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RP: YSS Resurgence Resurgence of Yamatai - Mission 7: The Great Seelie Rescue

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YE 45.1.6 - Later Morning

YSS Resurgence - Bridge

As the Resurgence drew closer to the Kazumi system, the crew continued to work tirelessly to prepare for their upcoming operation. With the stakes high and the risks even higher, they knew that teamwork, careful planning, and flawless execution would be essential to bringing their mission to a successful conclusion.

Mineko worked diligently to find any relevant information on Kuvexian frigate designs and deck plans. She knew that having a solid understanding of the ship's layout would give them a significant advantage when it came to infiltrating the vessel and retrieving the necessary data.

As she searched through the Star Army's database and cross-referenced with any known Kuvexian ship designs, she eventually found a few potential matches. The ship's MEGAMI AI sent these to Emiko and Pidole for further review and analysis. The three of them began to study the deck plans in detail, looking for any potential entry points, key systems, and weak spots that they could exploit.

"I could probably visit the Kuvexian station with my shuttle without any issues," Mitalar told Emiko, Mineko, and Aoba. "You could use it to get close to the pirate frigates."

Emiko considered Mitalar's suggestion for a moment, then nodded in agreement. "That could work to our advantage. Having a Kuvexian shuttle approach the station would likely arouse less suspicion than a Star Army vessel. We can use this opportunity to get close to the pirate ships without drawing too much attention to ourselves."

Aoba also agreed. "It's a good idea, Mitalar. We'll proceed with that plan. Make sure your shuttle is prepped and ready to go. We'll need to coordinate our movements carefully to avoid detection. We should also prepare a contingency plan in case things go wrong. We need to be ready to react and adapt to any unexpected situations."

"Are you traveling aboard or...on the exterior?" Mitalar asked curiously.

YSS Resurgence: Power Armor Bay

Cassie, caught by surprise as Yoshiro twisted her wrist and flipped her onto her back, managed to tuck her chin and roll with the fall with catlike agility, minimizing the impact. She quickly got back onto her feet, grinning at the compliment. "Thanks, Yoshiro," she replied, brushing herself off. "I did train in martial arts for a while before joining the Star Army. I focused on a mix of disciplines to improve my overall agility and speed. It's been really helpful in close combat situations."

Yoshiro was impressed. Having trained a bit in basic training when he was a mere Santo hei he was a bit lacking in cqb skills. "We should get ready for the mission ahead. Take a rain check? "

"Sure," Cassie said.

"Ohhh.." Kiyo said as she watched the wrestling match between Cassie and Yoshiro.

Thaddeaus walked into the armor bay to get suited up for the mission. He had been on the side lines for a little while so was looking forward to getting back into some battle. His reputation was on the line and he needed to show he still had it in him to put up a good fight. "Ahh, I see we are having some fun before battle. Very good to see I must say."

"Yes, I suppose it is." He said as he grabbed a aether saber rifle. He also grabbed a leader support pack, just in case.

Pidole Henitot, the ship's head engineer, joined the others in the power armor bay, heading to her Mindy armor that had replaced the one destroyed in an earlier mission. It had a stripe of color on the helmet in Engineering Red to make her more obvious. She attached the beetle pod onto one shoulder and a mechanical arm with a plasma cutting torch on the other side, and loaded the armor up with engineering tools and equipment and a large amount of breaching explosives carried in an ominous looking special electrogravity-shielded hard case that went into an olive drab duffel bag.

Kiyo waved to Thad and Pidole as they arrived in the Power Armor Bay. Though she waved to watch the fight, she found her interest in Pidole's armor. This caused her to move over to get a closer look.

Kiyo got to see Pidole's friend Bidole, the large blue-bodied beetle that followed her everywhere, fly into the small domed protective pod that went on Pidole's armor, which appeared to be made out of some drone parts and actually had miniature cockpit controls inside of it. It also had small retactable arms for delicate technical work.

Emiko ducked, out of reflex even though the bay doors were tall enough, as she entered the bay. "NCOs!" she boomed, "Three teams, like we drilled!" Her eyes fell on Cassie, Yoshiro, and Kiyo. "Two going in, one going after their shuttles escorting the technician. Have everyone form up by team!"

"Hello, little cutie!" Kiyo said in reply to Bidole's appearance. She thought the little one was cute, and wished she'd brought Valkyr over with her, but sadly she left her little red drake back with Yayoi and Baby Yuri. Whem Emiko arrived she stood up straight and nodded. "Hai, Ma'am!" she said.

Thad looked up when he heard someone barking orders. He saw that it was Emiko, though it seemed it was not directed at him. Though he was now curious who would be on team Thad. "So, whose team do I report too?" he asked out loud.

Ohara Chiasa entered the power armor bay and quickly suited up in her Mindy, the armor primed with her standard medical support loadout. With a short breath, the tiny pharmacy powered on her armor, data flowing into her computerized awareness as she finished resolving the pre-action checklist.

"Medicine support, ready!" Chiasa piped up as she stepped out of the donning rack and placed a heavy aether pistol on her Mindy's right waist hardpoint.

YSS Resurgence - Shuttle Bay

In the nearby shuttle bay across the passageway from the armor bay, Mitalar got her pimped out golden shuttle online and entered its heavily decorated cockpit through the rear compartment, which was filled with various trophies and treasures. She set her jeweled cane aside and grabbed the flight controls.

Kiyo walked into the shuttlebay as she made her way to the shuttle. Her mind was on the mission ahead of her and she forced herself to calm herself. She shouldn't get over eager just because she will be a part of the team slaughtering slavers. She knew if she wasnt careful she could cause the mission to fail.

Once Pidole and Cassie geared up, they moved to the shuttle bay. Pidole spoke up, "I think we need to be clear on what the game plan is," she said. "What is the mission objective, explicitly? So far what I've got is I'm supposed to ride the shuttle halfway to the Kuvexian station, hop off and float to one of the two frigates, and force entry to get intelligence like communications codes and navigational date from their computer? If not we need to clarify this before we go, with all due respect," she said.

Emiko blinked, "Is shuttles after landing?" She looked over the briefing pad, thumbing through it. "Intelligence Friend! You are needed!"

"Hai!" Mineko said chipperly from a shadow of the shuttle bay.

Yoshiro was ready to do whatever was necessary to stop the slavers. He felt that they deserved what they got for what was done. "Do you need me to take a team to capture any slavers on the pirate ship or anything? " He asked.

Thad sat peacefully in the shuttle. He had his shotty axe in hand, sharping the blade of it. "Nothing I dislike most than a slaver. Are asking a lot for me to consider capture over killin."

Mineko looked toward Chiasa, "A big part of today will rely on obtaining intel. Got my back if I got yours?"

"I have your back, battle sister!" Chiasa piped up, answering with an affirmative nod, a determined expression, and a cute emoji of a Mindy performing a salute, before putting on her helmet.

The analyst's wary expression had softened to mirror Chiasa's confidence.

With that, Chiasa led the way inside the shuttle, her determined expression narrowing when she saw Mitralar at the cockpit. Nevertheless, it seemed that this was part of the plan and Chiasa could not question its wisdom. Using a Kuvexian shuttle to infiltrate the pirate fleet made the most sense, given the options available to the team.

Cassie looked around, and decided, unless anyone ordered her not to, she would stick with her room mate. "Pidole, you're with me and we'll ride the Kuvexian shuttle in, I guess."

"That means Kiyo Heisho and Tanaka Heisho will be on teams going in." Emiko remarked after Cassie volunteered to be with the technician.

"Going in where, ma'am?" Pidole asked Shoi Emiko.

Kiyo checked her Silverlight Aether Katana, and made sure it was fully charged as she waited for them to get going before she turned her attention to the others. "Hai!" she replied to Emiko.

"Don't ruin my reputation on the station," Mitalar warned Thad from the cockpit.

"Roger that." Yoshiro said with determination. "Do we capture any slavers for interrogation or anything of that nature? "

"Please, I will make us war heroes." Thad said with a chuckle. He then racked his weapon and put it back in the holder. "But I shall keep some, mostly, alive."

Kiyo thought that if Yayoi was there, she'd agree with Thad, crazy enough, and wondered if Sanda might think she was crazy or something.

"Remember we're going in to get sensor log files," Mineko warned, helmet at her hip. "Not seek retribution. If we don't get the intel for where they took the Seelies then there's no mass killing of slavers to be had and no Seelies left to be saved."

Thad put his hands up. "I get it, promise to only kill the ones who fail to dodge my bullets. But in all serious, I shall support whoever is getting the logs."

"This station has at least twenty heavily armed ships docked at it." Mineko added. "And their crew compliments of mercenaries and Kuvexian mooks are probably bored on it, happy for a chance to get back in them and make you dodge their bullets. Let's be [/i]beyond[/i] careful." One of her lips tugged at the bottom as she realized she might be speaking out of line. She popped her helmet on over her head and the traditional Yamataigo bun that she held her thick hair in.

"I yield to your voice of reason Mineko. I shall make sure to behave and only fight if required." He did a slight lean forward out of respect for his fellow crew.

Mitalar looked at the Star Army soldiers as they talked. She waited for them to get it together. They couldn't make her fly the shuttle until she was ready...or until she felt they were ready.

Chiasa nodded in agreement with her battle buddy, in spite of the fact that Thad's approached seemed much more fun. Nevertheless, the tiny pharmacy specialist knew when to rein in her Nekovalkyrja instincts and this was one of those times. As the argument concluded, she strapped herself in and waited for the shuttle to take off, taking a short, calming breath as she did.

Kiyo felt confident with the other sword training she could block all bullets but she didnt want to purposefully use it if she didn't have to.

Yoshiro was checking his aether saber-rifle, making sure that it was ready to use if had to. "The dragon's reach is long and difficult to dodge for its grip is tight. " He said to himself.

"Which location are we trying to get sensor logs from?" Pidole asked, for clarification.

"Probably a database of some kind" Kiyo said.

"Two of those frigates are from the slaver's group. If we board one of them then we can find more out about where they took the Seelies," Mineko said as she sent the imagery of the frigates to the grouped Resurgence crew.

"So and I hate to even suggest this but...should we pose as one of them? And should one of us play the role of a captured slave?" He clenched his fist tight at the thought of this but knew it had to be asked.

"Maximus-hei maybe will guard shuttle while others are out. Is good job." Emiko nodded. "Two teams," she looked back to Pidole, "Two frigates."

"If I can access their computers physically, I might be able to access sensor logs, which should give us valuable information about their movements, communication codes, and possibly the location of the captured Seelies," Pidole said. "So it sounds like our goal is to get in, extract the data, and get out without alerting the whole station or causing unnecessary casualties. Right?"

"Understood," Cassie replied, nodding as she mentally prepared herself for the mission. "We'll focus on stealth and only engage the enemy when necessary. Let's definitely make sure we're all on the same page before we leave. Use your armor's photonic camouflage systems and so on. Remember, we're going in quietly." Cassie reiterated. "Let's avoid unnecessary confrontations and focus on our objectives. Good luck, everyone."

Mitalar, seeing that the team was ready, started up the shuttle's engines and began the pre-flight checks. With final preparations and gear checks completed, the crew members strapped themselves in, anticipating the launch. Mitalar guided the golden Kuvexian shuttle out of the YSS Resurgence's shuttle bay and set a course toward the Kuvexian station, hoping their approach would go unnoticed.

As they flew towards their target, the crew members mentally reviewed their roles and objectives, ready to face whatever challenges awaited them. The stakes were high, but they were determined to succeed in their mission and bring justice to the slavers.

As the shuttle approached the station, Mitalar opened the airlock and they could see one of the frigates getting closer and closer through the air containment forcefield...
YSS Resurgence Bridge

Trowa had been familiarizing himself with the controls of the Fuji and had gotten a feel of how she handled. He felt confidant that he could make her dance around her enemies. The Res was cloaked and hiding outside the travel lanes. Trowa was keeping a close eye on his sensors to make sure no one accidently came too close or if any of the Kuvexian ships started forming up like they were getting ready to attack.

A notification began beeping on his consul. "Captain, the shuttle has exited and is making it's approach to the station. We're cloaked, but all systems are will be ready to go if anything goes wrong." Trowa looked again at his scanners. While they waited, he was charting traffic patters and the stations defenses. The Star Army might one day come and take out this area and good intel would be most useful. It would also be useful if something went wrong this mission.

Yoshiro was doing his final checks on his armor and weapons. He placed ammunition and grenades in his pouches and got ready to go. He was not as nervous as he was before but still a bit nervous and ready for action. "Cassie, you ready to go?" He asked and looked toward her.
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"Yes," Cassie said, taking a few steps back and then rushing out into space where she floated in a slow unpowered tumble towards the Kuvexian-made ship that Mitalar had identified as pirates. As she drifted over to its hull a thought cross her mind that they were taking Mitalar's word that the ship's occupants were involved, instead of any hard evidence. Cassie resolved to be careful about the rules of engagement. Just as she reached the other ship, Cassie activated her armor and came to a halt over its hull so she didn't slam into it, and began slowly crawling towards a cargo bay door.

Mineko's eyes slid over the strange things in Mitalar's vessel. Golden, gleaming trophies were to be expected from a Kuvexian, but her red pupils shifted across the shelves to the less expected items. It was an interesting character study into the robot they had been trusting so needfully.

When Cassie took off, though, Mineko was soon to follow. Any pressure of artificial gravity she had felt in the shuttle was lifted from her Mindy-clad shoulders as she swirled into the void of space that surrounded the mercenary stronghold within the Kazumi system. Her AIES indicated the destination frigate she was fast-approaching while her eyes looked in wonder at the stars around her. She had been sent to Tsubomi on Yamatai as a youngling and lived planet-bound for so long that the otherworldly-ness of not being on a world or with something under her feet hadn't yet been worn away.

The Santô Hei put a hand out towards the ever-approaching frigate and tucked her head towards her chest. Her arm bent and propelled her behind so that her hips were over her head. It was one way of slimming the thrust of her armor and not hitting the hull with her full momentum. In her mind's eye she considered the possible layouts of the frigate, thinking of the compartments they were passing over as she, too, crawled towards the cargo bay doors.
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Yoshiro decided to head out, after all he had a job to do and he needed to get the intelligence from the frigate to help the Star Army stop the slavers from doing their evil deeds. He carefully made his way to the two that were headed to the cargo bay. He turned on his stealth systems and crawled to the cargo bay as well.
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YE 45.1.6 - Noon

ISS Garrik Sylbella - Cargo Bay

Pidole joined the others at the entrance to the large cargo bay, which was open to space and protected by an air-containment forcefield as occassional cargo containers were brought aboard. She took a quick scan. "We should be able to go in here without issues," told the others.

Kiyo stealthily jumped with the others at the entrance to the cargo bay. Her hand was on her Silverlight's hilt as she moved forward with her eyes ahead of her, with her focus. Her head nodded to Pidole's words as she saw that she was correct.

Yoshiro made it down to the cargo bay safely. He nodded to Pidole and prepared to move. He made sure to watch for any patrols that moved around.

"Gotcha," Mineko said to Pidole. The analyst switched her HUD to thermally view the cargo bay before them. She was looking for any standout features beyond the storage center that would lead them closer to an access panel or something that connected to the computer systems of the frigate.

The interior of the bay seemed to be mostly full of large shipping containers, none of which were labeled in an obvious fashion, and there were several robotic guards on patrol, most likely a Quallox Vaibal QV-series "MURDERGUY" model, a high end security and assassination drone equivalent to something like a DAISY M6 power armor.

"Alright, let's move quickly and stay quiet, I'll take point," Cassie offered as she led the team through the forcefield and into the cargo bay, trying to time her movements between the robot patrols and being mindful of her surroundings. Pidole followed close behind, moving silently and keeping her eyes peeled for any signs of the enemy being alerted.

Yoshiro followed close enough to be able to protect his new friends but not close enough to be in the way. He wanted to get some action but knew better. "Where do we need to go?" He asked.

Once inside, Pidole pulled out a portable scanner and began searching for the location of the ship's central computer systems. "According to this, we need to head toward the aft section of the ship," she informed the team via encrypted telepathy, pointing in the direction they needed to go.

Kiyo tried to move quietly, but she was a Infantry, not a Ranger, or a ninja like an old friend of hers that she had met. Still, she felt she was doing well, atleast she hoped she was. Her hand remained on her hilt as she followed Pidole, and listened to her words through the team's encrypted telepathy.

Next to Kiyo, the analyst listened to Pidole's assessment. Mineko replied with a curt nod, which she directed to Kiyo, mirroring the infantry Neko's confidence.

Yoshiro headed slowly to where Pidole told him to go. He kept his eyes and scanners watching for the enemy.

Cautiously, the team navigated through the Kuvexian ship's cargo bay in active camouflage, carefully avoiding any crew members they encountered and sticking to the shadows whenever possible. They made their way to a set of plush looking corridors lined with sleek black metallic walls with glowing orange accent lights and machinery visible behind mesh sections, following Pidole's guidance as they moved deeper into the frigate. As they got closer they came to a large circular door not unlike a bank vault. A stool-sized security drone shaped like an aggressive, heavily armed futuristic trash can stood in front of it.

"Did Mitalar instruct us on how to communicate with one of her own?" Mineko asked through their telepathic comms. She knew if they didn't have a way of bypassing its security systems, the drone might need to be taken out the old fashioned way.

"Scalar stun bolts?" Cassie simply thought out loud.

"We don't want to leave evidence of us being here." Yoshiro said. "But we may not have a choice about it. Whatever we do, we better make up our minds about what we are going to do and quickly."

Kiyo nodded her head "Yoshiro is correct" she commented as she observed the tiny robot trashcan. She did feel a little bad that they might have to attack something so small like it.

"Away team report," Emiko's voice came over the comms. "You've been stationary for a while. Is there contact?"

"Armed enemy stands between us and target." Mineko reported to Emiko, adding, "Approximately three foot circular security drone. Please advise."

"This is Euikoshi and Mitalar," the scientist's voice came over the channel. "Cross referencing drone model with known types..." After a few moments, Euikoshi's voice came back over the channel, "Based on the description you provided, this drone model seems to have a weak point at the base of its power source. Look for what looks like a data stick port. If you can disable it with a precise, focused strike, it shouldn't leave any noticeable damage. Just be careful, it might have backup systems that would activate if it detects an attack."

Yoshiro was studying the trash can weapon thing and aimed his aether blade for the power source. He didn't lock on so the trash can gun robot didn't sense an attack. He stabbed the blade in to the power source and quickly and quietly pulled out.

Kiyo turned her attention to the robot and looked for its power source, before she spotted Yoshiro going in for the kill. She remained where she was but she prepared herself to move if she needed to.

As the aether blade activated it melted the lower back section of the robot, which was completely destroyed, and the rest of it quickly caught on fire as did all the walls around the team from the ambient heat of the weapon.

Cassie's eyes widened. "Good grief," she said. "Why didn't you use hit it with a stun bolt?"

"hochimagosh" Kiyo said to herself as she saw everything happened around them. if the Kuvexian Pirates didnt know they were there, they did now.

Pidole approached the large circular door, scanning it for any hidden security measures. Once she was satisfied that the door was safe to open, she carefully manipulated the still-smoking access panel to unlock it. By now, alarms were going off throughout the ship and automated fire suppression systems were causing the area of the ship to be sealed off. The smoke filling the air was starting to make their outlines visible.

"hoshimagosh" Kiyo said once more as she witnessed the escalating situation.

"Pidole," Mineko asked amidst the chaos. "Can we get in quickly?"

"Yes, ma'am, I am trying to override the fire door protocols," the technician answered. The large door rolled open, revealing a new section with racks of servers and networking equipement inside. Cassie took up a defensive position working on accessing the sensor logs and other valuable data directly from the source.

Kiyo moved into place beside Cassie as she readied herself to guard her and their mission.

At this point some of the MURDERGUY robots began to arrive, immediately targeting the most exposed team members. They had heavy plasma rifles and when they saw the team members' outlines in the smoke they started shooting right away.

Kiyo removed her Silverlight from her sheath and prepared herself to fight MURDERGUY robots.

Yoshiro loaded his rifle and charged his aether saber. "CRY HAVOC, AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!" He shouted. Firing at the nearest group of robots, he was enjoying himself even though it was his fault.

"Let's focus anybody in the path which we came down," Mineko said, noting Kiyo's immaculate blade unsheathing. "That way we have an exit if teleporting is a no-go." The analyst herself had begun body-blocking Pidole while firing off her forearm's energy weapons.

"Hai, i plan on it" Kiyo said in response to Mineko's words. Kiyo began deflecting Kuvexian ammo her blade a brilliant glowing silver as it came towards the approaching naughty little things wanting to do harm to the team and her.

"Operational stealth compromised. Requesting teleporter target coordinates sent to all team for exfil," Cassie quietly transmitted to Emiko.

"Go agreed, I'll remain if i need to, to distract them." Kiyo said as she focused on the MURDERGUY bots.

The MURDERGUY robots advanced on the team with steady fire of their plasma weapons, hitting Kiyo's Mindy in the face and chest as she approached them, which knocked her on the floor unable to see as her helmet sensors were literally melted off. Thankfully the mangled Zesuaium armor plating did its job and held strong.

Yoshiro grabbed Kiyo and fired his rifle at the robot patrols and set Kiyo down.

The lead MURDERGUY robot pulled out a large glowing shield projector and the robots stacked up behind it as it took the damage. They continued to advance, carefully aiming to avoid damaging the computer banks.

"Understood, Cassie-Heishō, I'll have them in seconds," Emiko replied over the comms. "Solution calculating... and... coordinates!"

Kiyo said multiple unKiyo things in the quiet of her armor as her visuals started deactivating as her armor's sensors melted. "sorry baby, i put you in a horrible situation" she said to her armor but she felt she was grabbed by what the last of her sensors was saying was Yoshiro. She sensed his rifle firing and activated a few of her Power Armor's weapons as she readied to fire them.

Mineko asked, "Pidole, do you need anything from me to assist?!" Her voice was a little higher than usual as she kept her aim beyond her allies as she focused on breaking the large target of the shield wall that had formed.

As the battle raged on, Pidole worked feverishly to download the sensor logs and other vital data. Her fingers flew over the console, her eyes darting back and forth between the screen and the ongoing fight. Cassie continued to stand guard for Pidole at the door, laying down suppressive fire for Kiyo and Yoshiro, ready to step in and help if necessary.

With each passing second, the team's situation grew more dire. They needed to secure the data and make their escape before the Kuvexian ship was fully alerted to their presence. But with the MURDERGUY robots bearing down on them, their task was becoming increasingly difficult.

"Just a few more seconds," Pidole replied, her voice tense but focused. "I'm almost there."
The team continued to hold off the MURDERGUY robots, their determination unwavering. Every member knew that the fate of the Seelies – and the success of their mission – rested on their shoulders.

"Rerouting a duplicate of Yoshiro's sensor data to Kiyo's armor," Euikoshi's voice said over comms. Suddenly Kiyo could see shapes again.

Kiyo blinked as she began seeing shapes again. "what? oh i see" she said to herself

"Just a little longer!" Mineko said through gritted teeth as the flashes from her forearm weapon returned enemy fire.

One of the hulking robots flopped over as Yoshiro managed to hit one with his aether saber, and the others just kind of stepped over it. They were almost close enough to grab the team members now, and very close to the door.

"No way!" He said as he slashed the robots to keep them from hurting him and his friends.

As Kiyo began seeing Kuvexian MURDERGUY bots shapes, her shoulder mounted Aetheric Pulse Cannon lifted and pointed at their enemies, and fired it at the close bots.

"I got it!" Pidole exclaimed, pulling her computer's cable free of the Kuvexian ship's databanks.

"Teleporter coordinates set," Cassie said, waiting a moment for the word be given to disappear.

Kiyo heard Cassie's beautiful voice speaking, and prepared herself for teleportation to join the others once they had.

Yoshiro was getting ready for teleport. He knew that he had endangered his team and the mission objective. He had other things to worry about right now.

Captain Aoba triggered the teleportation remotely and they all reappeared in the armor bay of the YSS Resurgence in a flash of light, some of them still charred and smoking from plasma impacts. But everyone had made it.

Kiyo's armor sensed the new location as being friendly so deactivated the weapons.

= = =

OOC: JP by Wes, Charaa, Cowboy, Ame, Yuuki, Yoshiro Tanaka, Miko
Power Armor Bay

Yoshiro knew that he screwed up. He knew he never should have used the aether blade. He nearly got his team killed and worse yet, he nearly failed his first mission. "Damn it all!" He shouted and put on his duty uniform. He stormed off to his room.
Power Armor Bay

"Is everyone alright?" Cassie asked, looking around to make sure all team members were present and accounted for. The team members checked themselves over, assessing any damage to their armor or injuries sustained during the mission.

"We made it," Pidole said, a mixture of relief and concern in her voice. Though they had made a mistake during the mission, they had managed to complete their objective.

Armorer Norita approached the team, concern etched on her face. "That was a close call. I'm glad you're all safe. Pidole, did you manage to retrieve the data we need?"

Pidole nodded, holding up her computer. "Yes. I've got the sensor logs and other crucial information. We can analyze this data to help locate the Seelies and plan our next move. I'm bringing it to the MEGAMI immediately for analysis."

Captain Aoba's voice came over the intercom, echoing in the armor bay. "Welcome back. Get yourselves checked out by Poppy in the Medical Bay, and once you're cleared, we'll meet in the wardroom to go over the data. Due to the alert, we've had to leave the Kazumi star system for safety as they're now hunting us."

The team members began to disperse, some heading to the medical bay for treatment and others to the armory to repair or replace damaged equipment. Despite the challenges they had faced, the team had successfully completed their mission and obtained valuable information.

- - -

Wardroom - Lunchtime

In the wardroom, the crew gathered around a volumetric display showing the data Pidole had retrieved. The information provided them with new leads and vital intelligence about the Kuvexian group's plans, bringing them one step closer to rescuing the Seelies and thwarting the enemy's schemes.

With renewed determination, the crew of the YSS Resurgence prepared to continue their fight against the Kuvexian threat and bring the missing Seelies home. The battle was far from over, but they knew they were on the right path – and they wouldn't stop until they had achieved their goal.
Power Armor Bay
Kiyo was moved to her bay where the bay shoot things at her armor to cool it off, and to work on opening it up. This allowed her nude blue form to fly out of her armor, and she turned to look at it with a deep pout on her lips. She stepped forward towards it, her arms lifted, but she was grabbed by another blue pair of arms. “Stay back Mom, let the system take care of it!” Luna said. Causing Kiyo to look over. The armor knows it was loved she realized she didn’t need to hug it. “Euikoshi, next time we’re at a bar or somewhere, drinks and food are on me” she said as she felt she owed Euikoshi a debt for her aid.
She noted that Yoshiro was gone, and it reminded her she needed to make her report. Luna had other ideas, and she was pulling her mother along as she went to the medical bay.
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Yoshiro's room
Yoshiro went over what he did a thousand times and still felt like he had messed up all the time. "What the hell did I think that was going to accomplish? I almost got my team killed because of my lack of understanding the situation and the tactics that needed to be used." He said angrily to himself.

He laid down on his bed and sighed. He was sure that he was going to get a talking to by the captain of the Resurgence and maybe also his team mates. "Whatever may happen, I need to work out my stress. Punching something sounds like a good stress relief. " He said to himself and with that, he decided to head to the gym. But first he stopped by the medical office to get checked out.
Medical Lab

The Resurgence's medic, the pink-haired, pale, and pretty Poppy Pink pleasantly pranced to the portal prepared to prognose and prevent any pronounced pain, pressure, and pounding produced by pirates and their plucky portable robot protectors. She started by giving the power armor pilots a prompt physical.
Medical Bay

Yoshiro arrived for his check-up after the mission. He was still a bot frustrated from his mission but he hid it for the time being. "Excuse me doc? Need a after mission check up." Yoshiro said. "If you aren't too busy. "
Hallway -> Wardroom - Lunchtime

It had been a whirlwind experience so far, but Santô Hei Fujikawa Okimi finally felt like she was ready to take up her duties aboard the YSS Resurgence. While she had been aboard since the Fuji-class had left Nataria, the young neko had not yet had much chance to explore the ship or meet her crewmates. Fortunately the more experienced Julia Meadows had immediately assumed the position of senpai and helped the new caretaker properly prepare. Okimi was intensely grateful for her assistance.

During her occupational training, the would-be caretaker had learned that some people didn't realise that part of her responsibility was to protect and elevate crew morale. While Okimi was already mentally planning a variety of different events designed for just that purpose, her training indicated that there would always be those who needed more intimate, personal support. As part of her training, Okimi had been taught several practices designed to help others relax, unwind and destress. But, for those that needed privacy or discretion, the young neko had not known how best to inform the crew of such options.

Fortunately her senpai had come through for her and informed her about the noticeboard in the wardroom. So Okimi had put together a small flyer detailing the services she could offer, such as hairstyling, mani/pedi's, makeovers or massage. The caretaker had offered to be a friendly ear as needed because sometimes, you just had to get your feelings off your chest before you could clear your head. Okimi had ended her flyer with an invitation for anyone to send her ideas for communal events and to feel free to stop by her cabin or reach out if they ever wanted to chat.

So focused had she been upon attaching her flyer to the noticeboard in the wardroom, that Okimi had not realised upon entering that a large group of the crew was present, reviewing data and making plans. It was only as she turned, satisfied at her success, that she noticed those already in the wardroom. Blinking for a moment, and regretting her previous single-minded focus, Okimi bowed to those present before looking up. Hopefully no-one would be upset that she hadn't been paying attention to her surroundings.
Medical Bay

Mineko knocked at the door of the medical bay, turning her attention to the medics and patients. "Here for a backup," Mineko said, wanting to retain her memories of her time on the Kuvexian frigate should she be less fortunate in the future.

"You shouldn't be hard on yourself," she said to Yoshiro, who she had seen storm out of the power armor bay. Mineko tilted her head to inspect him further.

"My first mission didn't go as expected, honestly. I was half counting on dying immediately, but it was more routine than a day in Kyoto. Whether good or bad, there's no way to know what will come. Learning from past mistakes is the best thing you can do for your future... and your team's." Her double fangs peeked through at the corners of an abashed smile as she added, "That's why I'm backing up. I didn't do so hot myself and want to learn how to do better by my training. Hope that helps."
Medical Lab
Luna had successfully pushed her mother into the Medical area of the ship and watched to make sure that Kiyo had gotten a proper check up. The younger blue skinned Neko was pleased that it seemed that the armor had protected her. When Yoshiro had arrived Kiyo just glanced at him, but she didn’t find the nerve to speak to him yet. She figured he might be feeling a bit down because of what happened on the mission. Plus, she was a little mad that her poor Power Armor got damaged, and that she would need to do so much extra work on it.

“Thank you Poppy, for your help!” Kiyo said once Poppy was done, and left as her mind went Armorer mode and thoughts about the what her armor needed. She also made a mental note to ask the captain for permission to leave the ship, as she wanted to test her weapons on asteroids if they came up.

Luna saw her mother leave and recognized the look on her face. “Mineko’s right, though now that it happened you know what happens when Aether weapons meet metal things. It’s a good lesson!” She said to the man before her and left.

Kiyo transition to Armor Bay
Kiyo entered the power armor bay, and moved towards her personal bay and gently placed her hand on her armor’s breastplate ”oh darling! You really got it, huh? Don’t worry, your partner’s here, I’ll make you all better!” Kiyo said before remembering she hadn’t gotten dressed yet. “meh.. I’m probably going to get dirty anyways, so won't worry about it, besides I got more important things to worry about!” Kiyo said, and immediately grabbed her tools and got to work first removing damaged pieces of her armor off. “There we go!” she said, and moved towards the fabricator, and began having the machine fabricate the parts.

She then immediately sent a message to the Captain. “Captain, may I make a small request? If the ship's sensors detect asteroids, could we go there? I like to test Power armor on them, to make sure things are running smoothly. We don’t have to if you don’t want the Resurgence going there, its just an idea I had” With her message sent she waited for both the fabricator to finish working on the parts, and for the captain's response. Of course she didn’t mention the potential for new metals that they could find there.

Luna to wardroom
“oh! new friend!” Luna said on entering the wardroom, and spotting the other new crew member and moved to catch up. “hii! we hadn’t been able to introduce each other, but I’m Luna!” The young Neko said, with a smile on her face. Her hetero chromia eyes caught glimpse of the board and the newly added item that Okimi had added.
YE 45.1.6 - Lunchtime
Medical Lab

Poppy smiled as she welcomed Yoshiro and Mineko into the medical bay. "Of course, I'll be happy to give you both a check-up and backup. Please, have a seat and relax."

Yoshiro sat down and sighed, happy to have the doctor help him out. "I am new here, anything you would suggest to do to relax?"

"Are you asking for a massage or something?" Poppy asked Yoshiro with an amused expression and a tilt of her head, causing a cascade of her generous pink hair to tumble down on one side of her head.

"Not sure. Just looking for some stress relief. " Yoshiro said.

Poppy actually made good on her offer and firmly gripped Yoshiro by the shoulders and started rolling them her hands, massaging his lower neck area muscles and shoulders, trying to help work out the tension in them.

"Mission went south. It was supposed to be a stealth mission and I decided that using an aether blade to destroy a security device was a good idea. "Yoshiro said with a slight sigh.

"It sounds like you stopped thinking with your brain and let your instinct take over. It's important to keep your cool especially in tense situations," Poppy said, continuing to rub his shoulders for a bit. She was good at it. "Training can help you know what to do when things get intense because you'll go with what you know. If you want to be better at stealth I recommend practicing some more in the recreation room's simulator or with your infantry teammates," she suggested.

Poppy began then her check-ups, starting with Yoshiro. She examined him carefully, looking for any injuries, no matter how small. Then, she moved on to Mineko, doing the same for her. Poppy worked efficiently, her demeanor calming and professional.

During the backup process, Mineko's memories were copied and safely stored, ensuring that her experiences from the mission would not be lost. She felt a slight tingle during the process but was otherwise comfortable.

Once Poppy had finished her examinations and the backup, she turned her attention back to Yoshiro and Mineko. "Both of you seem to be in good shape. Just remember to keep an eye on any injuries and come back if you experience any discomfort. As for the backup, everything went smoothly, Mineko."

"Thank you, Poppy," said Yoshiro.

"Appreciated," Mineko said, giving a side-long glance to Yoshiro. She had tried her best to give him advice, but it had gone unnoticed. She had felt sort of uncomfortable in the med bay because of that and nodded to the pink haired medic with a wavering smile before leaving.


Captain Aoba came down to the wardroom to get lunch. He looked around and spotted the new caretaker, Fujikawa. "Ah," he said, going over to greet her. "I don't think we had a chance to make introductions yet. I am captain Aoba Kuranosuke. Welcome aboard the Resurgence, the best ship in the fleet...provided we all work hard, work smart, and take pride in her. I want this to be the best and most rewarding experience you've had in your career, something you can tell stories about in the future. Are you looking forward to it?"

Luna turned as she heard movement behind her and spotted her new captain. Looked like he wanted to greet their new friend crewmate. "he's right!' she said in agreement with a smile on her face remaining from her first greeting of their

Okimi smiled at Luna for her greeting before turning to the approaching Captain and crisply bowing. "Thank you, Captain! I am happy to be here and look forward to the coming opportunities to best serve the ship and crew!" She smiled widely, eyes sparkling with happiness. "I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning more about the experiences everyone has shared while aboard. If everyone is as friendly as Luna here, I am sure being posted here will be a truly exceptional experience."

Thad dropped into his seat, the tray landed and made a lot of noise. He was beyond tired, even if he felt like he did nothing during the mission. He mostly took up the rare guard so had interacted with the team very little during it all. He looked around and took notice of the new faces. He gave a short wave as they looked his way.

Aoba nodded. To everyone in the wardroom, he let them know, "I've received word the Star Army is being sued by two groups of Kuvexians in the Kazumi system. They're calling it a terrorist pirate attack on a civilian ship and they want the damage covered plus loss of business for making their starport unsafe. We're going over the captured logs now, though."

Trowa had entered the wardroom with Aoba. Aoba had stopped to talk to a new crewmember so Trowa grabbed some food. As he sat down, Aoba started sharing how the Kuvesians were sueing the Star Army. That made Trowa smile. Good luck with that.

Luna blinked her eyes when she heard from the captain about them being sued. "oh dear' she said and thought about Yoshiro again since it kinda had been his fault that their mission failed in the first place she heard.

Mineko had arrived from the med bay just in time to hear what Aoba had to say while she read the new signage that Okimi had put up. Hearing about the captured logs perked her attention. Her foray to get a backup and a mug of coffee in the wardroom was a reprieve from the task of pouring over the intelligence they had obtained from the Kuvexian pirate ship.

Thad lifted and eyebrow towards Aoba. "Sued, really." He said with a chuckle. "We going to ask them to pay their fair show of the destruction from the war as a counter?"

"It almost makes one miss the war when everything was open season," Aoba quipped dryly. "We will need to tread more carefully. My foremost concern is that now that the Seelie's traffickers know we are on their trail, so they may take additional steps to throw us off or to bolster their stealth or defenses."

Okimi listened carefully to the conversation, having not known the details of the recent away mission. While this wasn't her area of expertise, it never hurt to be informed of what was going on and maybe there would be something she could do to help her new crewmates.

Luna nodded with a frown on her face she didn't like the traffickers knowing they are coming for them.

"Sounds like we are going stealth." Thad said to the group. "Or at least none alive to tell the tale."

"They are going to stealth," Mineko clarified. "They already know we're on their tail. Hiding that is only possible to a point, now." She thought of adding that it may be better to leave their enemies alive, at least some, as a warning that the Star Army didn't care for what they had done. But she felt her entry-level rank stopping up her words and so she kept her lips tight.

Mitalar, the Kuvexian robot, translated the logs for them. What they found was shocking.
The logs revealed a complex network of Seelie trafficking operations spanning multiple systems, hidden in plain sight. It seemed that the Kuvexians had been using legitimate businesses and front companies to obscure their illicit activities. Furthermore, they had been paying off local officials and even some Star Army personnel to look the other way and ensure the smooth operation of their trafficking rings.

Aoba's face darkened as he read the translated logs. "This is worse than we thought," he said, sharing the information with the crew. "It seems we have corruption within our own ranks. It's clear we can't trust everyone, and we need to act quickly to rescue the Seelies and dismantle this trafficking network."

Her pale blue eyes narrowed at the mention of corruption within her beloved Star Army and Okimi felt indignation and anger churning within. Traitors were the worst!

Yoshiro was walking in to the wardroom when he heard the news. He felt badly screwing up the mission. He grabbed some food and sat somewhere alone.

Trowa frowned as he read the data recovered. He couldn't believe it. No way there were Star Army personnel in on it. He reread the information again more slowly. The information was clear as could be. "Damn." He muttered to himself.

"I'll go over the logs more thoroughly to pin-point what stations are allowing the traffickers through," Mineko said with a little back and forth of her jaw, red pupils fiery.

Thad narrowed his eyes as he read the news of who was involved. "Tis a shame to hear some of our own are in on this. Seems even when you have everything the draw towards evil is still powerful indeed." He took a big bite of his food and chewed it loudly.

Luna frowned as she listens to the translation. She felt it hit her hard to hear that there there traitors in the Star Army military. She wondered what did her aunt and mom fight for?!

"Sir," Trowa asked, "Would there be any benefit in going right to these traitors and getting them to share what they know? Also, should we not report this immediately to the MPs?"

Aoba's eyes narrowed as he considered the implications of the newfound information. "We should focus on finding the Seelies first. They're the priority here. But we should also gather as much intelligence on the corrupt Star Army personnel and local officials as we can. They must be held accountable for their actions."

"Already on it," Mineko said, knowing there was an order of operations to the mission along with some downtime before it. She would make time for both. "They shouldn't be allowed to maintain their posts if they won't uphold Star Army's values."

Okimi nodded at the Captain's words. "That makes sense. If I was paying someone to violate a sworn oath and betray their people, I'd keep an eye on them because they are clearly untrustworthy."

"Can't we put a tracking becon on them and have them just led us to the bad guys instead." Thad shouted out. "Might as well use the dogs for something useful before an accident happens to them." He grinned ear to ear knowing exactly what he meant.

Trowa shook his head at Thad's suggestion. "There's no evidence that the traitors know where the Seelies are being taken. It could be their just being bribed to turn a blind eye. I also don't know if we have time to wait to set up a tracking beacon on these traitors." Trowa looked at Thad and nodded. "Not a bad suggestion though."

Aoba considered the various suggestions and weighed the risks and benefits."Trowa has a point. We can't be certain that the traitors have enough information to lead us directly to the Seelies. Our priority is to find and rescue the Seelies as quickly as possible. However, we will report these corrupt individuals to the MPs and provide them with the evidence we've gathered. They can handle the traitors while we focus on the mission at hand."

While everyone was working together in response to the recovered data, Okimi noticed the red-eyed crewmate who had entered and chosen to sit alone. Her caretaker-senses kicked into overdrive, so she walked over to where Yoshiro was sat alone and bowed. "Hi! I'm Fujikawa Okimi, newly-assigned caretaker. Sorry if its rude of me to ask, but why are you all on your lonesome over here while everyone else is over there?"

Luna noticed Okimi moving away and smiled when she saw where she was going.

"I screwed up the mission. Used an aether blade when I should have used something else. "Yoshiro said sadly. "Almost got my team killed because of my mistake. "

Aoba looked over at Yoshiro, his expression softening. "We all make mistakes, Yoshiro. What's important is that we learn from them and move forward. I have faith in you and the rest of the crew. Together, we'll bring an end to this trafficking network and ensure that those responsible face the consequences of their actions."

Okimi tilted her head, an expression of honest confusion directed at Yoshiro. "You heard the Captain, Yoshiro-san. If everyone came back alive and no innocents were harmed, it can't be that bad. So, feel better, please?"

Luna nodded her head in agreement"agreed!"

"You're right of course. " Yos hiro said with a smile. "Time to find these slavers and bring them to justice. "

"Here here!" Trowa agreeded. "So what is our next course of action Sir?"

Mitalar pulled up a volumetric map and showed it to Mineko. "Look here, the frigates were able to see their associates enter hyperspace and we have matching communication logs. Zelkor Raxim was aboard his flagship which left for Akigatae base in the UX-17 star system. A cargo manifest lists a large amount of, quote, organic biomass and livestock. A word of caution: this is his main stronghold in the Kikyo Sector."

“Yes, I see…” With a Nekovalkyrja’s dilligence, Mineko began to abscond into her digital mind and halfway out of the conversation.

There was a plethora of information for the intelligence analyst to begin to sift through. But when it came to who the authority to allow the Kuvexians on Ahmar, the first place Mineko chose to look was Shirakawa no Iori, the station that controlled who came and went to the planet that the Seelies had called home. She separated out the junior officers, moving her way through the senior command postings. Nothing seemed out of place until she was almost done. At the very top of the rank structure was where the information became unusual.

Okimi beamed with happiness, hoping that Yoshiro would truly start feeling better soon. Guilt, especially when unwarranted, was such a poison to the soul. "That's wonderful to hear, Yoshiro! So, what do you say, come and join the group?" She held a purple-skinned hand out towards the Nitô Heisho, ready to drag him over to the rest.

Outwardly, Mineko sighed deeply and steepled her hands as her eyes closed. Inwardly, she was looking at the recently promoted Chujo of the fourth fleet who had been taking a significant number of business trips lately with Kuvexian corporate types. With a huff, Mineko’s body hunched and she started to look outside of Star Army’s own records. It too some trawling, she had even dipped into some BedNET registries, leading her to KuvyGirls.yam. The slog was worth it then when she found that Pollensson had been rumored to be in a romance with a half Kuvexian model and influencer from Sood Zadra, Aeilim.

“Sir,” Mineko said breaking her own reverie. “Aoba-chusa, I think we should look more into Chujo Shawn X. Pollensson of the Fourth Fleet stationed on Shirakawa no Iori over Ahmar. He’s… Well, his actions surrounding Kuvexians are suspicious, to say the least. I have reason to believe he could have been seduced by the enemy.” She sent him the circumstantial evidence she had uncovered on top of the rumors.

Luna turned her head to Mineko and listened as she reported and blinked her eyes.

Aoba frowned at this disappointing information from Mineko, then looked to Trowa, "It sounds like we need to get down there as soon as possible and see if they're still there, preferably without drawing attention to ourselves. I'll be on the bridge," the captain said, stepping out. In a moment they would be on the move in hyperspace.

Trowa stood, lunch forgotten in light of this new information. "Aye Aye Captain." Trowa ran on ahead of Aoba, using his cybernetics to pull up charts and plot a course so they could leave as soon as he made it to the bridge.

A light frown formed on Okimi's face as she noted Trowa leaving the wardroom at speed. She hadn't seen him eating anything and made a mental note to try and deliver him a snack later on.

Yoshiro's demeanor changed from smiles to serious. "Oh, what a wicked web we weave, when we practice to decieve." He said as he finished his lunch.

Cassie looked at the others. "I think we'd better be ready for another away team mission and for possible starship combat," she said. "UX-17 is in the old Ketsurui Military Sector, which is Kuvexian remnant central. We're talking tons of leftover Kuvexian warships and merc ships. That's where my old fleet was destroyed during the war, it doesn't bring back a lot of good memories for me."

Okimi added Cassie to her mental list of people to check up on. That experience sounded like it might cause some recurring trouble for the anthro soldier in the days ahead and the caretaker decided it would be her self-appointed mission to try and ameliorate such.

Luna blinked. "Then i'll make sure to do my part as a technician," she commented.

Yoshiro had cleared his spot and got ready to head down to the armor bay. "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! " he said as he smiled widely.

Taking a moment, Mineko let her head tilt back as everyone moved around her. She took a long breath, letting the wardroom's peripherals blend together as she looked up at its ceilings. The verdant wall of plants along its starboard side reminded the woman of her childhood in the woods of Yamatai. She smiled softly, decompressing after the arduous task behind her before moving on to the next one.

Okimi smiled, glad to see Yoshiro out of his funk. She noticed that the woman, who had moments earlier suggested their next course of action to the Captain, looked like she was offloading stress, so the caretaker moved beside her. Not wanting to disturb her overly much, she offered Mineko a smile. "Thank you for your hard work!"

"Thank you for yours as well." Noticing the purple-skinned Nekovalkyrja sit beside her, Mineko mirrored the woman's smile and words alike. "Will you be a part of the away team?" the analyst asked as she put her hands against the meshy material that clung to her thighs to wipe the sweat from her palms. The caretaker's presence had perked Mineko a bit and she stood, ready for whatever the mission called for once more!


Trowa made it to the Bridge. Gabriela was at the helm. Trowa filled her in while opening a communication with the Renaissance. "Captain Benna. We've analyzed the data we recovered. It isn't pretty. I'm sending you the details."

The one eyed Nep send the details then continued. "Prepare for transit to UX-17."

"I'll be right beside you," Benna nodded.

Trowa smiled as he double checked things. Everything was ready just as Aoba re-entered the bridge. "We are all ready to go Captain. Just give the word."

Captain Aoba took his seat at the center of the bridge. "Excellent. Execute fold."

Armor Bay

Yoshiro had arrived at his armor and calibrating his targeting systems and navigational systems "If death be my blanket, then I shall sleep in its dark embrace. " he said as he felt the ship fold.

Kiyo was silent as she worked, on her power armor. "there you go darling, a brand new helmet! and i got the stuff to clean you up!"

He turned to Kiyo's armor and saw her working on it. "Kiyo, I would like to apologize for messing up the last mission. I endangered you and the team." Yoshiro said.

Kiyo glanced over to the reason for her need to repair her armor. "indeed.. using a Aether blade like that isnt a good idea on a stealth mission.. I assume the others have already mentioned it though." She said.

"Yes, they have. I thought the aether blade would be quieter. Boy was I wrong. " Yoshiro said "Learned my lesson this time. " How a joto heisho didn't know this was a laugh to him but he promised himself to do better.

Okimi smiled, a little bashful at the thanks she had received from Mineko. "Oh, it was my pleasure. Everyone is working hard and deserves all the support I can give!" It was awesome when your duties so very neatly meshed with your personal proclivities. The caretaker tapped her lower lip with a finger as she considered the follow up question. "Hmm, I don't think so, or at least nobody has said anything. I only have the basic training in combat operations and shuttle piloting though, plus I've been assigned to a damage control party - so I expect I will be remaining aboard."

It was a little upsetting that there was nothing Okimi could do to support her crewmates while they were off the ship. Perhaps there was some training she could pursue that would let her be of more help? Regardless, until such a time, the caretaker would have to make do with being ready to do all that she could once her crewmates were safely back aboard. Seeing that Luna was still present, Okimi metaphorically dragged her into the conversation too with a small wave.

"Hi again Luna-san! Sorry I couldn't respond to you properly earlier, but it would have been rude to ignore the Captain." Okimi offered a small shrug, hoping her hopefully-soon-to-be-friend hadn't felt slighted or ignored. Sometimes following the rules of etiquette was just bothersome like that. "Now, what about yourselves? I heard Luna say she was a technician and I'm assuming you are an analyst. Do either of you expect to go on the away team, or will you remain onboard?"
Power Armor Bay
Kiyo simply nodded her head to his words, as she didn’t think that she needed to say anything more. He knew he made a mistake and so she didn’t add to what was said to him. She grabbed a mop and gently cleaned her armor with gentle strokes. She did wonder if the captain got her message, but she didn’t think to send another

Luna giggled and smiled ” Hello again Okimi!” She said to her new friend as she was kind enough to bring her back into the conversation. She tried to think about what Mineko did before she was asked about her expectations. “no, I expect to remain on the ship, Mommy and Daddy didn’t want me in combat, instead they had me focus on support so I’m a technician.

Flinging one of her arms in front of her chest, Mineko wrapped her other from under it, stretching her shoulder. Her dark jacket pulled with the movement as she listened to Okimi and Luna.

Mineko got an idea and said, "Maybe you could set up a party party while you wait as part of the damage control party. If that makes sense. If it doesn't, then I'm sorry. think I used up all of my words just now. Maybe it's a bad idea if the mission goes south to arrive back to balloons and the such, though."

"Yes, I'm an analyst." Mineko was happy to say something objectively true. "A conduit for the intelligence the ship receives at times and a gatherer at others. I'll probably be on the away team to do the latter."
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