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RP [Retconned] Hitting it from The BACC and Having a Mazu

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RP Date
YE 44.9
RP Location
YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City and YSS Mazu

Gemini Star Fortress​

  • Jiyuu System
  • YE 44.9

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City ("The BACC")​

Shuttle Bay​

"Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-Taisho's shuttle on approach vector, you are clear for land in Shuttle Bay One. Welcome aboard Taisho."

The Fukuro-Class shuttle landed on the polished black surface of the shuttle bay floor, right-center in the large symbol of the Hinomaru that had the ship's name and registry printed beneath it. Members of the bay's technician crew rushed into the shuttle to add connections and prepare for the post-landing inspection of the unit. On board, the Taisho, and company which included the new Flight Control Officer prepared to disembark. Normally more of the crew would have gathered on deck but Katsuko had purposely made her arrival only known to some of the crew, with the ship just having finished the ordered modifications she wanted to inspect them herself, "Looks like you got some introductions to make, Matsumoto-Chui," she said as she looked out one of the styled viewports on the starboard side. The airlock then opened, and the small set of stairs was brought up to the side of the craft, "Time to get to work," she said to the others who decided to join them.

Another mighty Izanagi, Katsuko couldn't wait to further break this one in for herself as she had the Tokyo. They had a lot of work to do, and almost a month before they were scheduled to leave with the fleet. They had to supply, and Katsuko was anxious for Tachiko to arrive to help with that. The Shipyard needed to be brought functional, a job for Yaichiro. They also had to arrange their craft complement, a job for Matsumoto-Chui as she arranged to get the flight decks in order.

YSS Mazu​


Minato surveyed the bridge, the KFY technicians had already left the ship. Just a few remaining supply crates in the corridors of the ship. Everything was ready for the return of the new Taisho, and Motoyoshi-Taisa. Hopefully, Kaoru had recovered from her attitude when they had last spoke, her mistake for calling in the middle of what was a family crisis. Speaking of family, she opened the comm to her sister, "Mazu-Hei, you might want to have some refreshments for the Taisa and Taisho, they're due to arrive shortly," she relayed to Mazumi.

"I'm looking good," she said to herself when referencing the ship she was the avatar for.

@SageShooter (Eri), @Yuuki (Tachiko) @Locked_0ut (Fuyuko), @Toshiro (Yaichiro)

@SageShooter (Datenshi) @Charaa (Mazumi), @Miyako (Akina)
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YSS Mazu
Soggy Hole
”Already done sister-I mean Mazu- shosa,I have Red Wine set up, as well as the drink that the Seventh Princess has created, in addition to other drinks in addition to an alcoholic beverage, this way they get a choice of drinks. I’ve also taken the liberty of having sweet buns prepared for them as well.” Mazumi sent back to her sister, before she turned back to the bar where bottles and glasses were set up for the arriving guests. Her shoed feet clopped to where the food was prepared. She could only hope that they liked them, and that she had done a good job as she was the one who created them. That done, she turned to her lounge waitstaff, all standing at attention, ready for her to order them and to be of use.

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City ("The BACC")​

Hangar 1​

It was true, Fuyuko had expected to run a deck team when she’d originally been assigned to the 5th Expeditionary Fleet. It was also true that she’d worried about being promoted away from the more hands on Deck Boss side of her MOS. She’d initially come to accept that she’d be one of the senior FCOs on the Resurrection. Not on the deck, but still in the action. She could live with that. Then the flag was transferred to Battle of Ayenee Capital City along with a handpicked slue of Ketsurui-Motoyoshi-Taisho's officers. Much to her horror, Fuyuko found her name on the list, not listed as a Deck Officer or even a Tower Officer. Unless they were planning on dropping a Shosa on her or something, she was it. She was the Chief Flight Control Officer, The Air Boss. New responsibilities without the rank to go align with them it seemed. Something about throwing a pity party while living in a damn castle didn’t sit right with her, though. Instead she’d spent the last few months ensconced in her temporary quarters at Jiyuu-jō enrolling herself in remote classes on leadership and organization and familarizing herself with the new vessel and its requirements. By the time they were ready to cast off, she had submitted a list of equipment and personnel requests as long as her leg. Reading personnel records, requesting officers and NCOs she’d worked with in the 2xF.

The day had finally come, she sat aboard the Taisho’s personal shuttle allowing herself to pretend she hadn’t become part of the woman’s retinue. The lushly appointed VIP Fukuro wasn’t the only craft in the BACC’s congested airspace. The Logistics Wing was firing on all cylinders today bringing personnel and equipment from across the Empire. Fuyuko had been monitoring their operations from her datapad for most of the flight. The glass of single malt whisky neat in her other hand was just another perk of flying Star Army First Class. As the shuttle touched down in Hangar 1 with a barely perceptible hiss, she downed her drink and joined the cue of disembarking senior officers.

The vertigo she’d kept at bay for months hit her full force as she surveyed the red panels swarming the shuttle. Those were her troops. So was that gray paneled Shio directing a team of orange paneled logistics specialists. Over their heads she could see the Super Kawarimes of the 17th, Pathfinder Squadron, still sporting their livery from when the Resurrection was the flag. She’d have to get that changed. She would have to get that changed. As her booted foot hit the deck, the reality that everything in this hangar, and in all the hangars had become her responsibility fully settled onto her shoulders.

Stepping away from the disembarking VIPs, she waved over the soldiers who weren’t engaged in pressing duties. To make up for her short stature, she floated up a bit. Addressing her little group she said, “Hey, crew I’m Matsumoto-Chui, the new Air Boss on station.” She paused surveying the faces of the assembled crowd for some sort of reassurance. She made eye contact with a gray paneled Minkan Chui. He didn’t seem very impressed that a woman the same rank as him had been placed so far above him. You and me both, buddy. “I suck at speeches, so I’m not gonna make one. Or any big promises. Just know, none of you would be here if you didn’t know your shit. The same goes for anybody else joining you. Looking around, it looks like you’ve all been kicking ass, and once ops tempo picks up, we’ll have even more ass to kick. Ganbatte ne!”

Dropping back to the ground, she stuck around and mingled for a little. This might be one of her only chances to leave a good impression on her enlisted. Overseeing a department numbering in the thousands, even understaffed, she doubted she’d get many opportunities to talk directly to the rank and file.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Shuttle Bay One

The Sprite’s jet black heels clacked in precise, elegant fashion as she made her way down the resplendent palace-style passageway, before turning into a sliding doorway to enter the shuttle bay as a Fukuro-class vessel touched down in the middle of the Hinomaru symbol at the center of the hangar. Clad in her mint-paneled Type 42 Duty Uniform, complete with tights, the Type 35 Skirt, and a pair clear-framed glasses centering her bug-eyed features, Ayenee Lisse made for a starkly analytical, if even administrative presence in spite of her rank. Her focused aspect did not bely the paperwork being filled out in real time via her digital mind and the communicator in her left hand, performing the rote, yet important work of marking those who were present as such and verifying that what was documented in the papers lined up with what was happening in reality, within reason of course.

However, such work did not demand so much attention as to prevent Lisse from taking in the regal, white-paneled figure of the Taisho herself, who stepped inside the shuttle bay accompanied by her retinue. Even the simple act of being in the Motoyoshi Clan leader’s presence caused the Sprite’s heart to race inside of her bosom, her caracal-style ears twitching with elation as she worked.

From there, Lisse’s attention shifted to the new Air Boss as she gave a brief speech to her subordinates—those technicians and personnel responsible for managing the Battle Of Ayenee Capital City’s small craft complement. As a Clerk, such duties were not her burden, so the Sprite merely did her best to ensure that she didn’t get in their way.

Once she finished processing those who had arrived aboard the shuttle, Lisse took a deep, calming breath, before moving to approach the Taisho.

“Ayenee Lisse-Hei, reporting in.” The Sprite began with a precise, surgical salute, her caracal-style ears shifting upward as she did.

“Welcome to the YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City, Taisho.”

YSS Mazu​

A yacht transferred passengers to a Fukuro shuttle with the VIP configuration. It bore the livery of the Mazu as well as that of the First Expeditionary Fleet, with a flag detailed across the bottom. When it set down, there was a lag of a few minutes before the hatch opened, revealing Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi and her second in command, Motoyoshi Kaoru already standing and waiting. Their conversation continued after she bowed in return to the deck officer that hustled over to meet them.

"I feel like checking in on Mazumi. We can review transfers and personnel from there. I'd also like to hear more about your ideas for modifications, we can always get crews in before we depart. I have half a mind to include a garden space in the arboretum, firstly, but-that can wait." She found herself switching to verbal greetings, the more busy soldiers they passed, and those that stopped to bow or salute were given a salute in return before they finally left the frenzy of shuttles, logistics ships, and crew coming and going behind them for the lift. It was as if the Norians had not been packed in like a bento at all so recently.

As they were alone, she decided to try to sneak a little pinch to Kaoru's behind, just to get a rise out of her.

Soggy Hole

"We're here, Minato." Akina called up to the bridge, "We're heading to the Hole."

In no more than a minute the pair entered and the Taisho's face lit up as she took in the extensively improved lounge. "Now this is something you'd think would show up on a Chiharu. I really approve of the name." Already she was pulling up personnel from the short list, much of the crew had been transferred off, but she was glad to have the few that she did, especially Kaoru. They had never been given enough time together, and serving with her provided a chance to really get into it at least when they weren't on the bridge. Two musicians and a Mazu. "We should celebrate, things are proceeding apace. I wonder if there are any sparkling drinks? What do you have, Mazumi-hei?" She bit the desire to call her chan at least for now.
Soggy Hole
Mazumi looked up as she heard the doors hiss open, for a moment she considered asking the Technicians to edit that sound, maybe make it sound more… sexual, but she knew that wouldn’t be appropriate. But nevertheless, she was pleased to see who had arrived. “Konichiwa!” She said with a bow to the Taisho. Sensing the other much older woman’s tone meant she had to be polite and used her hand to indicate the drinks. “I have set up Red Wine, and White Wine the last of Chateau Hanako’s drinks until they could make new ones. They also stocked the ship with Moon’s Nectar which I believe has been created by your cousin, the Seventh Princess, I have sampled it myself, and it's delicious! For food, I have some snacks, and sweet buns. These I have created myself so I am very sorry if they taste horrible, but I do have some cookies and crackers if you’d prefer” she told the two of them as a waiter brings them what she had prepared.

Mazumi was nervous what if her sweet bun was disgusting? She didn’t like the idea of grossing out Kaoru or Akina. Both had been kind to her since she knew them and since she transferred to her new body. Mazumi was also pleased she liked the name of the lounge, and was happy to see Akina loved the improvements she’d made.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Shuttle Bay One

Yaichiro, who had accompanied Katsuko on the shuttle along with her other staff, wordlessly flanked on her rear right and stayed with the group. His eyes regarded everything with a clear interest and an intent to remember, especially since he fully expected to be tinkering in various random places in the vessel in his time off. Simply put, having a high rank had never broken him out of certain habits. The rank and file aboard could probably expect to be scared half to death by a Shosho randomly popping out of a Maintenance Conduit now and then.

Shosho. That was a rank he didn't think he would ever accept. Breaking into the Admiralty carried with it a new brand of responsibility that he had never been certain he wanted. He had even declined it when offered it earlier in the year due to his seniority, which in and of itself almost seemed like a computer error. Didn't you need the Empress' approval for every promotion to Shosho or higher? And an explicit position to be assigned to? Well, Katsuko had come to him with the said role, and he couldn't decline this time. So here he was, returning to the Chief of Shipyards role in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet after almost fifteen years. He couldn't help but hope he would do well, his previous holding of the position doing nothing to ease his silent nervousness. Things had changed greatly since those days.

At least there was a Tokyo-style shipyard custom-added to the vessel that he could tinker with. He had to consciously reject the idea that Katsuko added that with him in mind. She could go overboard to accommodate him sometimes, but that was too much even for her...right?
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YSS Mazu

“You are,” Kazumi’s voice echoed a little on the empty bridge. She was on the main level inspecting the stations. Even after the KFY technicians finished their work. On the command level, she’d checked, going over each thoroughly and pausing briefly to look toward the ship’s avatar.

“And looking like you’re in a better mood.” The weapon’s station was now finished.
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YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City ("The BACC")​

Back in uniform, back in the swing of things, the Taisho didn't want the usual interruptions of her arrival on a ship to be the foot she got off on. It was almost like she had planned that when Matsumoto-Chui slipped over to introduce herself to some of her new deck crew. Katsuko observed the Flight Control Officer from a distance, she then turned to Yaichiro, "Kage-Shosho," she addressed him formally, this was a Star Army ship after all, "I will send you a couple of things, you should probably go down and check-in with your Shipyard crew, Gemini just finished the modifications I requested and I'd like you to make sure they got it right," she said as she unlocked the work orders for the newly promoted Rear Admiral and her beloved fiance. He was likely in for a bit of a shock in regards to what she had prepared for him in comparison to the rather cushioned assignments given in the past. // "See you at dinner,"// she smiled bittersweetly and communicated the last bit telepathically and took her hat off, and tucked it under her arm.

A few steps, just a few more steps, she issued to Matsumoto-Chui, "I know you have a lot to do, let me know what you need Chui. I will see you in the Wardroom," she then set three scheduled appointments to ensure that the Chui would be scheduled to take dinner with her and the rest of her staff later. She had her eyes on that woman, she had identified a certain disposition to her that could one day be honed into the greater sum of its current duties.

“Ayenee Lisse-Hei, reporting in.” The Sprite began with a precise, surgical salute, her caracal-style ears shifting upward as she did.

“Welcome to the YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City, Taisho.”

"Th-," Katsuko paused and then turned to look at Lisse, "Thank you Ayenee-Hei," she said as she looked up the service record of the sprite, she recalled having given orders for her to finish her basic training, "How is that training coming along, you all set?" she questioned, hopeful it had all been completed. She needed a good clerk, and at the moment the sprite had been created to fill that very gap. The joys of peacetime cutbacks and personnel being shuffled to reserve meant that sometimes the ships had to create their own sprites to fill duty rosters. The adorable clerk, Lisse, seemed like a cute little thing, it made the corners of the Taisho's lips perk as she observed how the young soldier carried herself.

Will make a separate post for Mazu half.

YSS Mazu​

The look on Kaoru's face after that 'savage' attack on her ass was something else, had someone thrown a cat in the shower? She huffed and followed behind the Taisho and her suddenly returned stepmother, "So off to the Soggy Hole, and in terms of modifications, there are a few that could be made. Mazu just loves her insides being re-arranged," she gave a little spice back, sliding in the wording just to be sure it would be known Minato would undoubtedly have input when it comes to yet more modifications to her. She was kind of relieved not to be the one in the chair, yet having Akina there was not much different than having Katsuko there. At least with Port Jiyuu coming she could spend her off time at her own home.


"Hai, Taisho. I will meet you there," Minato replied to the Taisho.

Minato grinned a little, "I'm in a better mood, Mazumi seems to be in a better mood too. A few cosmetic changes while you were on leave. The Taisho wants everyone at the Soggy Hole, guess you will have a chance to see for yourself Motoyoshi-Shoi," the avatar said to Kazumi in reply with a smirk, "I'll hold the lift," she said, and did just that. She held the door open as she waited for Kazumi to join her. "I hear there was some drama during leave, wanna fill me in on the gossip?" she asked the Motoyoshi cadet, in hopes she would get the juice on the Taisa's meltdown.

Soggy Hole​

Kaoru sat down on one of the stools, "I like the new lounge, and Mazumi you're looking absolutely amazing!" the Taisa said as she joined the Taisho and the Lounge Mistress. "Do you have any of that new fizzy water? Sorin got me hooked on it," she said. The Tasia filtered through her messages as they all talked, she had a tonne of work to get done now that they were back on the Mazu including that new ask from the Taisho in regards to the modifications. It was good she was a multi-tasker, for some reason she couldn't help but formulate how she would use the Mazu's soggy hole in a song.

Katsuko to Akina​

Katsuko sent a text-only message to her wife:

"We should probably put together a team to go look for Tio, joint Wardroom on the BACC tonight?"

YSS Mazu​

Soggy Hole​

"Is that right?" Akina felt herself giving Kaoru a conspiratorial grin and did nothing to suppress it. "Well we should include a talk about those modifications also. Does she like rearrangements as a party or should you and I book different sessions at first?" There was all sorts of fun to be had with Kaoru aboard, and she was happy to have her, the effort spent was more than worth the cost to her. Not only did she respect her ability, but she liked her personality.

One thing she had to keep to herself was that she and Katsuko both had a fire she found very engaging, but she knew Kaoru at the very least would hate to hear that she thought such about her. At least the look on her face from the lift was completely priceless.

As they looked about the amazing decor, she agreed with her XO as she slipped into a bar chair next to her, "I'll have the white for now, pretty-hei. I'll try your hot buns too, I'm sure they're at least as delicious as they look." It slipped out, what she was going to call the Caretaker when she entered the room. Oh well, given their time together during Fireplace, she reasoned it would not bother her, or she would find a way to tell her if it did. They were acquainted at the very least. Soon, she hoped, casting a glance to Kaoru, moreso.

"It definitely makes for a good party and event space."

Akina to Katsuko​

I was thinking of sending Clan agents when he didn't show, but if we can get him back with our people yes, it's a good idea. He's already in trouble anyway. I am not so sure he's just being difficult, any longer. Akina sent back in the same text format to her wife, adding, Love you, blue <3

The Soggy Hold​

Mazumi blushed deep red when she was called Pretty-hei. Ever since she’d transferred she’d received similar compliments to her new appearance. Pretty-hei, Kawaii-chan, Lounge Mistress it was all so new but with new body came less mistakes and issues. She wished she had transferred to her new body sooner. “Thanks, Ma’am!” She couldn’t help but wonder if the both of them knew the real reason why she got a body transfer. Fortunately, he didn’t dwell on he thought as she immediately got their orders for them. White Wine for Akina, and a sweet bun and the fizzy water Kaoru mentioned. It took her a moment to realize exactly what Kaoru was requesting so she got that for her too.

She had a glass for the wine and water ready for them. With that done, she turned her head o Akina again. Mazumi remembered her from that mission during Operation Fireplace. She hoped she did her duty well. “Hai, I’d love to see this place as a space for parties and events. I’d also taken the liberty in setting up a special volumetrics which causes some of the décor to change, to suit events such as Weddings
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YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City ("The BACC")​

ISS Haru no Hanabi​

The bed shifted as the blue skinned occupant turned into it, clutching a volumetric of her love. “taaachii.. miss you so..” she mumbled as she slept there completely unaware that the true owner will soon arrive to take the ship to the new flagship of the fifth fleet. Her face buried into the volumetric chest of her love as Yue slept on. Hanabi and Hanako worked diligently to make sure the ship was operational and functioning for their guest and the owner of the ship. Though ships sensors picked up on Tachiko’s soon arrival so the two hurried to greet her when she did.
YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Shuttle Bay One

Lisse’s caracal-style ears twitched with elation as the Motoyoshi Clan Leader acknowledged her greeting. The Sprite’s big, mismatched eyes visibly widened when the Taisho inquired as to the status of her training. It went without saying that Lisse could not have been happier to know that a figure as legendary and esteemed as Katsuko invested such care in those under her command. Of course, Lisse had little reason to think that the Taisho might do otherwise, but considering the fact that she was only one out of the thousands of crew on the Battle Of Ayenee Capital City, Lisse felt like Katsuko’s attention was the greatest of compliments.

“It is going very well, sama!” Lisse replied, her voice rising in pitch as her excitement bubbled to the surface. “I’m learning a lot. Yesterday we had a virtual tour of the personnel management office at Fort Minori. My tour guide had the prettiest freckles and she showed me some of the oil paintings in her office! She’s going to have one of them delivered to me!” The Sprite gushed aloud. “She also told me how she keeps morale up in the office with birthdays and events. Gosh, she even gave me makeup tips!” Lisse finished, a wide grin plastered over her features as she did.

“I apologize if I crowded you out, Taisho.” The Sprite said with a short exhalation, upon realizing that she was on the verge of babbling. “Did you need me to escort you anywhere?”

YSS Mazu​

Kazumi offered a thin smile while joining Minato on the lift. "Unfortunately I don't kiss and tell when it comes to my sister." her smile widening just a fraction. "Besides, I'm sure you'll tease it out of her if you work at it. Or one of the others."
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"Acknowledged, Taisho." Yaichiro said, donning professionalism on-ship but returning the smile with a less melancholic one than he'd been given. He fully expected a work/home devide when they were on the same assignment, after all. There was no need for Katsuko to be concerned about splitting from him for them to do their duties. Was it because it'd been so long since he'd been tested? Reading and responding to the orders as appropriate, he then gave a light bow before breaking from Katsuko's entourage and sending //I look forward to it.//

The first thing he would go down and do was check on the status of the BACC's shipyard. It was based on the one from the Tokyo, so he knew exactly where to start looking once he managed to meet with his team. Knowing how Katsuko worked, it was likely that he'd find a few familiar faces...
YSS Mazu
The Soggy Hole

Her arrival to the YSS Mazu had gone smoothly and without fanfare thus far. After stowing her duffel bags in her assigned cabin and checking her appearance to make sure that she was still presentable (according to her standards), Savannah Madsen made her way to the Soggy Hole. It didn’t take her long to arrive, and upon entering she found herself inside a luxurious variant of the standard crew lounge, with colorful, moody lighting, a luxuriously-stocked bar, and a view to space that was to die for. A smile tugged at the corner of the tiny Nekovalkyrja’s cyan-glossed lips as she took in the area, until her gaze honed in on the wavy, full mane of dazzlingly red hair that distinguished the figure of the Captain from the others. Next to her was the shock of dark purple hair that marked out Motoyoshi Kaoru, who was not only the Mazu's First Officer, but was also the all-too recognizable leader of Midnight Infinity!

Fanning herself in anticipation, Savannah approached the bar, before offering the Captain and her XO a pair of deferential bows upon her arrival.

“Savannah Madsen-Kohosei, present and reporting!” She delivered in a formal, yet cheerful tone. “I hope I’m not too late~” The tiny Nekovalkyrja added with a soft, playful giggle, sensing that this wasn’t quite as formal an introduction as she would have expected!

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​

The Taisho just smiled as the young soldier told her about her experience. It was much different from when she was created. The Star Army had changed a lot over the years, and this sounded somewhat better than her original introduction to the universe around her. "I'm glad you're enjoying it. When you have completed everything let me know, so we can get you to Santo Hei and on the regular duty schedule, " Katsuko said, excited for Lesse and her new experience. "I'm headed to the bridge, please lead the way," it was not that she needed instruction or an escort but it would be an experience for the sprite and she didn't mind the company.

Katsuko to Akina: 1900 Ward Room on the BACC, bring those you can count on.

Katsuko to all tagged BACC Crew: 19h00 Ward Room 01 - Mandatory Dinner Briefing (@Toshiro) ( @Locked_0ut ) Don't forget to settle into your quarters.

Yaichiro and Matsumoto-Chui had both settled into their element, Yaichiro was headed to the Shipyard and the other had just settled right in with the launch crew and her duties. She had noticed that they both had just bounced into work so she sent a few crew tasks to the enlisted on hand to take their luggage off the shuttle and to their cabins. The rest of the assigned crew was still set to arrive, and Katsuko was anxious to see all of them in action again.

YSS Mazu​

Minato and Mazumi​

Minato led the way towards the Soggy Hole when they left the bridge, the lounge was definitely a hit with both the officers and the crew. "Alright, well if you won't tell me the juicy bits on your sister, why don't you let me in on what you did while on leave?" The platinum-haired Neko grinned, still hoping to at least get some gossip out of the young Motoyoshi. Thankfully, she was in on a lot of the gossip on board, it kept her busy in between her duties. The lift hummed into motion headed toward the deck where the Soggy Hole was located.

The Soggy Hole​

"Oh I'm sure she will be up for whatever it is you have in mind, so long as it's a skilled pair of hands," Kaoru winked, then opened her can of fizzy water. "I could use a skilled pair of hands myself, I think I need a shore leave from shore leave, thankfully Sorin is going to be living in my apartment on Port Jiyuu," she added with a laugh. The stress of the family situation had been rough on her. "Thanks, Mazu-Hei, everyone seems to enjoy the new place and you seem happier. I wouldn't expect any weddings from me - I've resorted to dating men we find in escape pods," she laughed a bit nervously.

She quieted her voice a little and asked, "What do you think, Taisho, about this stuff with my brother? I know we've held off the official recall to duty to avoid AWOL situations, but what do you think happened to him? Think he ran back off with the terrorists?" Kaoru knew it was a sensitive issue, but it was after all on the minds of everyone. Tio had not checked in at all during leave, and it probably would not be long before it became official.

Sorry for the short post, I know things are a little slow right now. We're waiting on a few people to post who were assigned to the ship. But feel free to interject and do some exploring or settling in stuff.
After chatting with some of the crewmen from Hangar 1, Fuyuko finally managed to extricate herself to have a quick word with Yashiro Shôshô, the man she’d fangirled about construction mecha with. One of his CAMIEs stomped along in the distance going about some task or another. She wondered how he felt about seeing his handiwork become such a part of daily life.

Despite their difference in rank, Fuyuko expected there would be a slight overlap in their areas of interest. While shipyards were his, anything trying to take off or land from them was her issue. “Yaichio Shôshô,” she said, catching up to him and snapping to attention. After waiting for him to acknowledge her, she continued, “Do you have any personnel requests for the shipyard docking crew? That or any preferences for flight paths and docking procedures? If possible, I want to prioritize certain flight paths for more high activity hangars, primarily for Escort and Logistics Wings.” She stopped herself before she turned her questions into an entire briefing.

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole - Akina​

The Taisho relaxed in her seat and crossed one of her legs over the other. First she examined the bun like it was some kind of test, then took a little bite of it, turning a little smile towards Mazumi while she tucked into it. "Oh, these are great. I'm sure we can host most things here, it would be a shame not to. If there is a wedding I would be surprised if at least some part if not all didn't occur here, if they don't choose the arboretum. If you haven't already, you could plan a few samples for events there to browse through." Akina took a delicate sip of the wine and it made her shoulders lift up and fall like someone was inflating her. "If you think so, Kaoru. Pretty-hei, you're always welcome to swing by my quarters if you want to have some fun, and get rearranged." A titter of amused but pointedly amorous laughter followed. She had to give her the chance to just not show, after all. She was in a command position, and for a very long time had to make it clear there would be no repercussions for anyone not interested. If anything, that had become second nature. When she was just an armor pilot that could repair her kit, she didn't really have rank on anyone. They died a lot, though. It was a fair trade.

"Really? Well let me know if you need backup! You just have fun and blooow off-...some steam." She leaned towards Kaoru to listen to her quietly, giving her reassuring pat on her thigh. I was speaking with Katsuko about that, actually. It's not gone unnoticed. I was really hoping he'd show on his own, but given we've not picked up anything from counter-terrorism? The probability other things are at play has risen. It could be that, though if he did run, where to? There are too many variables for my comfort now. There's a meeting tonight if you want to help. I trust you implicitly, after all. She thought to her with encryption, while still speaking to her.

Once Savannah arrived she swiveled her seat and bowed slightly forward. "I recognize you from your dossier. Welcome aboard the Mazu. I am Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina, this is Motoyoshi Kaoru, your XO. I hope you're ready to learn so much that your head will feel stuffed." She promised her, "Have a drink, Mazumi-cutie, I mean, hei, is getting everyone settled. The others are on their way as well." She gestured to the empty seat on the other side of her.

Akina to Katsuko: We'll be there!
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