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OOC Resurgence of Yamatai (YSS Resurgence)

*shrugs* Then logic says we should run.

Iirc, Disney made a whole star wars film based around running away from a superior space fleet so it clearly can be used for storytelling purposes...
I think you might be viewing the wrong ship Wes. The Mishhu dreadnought I've been referencing is only 7,600 meters. The Izanagi is 22,590 meters. The Sharie is 1200 so yes it is significantly bigger that the Sharie but not as impossible as an Izanagi.

Also, and this is something that I was planning for later, the Mishhu dreadnought was seriously damaged before by the Wakaba when it fired a Anti-capital ship torpedo at it. I'd say it's shields aren't 100% and the Wakaba would be able bring them down long enough for the rescue mission.

But that's up to you Wes. If you want to call it there I can have the Wakaba come back on its own plot and try to rescue Thomas's and Setsunu daughter, Hotaru.
As always, the Resurgence finale JP feels so satisfying! Thanks for setting up for a dramatic rescue @Cowboy and thanks Wes for making it such ICly such a challenging but rewarding experience!
Due to certain concerns I'm upgrading the medal awarded by Yui from the Order of the Blazing Sun to the Yui's Blood Medallion, the highest medal in the Star Army. I've edited the JP accordingly and I think it should be fine; nevertheless, if any player wants to change their character's posts in the JP as a result, just PM me the edits to make and I'll put them in there for you.
I noticed Cowboy didn't recommend Mineko for the first one because she didn't necessarily see combat and I agree! But a Yui's blood medallion would cover her contributions! Plus it's kind of cool to get a Yui's blood medallion in the presence of Yui herself!
Well, I guess if it's the blood medallion that a pretty good consolation prize. Although a fighter like Sanda will probably treasure the Order of the Blazing Sun more. But honestly I'm good with whatever Wes. Just gives Sanda something she's going to have to keep working for.;)

Yeah Ame, Thomas recommended those who were in combat. Checking the notes, Mineko wasn't in that particular fight he mentioned.
Would you prefer today's JP is:
  • Set during the time the ship is getting fixed
  • Set after the ship is fixed and we're starting a new mission?
As much as I love the slice-of-life stuff and downtime, its probably better for the plot to go with option 2. People are still free to post stuff that happened in the interim (kikyo no Sekko etc). Plus, I've observed that most of the players seem to get more fired up over the combat/conflict stuff, which we're not getting into while stuck on the ground...
I wouldnt mind something more relaxed, so Cowboy doesnt miss much. plus Yuri needs to learn more things from Poppy Sempai
Okay, I should have given everyone medals for Mission 7 and Mission 8. If I made any mistakes please let me know and I'll make an edit.
  • Should be a Rescue Ribbon for both missions, not just Mission 8
  • Make sure your character's struct fields are correct and I encourage you to add any promotions in your character's history sections in case we ever need to fix the struct or something.
If I am going over board in sp, please let me know and I'll tone it down. I just wanted to show that when he lost his father when the Mishhu invaded Yamatai, if I remember correctly, he's had it in for them ever sinc3, which is why he says the things he says, like what he says to the enemy boarding parties. Again, just let me know if I am going overboard and I will tone it down.
As a general reminder, the way GMed RP usually works on SARP, you guys control your characters actions and the GM controls the NPCs and describes the result of said actions, which is the way it's done in tabletop RP (e.g. Pathfinder).

Resurgence works this way too except sometimes in big fights like mission finales I'll just say "go nuts" and you can describe all the kills you want. Right now, though, I am seeing posts where people are just autoing the NPC enemies without giving me a chance to post their reactions.

To get on the same page, can we all agree to post character actions but leave effects to the GM?

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