished in less than 30 seconds. She would have liked to have enjoyed it, but she couldn't. Not on an enemy held world.

Yayoi took note of them eating, so she decided to take the moment to eat too, but her attention was diverted. Since she wasnt on the ship, her habits from Hanako's made her keep her attention on her surroundings as she ate.

"Woah, Hoshi, you downed that like you're back at Ft Ingestrie," Vec said with a laugh.

Chiasa's eyes went wide with some measure of awe and respect as she watched Sanda wolf down her food. "If you're gonna eat that fast, you might as well have ration pills instead." She commented dryly, but the tiny medic's tone held an undercurrent of respect for the Ranger.

Sanda smiled. "My record time is 15 seconds. This was enjoying it. And a ration pill doesn't leave any pleasant aftertaste. Besides, I don't want to get too comfortable." She said as her eyes scanned her surroundings.

Yayoi finished her food, and glanced over. "wow" she said

"Hmm, take a moment to relax or get all competitive about this," Vec said eyeing his food, "Nah, getting too old for that." He took another bite at a reasonable speed. "Here she is trying not to get comfortable, but I just wish I had my 'Type-26 Trench Guitar.'"

Suddenly the old Kuvexian communicator sprang to life in Cheilith's hands, emitting a purple glow and making a chirp sound. She began to hear unfamiliar voices on the line...

"Can anyone translate this?" Cheilith asked, turning her suit's audio recorder to best pick up what was being said.

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In the hotel in the Maze

Sanda discarded her meal kit and took back up her rifle after securing her helmet. A quick diagnostic of her suit showed green lights across the board. "Once you all have finished your dinner, we should come up with a game plan of how to processed next." Sanda checked the motion sensors she had placed on her first check of the area. All was still quite. Surprisingly, that didn't make her feel any better. "In the meantime, I'm going to check our perimeter again." She glanced around for someone who had also either finished eating. "Sterling-Hei with me."

Sanda gave Frank a moment to get ready then headed out. Her suit hardly made a sound as she went around and double checked the motion sensors. She took her time this circuit. The first time Sanda had been mostly concerned with making sure there were no enemies around. This time she was paying more attention to the different routes that led off in different directions. She was studying a route that had move evidence of foot traffic when she said to Frank. "How are you holding up Frank?"


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Frank had not eaten anything since the killbot was put in control. it remained focused. studying the surroundings. That isn't to say that he wasn't relaxing, he was sitting down occasionally drinking some water. while paying attention to Franks vitals and watching what he needed to keep going. When Sanda asked how he was holding up Frank would snap out of it for now. "Im okay Sanda, Just running multiple things in my head at once to get us threw this." Frank admitted, as he walked with her.


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The pitch black darkness of the lobby area was suddenly pieced by an eerie white-purple light from something moving near the huge elevator they'd come in on. It wasn't anyone from the away team. Cassie immediately grabbed her rifle and practically charged over towards it with her beam rifle raised, only to come running back to her battle buddy Poppy when she'd seen it. "Oh shit," she said, scrambling to pack up her things.

"What did you see?" Poppy asked.

Cassie checked her rifle and packed up her gear. "It's a ghost. Readings off the scale. Eyes all over its body. Moon's haunted," Cassie said.


"Machine moon's haunted."

The eerie light began to get closer to the away team.


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Frank turned in the direction of the eerie light.

query, Since when do ghost exist?
Frank are you really asking me this?
I'm a dead man who's personality is being overridden by a glitch in the system
Fair point, any ideas what to do?
Well we could try blowing it up.
god you are a older version of me.
yes we are.

Franks eyes Glew a bright red, enough to show from under the helmet as he hovered off the ground using his Minkin powers to offset the recoil of his shoulder before he fired a mini missile fallowed by a 50mm gauss cannon blast downrange at the floating orb. watching as the missile would get near the orb of light before the gauss shot impacted the missile when it got close enough to the orb.


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"Cease fire!" Cassie shouted, "Nobody ordered you to fire! I said it was terrifying, not hostile. If it needed shooting I'd have shot it myself instead of just peeing myself," the catgirl hissed. "If you just made it mad...we're fucked."


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"If you just made it mad...we're fucked."
Frank settled back down on the ground turning his back to Cassie. "Well you do have drunken experiences from your olden days so you should manage if we are truly fucked." Frank stated bitterly as he continued to walk away. "I'm going on patrol, when your done peeing yourself, and jumping at shadows come find me."
<Frank mabie you were a little to hard on her just now.>
Frank would push the mental message from the killbot away as he continued walking. Still slightly bitter about being yelled at for trying to be protective of the team Albeit a part of him thinks its more due to the breakup with Cassie that caused Frank some unneeded strife.


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Sanda had gone a short way down a corridor, examining the place and looking for evidence of recent travel. This place was increasingly giving her the creeps. The darkness was playing tricks on her eyes. Twice she thought she saw something but on closer examination it proved to be nothing. She was just about to head back with Frank when she realized she was alone. She looked around and saw Frank moving quickly back towards the group. It was also then that she noticed the strange light.

Sanda brought her rifle up and was about to warn the rest of the team when Frank suddenly fired a mini missile. "Miércoles Frank!" Sanda exclaimed. He was almost as bad as Del and her damn Mech wanting to shoot off nukes on their position. She was about to yell to hold fire when Cassie beat her to the punch. Sanda was relived that they weren't actually under attack.

Before she could ask Cassie what had happened Frank made a very uncalled for comment that made Sanda very angry. She had had to call out Frank before a long time ago for his mouth but the big guy had really cleaned his act up of late. He had completed Giretsu training which spoke very highly of him but that comment was just disgusting. It reflected very badly on Frank and in turn the Giretsu, something that Sanda was very proud of. As proud of as she was of her Ranger patches. "Sterling-hei! That is no way to address a NCO, much less a fellow crew member!" Sanda's anger subsided a little as she turned her focus to finding the source of the mysterious light. "We'll discuss this later, Sterling-Hei. Break times over! Everyone gear up and get ready to move. Science team." indicating Inmochi and Euikoshi. "Any suggestions?"


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Yayo brought herself from her thoughts with the outbursts of ghosts. She rolled her eyes in annoyance as she didn’t believe in ghosts, and was about to say something about calming down, when Frank did his things. This caused her to wince. “fuck sakes!” she grumbled before Sanda spoke to him, and she nodded her head in approval. Frank needed a talking to. “we best move, if you're seeing things something in the air is affecting our brains. “ She commented as she got up.


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Thad was hanging out with Nalini, more than likely getting more friendly than he should have been when the gun fire erupted. Thad had caught some of what was being said about ghosts which he figured was things of legends. If anything, they were the terrors, so this maze better push to keep up. He stood to his feet and started to look around the area. Thad watched as Frank walked off. Sure his actions were a little jumpy but this seemed off even for him. He felt he best go chase after him to ensure he stays out of trouble. "Come on Nalini, lets go make sure he doesn't start stabbing the local ghosts." He said with a smirk as he grabbed up his gear.


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“Fucking hell!” Vec shouted, ears ringing from Sterling’s barrage. The sounds were still echoing off the walls as he slammed on his helmet. “Sterling, back on the firing line. Stow the personal drama for Thia’s office. We need to figure out what Cassie saw.” He immediately began training his suits sensors and his weapon down the hall. “Anybody who was looking that way before Sterling went hot, dump the last few minutes of sensor data over to Euikoshi to pick through. Cassie, Asakura, be ready in case we just woke something up.” He gave Hoshi a quick thumbs up in acknowledgement before pinging Mochi on the Officer Channel, “Any thoughts?”


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"It was glowing but see-through and might have been a volumetric projection, Cassie told Vec. It was horrifying. It was a little over four meters tall, super slender...noodle-like, with glowing eyeballs on all parts of its skin. He had a spiked head like a stalagmite, with big horns, and a huge purple cyclops eye. It had these huge hands the size of barbecue grill lids and forearms that had bladed tusks growing out of them. In the center of its torso was this giant thick tentacle that swayed back and forth as it walked. It was carrying a giant golden winged wizard staff that floated on its own, and had a huge halo behind its head like a picture of a god. When it looked at me it made me freeze and my PSC system buzzed and all I could do for a second was tremble and pee because it had somehow locked me in place. And when it got close there was this sound like a thousand flies or wasps buzzing mixed with the sound of trumpets. And in my head there was something about the elevator. But once the telepathy blocking kicked in I just ran back," the catgirl explained to Vec with obvious frustration. "Huh, I don't see it anymore."

The lobby was dark again other than the lingering fires left by Frank's shots.

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Machine Moon

Seated against the wall as the IV pumped hemosynthetic fluid into her body, Chiasa’s eyes went wide as Frank unloaded in the general direction of the apparition ghost with his armor’s firepower. The roaring report of a mini-missile launch, followed by the booming whip-crack of a 50mm shell being discharged at hypersonic velocity caused her ears to twitch with sensation. However, rather than being set aback at the sudden violence of the action, a wide, stupid grin plastered itself across her pinkish-tan features as she bore witness to Frank’s display of sheer firepower and destruction.

“Maybe I should have done Infantry instead~” Chiasa mused wistfully, before a soft giggle left her lips.

However, recognizing the urgency in Vec’s tone, Chiasa sensed that the group was getting ready to go on the move. Immediately, Chiasa began to reassemble her Mindy's forearm plates before locking them back into place and taking out the IV. From there, she secured the IV back on the FARS drone, before doing a quick check of her gear. Satisfied, Chiasa sealed her helmet back over her head and drew up her aether rifle in quick, disciplined fashion.

“I'm on station.” Chiasa spoke up, letting the others know that she was ready to move and fight, in spite of her injury.

“If the moon is haunted, I think the only choice we have is to investigate and press on.” The tiny Nekovalkyrja added. “This place is clearly hiding something important.”
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"Just shooting things for looking a little freaky isn't good first contact policy," Vec said with a pointed look towards Sterling, "If that was the case, half of us would be in boxes by now."

Yayoi nodded "Vec is correct, control your firing, ghosts cant harm us i dare say" she said as her part.

"You don't know that," Cassie pointed out. "The only thing we do know is it didn't hurt me."

Yayoi simply glanced at Cassie, though she had to admit Cassie was correct.

"It wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that this entity will immediately regard all of us as hostile, now that we've fired on it." Chiasa added. "We'll have to maneuver accordingly." She finished.

Poppy and Euikoshi nodded in agreement with Chiasa. "Unfortunately," Euikoshi added.

"Going forward," Vec said, "ROE's not to shoot unless expressly told to by an officer or NCO or if you're being fired at. We don't know what all's down here and what we might piss off with stray shots."

Sanda moved forward and examined the area where Cassie had seen the 'ghost'. She was looking for any clues as to what that thing had been.

"I think it wanted to show me something on the elevator," Cassie speculated, "But I'm not sure."

Yayoi silently contemplated ghosts for a moment. She didnt think ghosts existed, that they couldnt hurt them, but as she thought of it, perhapes the whole ghosts thing happened cause of things that affected someone's mind. Now they were in a machine moon, who knows how that will affect them.

"Do you hear something?" Poppy asked. There was an increasing sound of metallic skittering in the dark.

Nalini turned her head from where she was standing near Thad. "Sounds like robots or metalic spiders?" She suggested.

"Let's get Oscar Mike," Vec said as the sounds of skittering reached the group, "Asakura, take a team on point. Cassie, your people are rear guard."

Suddenly, out of seemingly nowhere, a huge metallic tentacle came out and grabbed Poppy by the waist and yanked her away from the group into the dark. She let out a scream of pure terror over the radio as she vanished, and then there was just silence. There was no sign of her or the tentacle in the space it has just been.

Sanda wasn't sure Vec should be the one making that call. Cassie or Yayoi should be but she didn't have time to dwell on it as Poppy was suddenly attacked. Sanda had her head lamps on and tried to give chase but both medic and tentacle seemed to vanish. "Miércoles!" Sanda cursed. It was the last mission all over again.

Yayoi glanced towards Vec, then nodded before getting distracted by the tentacle and Poppy's disappearance. "shit!" she cursed lowly as she pointed her weapon, but Poppy and the tentacle was gone.

Chiasa was quick on the draw, her digital mind unconsciously firing on all cylinders as its processors suddenly revved into overdrive, slowing down her perception of time and boosting her mental processing speed. However, with the CMO's last order, she had to wait for his mark before firing, which didn't come in time for her to attempt saving Poppy or shooting the strange metallic tentacle.

"That's not good." Chiasa whispered under her breath, but she refrained from saying anything else as her digital mind raced with possibilities.

Cheilith was already hyped up, trying to squeeze off aa shot into the dark that missed the quickly moving tenticle.

"Blurtnawt!" Vec shouted, a hint of his old Tallus patois slipping through.

"POPPY! Come in Poppy! Poppy, this is Cassie, please respond!"

"I'm trying to track their signals, but it's difficult with the metal." Nalini offered, looking at her scanner and letting Thad protect her.

"It came out of a portal," Euikoshi said, rapidly pointing her science scanner around the room in different areas.

"Can you tell where the portal leads?" Vec asked the science specialist.

"No," Euikoshi replied with a tremble in her voice.

"Is there any signal from Poppy's suit?" Sanda asked as she swung her rifle around, tence, yet ready to strike if anything showed itself. Her bayonett was attached to her rifle.

"I can't get anything from it or from the Resurgence now either," Euikoshi said. "We're totally cut off."

"Portals can be used to cross large amounts of distance. We may need to enter the portal ourselves to save Poppy." Nalini offered.

Yayoi listened as they spoke "well.. now we have a rescue mission to perform. " She said as she turned to where she last saw Poppy go.

Just then, hundreds more of the portals began to appear around the away team. Metallic tentacles began to surge forrth from every direction, trying to grab them or rip them into pieces. They were everywhere!

Yayoi blinked as the portals appeared"shit" she swore again, who knew if these portals could take them all to Poppy or not. Her rifle fired on the tentacles as she made her way forward.

"Fuck it, go hot!" Vec shouted as more portals opened on all sides. Stickign near Euikoshi, he began firing bursts of supercharged aether at the closest tentacles.

"Finally." Chiasa grunted under her breath. Utilziing her Mindy's targeting system, the tiny Nekovalkyrja let unleashed a salvo of aetheric fire towards the closest tentacle to her position, lancing it out of the air, before switching to a second tentacle which was closing in on her battle buddy. Fortunately, it met the same fate as the last, going down in a burst of sparks and flame.

Sanda fired her plasma rifle then side stepped at the last second and stabbed the tentacle attacking her with her Aether Bayonett. She had stabbed and hacked at the thing before she was forced to fall back as another one came at her.

Taking stock of the situation for a second, Cassie shouted, "RUN! FALL BACK!" and teleported out of the tentacle mass back onto the elevator platform, then dropped down to the ground to take prone shots at the tentacles. The away team was outnumbered roughly 10 to 1 and she was sure they were all about to die if they didn't move. "GET OUT OF THERE!" she screamed at them.

"Keep your eyes up," Vec said, not wanting them to run smack into another threat in their haste. He waited a few heart beats to be sure his soldiers were backing out safely.

"Moving!" Chiasa called back. Immediately, Chiasa locked onto Cassie's signature, before moving to follow via her CFS. Floating towards the elevator platform with the velocity of a race car, Chiasa didn't stop firing as she moved, managing to lance a four tentacles out of the air as she did, all while attempting to cover Iemochi.

There was a sickening crunch as some of the tentacles managed to grab Euikoshi and tore her limb from limb. Her screams were difficult to listen to.

Cheilith's blade hummed as she cut through swarming tenticles, trying to provide cover for the others as they moved and fired.

"Ah shit, here we go again." Thad yelled out as he did his best to put a few rounds into the nearby tentacles. "Lets move, come on." He tossed his arm around Nalini. "Come on buddy, we die together." A grin crossing his face.

"I would prefer not to die at all, it seems unpleasent." Nalini said, shooting at some of the tenticles on their flank.

As his battle buddies blood splashed across his visor, Vec slung his SMG for his gattling rifle and began laying down fire. One missing, one dead. One yellow but moving. This wasn't good.

The Ghost appeared on the elevator behind Cassie, who rolled over to see what all that light was coming from. It stood there with a certain look of satisfaction as the team was forced out of its lobby for their behavior. "BE GONE, TRASH," it laughed and laughed.

They were dying. Sanda was so mad that for a moment she was about to forget everything and go out in a blaze of glory and be damn to this damn planet. But her anger quickly turned cold. Icy cold. She hacked another tentacle then fell back to the corridor she had examined earlier. "Everyone! Fall Back! This way!" She yelled, but emoitionless.

"That means you too, Hoshi!" Vec shouted as he lanced a tentacle in half with a beam from his plasma projector. "Leapfrog out, ok? Bound and cover."

Sanda turned and fired from the door way. "¡Qué carajo cree que le estoy haciendo, estúpido doctor!" She wasn't sure why everyone was running towards the elevators.

Yayoi followed the others.

"Dat probably neva very nice," he shot back in Tallus patois, "But everybody still means you too." He fired a last burst and bounded back to their starting point.

Chiasa grimaced at Euikoshi's screams, but she didn't stop until she was on the elevator platform, where she saw the "ghost" light behind Cassie. While Chiasa didn't immediately shoot it, she couldn't afford to disregard the clear threat it represented.

"Cassie, what should we do?"

Cassie tried to shoot the Ghost, which only made it laugh more as the aether beam passed through its body. "I HAVE NO PATIENCE FOR PLUNDERERS," it said, its voice sounding like a bunch of bees stuck in a vuvuzela horn. "I WILL CRUSH YOU LIKE RIXXIKOR!!"

"It's program is degraded. I wonder if I can hack it's system..." Nalini wondered, her mind wandering slightly even as she was in battle.

"Maybe we should apologize?" Cassie shrugged, after she heard Chiasa.

Chiasa frowned. "That's...not a bad idea." The tiny Nekovalkyrja replied. Then, turning to face the ghost, Chiasa took a deep breath, before attempting to make her plea. "I don't know who you are, but we didn't mean to be hostile. One of our team members was scared and lost discipline." Chiasa began. "We only meant to explore your planet and learn from whatever happened here in the past, if you'll let us."

Thad along with Nalini did their best to hold things off. Thad made his way along with her back towards the elevator shaft. "Time to find out which direction this goes."

"We need to get closer to the core." Nalini offered.

The Essai Ghost suddenly stopped laughing and looked at Naliini, recognizing a sort of distant cousin, a fellow high-level AI of sorts. "Are you a god?" it asked. The tentacles withdrew into their portals as quickly as they had arrived.

Nalini looked around at her teammates then at the Ghost. "I am Naga'Shun of Essia, perhaps known to you by other names. I am called by some a God."

"I am the Harbinger of Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr," the ghostly Essai said, "I serve the great master, who has been damaged in an outrageous attack over 1000 of your years ago."

Thad looked, a little unsure how to feel about having his arm around a god at this very moment. "Just gunna, do something over here while you two talk." He removed his arm and moved over towards one of the bodies of the down team member. "Anyone got some glue?"

Nalini nodded, "That would be the battle of Enseartais? I may not have been there for it, but my ears are long and my eyes clear. I may be able to help you, if you can help me."

"I am not familiar with that name," the Harbringer replied. "It is too late to help this doomed world. I have tried to contain the evil as best I can."

"There is always hope Harbringer. What is the nature of this evil?" The Goddess asked.

Sanda moved back forward, keeping the 'ghost' thing in her sights. She wasn't about to just trust this thing. Not after what it had done to her team. "Nalini." Sanda said quietly. "Ask this thing what it did to Poppy."

Chiasa took a deep breath as the tentacles retreated back into their portals. Her digital mind immediately shifting gears towards Euikoshi, even though she herself was wounded. The tiny Nekovalkyrja immediately flew out of the elevator platform and to Euikoshi's side, pulling out her dedicated field medical kit as she did.

Thad found Euikoshi caughing up blood in a huge red puddle with her legs severed at the thighs and one of her arms missing. She didn't seem very conscious.

Thad pulled out a rescue stick and stabbed it into Euikoshi. More than likely not save her but it would at least help he hoped. "Looks like no leg day for you miss." He said as he held her.

"Get out of the fucking way!" Chiasa yelled at Thad. "Let me work on her." Utilizing her armor's SAR rescue package, the tiny Nekovalkyrja priortized stopping the bleeding by cauterizing the wounds with her plasma projector set to low power. From there, Chiasa set to work on administering hemosynthetic healing blood.

Regrouping with the others Vec droppd to a knee next to the clump of mangled flesh that seemed to still be Euikoshi, he quickly began using his own plasma projector on fine to cut away piece of armor to reveal her chest before using his thumb to locate her sternum. With a practgiced manuver, he lined up a Combat Applied Pacemaker and drove it home with his palm. The spike held it in place and the small machine began emiting small electric pulses to keep her heart pumping. He popped the seals on her helmet and affixed a mask and breathing pump. The nanomuscles in the "external lung" as some called it began to pump air for her.

"Good work, Ohara," he said affixing a biomonitor to the woman's neck.

Chiasa nodded in response as she worked to set up the IV, using the same one that had been linked to her before. However, she changed out the injector needle to prevent contamination, before disassembling the scientist's forearm armor and pressing the needle into a vein.

While Ohara worked, Vec set about using suit seals, to restore some degree of spaceworthiness to Eiukoshi's armor. "I think we'll have to load her up on Kōchō if we want to move here," Vec said looking around to see if his VCMAD had escaped the tentacles.

Thad was pushed out of the way by Chiasa. "Woman, I was having a moment, damn." He said out to her. Though honestly he was happy someone with skills was on the job.

Without a word, Chiasa set to work on opening the Type 43 Rescue Sled Stretcher in her medical kit and fitting a neck brace to Euikoshi Once that was done, she nodded to Vec and began to transmit the 7-Line request on repeat, in case the comms came back online.

"This is Santô Hei Chiasa, prepare to receive 7 Line request: 1-My Transponder-2-1-3-OX-4-E-5-S-6-S-7-HV. Repeating."

Once the lightweight cement foam hardened, Vec moved his battle buddy onto the sled.

Yayoi wasnt sure how to feel about the fact theres a 'god' among the crew.

The ghost's voice continued to boom through the air as it spoke to Nalini. "This planet, Samurr, was once a vibrant colony of my people, the Essai Collective. The Essai have long been in conflict with large Kingdom called Kuvexia, who meddled in our affairs and collected our worlds for their own twisted purposes. Eventually they set their sights on Samurr and attacked in great force, flooding the planet with an infestation of insectoids who are spread throughout this galaxy called the Rixxikor, who infiltrated Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr's systems and caused him to become disabled."

Yayoi's eye twitched. I know the feeling, i hate the bugs too

The ghostly Essai continued, "However, after 250 years in Kuvexian control, Samurr was invaded by a force of artificial intelligences who took control of the main systems and used the planet to tour the galaxy eliminating all organic life they could find. Eventually, I was able to engineer my own creations and fight them back so they now only live on the surface. However their insane leader has merged with Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr's computer core and if activated, he will attempt to wipe out all organics once more. Thus the planet has been placed in a state of stasis and quarantine, which I enforce."

Nalini nodded, thinking for a moment. "You took one of our crew members, could you return them and restore communications with our ship? Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr was a great AI, we will need to replace them to start repairs."

"Explain why you are here," the ghost countered.

"I am dying. Slowly, but surely. My compatriots were sent here in hopes of finding a way to repair me. I am one of a very few great AI of the Star Empire of Yamatai." Nalini explained.

A purple portal appeared beside the Harbinger of Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr and one of the metal tentacles emerged from it carrying Poppy in what appeared to be a decorative display case in some sort of fluid. It hissed open and she stumbled out and landed on the floor in a pile, naked.

Sanda moved forward quickly and grabbed Poppy, moving her away from the display case and towards Vec.

Yayoi joined Sanda as she moved to Poppy's side.

Leaving Ohara to handle Eiukoshi, Vec sprayed sanitizer on his gauntleted hands and went to check Pink's responsiveness and vitals.

Poppy was woozy, looking around in confusion at first. She coughed up some of the clear preserving liquid and tried to figure out where she was.

"It's ok, Pink, take your time," Vec said holding up a finger for her to focus on, "Do you remember what year it is?"

"Revising 7 Line request: 1-My Transponder-2-2-3-OX-4-E-5-S-6-S-7-HV. Repeating." Chiasa transmitted as she continued to work over Euikoshi. The medic had left herself out as a patient, even though she was technically more wounded than Poppy was. "I have an AMES in my utility pack,'s meant for a short person." She added. All the while, Chiasa worked another IV needle into Euikoshi's vein, the bag loaded with pain reliever and Droksin to stimulate blood creation.

"Whoa," Poppy said, "Who's hurt?" she coughed, her medic instincts kicking in. "Where's my armor, my gear?" She looked over her shoulder, "This alien has like twelve eyes looking at my butthole."

"Not sure where it is, honestly, but we could toss you in a vacuum tent for evac," Vec said half to Ohara and half to Pink.

"Fine," the Essai ghost said, dumping Poppy's Mindy in a pile behind her. It looked at Nalini pointing its chest-trunk at her. "How do you propose to do this?"

Sanda checked the Mindy suit. It all looked good. "Suit looks functional. You can get suited up as soon as Doc gives you the ok." She said to Poppy.

"I will need some help from you, but we need to find a control node. From there, I can begin to undermine the insane AI's control." Nagashun explained.

"The control systems are located in a labyrinthine core reachable from this elevator. I can give you the commands to go there. The core used to be the brain of Xurrmurrluvormuir-Shalurbrurrkamirrr, but the invaders have eaten paths through it and reprogrammed the rest. The is a connectivity node and a power node, and then the main core. You need to restore power, reprogram the AI at the main core, and then restore connectivity. If connectivity to the planet's systems is restored before the AI is reprogrammed, the planet will begin to wipe out all organic life in the sector and its robots will invade here and kill you all. Also once you restore power it there will only be a limited amount of time before the hostile AI is able to take over again."

Yayoi turned her head and her attention to Nalini and the AI.

Thad did his best to understand what all was being said. Half the time it just sounded like someone had a bunch of peanutbutter in their mouth. "So, can we like replace the core with one from the ship?" He asked towards the group.

"No, I will replace the core." Nalini explained, she looked at the officers. "I believe this plan is sound, we get into place, restore power and then I can overwrite the AI. There is a risk of letting the insane AI free to destroy everyone though."

The Pink-haired medic crawled over to her Mindy armor and opened it, slowly sliding back into its familiar protection. It sealed up over her with a click and she slowly rose to her feet without saying anything. Then she went over to check on her friend Euikoshi.

Chiasa gave Poppy a soft, weary smile upon seeing that she was up and about, but Euikoshi's dire state was laid bare in her mannerisms, even if the helmet hid her facial expressions.

"I've done a 7-Line, Pink-Heisho, but it might be best for me to go with her if an evac shuttle can land." Chiasa began. "I don't know how much I'm slowing the team down with only one leg." She frowned. "Maybe Delmira can give the shuttle an escort." The tiny Nekovalkyrja added.

"How big a risk?" Sanda asked as she eyed the 'ghost' suspiciously. This was all well above her paygrade.

"I think it is a managable one, I've been probing the AI and it's... fragmented. I can take advantage of that to focus my efforts on where it is weak until I overcome it."

"Fine, you do the... whatever it is you need to do and we'll give you the cover you need," the Ranger said.

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“Fucking hell!” Vec shouted, ears ringing from Sterling’s barrage. The sounds were still echoing off the walls as he slammed on his helmet. “Sterling, back on the firing line. Stow the personal drama for Thia’s office. We need to figure out what Cassie saw.” He immediately began training his suits sensors and his weapon down the hall. “Anybody who was looking that way before Sterling went hot, dump the last few minutes of sensor data over to Euikoshi to pick through. Cassie, Asakura, be ready in case we just woke something up.” He gave Hoshi a quick thumbs up in acknowledgement before pinging Mochi on the Officer Channel, “Any thoughts?”
Frank stops walking away before tilting his head to the side cracking his neck. "Bout time someone starting talking some sense." he said returning to the firing line. ignoring Sanda. as he walked back to the firing line. his suit temperature would be steadily heating up as the shields on his suit crackled off.
"Just shooting things for looking a little freaky isn't good first contact policy," Vec said with a pointed look towards Sterling, "If that was the case, half of us would be in boxes by now."

Yayoi nodded "Vec is correct, control your firing, ghosts cant harm us i dare say" she said as her part.

"It's just another body for the fire, Besides im starting to enjoy myself." Frank stated as his suits heat began getting hotter. When the order to go hot was given frank let out a chuckle despite poppy just getting snatched. "heh its about time." he stated as he began dumping all 19 remaining mini missles at the portals and fireing off the thunderous booms of his 50mm watching his HUD as the ammo started ticking down from 60. when another member got snatched up and ripped apart by their limbs he heaved up his automatic granade launcher to begin fireing more ordinates at the tenticals with one arm his other working his power armor assault rifle. "Death to all who oppose me!" frank stated ignoring his internal AI telling him he should calm down as his body heat was getting dangourusly high.
as people started to fall back he would hover and fall back with them finding his heat had shorted out several systems of his suit temporarily.
For some reason Frank didn't feel sorrow for his injured teammates which he found strange as he shook his head at their state. when sanda asked how dangourus the situation was with the ghost. Frank removed his helmet removing trapped steam as he looked to her. burns forming around his neck and face. "I can escort the wounded to the shuttle if need be." he stated as he reloaded another 200 round belt of 40mm granades into his machine gun.