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RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 7: The Great Seelie Rescue

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RP Date
YE 44.9.35
RP Location
Central Fleet Depot
Central Fleet Depot, Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai (Yamatai Star System)
YE 44.9.35

After being part of the Star Army's massive response to the Arrival of the Norians, destroying the evil creature that tried to follow them, and rescuing hundreds of children and babies from a dying colony ship, the crew of the Resurgence had been able to rest for nearly two months enjoying well-earned time at home. While they were away, the mighty Resurgence sat in a large hangar in the Central Fleet Depot, where it served as a training ship for new recruits and occasionally took Star Army Reserve members off on two-week training cruises. Now it was nearly time for a new year, and a new crew made up of both new and familiar faces, ready to explore places new and old, bustling or lifeless, friendly or deadly.

A self-power flatbed train car pushed through ankle-high snow on the tarmac until it turned on its rails to slow down in the frigid hangar where the ship was stored, dropping off plastic-covered pallets full of food, rations, and supplies, followed by a number of standard starship cargo containers, and Beryl Leyton, while Hachirobei Sakuko started moving them onto the ship with a large and noisy forklift. Another ramp was open to the shuttle bay, where the crew could get onboard. As the supply specialists worked, the rest of the crew started to informally gather in the hangar as they arrived by utility truck and LSTV. Although their first formation wasn't until tomorrow on the first of the month, everyone wanted to move their stuff back into their cabins and to be there for the end-of-the-year party today. Not only that, word got out that Gabriela Lively, Poppy Pink, and Kawa Euikoshi had pooled together and had rented a party bus in Kyoto for a night on the town.

As the crew members arrived, Captain Aoba and Kalena Matsushita waited at the entrance of the ship in their black Type 32 coats to greet them and welcomed them aboard.
Nanook hefted the two large duffels carrying his gear and stepped down from the utility truck that had carried him to the hanger where the YSS Resurgence was housed. The frigid air did not bother him much, his fur would protect him from much worse temperature extremes than this. A forklift was noisily moving back and forth loading supplies onto the gunship. Two officers stood observing the organized chaos of the ship taking on personnel and supplies. Other crew members were abuzz with activity, flitting back and forth making preparations.

Nanooks long legs brought him before the two officers in a few strides. He gently set his bags down in the snow and waited for a break in the conversation to introduce himself. "Sir, Ma'am, Santô Hei Nanook Wojtek, reporting. I was told to report to you as early as possible due to my equipment needs being slightly out of the norm regarding armor."

(Nanook and Captain Aoba first meet)

Loading Ramp

"Mmm," Captain Aoba grunted, his narrow, studious eyes briefly glancing at a huge power armor on the flatbed train car, mostly covered in a tarp, as the supply specialists carefully picked it up on the forklift. He have Wojtek's paw a firm handshake. "Welcome to the Resurgence. I've assigned you to Cabin 13 on Deck 2. The typical beds have been removed and replaced larger one that takes up the entire floor space. If it doesn't meet your needs, talk to me or the First Officer later and perhaps we can convert one of the VIP suites into a larger version of the crew cabins. We are wheels-up tomorrow, but for today and this evening, enjoy the holiday. Any questions?"

There was a girly, cooing chorus of voices as several of the female crew members reunited nearby. There was Gabriela, a gray-paneled officer who looked like a cat anthro of some kind, little Euikoshi, science specialist in green with green bob-cut hair, Cassie, a gray cat anthro, Poppy, a pink-haired medic. They were joined shortly thereafter by Pidole, who, despite being a freshly-minted NCO, was the ship's acting chief engineer, and her squad of nearly a half-dozen technicians. Everyone was lugging their duffel bags and backpacks. Poppy went over and placed her hand on Wojtek's fur, "Stop by the medical lab for scans sometime before the next mission," she told him with a warm smile, before continuing into the ship with the others.

The shuttle bay still smelled a little smoky and had a film of black soot on the ceiling from a previous fire, and was filled with a hodge-podge of small craft and also some light ground vehicles.
"None at all sir, I look forward to working with you." Nanook hefted the two large duffle bags, each nearly as tall as the captain, and began towards the ship behind the group of female crew members that were nearby. He approached the towering vessel with a sense of awe and wonder. He had been trained to fight since his early teens, taking part in military operations across Gashmere in the ongoing insurgency there. That had not prepared him for the sense of awe and excitement of boarding a starship and setting out to explore the unknown.

His towering height gave him an odd sense of perspective, most of the other crew members around hardly came to his waist in height, he was tall among his kind, but this just was bizarre to him. The other members of the crew seemed to be enjoying the novelty of his height however, judging by the whispers and giggles he heard on the way to his bunk of Deck 2. He made a point to scope out the VR room, the armory, sick bay, and showers on the way. The captain had not exaggerated about the bed, it took all of the floor space in his room. Nanook stowed his gear bags under the bed and changed into a more comfortable civilian attire in the passage way. Before making his way back to the cargo area and off the ship.

Central Fleet Depot, Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai (Yamatai Star System)

The chill in the air had compelled Chiasa to don her Type 32 Coat for her return to the Resurgence after the winter break, during which she had managed to complete her training program to become one of the first fully-certified Star Army Pharmacy Specialists. Unfortunately, that particular patch was hidden beneath her coat, but she felt proud to wear it regardless and moreover, she couldn’t wait to tell Thia of her accomplishment. It hadn’t felt good to tell the Counselor that she couldn’t go with her to the Winter Solstice celebrations due to exams and the end-of-semester assignment rush, but the sacrifice was worth it in the end.

As the LSTV pulled up to the hangar area, Chiasa offered the driver a short wave before disembarking with her bags in tow, each meticulously packed the night before. It almost went without saying that the towering form of the black and white-furred Kodian was the first member of the crew the tiny Nekovalkyrja’s eyes were drawn to, but her ears perked up at the chorus of familiar voices marking the arrival of Gabriela, Cassie, Poppy, Pidole, and Euikoshi, a sensation of pride swelling up in her chest at the sight of the latter. Seeing that Poppy was taking care of getting Nanook up to speed, Chiasa set about scanning for any additional new crew members who might need her assistance, in addition to looking for any familiar faces to get reacquainted with!
Central Fleet Depot, Central Uesureya, Planet Yamatai (Yamatai Star System)
To Resurgence

Yayoi was silent as she walked the steps towards the Ship’s area. Though there was something strapped to her chest, a snoring something as she walked. Her steps stopped when she caught sight what was possibly the hugest Star Army personnel she’d ever seen. Not even William, the former Cyborg turned ID-SOL, who served on her sister Kiyo’s ship was that huge. She also noted the fur, and then recognized his race. Her mind immediately went t her other sisters, who would have likely told her to meet him, and become friends. But she said nothing as she walked once more to the ship.

Yayoi had also alerted the captain to what she had strapped to her chest.
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New Years Eve

Cabin 5

Yayoi carefully undid the straps and placed the wrapped bundle on the new item she requisitioned from the fabricators before she got dressed for the party and quietly walked out.


Upbeat music thumped in the wardroom and champagne was passed around as the crew celebrated the end of YE 44 aboard the ship. It was heavily snowing outside but on the ship, all systems were now up and running again and the air was nice and warm. The scent of pork roast, greens, black-eyed peas, fruit pies, and other goodies drifted out from the kitchen. Everything in the wardroom was new, as it had to be replaced after the fire. The ceiling was covered in red ribbons with kanji characters written on them with hopes for the new year, and all crew members were welcome to hop in an join as long as they wanted for the rolling party that went on from lunch to late in the evening.

Poppy arrived wearing a form-fitting glittering black dress with a big slit on one leg, and thigh high black leather boots. She paid her respects to the captain, who was greeting everyone by the door, and then took a booth seat near her roommates Euikoshi, Pidole, and Cassie. Pidole was hundred over her table feeding her large blue beetle peach cobbler out of a spoon.

It was a party to make up for all the parties she had missed while she was busy with her pharmacy specialist certificate program. Chiasa arrived clad in a pink bodycon mini dress with matching high heels that added six inches to her height. Her pointed, elf-style ears were bedecked with oversized hoop earrings and her neck had a black choker styled in the manner of a BDSM collar. After acknowledging the captain with a short bow, Chiasa made her way to the drinks area and poured herself a glass of lemonade, before floating over to the booths.

Shortly thereafter, Thia arrived. Rather than her usual pleated skirt uniform and combat boots, she was wearing a volumetric dress that looked like fire was dancing from the valleys of her body and licking at her hills. The fire trailed behind her in a long dress that fell to the floor but left no singe marks where it ought to. Something in her hair made it float and dance as if it were also made of flames. Ahead of her, she saw Chiasa and smiled, looking forward to catching up with her after the break.

As Thia passed Aoba, she was never sure if she should salute or bow, but in the end she chose a deep, respectful bow. "Thank you for having me, Captain. It's great to be here."

Unlike the women of his department, Vec couldn't be arsed to dress up further than required. Over an army-issued thermal undershirt, the CMO wore faded SH DEATH shirt and called it a day.

Yayoi silently walked in while dressed in her dress uniform. Her eyes looked around the room to those arriving. Vec was spotted immediately, as was Thia and Chiasa before she made her way to Vec. "doc" she said simply.

Nanook ducked through the entryway to the wardroom. His right shoulder and chest was bare, a purple sash running from his left shoulder to his waist. A pair of purple baggy pants covered his legs, his clawed toes and furry feet open to the air. A braided leather and brass circlet adorned the crown of his head. He glanced around the room apprehensively, he felt, out of his element.

After returning Asakura's nod, Vec made a beeline towards the food with eyes locked on the collard greens. He hoped they had a good hot sauce.

Yayoi pondered how to say it, as she followed to where the food were. "By the way.. I'll need you to give a.. check up on someone later on, oh, and it isnt me" she said in passing to Vec, and Poppy as she moved to get her food.

Freezing with a clump of greens clamped between tongs, Vec looked at the ranger. "Go on," he said quickly sliding back into doctor mode.

Yayoi placed food on her tray and for a moment she pondered taking something back to her cabin. "i.. have a youngling currently she's sleeping but I wanted to make sure she's healthy and nothing is of concern." She said simply "I plan on telling Poppy if you prefer she handle it"

Vec sighed, was there some sort of standing 'Resurgence must have one child at all times' order he wasn't aware of? "I can handle it," Vec said. "I won't pry, but is this something the Captain is aware of?"

Yayoi focused on her food gathering, and got distracted by Beryl and Sakuko before she could respond.

Returning to loading down his plate Vec muttered, "If this is a fucking dry party, I'm taking this plate back to my cabin."

As the crew started to gather, Beryl and Sakuko arrived with a large number of Type 36 Holiday Kits and passed one out to everyone. "I'm sorry we didn't get these out earlier but everyone was on leave," Beryl explained loud enough for everyone to hear her. The kits contained a number of Yule-related supplies for Star Army soldiers.

Once she was inside and the formal greetings were out of the way, Thia followed shortly behind Chiasa. She played at being stealthy, but it was hard to be inconspicuous when her dress was literally made of fire. Before she caught up, Beryl intercepted her and she took one of the holiday kits. "Thank you, sweetie," she smiled at the supply specialist before continuing her hunt for Chiasa.

Euikoshi made her way over to the huge Kodian to introduce herself. "Hello! I'm Euikoshi, your friendly science wizard! Is this your first day aboard?" she asked Nanook.

Unfortunately, Thia's attempt at stealth was an utter failure! As she moved over to the booths, Chiasa pointed ears perked up upon registering the familiar, syrupy-smooth notes of Thia's voice. Suddenly, the tiny Nekovalkyrja spun around in mid-air, her eyes going wide as she threw herself into the taller woman's arms, nearly splashing her lemonade in the process!

"Thia! Oh Empress, I'm sorry I couldn't go the the Winter Solstice thing with you! It's been so long!" Chiasa began, her tone high-pitched and dramatic. "I wish I could have made the time, but..." The tiny Nekovalkyrja gave a soft sigh. "I feel like I just threw my time management skills out the window." She finished with a frown.

Thia laughed and wrapped her arms around Chiasa, careful not to hit her with the holiday kit. "It's good to see you too, honey," Thia practically purred. "Don't worry about the Solstice thing, I ended up spending most of the time with Vec in the end. Although I'm not sure if that makes it much better."

With a deep intake of air, Chiasa withdrew from the hug before glancing up to take in Thia's fiery volumetric outfit. Her jaw formed an O-shape as she gazed at the flames licking and dancing across the lithe curves of the Counselor's slender form and the crown of flames in her lustrous brown hair. It went without saying that the tiny Nekovalkyrja was stunned by the Nepleslian's outfit, but reaction might also have been an expected one.

"You look stunning Thia, but...oh my gosh, we have to take a selfie, right now!" The tiny Nekovalkyrja squealed.

"You look fantastic yourself! Pink really suits you. We absolutely need a selfie," Thia replied immediately, then looked down at her holiday kit. "Unless there's a camera in here, I don't have one. Unless we can find a mirror, then I can take a pic with my cybernetics."

"Here, I'll just take one of you right now!" Chiasa said. Suddenly, the tiny Nekovalkyrja fished her Type 36 Communicator seemingly out of nowhere from the bosom of her dress. Then, floating a couple meters back, she brought the device up and pointed it towards the Counselor.

"Okay, hand under your chin, like so!" Chiasa said, as she placed the backside of her hand under her own chin to demonstrate. "Good! Now, framing your face! Throw your hips out!" She added. From there, the tiny Nekovalkyrja didn't stop until she had recorded Thia in what might have seemed like every pose possible, shouting out encouragement and directions as she did.

Thia felt her cheeks grow warm for the first time she could remember in years. Thankfully, a little blush didn't show up very easily on her dark skin, especially when she was wearing a fire dress. But along with the blush, she also felt her cheeks start to hurt from smiling too hard.

Nanook watched the green haired Minkan woman approach with a sense of trepidation. He wasn't sure if he should simply stand at his full height or not, so he took a knee to bring his bulk closer to her level. "It is indeed" he said in a deep baritone. "Quite the gathering here, care for a bite?" Nanook motioned towards the food with his outstretched arm.

"Sure," Euikoshi grinned. "I hope it doesn't seem rude to say that you look extremely cuddly," she laughed as she joined the buffet line. "But I'm also glad you're on our side. Good luck finding one of the crew to spar with in the dojo. It's not going to be me!" she giggled with a hint of nervousness.

Yayoi silently observed the gift giving, and glanced over to Thia and Chiasa then to the newcomer she'd spotted, "Welcome to the Resurgence" she said "i am Itto Heisho Asakura" she said to the giant before her. She glanced towards Eukoshi as she made her comment about him looking extremely cuddly.

Nanook managed to say, "Thank you, it is an honor to join this crew." in response to Yayoi before turning back to Euikoshi. " I...uh....uhm. I try to keep my fur clean...." His mouth worked trying to form additional words, but the brain to mouth barrier seemed to have been compromised. Nanook quickly grabbed a large loave of bread, and stuffed the entire thing in his mouth to cover for his awkwardness as he chewed.

Poppy went over to Vec. "I guess we didn't miss each other much, but I hope we can get a fresh start with the new year," she told him. "I want us to be able to trust each other."

Stopping with a fork full of food halfway to his mouth, he lowered the food to address Poppy. "I don't really have any ill will towards you, never have," he said. "We did get off to a rough start. Where that stands... well, we've got more important things to deal with most of the time."

Yayoi didn't know how to respond so she said nothing, Though she was concerned over Euikoshi talking to Nanook.

"Do you like humanoid women?" Euikoshi asked Nanook. "Are you seeing anyone right now? You know, Yayoi is single, I think."

Yayoi chokes on her apple juice.

Nanook choked on the partially chewed loaf of bread in his maw, a cough sent a huge chunk of partially masticated bread covered in Kodian saliva into Yayois face. "Oh...oh shit.." Nanook attempted to find something to give the woman to wipe her face, in his panic he grabbed the first thing he saw. The table cloth.......

Yayoi gasped as not only did Euikoshi cause her to choke on her juice, but now thanks to the goofball, she caused Nakook to make a mess on her face. oh crap She thought as Nanook made to take the tablecloth. "stop!" she said in a firm tone of voice as she took a napkin from her pocket and wiped her face.

Delmira entered the wardroom finally wearing a shirt and shorts and gave a yawn. She looked around before heading to the food.

Kinie perked up and went over to Delmira, planting a black lipstick kiss on her cheek, and giving her a smile. "Happy new year!"

Yayoi fixed Euikoshi with a icy glare before Delmira's arrival.

Nanooks ears twitched wildly in embarrassment as the woman wiped his food from her face. "I...I am so sorry. I don't know what...I...uh...." Another coughing fit came over him as he tired to breath. He watched as the woman dodged away, smart move. He quickly grabbed for a bottle of liquid, upending it into his mouth to attempt to clear away the bread debris. The liquid was warm as it washed over his tongue......really warm. It was actually hot. It burned. Glancing at the bottle he saw the label, Wasabi.

Delmira purred softly. "There was a party? I thought it was just a holiday meal." She said and looked at Kinie.

"Of course," Kinie laughed. "Hey, look, I'm sorry that Frank didn't make it," she said, giving Delmira hand a reassuring squeeze. "You're gonna be okay. Let's have a good night and start the new year on a fresh note."

"Alright," Thia said, pulling herself upright and putting her hands on her hips as she marched over to Chiasa with a stern expression on her face, despite her continuing smile. With one fluid movement, she reached her hand up and hooked a finger into Chiasa's choker, pulling her close. "I want one of us together, now."

Chiasa squeaked, before a wicked grin manifested across her features as Thia pulled her in close by her choker. Then, as if on cue, a FARS Drone appeared in front of the two women, at which point Chiasa pushed herself up against Thia's taller form to drink in the lovely scent of the Counselor's perfume, before shifting her gaze to the camera!

"Oh, it's gonna be more than just one." Chiasa purred, a soft giggle escaping from her lips as the drone snapped one picture after the other!

"Good," Thia replied, still grinning. She couldn't help but be infected by Chiasa's excitement. Was this what it was like to have someone she cared about whom she saw more than once? Thia thought to herself that she could get used to the feeling.

"I've got plans for this later," Thia whispered into Chiasa's ear before finally letting go of her collar.

"Later?" Chiasa purred as the FARS Drone floated off. "What about..." The tiny Nekovalkyrja placed her fingers under her chin in mock contemplation. "Now?" She finished. While it went without saying that they couldn't much more than just kiss, cuddle, or if they were brave, grind in this context, Chiasa wanted nothing more than to get a rise out of Thia, dutifully playing the part of the perpetually-lustful Nekovalkyrja!

"Not brave enough for it, hmm?" She added, a bold-faced attempt to tease the taller Nepleslian.

"Ha!" Thia laughed far too loudly and quickly covered her mouth before letting out a gentle giggle that was like an aftershock from her initial eruption. "I'm brave enough for this," she said as she hooked Chiasa's collar again and leaned down to give her a kiss. "You'll have to wait until later for the rest."

Yayoi grunted as she quickly dodged back away from Nanook as she didn't want to get anything more on her face. Yayoi found herself too late to warn him about the Wasabi, and silently handed him the ingredient that would take care of it before she moved on.

Poppy gave Vec a nod, looking into his eyes curiously for a moment before giving him a little smile and heading back to her table with her food, her big pink ponytail swaying behind her. When she got back there, Pidole and Cassie were busy decorating their miniature Yule Tree with ornaments right in the middle of their dining table. Of course that beetle was in the tree.

Delmira smiled at Kinie. "Thanks." She said and the short neko was suddenly wearing a maxi dress with a thigh high slit and some cutout lace along her hips which hugged her form nicely and was a shade of gray that matched her hair. Her smile turned into a grin. "Shall we go stuff our faces with food and then enjoy a food coma together?"

"Sure!" Kinie laughed.

As Poppy left, Vec tucked into his food with gusto. Part of... most of him wanted to just go back to his quarters but he knew Thia wouldn't let him hear the end of it. Maybe he should say hey to the new crewman, the Kodian.

Tears streamed from Nanooks eyes as he gratefully accepted the jug of milk from Yayois hand. He managed a brief smile and nod to her before quickly excusing himself to a secluded area of the wardroom to nurse his mortally wounded ego, and burning pallet.

"What's his deal?" Euikoshi asked as Nanook ran off, shrugging and returning to her table.

Yayoi glanced to Chiasa and Thia, and for a moment she pondered if they were lovers. Delmira and Kinie were next to be thought of before she walked and soon found herself approaching Poppy, at Pidole, and Cassie's table. She almost smiled as she watched the cute display before her.

Approaching the hulking Kodian, Vec caught sight of the man's distress, "You ok soldier?" he asked looking all the way up at the Kodian.

Poppy, who had just sat down, was having to do that awkward thing where you have to get up to let someone into the booth, namely Eukoshi. She gave Yayoi a little bow of respect before she sat down again. Meanwhile Pidole and Cassie were admiring the tree. "It's beautiful! What do you think, Yayoi?"

Yayoi nodded to Poppy, then turned her attention to Pidole and Cassie. "Agreed, it is beautiful" she said as she thought about another beautiful subject a second.

Nanook watched the dark skinned man approach, "My people subsist on fish and berries. I don't know what this devilry is, but it shouldn't be ingested by any intelligent creature." He took a long pull on the jug of milk. "I shudder to think what fate awaits me with its passage later....."

"I got pretty acquainted with Kodian diet a few years back," Vec said splashing a bit of hot sauce on his greens. "What'ed you just eat?"

"Thanks for getting some photos," captain Aoba thanked Chiasa. "I'm hoping you'll be able to get everyone counseled once the new year starts," he told Thia.

Nanook's eyes were wet and bloodshot as he responded to Vec, "It said WASABI on the bottle. It was as if I were pouring lava into my mouth. I don't understand why such a hazardous thing would be among the food."

"You don't eat it straight, it's a bit of a spice, toss a little on the food. A very little. Don't worry, I made the same mistake oh, what nearly twenty years ago," Vec said before tucking into his food.

"A mistake it was", Nanook intoned as he glanced towards Asakura, "I hope that Ms. Asakura doesn't smell of fish for the rest of the evening. I had a rather potent rock salmon fillet earlier. They are known for thier....aroma."

"She's a ranger, she's probably crawled through worse for training," Vec said. "But yeah, that would probably suck a little." Looking back up at the man, Vec said, "Oh yeah, I'm Vec, CMO on this boat. Come see me at some point for your checkup, and Thia, the lady in the flame dress over there for your psych eval. But don't worry too much about that tonight. I'm basically off duty unless I see somebody choking."

Yayoi glanced around and spotted the Captain, and wondered if he got her message, though unsure about the reliability of the communications technology. She nodded to the other girls, and made her way to Aoba, Chiasa and Thia.

Chiasa was just about to pout, but the tiny Nekovalkyrja straightened herself out as she saw the Captain approaching. Running a hand through her hair to work out the kinks, Chiasa offered the Minkan a pure, innocent smile, as if she hadn't just finished begging Thia to bang her in public!

"Oh! It's a pleasure, sir. Happy New Years!" Chiasa offered a casual bow. "Thank you for hosting the party!"

"Thank you Captain," Thia followed Chiasa's lead, turning to smile at Aoba. "I am working through the crew list slowly, but surely. The CMO specifically wanted medical staff to be first, so I made them my priority."

Yayoi nodded her head in greeting"Chiasa, Thia, Captain, Happy Year end to you three" she said to them before adding "Captain, considering how late it was, i was wondering if you got my last message? about my...guest in my cabin?" she asked.

Thia smiled at Yayoi, and seemed to notice her for the first time, though she was relatively certain she'd seen her at their truth or dare game. Thia's hazel cybernetic eye glowed slightly brighter as she inspected Yayoi's own heterochromia. "Happy year end to you too," she added quietly, not wanting to interrupt the Neko's more serious-sounding question to the Captain.

"The Resurgence is your workplace and sometimes a combat zone. It is not your house. No one is allowed on this ship without my permission," Aoba answered. "Only the the crew may come with us on our missions. You'll have to make arrangements. I can give you extra leave if you need it."

Yes sir" Yayoi said thinking she'll need to make other arrangements.

Nanook nodded to Vec and emptied the jug of milk in his paw. "I believe the young lady with the pink fur was looking forward to an exam with me. Perhaps she is excited to see a Kodian."

"Yeah..." Vec said in a noncommittal tone. "So about that salmon, got any more?"

Delmira smiled and sat down at the table with her plate of food. "We do need to have a talk later but for now lets just enjoy ourselves." Delmira said to Kinie

"Okay," Kinie said. She curled up next to Delmira and sipped a glass of wine.

Delmira purred and leaned into Kinie as she ate her meal.

Nanook produced a container nearly a foot long and four inches wide, strips of dried rock salmon visible inside, handing it to Vec, "Help yourself, I do advise caution, the smell can be...overwhelming."

"Translation: Packed with umami," Vec said eyes fixed on the box. He hadn't had Kodian cuisine in about three years. "Let me grab some booze and we can make this a party, drinking anything harder than milk soldier?"

Nanook lifted a flask of dark amber liquid, "Kodian Blood Mead, care for some?"

"My man," Vec said with a grin before opening the box. "I wish I had something to trade, but thus is life."

Nanook procured a pair of tumblers from a nearby table, filling them as he and Vec attempted to destroy each others livers.

As per Yamatai traditions, Vec poured shots of the thick mead for himself and Nanook. "Kanpai!" he said raising his glass. From his experience, the stuff was a bit on the strong and sweet side, not really something to sip.

A chirp issued from Nanooks personal dataslate. I glanced down at it. His face took on a stony expression. Without looking at Vec he simply said, "Keep it, I'll make more. Excuse me." As Nanook climbed to his feet, rushing towards the exit to his bunk on Deck Two. He read the headline over and over. "Chemical attack in Gashmere City, thousands injured and dead."

"You good, soldier?" Vec said reaching a hand out to stop the man. It was too late, to stop the man, so he simply packed up the fish, tucked the box under his arm and took off after the man, mead in hand. He took off after the soldier. Something was wrong, and his job as CMO was to keep an eye on his crew's wellbeing.

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Cabin 5
Yayoi finished her arrangement for her child and silent picked her daughter and moved back off the ship. She’d heard from her siblings about her ‘mother’ having a place and would be willing to look after the child so she got the coordinates from her sisters and had the shuttle take her and her child to where they were. She knew her daughter, she decided to call Yuri would be safer with her mother, and that if need be, they could communicate and she’d see her when she had shore leave. “You’ll love her, Yuri, she’s awesome, ” she said to her daughter. Who was fast asleep and as cute as could be.
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Delmira brought Kinie back to her room once festivities where over. It was much more tidy than last Kinie had been in the room and looked neater. Delmira dropped her volumetrics and was back to her shorts and shirt. "So we should talk about some things."

Kinie looked nervous. "Okay...?" she replied, looking into Delmira' eyes searching for some sort of signs of what Delmira had on her mind. She missed the old days when things seemed more simple. Before she had become an officer, things seemed perfect to her. Back then they wouldn't be talking, they'd be kissing. Now she didn't get to see Delmira as much and when she did, Delmira had talked about seeing other people. She braced herself for what came next. "About what?" she asked, bracing herself for bad news.

Delmira looked nervous and recently seemed more depressed than usual. The short neko nibbled on her lip as she thought a bit. "So last we spoke it didn't go well and i guess before that i misunderstood what type of relationship we where in. I had thought we where in a open relationship which seems to not be the case?" She said with a bit of a question behind it. "Well a open relationship as far as Poppy, Pidole, Cassie and Euikoshi are involved."

"What?! Why would you think that?" Kinie fumed. "We got together one time two years ago when I was drunk. It's not a relationship. I've been monogamous with you, and you, you've been cheating on me with Frank, haven't you?" she demanded to know, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Yes and i apologize but i have been trying to talk to you after Sood but i hear nothing. I am sorry Kinie for betraying your trust." Delmira said and watched the other neko.

"I asked you before why I wasn't enough for you," Kinie said, starting to get emotional. "Why do you feel that you need to fuck the rest of the crew?" Delmira could see her tears start to roll on her cheeks. "And now that Frank is gone you come back to me, like I'm just your backup plan--your spare lover. How do you think that makes me feel? Do you realize how insulting that is?" Kinie cried.

Delmira sighed diplomacy was never her strong suite unless you called shooting someone diplomatic. She wasn't sure if she could go over and comfort the other woman or not and she reached out and then put her hand down.

"Be honest," Kinie said, "Did you ever love me or was I just someone to take to bed?"

"Yes i did and still do, I never intended to hurt you like this. I misunderstood where our relationship stood and should have communicated better about it." Delmira said.

Kinie sighed deeply. "Who else did you get with?" she asked, trying to understand all of what was going on here.

"No one." Delmira said honestly. "Not since Frank got shot apart and left the Star Army."

"This year by went by in a flash and I'm sorry I've been so busy on the bridge. And I went home with my sister for leave. I guess I'm saying I'm not blameless, but I...I just thought there was something that was just ours."

Delmira hung her head. "Sorry we should have talked sooner." She looked back up at Kinie. "Talking to Thia did make me realize that i love you but at the moment i'm not seeking a monogamous relationship and i understand if that's something you don't agree with and i don't want to hurt you further."

"So, I guess that's it, then," Kinie said, wiping her face with her forearm. She gave another heavy sigh. "I have to just...let go so you can go have your fun." The resentment on her face was obvious.

Delmira swallowed and her eyes started to water but she put on a strong face. This hurt her but it was a talk that needed to happen. "I don't think there is fun to be had any more." She said. "Some day maybe we can rekindle things, but I'm probably just to naive."

"Maybe it's just be getting less naive," Kinie said. "Maybe an officer and enlisted isn't meant to work. Well...I'm going to go off to school for a while and we'll see what happens with time."

"I am probably going to transfer to another ship as well." Delmira admitted.

"Goodbye Delmira," Kinie said, giving the other Nekovalkyrja a hug. "I hope you find what you're looking for for. Sorry I couldn't be that."

"Who said it wasn't." She said and returned the hug. "Maybe im not right for you like i thought."
"You good, soldier?" Vec said reaching a hand out to stop the man. It was too late, to stop the man, so he simply packed up the fish, tucked the box under his arm and took off after the man, mead in hand. He took off after the soldier. Something was wrong, and his job as CMO was to keep an eye on his crew's wellbeing.

"My mother and sister, they are both in Gashmere City." Nanook felt despair and worry sink into his soul. There was nothing he could do, he couldn't find an enemy to kill, an objective to take. Inaction is antitheses of a soldier like him. All he could do was wait. His massive clawed fingers crushed the Datajockey they were holding, shards of the tablet embedding themselves in his flesh, but he couldn't feel the pain. Not yet.....
Hangar to the resurgence

Two blue skinned Nekos hurried up the Hanger and up the landing ramp of the ship and breathed in as they had made it. "made it!" said the Green haired red eyed Neko, to the other multi colored one. "now we just need to find our cabins and see where we need to go" the green haired Neko said, adjusting her Aether Katana, for comfort.

Sanda Hoshi stopped at the top of the boarding ramp and turned to wave. There was no one visible, but the Ranger knew he was there. She smiled and blew kiss then made her way into the ship. The lighting tattoo streaking down her face seemed to shine a little bit brighter. "Joto Hei Hoshi reporting aboard." She informed the bridge before hurring to her cabin to drop off her night bag.

"Mom! that girl just called herself Hoshi! could that be her, the one that aunt Yayoi mentioned in her letters?" Luna asked having spotted the Ranger and blinking at her antics. The lightning tattoo was a sign that maybe she was. Though blinking at how fast she was going. Kiyo nodded "might be her" she said as they walked further into the ship. "Nito Hei Kiyo and Santo Hei Luna reporting aboard" Kiyo sent to the bridge.

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YE 45.1.1 - Morning

The next morning, the crew assembled in the shuttle bay where captain Aoba welcomed everyone back and gave the new crew members a chance to introduce themselves.

Dressed in her pleated skirt and combat boots, Thia walked in and waited for the new people to speak. She smiled warmly and tried to discreetly wave at them whenever she caught their eyes.

Kiyo waved to the Crew "good morning everyone!! I am Kiyo, our Itto Heisho's little sister, a Infantry, this is Luna, my daughter and a Technician" she said, adjusting her sheathed Aether Katana by her elbow.

Nanook strode to the front of the assembled crew, his hands wrapped in bandages. He winced slightly as the wounds stung during his salute to the officers assemebled before the group. He dropped his salute and executed an about face to look at his new comrades. "It is an honor to be among you on this journey. My only wish, is that I may prove worthy of such fine companionship. Thank you." He quickly walked back to his place at the rear of the formation.

"Welcome to the crew. I have high expectations," Aoba told the new crew members, "We will be resuming our survey mission. I wanted everyone to select their battle buddy and to see Poppy for a backup if you need to. We're lifting off immediately, so all bridge crew report to the bridge."

At the captain's direction, Kalena, Gabriela, and other other bridge crew fell out of formation and started up the ship.

Kiyo and Luna nodded their heads. They thought getting backed up might be a good idea, though they each worried how their clones would be affected and vice versa.

Sanda looked around at the new crew members, but was mostly feeling the loss of those not present. Namely her battle buddy: Yayoi. She was already missing the quiet neko. She did take a moment to study the big new guy, a Kodian. Sanda hadn't met too many Kodians. Most that she knew were mecanics. This one was in the cornflower blue of infantry. Hopefully he could fight better than some of the other infantry on this ship.

Sanda also took a look around at the old crew, noticing a few promotions here and there. She did a double take at Poppy's three red cheverans. ¿Tres galones? ¿Cómo pasó del uno al tres? Sanda sighed. She was still a little dissapointed that she still had the three green stripes and hadn't made NCO yet. She guessed she would have to work harder if she was ever going to get that promotion.

"In war there is a victorious side and a dead side," Aoba told his crew, "It does not pay to be almost victorious. If we want victory we have to be the best at what we do, whether that is fighting or exploration, or doing our jobs, and I expect the best out of each of you. Furthermore, I want Resurgence to be the best ship in the Star Army's fleets. What's more, I want every soldier on my ship to know that this is the best possible thing you could be doing with your life for the time you're here. Be prepared. Be professional. Be positive. I'll get you details on the next mission soon. Dismissed."

Nanook stood in the back, a wallflower. Who wanted to be next to the largest target besides a fighter craft? His gaze panned across the crowd of crew as they milled and talked.

Chiasa looked over each of the new crew members, but her gaze kept coming back to the massive black and white-furred Kodian at the back. It went without saying that he seemed to be the most distinct figure out of everyone on the crew, by virtue of being the largest and strongest. By contrast, Chiasa was the smallest and perhaps the easiest to hide.

In her mind, it was the perfect match.

All the while, the Chiasa smiled as the Captain finished his address. She offered a precise salute as the group was dismissed, at which point floated towards the massive form of the towering bear and offered him a soft smile.

"I'm Chiasa." The small-statured medic introduced herself with a low, informal bow. "I figured that since we're kind of opposites, we might work well together. Compensate for each others weaknesses, supplements our strengths, and all that. Wanna be battle buddies?"

Kiyo and Luna turned their attention to Aoba as he spoke.to them. They fought hard to focus on their temporary captain despite the big bear looking man close by them. Now that the Captain finished his speech, Kiyo stepped forward, and made her way to Sanda, hoping to say hello to her. "hello, You're Sanda, correct? I have heard great things about you"

Luna turned and moved about the room, away from her mother.

Sanda smiled and extended her hand to Kiyo. "Yes. You must be Kiyo. Yayoi said that there was a possiblity that you would be temparly filling in for her while she was away. Very nice to meet you."

Kiyo smiled and shook her hand" yup thats me, Nice to meet you too. From how Yayoi tells it, your the best Ranger she has ever had the pleasure serving with.

Sanda shook her head. "If Yayoi has one fault, it's that she doesn't reconize her own tallents. She's easily a better Ranger than I. But I do keep her on her toes." Sanda smiled mishceviously. "Lets head to the Wardroom and we can swap Yayoi stories."

Kiyo grinned and nodded before leading the way to the Wardroom.

The whining, roaring, and buzzing sounds of the ship increased as the ship came to live and the crew could feel the ship start to move under their feet as it slowly crept out of its giant hangar and over the snowy starport concrete, and then began moving up into the skies of Yamatai.

Nanook watched the tiny Nekovalkyria float towards him. She wore the uniform of the medical core, that could be useful. "I am Nanook, does it bother you that I eat fish larger than you are?" While small, Nanook did appreciate that she was rather well proportioned, not a thin wafer like most of the little Neko he had seen. "If not, perhaps I can find an ammo pouch you could ride in." He said cracking what he thought was a smile, but probably looked more like him bearing all of his teeth.

Chiasa covered her mouth and giggled as the Kodian appraised her stature. It went without saying that she did the same in turn. For a brief moment, her eyes flickered towards his shoulders, arms, and chest, bulging with muscles that seemed to just barely be held in place by his uniform.

"I hope they were nice, fat, and juicy fish!" Chiasa giggled. "And maybe I could fit in an ammo pouch. I imagine it's a big one, to support all that firepower you'll be packing." She added, before suddenly covering her mouth as a hint of blush came over her features. Maybe she could have phrased that better! Hopefully, his mind wasn't as far in the gutter as hers was.

At the mention of firepower Nanooks eyes widened with malevolent glee. "Do you know the
Type 35 Automatic Grenade Launcher? HUGE ammo pouch for me, need lots of grenades you see."

"Wanna go to the wardroom?" Chiasa asked, before gesturing towards the exit of the shuttle bay. "Rossa has breakfast. And I do! I think there was an Infantry Minkan who used it, but he is no longer on the crew."

"Of Course! I alway enjoy food." Before droning on and on about different weapons systems ranges and effectiveness against point and area targets. Nanook followed the floating Neko, oblivious.

"Let's go then! I'm not really a big weapons Neko, but I do love to listen to people talk about things they love~" Chiasa finished, before floating over to the wardroom, with the big Kodian in tow!

Delmira stood at the back of the crowd in her uniform and watched the goings on.


Pidole and Poppy looked at each other and said, "the wardroom!" in unison. They both rushed over to it. It was on the same deck as the shuttle bay so it wasn't far. From the windows in the floor they could watch the planet's surface as the ship rose towards space.

Thia couldn't help but notice Ginger Bug and Pinky rush out of the room. Overcome with curiosity, she followed quickly after them and when she arrived somewhat later to the wardroom, she nodded with approval at the view. "Very pretty."

Rossa had a full hot breakfast spread ready for the crew in the wardroom, with freshly-baked chocolate croissants, a fiesta egg and cheese breakfast medley with hash browns, and various sausages, bacon, and waffles. "How was the speech?" she asked.

"Oh," Thia noticed the spread and picked up a chocolate croissant. Smiling at Rossa, she replied "It was a good speech. Short. To the point. New crew are interesting. It's nice not to be the greenest one here, just the second greenest now. Don't you attend the speeches?" Then she began nibbling at the croissant as she listened.

"I had to make breakfast so I was excused. The captain wanted everyone to have a good meal," Rossa explained. "I was wondering if everyone would eat after the ship's launch or wait until after exercise hour is done."

"I should probably wait," Thia said, covering her mouth as she chuckled quietly. "But I can't resist a little chocolate. Did you make coffee?"

"I'm fucking Italian," Rossa narrowed her eyes. "Of course we have coffee."

"I could be fucking an Italian," Thia said with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "Does that mean I'd always have coffee?"

"Behave," Rossa said with a curious look, waggling a set of metal tongs at Thia. But when she went back into the kitchen she glanced over her shoulder at Thia one more time, again looking a little perplexed. "Did she just proposition me?" she quietly asked herself in the kitchen.

Kiyo entered the Wardroom before Sanda had done so. Kiyo did like the idea of swapping Yayoi stories, and felt interested in hearing what her sister got up.

Sanda headed the Wardroom and loaded up her plate with food. Although she had eaten a lot of good food durning her leave, she had to admit that Rossa could put on quite a spread.

Nanooks plan had worked, Chiasa floated ahead of him just above eye level allowing him to observe her floating form more closely. He needed to know how she moved if they were to go into combat together. That was definately why he was watching her so closely. He surveyed the spread of food. He gripped a pair of large melons, and a large salad bowl of mixed berries and a muffin who chocolate chips and went to sit with Chiasa. As he sat on the floor, he plooped the muffin in front of her. "You forgot this."

"Hi, I'm Pidole," the red-haired technician NCO introduced herself to Kiyo. "I keep the ship working." Pidole had a fist-sized blue beetle sitting on her shoulder.

After fixing herself a plate of waffles, bacon, sausage, fruit, and hash browns, Chiasa gazed back towards Nanook, in part out of curiosity to see just how much food he ate at a normal meal. Then, as she approached the end of the line, Chiasa offered Rossa a soft smile.

"Thank you for breakfast." Chiasa said, with a respectful nod, before turning her attention back to her new battle buddy. "I'll pick out a table." The tiny Nekovalkyja said, before leading Nanook to one at the middle of the room.

Thia's chuckle turned into a giggle as she watched Rossa walk away, before turning to wave at Kiyo, Sanda, Chiasa and Nanook as they arrived.

Kiyo smiled at Pidole"I am honored to meet- you got a big bug on your shoulder" she said then finished when she spotted bidole with shock.

"She's cool," Pidole assured Kiyo, without further explanation of her beetle buddy.

Kiyo nodded her head slowly, as she remembered Yayoi mentioned Pidole and her little friend in her message too. "ok.. anyways your a NCO Technician right? then your Luna's senior."

"Yeah!" Pidole said, flexing her arm muscle while holding a wrench in her hand. "If it's a machine, I'll fix it!"

Kiyo smiled and nodded"Yayoi mentioned you were one she trusted as a technician, so i am glad!" she said amused by Pidole's ethusiasm.

Rossa reappeared from the kitchen with a bowl of freshly diced mixed fruits like cantaloupe, melons, and strawberries and dumped it in a metal tray on the serving line.

Chiasa returned Thia's wave as she sat down at her table with Nanook, before offering the Counselor a playful raise of her eyebrows, along with a subtle gesture towards her new battle buddy.

Thia saw Chiasa's playful eyebrow movement and flashed her a lopsided smile that showed off her sharp canine teeth, before giving her a thumbs up and then holding her hands out and moving them apart to indicate an impressive size. With a quiet giggle, she turned and started pouring herself some coffee.

"Nanook!" Euikoshi grinned, approaching the Kodian.

"Oh, hello Euikoshi! Glad to see you're doing well." Chiasa piped up. She knew from the night before that Euikoshi seemed interested in Nanook. Chiasa couldn't blame her, but the tiny Nekovalkyrja felt a small hint of possessiveness come over her as the scientist approached, which she didn't act on. The big bear was hers!

Nanook felt at least one of his orifaces tighten as Euikoshis voice called out his name. He quickly swallowed his food. He wasn't sure the tiny neko would survive a direct hit with chewed melon."Hello Euikoshi, how goes your day?"

"It feels good to get back to work," Euikoshi told Nanook. "I love my job because I get to see all kinds of weird stuff." She gave Chiasa a smile and a wave. "Anyway, Nanook, are you seeing anyone right now?"

"I am! I see you, and Chiasa, and Sanda, and Kiyo. I believe that my eyes seem to be working? Was there something I should be concerned with?' Nanook said, completely, oblivious to the implied context of Euikoshis question. He was concerned the science officer may be hiding some little known illness known to affect Kodians relating to space flight. He began to poke gingerly at the areas around his eyes with a single clawed finger.

Chiasa's features went crimson and she moved closer to the Kodian upon processing Euikoshi's question, a subtle move to establish dominance over a pseudo-romantic rival. However, Nanook's response very nearly caused the tiny Nekovalkyja to spit out her drink, which she conveniently disguised as a coughing fit!

"Sorry! Food went down the wrong pipe." Chiasa added, her features straining as she sought to hold back her laughter.

Nanook looked to Chiasa, "Are my eyes ok? Do they look normal?" Concern evident in his voice.

"I'd have to clear you with a medical exam first, but from a visual inspection alone, they appear normal and healthy!" Chiasa cackled.

Nanooks form sagged a little as he let out a sigh of relief. "Oh good." He speared a piece of fruit on a finger and offered it to Chiasa, "Beary Good." He laughed to himself.

"Yes! Berry good!" Chiasa answered as a wide, hungry grin came over her features. The thought came to her to eat the berry directly from Nanook's fingers, but she instead decided to pull it with her hands, before making a small show of sucking down the succulent piece of fruit!

"So, tell me about Gashmere." Chiasa continued, after finishing the fruit. "What did you do before joining the Star Army?" She asked, her eyes wide with curiosity as she cut into her waffles.

Nanooks face took on a serious set, his neck and shoulder muscles tensed visibly as Chiasa mentioned Gashmere. After a few moments of consideration, he spoke slowly, with noticable unease. "Gashmere, is turbulent. There is much conflict. One part of our people hates the empire and wants to cut all ties. The other embraces you as family. This has lead to much strife. Only yesterday, an attack on our capital killed thousands that we know of." He paused. his paws clenching into fists. "I do not know if my family was among them."

"Oh." Chiasa's light, airy expression shifted to something heavier as Nanook spoke. "I read about that yesterday, I had hoped it wouldn't effect you directly." She continued with a frown. "I don't know if I can offer anything to support, but I'll keep them in my prayers tonight."

Blood began to seep into the bandages on his paws as he sat staring down at the table. "As for your other question, I fought. We choose a path at ten years of age. My choice was to be a soldier." He pulled some of the fur aside on his neck and muzzle, the scars of old injurie evident as he did so. "I have trained and fought since then, when we reach 25 years of age, we can choose our profession, I decided to be here. I apologize, I seem to have lost my appetite." He said as he pushed himself away from the table and moved to stand.

Chiasa's eyes widened, not only as she took in his injured paws, but also his scars. How hadn't she seen the blood on his paw sooner?!

"You may be used to toughing out injuries, but we don't do that in the Star Army, if we don't have to." Chiasa said. "After we eat, I'll change your bandages out and take a look at your paws. I might have to-" Chiasa stopped, as Nanook cut in.

Nanook glanced at the bandages, "No, our scars are lessons. The more we sweat, the more we bleed here. That is less that we bleed on the battlefield." He stood and began to make his way towards the exit of the wardroom.

"Nanook, wait!" Chiasa stood up before floating to intercept her towering battle buddy. "I know your scars have significance, but I want you to get your paws seen to. If not, I'll have to ask the CMO to give orders." She continued. "I don't want to have to do that." The tiny Nekovalkyja added, before opening her arms to offer the massive Kodian a hug.

Nanook allowed the tiny creature to embrace him. After she released him from her grasp, he raised his paw befor her. "He (Vec) was the one who put the bandages on. Do you see both? Good, then you've seen two them."

"Take care, okay friend?" Chiasa finished.

"Eat your muffin little Neko, you need to have your energy to keep up."

Chiasa offered a soft smile, before floating back to the table to finish her food.

Sanda sat down with her plate of food and began tucking into it as if she was afraid that the Kodian was going to take it. Her eyes darted up when she heard her name but she didn't comment.

Kiyo got her own food, and moved to sit with Sanda as they'd promised to swap Yayoi stories, and this seemed like the perfect way to go.

Sanda very quickly finished her food then focused her attention on Kiyo. "So what about you?" Sanda asked as she took a sip of her coffee.

Kiyo smiled"not much to tell, I'm infantry, which reminds me, i need to make sure my Mindy arrived, or fabricate a new one.. Oh! i've had training by a Samurai, and a Ninja also trained me and Luna too. " She said with a smile.

Sanda nodded, a slight glint in her eye. "Well, we'll have to have to do some sparing then. I need to learn a couple of new tricks for when Yayoi gets back."

"If anyone needs gear or equipment, see me or Sakuko," Beryl, a supply specialist with big curls of sea green hair told everyone.

Seeing that most everyone was grouping up and chatting, Thia couldn't help but notice that Poppy was still standing alone by the windows. Walking over she gave her a little wave. "Hi Pinky," she said.

"Hey, Thia," Poppy said, flashing a gorgeous smile. She watched as the blue faded to starry black as the ship moved out into space.

"Captain said to see you if we needed backup," Thia said with a curious expression. "Does that mean you're everyone's battle buddy if we can't find our own?"

"No," Poppy laughed.

"What does it mean then?" Thia asked and then started sipping her coffee. She made an idle glance in Chiasa's direction and saw Euikoshi hovering nearby. Thia felt a wave of warm nostalgia wash over her, thinking about the night she, Euikoshi, and 3 others had met. Once the feeling passed, she turned back to Poppy. "I went through all the training and everything, but I'm still pretty new to Army life."

"It means having an insurance against death," Poppy told Thia, "If you get greased out there, I can make a new you if I have your information on record," she explained.

"Oh! Like an ST backup!" Thia shook her head. "I'm not sure why I thought it had to do with battle buddies. I think I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning. Hey Pinky, come see me sometime in my office, okay? I swear I'm normally a better listener."

"Alright," Poppy agreed.

Kiyo grinned at Sanda's words and nodded"she said you were a great sparring partner, and I should ask for a session some time!" as her grin widens. "hehe, want to surprise Yayoi with new tricks?"

"Always." Sanda grinned. "I've got some new ones I learned from my..." Sanda's face turned a little red before she brought her emotions back under control. "My fiance... But I'm always looking for new techniques."

Kiyo took note of her response, and smiled as she learned Sanda had a Fiance, something Yayoi didnt tell her. "always good to learn new things, everything is updating repeatly sometimes yearly. I hope i am a good teacher for you!" she said before adding "ok, real talk, got any funny Yayoi stories you want to share? If you'd like.. i might be able to give you a shocking, potentially scandelous one"

Sanda chuckled. "Well, honestly Yayoi and me are probably the only two on this whole ship that doesn't do potentially scandelous things. There is one thing she did during a truth or dare party, but I'd sooner tell you the Res's self destruct codes than that."

Kiyo blinked as Sanda revealed Yayoi had done something durring a truth or dare party. "she mentioned one happening but not what she did.. the others joked that Yayoi probably supervised and looked sternly."

Aoba's voice came over the intercom, "Good morning, this is your captain speaking, we have just left the Yamatari Star System and are back in open space. Next we are headed towards the Darso system, and from there we will be looking around the Bard Cluster area on our survey mission. A lot of these planets have not had a lot of attention during the war, though they have a lot of history. We'll get an update on them. Think of it as a road trip," he said, with the slightest hint of humor in his voice. "Set up an away team for exploration after breakfast. That is all."

Kiyo heard the captain speak and went quiet to listen.

Sanda also listened to the captain's explenation of the upcoming mission.

Poppy looked at Sanda. "I wonder if Vec will want to go or if I'm the team medic. I'll have my Mindy packed just in case."

Sanda looked back at Poppy and shrugged. "I guess go ahead and suit up until you hear otherwise... Congrats on your double promotion by the way. Guess that makes you senior NCO."

After finishing her meal, Chiasa moved to leave the wardroom, but her ears twitched upon registering the Captain's voice over the intercom. It went without saying that she wanted to join the away team, but first she needed to tend to Nanook's paws!

Nanook was waiting in the passage outside of the Wardroom. "We should join the away team, little one?"

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YSS Resurgence

As the ship arrived in the Darso system, Captain Aoba made an unusual announcement: The infantry members of the ship were privately told to take the ship science officer, Taii Iemochi Seinsuke, into custody and confine him pending an investigation, by order of Taisho Yui and the Empress herself.

"You seeing this?" Cassie asked Sanda.
PA Bay

Sanda was in the PA bay waiting to suit up. She was ready to get back into action. She just hoped she didn't have another... episode. As the ship arrived at its destination, Sanda received a communication from the captain which she thought was orders to suit up but it was something else. For a moment Sanda just stared at the message as flashbacks from the time she was ordered to arrest Maximus.

Cassie's question brought Sanda back to the present. "I see it. Miércoles!" Sanda thought a moment as she looked around at those present. What they didn't need is every infantry on the ship heading over without a plan. That was how things went wrong last time. That and Maximus was an idiot who didn't listen to what he was being told. Sanda reached down to her boot and pulled out her Type 33 and set it to stun. "Yayoi and I..." Sanda began but stopped. Yayoi wasn't there. Sanda looked at Cassie. "Me and you and maybe another should be able to arrest him without too much trouble. I doubt Iemochi will put up a fight. It's got to be a misunderstanding but orders are orders." Sanda set her Type 33 back in her ankle holster but didn't button it. "Lets go." She said, leading the way to the science lab.
"He's got some some sort of freaky custom body," Cassie advised Sanda, checking her sidearm too. "I miss Yayoi already too. I wonder what the deal with the baby was. Why now?" She followed Sanda closely. "Kind of wondering what this is about, too."
PA Bay
Kiyo had just finished getting armored when she heard. That they’d be arresting a senator, and she was surprised, and glanced over to Cassie and Sanda. “Blame me if you’d like to.. I couldn’t help but gush about Luna as a kid, and I think it got to her, plus there were those kids she helped on Hanako’s world, I think it’s always on her mind, but with the way she is.. Sis has this reputation of having a stick up her butt, and maybe she thought no one would be interested in her.” She said before adding “On the Kaiyo 2, I was allowed to stay on board with Luna but the resurgence is a different ship and a different captain, more strict when it comes to that.. Look if I end up getting hated because of my part in it I’ll understand”She said finally.

Kiyo prepared herself to go along with Sanda and Cassie to arrest the senator.
On way to science lab

Sanda didn't immediately respond to Cassie's comment about Iemochi's custom body. She had seen him in combat before and although he would be a handful to bring in if he resisted, Sanda really didn't see the senator resisting. Not against his crew mates. And Sanda had many questions about Yayoi and her baby but she wasn't going to speculate about it. Not until she had a chance to speak to Yayoi about it first.

When Kiyo jumped in with the comment about Yayoi having a reputation as having a stick up her butt Sanda couldn't help but laugh. She had the same reputation. Probably why she and Yayoi were such good friends. So now Yayoi had a baby and Sanda was engaged. "Yes I miss Yayoi, but I don't hold you responsible. Yayoi and have have served together for awhile now that's all. I'm sure I be sorry to see you leave when she finally returns."

Sanda quickly re-focused on the issue at hand. Like Cassie, she had no idea what was going on. Only that they had been given orders to arrest Iemochi and that was what she was going to do. Sanda also send a request to Pidole, asking her to convert one of the unused officer quarters into a brig.
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Nanook saw Sanda and Cassie heading towards the Science bay, he checked the setting on his Type 33/B Kodian, a "pistol" which would be comically oversized, were it not in his massive paw. He toggled the weapon to the stun setting and feel in behind the two other infantry. "I'm with you.", he told them. It was turning out to be a rather ... eventful, first outing on the Resurgence.
Delmira suited up in her power armor but she was very conflicted about the orders. The man was her father figure after all. She went over to a com panel and opened a channel to Aoba. "Captain due to personal reasons i don't think i can carry out these orders. Mochi is like a father to me and my judgement may be compromised if it comes to a kill order." She watched the others leave the power armor bay and head to the science lab but she stayed back. Plus she knew from personal experience if it came to a fight she wouldn't be able to take him. "Sanda, Cassie be advised he is very skilled. He whooped my ass easily when we spared last." She said over team coms.
"Cassie, Sanda, and Nanook, you are ordered to place Delmira under arrest and confine her to quarters for refusing to follow the lawful orders of a superior commissioned officer in violation of Article 38 of the Star Army Articles of Military Justice," Aoba ordered. He also sent the command codes to disable Delmira's Mindy armor as a precaution.

Cassie turned to Delmira, "You'll have to get out of the suit and come with me," she told the insubordinate Nekovalkyrja. "Also," she said, lowering her voice, "what the fuck is wrong with you, Del?"
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