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RP [Retconned] Hitting it from The BACC and Having a Mazu

YSS Mazu​

The Soggy Hole​

Mazumi smiled very happily and toothily as Akina complimented her bun which pleased her, before she turned her attention to Kaoru as she spoke first to Akina, then to her. “Hai! I am much happier, and I am pleased that I got to take this spot for the lounge. I’m also pleased that I could try my hand at construction, or rather reconstruction as it were.. I also understand that both big sis Minato and you had a hand in getting me my assistance, right?” Here she indicates the drones assisting with delivering the drinks to their customers ” I’ve said it to Minato already but thank you for that!” She said before turning her head to Akina, as she once more called her pretty hei. “I do like the idea of fun, though I am not sure what you mean y rearranging, but I have heard gossip about a special duty involving you, and would love to participate, in fact my sister is also looking forward to it too” She said

Soon Savannah arrives and from Akina’s words she realized this was a new crewmember which pleased her. “h..hai! If there’s anything you’d like to drink, let me know, We do have an assortment of fruits and crackers for a snack too, or these sweet buns I’d just made.” She said and handled her drink order before turning to Akina. “Pretty-Hei, and Mazumi-cutie, you really think I look pretty and cute? Big sis Minato practically destroyed the sound barrier when she saw me leave the ship’s hospital, and Kaoru-Taisha said I looked good too, same with the Bully who thought the same. You know.. Taisho, if you keep complimenting me, I might not make it” she teased jokingly.

Her head suddenly turned to the doors, and she saw Minato arrive, the doors opening to allow her and Kazumi. A big smile formed on her lips. “Ah! The Angel of Gossip has arrived! Anything I can get you to drink, sis? And you as well, Motoyoshi-Shoi?! ” She asked the two arriving.

A member of the crew soon caught her attention as one of the waitstaff ad arrived with an order of drinks. Akina, Kaoru and Savannah would have heard them call Mazumi, Lounge Mistress, which caused another small blush to appear.
ISS Haru no Hanabi, Yamatai Orbit

Tachiko's reunion with Yue was, despite the latter's excitement for the former's return, brief and with little ceremony. "Hanako-chan, we're behind schedule," Tachiko was literally running from the shuttle bay to the bridge, and hopped into the captain's chair after only the briefest of hugs and cheek-kisses to her cute, blue-skinned Clan-mate and shipmate. "Yue, you take co-pilot? Been practicing?" In order to take the personal ship aboard the Izanagi flagship, she'd had the Takeda Fleet-provided crew reassigned, so that only Motoyoshi were aboard. "Resurgence got into port way after schedule. We're going to miss something important if we don't hurry!"

Streaking out to the edge of the system as fast as the upgraded Princess-class's sublight drives could handle, Tachiko was visibly nervous. She hadn't been back since she'd deployed on the Resurgence, and only then for a brief period of time as she'd been out on the Mazu before that. But more than anything, she was desperate to get back to the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet, the fleet where her career had begun seventeen years before. "We're going to fold in three, two, one..." Haruhana Hanako, the ship drone, activated the system, while Tachiko smiled at Yue, "Hold on to your blue!"

Some time later

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City, Large Craft Bay Four Approach
ISS Haru no Hanabi

"This is Kitsur~. Ah... Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Tachiko Chūi, bringing in the ISS Haru-no-Hanabi to the VIP Large Craft Bay. Transmitting clearance from the Taishō."
ISS Haru no Hanabi
YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City, Large Craft Bay Four Approach
Yue had been over the moon to see her beloved Tachiko back again, but it was unfortunate that their reunion had to be brief. She wanted to cling to her Tachiko the rest of the day, but they had to get to work. The ship needed to move to its new home, so when Tachiko took off running, Yue flew after her and got into the co-pilot seat. “Hai! I have been, mommy trained me, and Hanako and Hanabi were kind enough to help me study. She felt the harness run over her bare skin as she’d sat there, and the ship began moving away from the planet. Yue was full of giddiness, sitting beside her love, feeling the harness strap her bare naked body to the seat. She felt things, but she ignored them as she focused.

Soon they’d arrived at their destination, and quickly she pointed out a small fleet of blueish ships. “See that ship? I designed her, I don’t know if I told you and sent you pics in our last message session, but that's Daikoku an Agriculture ship, I’m proud of it, and its variants.” She said as she saw the VIP large craft “I’m really looking forward to sleeping with you again” she said to her after a while.

Tachiko sent her message, and she waited for them to give approval. Yue knew that Tachiko was assigned to the YSS BACC so she thought they might let her sleep in her quarters with her. But being that she was a civilian and not military that might not be possible.
"Solid copy, ISS Haru no Hanabi," transmitted the professionally board voice of the Air Traffic Controller on shift. "A team's on standby for a quick security sweep. We promise to to be gentle. If you have any maintenance requests or cargo to unload please log them with Kristiansen Shoi. If you don't have any questions, I'm transmitting your approach coordinates now. Welcome to the Ayenee, Ma'am."
YSS Mazu

Shuttle Bay
Mae stepped off the boarding shuttle with a small frown carefully giving her uniform an unnecessary tug as if trying to put the immaculate uniform back into place. Giving the room a quick glance she took a breath to steel herself before reaching out through her vesper in an attempt to interface with the ship, a habit she had not yet broken. "Damn" She muttered softly in Nira'las. Reaching back behind her back she retrieved her newly issued type 36 communicator and tapoed it once to bring the volumetric display to life. A few quick taps as she started walking briskly towards the ship's lifts opens a line of communication to the Mazu's A.I.

"Mazu Minato? This is Shoi Kohosei Maestitia reporting I have just arrived on board and am on my way to my quarters to deposit some personal effects. Should I report directly to the bridge once I am prepared or..?" she offered expectantly in a soft spoken but respectful tone before sending the message.

Upon reaching the lifts she pressed the call button and waited expectantly for it's arrival taking another deep breath and fixing her gaze forward, squaring her shoulders as if to brace herself. Once the lift doors slide open she stepped inside and pressed the button to take her to the crew deck on the display the corner of her mouth twitching slightly from it's usual passive expression. Shifting the small bag she had hung casually over her shoulder she gave the strap a small squeeze, inside were some of the few remaining keepsakes from home she had left as well as a few pieces of her standard kit she had carried with her just in case.
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YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
Shuttle Bay One -> Bridge

“Yes, Taisho! I will take you there right away!” Lisse said, her voice rising with excitement at the prospect of visiting the Ayenee’s bridge. Ears twitching, the Sprite’s pale features were flushed crimson as she turned to lead the Motoyoshi Clan Leader out from the shuttle bay, her heels clacking as she made her way across the polished black surface towards the exit. From there, Lisse led the Taisho to one of the internal transit systems, before mentally directing the KAMI to take her to the deck where the bridge was located.

Within minutes, Lisse found herself approaching the reinforced Zesuaium doors which led into the bridge. This time, she didn’t need to give any directions or authorizations, as the KAMI immediately recognized the Taisho and correspondingly, the doors slid open as if of their own volition. Taking a deep breath, Lisse glanced back towards the regal figure behind her, an implicit question in her wide-eyed expression, which sought to know whether or not the Taisho wanted to lead the way inside!

YSS Mazu
The Soggy Hole

“A lemonade and crackers, please Mistress. Thank you.” Savannah answered the coral-paneled Caretaker, having caught on to her title in the context. “I love your hair, by the way.” The bridge bunny added with a playful smile. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Mazumi’s hair and how it covered one side of her face in such an elegant fashion!

Floating down into the seat the Captain had gestured her towards, Savannah turned her attention back to the Captain and her XO, when it hit her that she was about to have a drink with Midnight Infinity’s lead singer and perhaps one of the most decorated power armor pilots in the Empire. Nervously shifting in her seat, Savannah unconsciously ran her left hand through her cyan hair, before clearing her throat as her digital mind set itself back on track.

“I’ll make sure to keep up!” Savannah resolved. “I can’t wait to start.” She added, and it wasn’t a lie. In serving the Star Army, she was following in her mother’s footsteps from a journey which had started on the YSS Kaiyō. The cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja hoped to do credit to her mother and perhaps far more.

YSS Mazu

Shuttle Bay​

Maestitia's communicator reacted instantly to her query, the ship's MEGAMI computer pulling up a map with a guided route that led from her quarters to the fleet's more dazzling new lounge. "Welcome, Cadet. Shosa Mazu and most of the bridge crew are meeting in the ship lounge. Attendance is encouraged. Please follow this guide to meet with them. You may use the chance to report in." Displayed in text to her. Additional information about her cabin assignment flashed up: the deck below the command and flag suites, one door down from the lift, which meant it was one of the more convenient quarters to have, and all her own.

There was an added note that informed her she was allowed to request drastic modifications and/or furnishing changes before the fleet left for the Colonization Initiative. It was already darker, and colder in there to match comfortable Norian norms as well. A few technicians passed the junior officer on their way from working in a room down the corridor into the elevator, offering a verbal greeting of, "Hello ma'am." As they went by her.

The Soggy Hole​

"Perfect, we're happy to have you. I see you're a legacy member of the service. We have quite a few of those on board, and even more in the fleet. I'm sure you can trade all sorts of stories." Akina replied to Savannah.

Her eyes wandered back to Mazumi as she smiled through another taste of the bun. "Oh, that? It's true. I don't make anyone though, in case the rumors skewed a little toward the unsavory. I'd be happy to count you and her on the list, if that's the case though. You do know I'm talking about keeping intimate company, right?" The Taisho had a healthy Nekovalkyrja sex drive, and as well known as she was for being anything else, what she was like inter-personally was no secret for those that knew her or served with her. It's easy to spread a rumor when you do not promote it, but also do not hide it.

"It's a long-standing pleasure of mine, but essentially I establish a few rules, it became more and more important when I started being higher on a command chain. Our duty always comes first." Her warm smile turned from Mazumi over towards Kaoru, then she looked to Kazumi and Minato's arrival and turned it to them as well, it was a welcome sight. It made her think back to fond memories the 5th Expeditionary Fleet.

"I definitely was behind a desk too long." She thought aloud.

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​

"Taisho on the bridge," Ayenee-Shosa announced as Katsuko arrived on the bridge for the first time, she did take the lead. The crew paused in their duties and gave regard by standing from their stations until Katsuko gave a gentle nod as she graced the carpeted floor with her presence. It was a little strange after being gone so long, she was a little nervous - which was weird, she had never been that way before. "Thank you for the escort, Ayenee-Hei." she stated, "Good luck in finishing those studies, I look forward to putting a new rank pin on you," She smiled before she regarded Lisse's sister.

She thought of something as she descended down to the XO's station which Ayenee-Shosa occupied in the absence of Eri. "Ayenee-Hei," she said as he turned back, "Why don't you remind the others arrived to check into their cabins - I think everyone was hasty to get to work, but they should be settled ahead of time," Katsuko issued before she joined Sayuri. For an update on the BACC.

"Your other daughter just arrived," Sayuri updated the Taisho, "...and of course welcome to the Ayenee ma'am," the platinum-haired Nekovalkyrja stated.

Katsuko to Tachiko - Welcome to the Ayenee, come to the bridge after you get settled. I've given clearance for your guest as well.

YSS Mazu​

//"Thank you, mother,"// Kaoru responded in encryption as well as not to interrupt what was going on. She was worried about Tio and already regretted how she had informed everyone about his MIA status. His initial duties on the Mazu had been performed well during their first mission. She couldn't understand why he would run when he was in good standing finally.

Kaoru sipped her water, and gave a smile to the newly arrived Savannah, "Welcome aboard, Madsen-Shoi," she said with a nod. The Mazu seemed to be a popular destination for cadets like her and it would be interesting to see how the crew shaped up. For now, though she left most of the talking up to the Taisho, after all, it was her ship now. She couldn't help but giggle a little at the topic of Mazumi and Akina's conversation, she said, "Behind the desk or on top of it?" she gave a keen grin, "Don't worry you will like the command chair again, mom says you're a natural."

Minato took a bow as her sister so accurately welcomed her, after all, she really was the Queen of Gossip, she straightened her posture rather sharply though when she saw the Taisho and Tasia also at the bar, "Welcome aboard Shimizu-Taisho and Welcome back Motoyoshi-Taisa," she said, then answered her sister, "Latte, the usual. By the way, I have Tachibana-hei fixing plumbing problems in one of the officer cabins," she gave a knowing smirk as she sat down at the bar.

YSS Mazu​

Mazumi blushed at being called Mistress, but she pushed that aside and nodded her head. “Lemonade and crackers coming right up!” She said and smiled as Savannah complimented her hair. She took a plate and carefully spread the crackers on it so that they didn’t crack while also making sure no cracked crackers had found their way on the plate. The plate she placed in front of the newcomer as she spoke to their captain and XO, before getting her a lemonade in a glass. That too was placed in front of Savannah”here you go! Enjoy!” She said before she continued the conversation with Akina.

Turns out the rumors were true, but she didn’t make anyone do it however. Mazumi thought about it and she honestly wanted to keep the intimate company as it was with her. Akina also explained a bit more about the rumors, and Kaoru piped in with her comment, causing Mazumi to giggle a little. “Well.. The only question I have next is whether we should arrive naked, or in our uniforms?’ She asked her.

Thoughts and images of Minato and Mazumi arriving naked as the day the were created arriving hand in hand. Would make an interesting sight to behold.
Mazumi nodded her head and went to get her usual latte order. Minato would probably notice how quickly she was and how good she was doing since the body change. ‘I was just telling Shimizu-Taisho, and Motoyoshi-Taisa about how you broke the sound barrier when I walked out of the hospital” she teased her sister gently. Before her sister shared some news that caused a giggle fit. “Hahaha, I heard gossip about that, the plumbing problems I mean. Sounded bad! and it sounded like more than water was coming out too, Poor Dear.” She said with a smirk, though Akina, Kaoru, and Savannah would likely get the impression that Mazumi was very pleased about this news. Mazumi also gave the impression that there was something about the name Tachibana-hei that gave the impression that the Lounge Mistress disliked her.

Once Yuuki posts I’ll do another reply with Yue
ISS Haru no Hanabi, Bridge

Yamatai to Jiyuu was restful, at least, once the ship was underway. Some catching up with Yue, and finally, finally able to cook once more that she had access to her own kitchen. Being forbidden from the kitchen was near to actual torture for the Nekovalkyrja of culinary pursuits who set the menus for Takeda House. There was time for a few seafood-centric meals of Lianja haute cuisine, eaten not just with Yue, but also with (Haruhana) Hanako– Tachiko had even specially ordered the Mimicom avatar for the Hanabi's Destiny AI as the ST model so they could eat together, after all. But, most of Tachiko's time was spent training in the gym and volumetrics chamber, her other passion besides cooking, and the one that took the most of her time. She could wirelessly handle her Yugumo business when working heavy bag drills or doing leg lifts or bicep curls, so Tachiko considered gym time to be some of her most productive.

Once docked with the flagship and the yacht landed in the large craft bay, however, it was once more again back to the rush. Hanako (the Mimicom ST Avatar) stood at the top of the ramp with Tachiko's Star Army duffel and a polite, professional smile. Tachiko only had time to give Yue one last hug and tell the both of them, "Yue, Hanako, take the Hanabi over to Port Jiyuu and dock. You'll be coming with us, but docked over there to keep this area clear. Yue, you're in command, as usual. When you get to port, you'll be taking the Takeda Fleet crew back aboard, so make sure all the paperwork is in order. Okay, I love you!"

Tachiko released Yue from the embrace, smiled as she bowed to them both, and turned to the full-length mirror she'd installed by the airlock. Always, always Tachiko triple-checked herself for any defect or gig in her uniform, hair, and overall bearing. Bodysuit, Type 42, check. Type 37 Field Jacket, check. She couldn't believe she was wearing Fifth Expeditionary Fleet rank and insignia for the first time in 15 years. She ensured her NSP was seated perfectly in its holster, and ensured the holster was positioned properly on the belt, and then, finally, ensured the belt was proper. Jika-tabi were pulled up and no had bodysuit-leg bunching up at the top. One last spin to check her hair and the jacket in back. Yes. Perfection. Tachiko stacked her posture, raised her chin, slung her duffel bag, and upon disembarking her personal vessel, once again became Motoyoshi-Chūi.
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ISS Haru no Hanabi, Bridge

Yue didn’t say anything about her own cooking or Hanako’s cooking, but she wouldn’t lie to herself, Tachiko’s cooking was the best! She enjoyed Tachiko’s food immensely, but she couldn’t help but cling close to Tachiko. Yue had missed her greatly and now that she was here with her, she didn’t want to leave her side. Yue had introduced Tachiko to her drink the Moon’s nectar before they finally arrived and had docked.

Then things went rush rush on them once more. Yue had clearance to come aboard so she wasn’t worried about that, but she didn’t like leaving her. She knew she would see her again, though, since she will be returning. “Hai! I got the paperwork set up already, We’ll be staying in the same cabin so I’ll meet you there, when I come back and likely when you're off duty tonight too, and we need to discuss the mandate I mentioned previously too once your up to it.” She said and smiled as she watched as Tachiko did her custom of making herself look presentable. She didn’t think she needed to as she thought she was amazing enough, but she didn’t say anything.
Yue watched as the door closed, and turned Don’t worry girl! you’ll be able to see her again soon. She thought before speeding her naked butt over to the bridge, but this time in the pilot's seat. “Ok Hanako-Chan, let's get her to Port Jiyu, and thanks again for being so tolerant of me.. I know was really needy before’ she said as the ship prepared to leave.

“This is ISS Haru No Hanabi, preparing to disembark to Port Jiyu, I Motoyosi-Igarashi-Jicho shall return on a Takeda Fleet Shuttle!” Yue reported with that the Haru No Hanabi left the YSS BACC and made its way to Port Jiyuu. She then grabbed some of her belongings to take with her on the trip back to the main flagship.
Port Jiyuu maintenance crews will take good care of the ship so she knew it was in safe hands.

The Azure naturist left the ship and was escorted to the shuttle to return to the flagship.

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​

Yue stepped onboard the shuttlebay,and like before she was escorted to the cabin she’ll share with Tachiko. Hmm.. I do want Yu added to the name.. Yuka, Yue, and now… hmm, what about Yuko? Would Tachiko like it? It combines Yu from my name, and Ko from her name.. Though is that acceptable?
Kazumi trailed in Minato's wake as she let the ship's avatar lead her. While tight-lipped on Kaoru, with her own life she was not wholly discreet in her downtime. "What did I do on leave?" the Neko murmured with a tilting of her head. Icy-blue hair spilled over a shoulder at giving the question some thought.

"Beyond family things? The usual?" Kazumi shrugged at her questions for answers. "My girlfriend finally had time to visit." She gave the vague answer with a scratch of one of her slowly flushing cheeks. "She avoided mother for some reason. Likes my dad since he was her CO in the past. That Datenshi and her got along so I wasn't jealous or anything."

The exhale and an uptick in her heart rate indicators of some discomfort, or likely her lying about it. "Afterward. When it was just us I, well, stuff. And things." The newly minted Shoi suddenly came down with a throat clearing and cough. All that was said and done by the time they'd arrived.

Curiosity got the better of her once inside. Still following Minato while looking one way and then the other. Familiar faces, two coming into view at the final stop. One of them, her newfound stepmother was a comfort. Yet Kaoru raised her hackles ever so slightly. Ever since that incident aboard the ship the younger of the two had become a little more ridged in her dealings with the other woman.

"Shimizu-Taisho, Motoyoshi-Taisa." affecting an air of pleasantness as she offered her greetings and accompanied them with a bow to each.
YSS Mazu

Officer's Quarters
Mae stepped into her room with an audible sigh of relief as the cool air passed over her. She had regretted trying to make it the day without her cooling suit the moment she stepped on board the Mazu. Having taken several slow deep breaths of chilled refreshing air she walked to her bed and let her bag slide from her shoulder onto the mattress with a dull thump. Checking the time on the wall display in her room with a glance a small frown formed on her lips and she started to strip out of her type 42 uniform as quickly as possible letting the small skirt drop to the floor and tossing the jacket on the bed. Reaching down she pulled her bag over to rummage through it, finding her stowed cooling suit and after kicking off her boots pulled the form fitting suit on in a rush. Stepping to her closet she took a quick moment to look herself over in the mirror doing a few back and forth turns in front of it to see how it fit, enjoying the sensation of not being overly warm as well as the fabric clinging to her. "Not bad cadet." she quipped to herself with a tight lipped smile before remembering that the Taisho was waiting and scurried to re-don her uniform, fitting the grey paneled blue top and skirt back into place and giving them a quick brush to ensure cleanliness and that there were no disorderly creases. Striding out into the corridors with a confident gait she was thankful her room was so close to the lifts and made her way inside hitting the button to travel to the lounge.

The Soggy Hole
Mae walked into the lounge eyes scanning the room to find any hint of the Taisho. Spotting her near the bar she approached cautiously and took an attentive stance a few feet away waiting for a break in the conversation to introduce herself.

"Shoi Kohosei Maestitia reporting for duty Taisho." she said in a soft respectful tone giving the woman a small bow. "It's a pleasure to be aboard the Mazu."

Reaching up she gently brushed a strand of her light pink hair back behind her ear as her right ear twitched slightly with embarrassment that failed to show on her face which she kept dispassionate and calm. Clasping her hands behind her back she took a moment to glance over the other crew members around the Taisho black eyes darting between them with the same expressionless face but, withheld from addressing them until her introductions were complete.
YSS Mazu
The Soggy Hole

“My mother gave me many stories.” Savannah replied. “I might share a few of them, but what I really want is to make some of my own.” She added with a smile.

Even so, given the nature of the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet’s mission to unknown regions of space far beyond the Kikyo Sector, it once again dawned on Savannah that it would be quite some time before she saw Hanna again. She could only hope that she survived without forgetting anything. Savannah knew that her mother had a few stories that had been lost due to such unfortunate accidents.

She wanted to tell Hanna everything when she returned.

Fortunately, the open flirting of the Lounge Mistress and the Captain pulled Savannah from the mire of her thoughts, eliciting a brief giggle escaped from the Cadet’s lips before she sheepishly covered her mouth and pretended to clear her throat. Regardless, for anyone with even an ounce of perceptive ability, the cyan-haired Nekovalkyrja’s giggle and her awkward attempt at covering it would be painfully obvious. Fortunately, the other Cadet entered the lounge a few moments later. Turning her attention, Savannah offered her newly-arrived colleague a cordial nod as her senses quickly took in the Norian’s porcelain rose-toned skin, high cheekbones, and powder pink bob cut, which combined to lend her visage an elegant, elfin aspect that Savannah found positively dazzling.
YSS Mazu
The Soggy Hole

Everything felt like it was coming together nicely, though there was no doubt that the MEGAMI had a hand in that. The admiral's eyes cast their way over to Minato as Mazumi gave her a rather vivid picture of things. Akina decided to answer Kaoru's question ahead of hers though, "First one, then the other if there's time, you wouldn't do it any differently, I'm sure! Besides, I have new options available to me." Her eyes practically twinkled like her hair as she relished the thought.

"Well, it sounds like you're more than interested. You can come with her or without, and of course, what you wear or do not is up to you, unless I have something in mind. It's more fun to see what you can surprise me with. I'll be happy to furnish you with my..." She hesitated, "...expansive list of interests from the normal to the delightfully deviant, unless you want to figure it all out on your own, kanari-chan." (pretty)

While Savannah settled in that laughter was not unnoticed, but rather than embarrass her outright, she turned the glint in her eyes and that smile on her a second as if to tell her it was okay. Once she called out to their newest bridge officer, her attention was drawn to the Norian. An even, but less severe bow was returned. Akina raised with a smile and gestured to the bar, "Find a place to enjoy yourself. We're getting acquainted. There is time while we're at port, it is easier than making time during normal shifts. Welcome aboard the Mazu, I'm so happy we have a Norian on board. It would feel a little weird otherwise, considering."

Considering the Norians settled on Akina? Wait, that sounds lascivious.

"Your hair is so lovely! Now let me welcome you all to the Mazu officially!"
A little wave ended up being delivered to the ship's avatar, "I'm glad you made it to join us, Minato."

Deciding to give a bit of an informal introduction, she placed her free hand to the rock star's shoulder and squeezed it. "This is Motoyoshi Kaoru, my XO and she's terribly talented to boot. My name is Shimizu-Motoyoshi...and Ketsurui, Akina. I would much prefer if you just picked one of the first two at your pleasure. Off-duty you might get away with more." She floated teasingly.

"I have served for quite a while, though not as long as many. My previous fleet command was the Fourth Fleet, if you don't count the last action at Nataria. Before that I was with the Fifth XF, so I am very proud, and happy to be on a joint-operation with them again. We are set to embark on a historic task for the Empire, and the rest of the crew has high-hopes for each and every one of you, as I do. It is long overdue that we spread the Light of the Empire to the mysterious regions of the galaxy." Her glass raised in a little toast, one that clearly meant it wasn't required given how quickly she took a drink.

"To let you get to know me a little better: I have been playing stringed instruments for most of my life as a hobby, but I am partial to getting my hands dirty to keep myself sharp so if you want to try to school me in armor or show me your favorite CQC moves, let me know. I also enjoy a good swim. The rest you'll have to find out yourselves." She paused with distinct pride rising in her chest at the gathered crew members, "There might be a bit of business later, so keep your dinner plans free. That's all from me unless there are any questions?" If they could figure out what happened to Tio, she would be leaving with the expedition without concern.
This post comes after the currently ongoing The Showing for Adventure Sorry if this is impatient, but I wanted them in place before we get underway next year.

YSS Battle of Ayenee Capital City​

Hemosynth Chamber​

Bubbles flitted about here and there, some coming from the mouth of the Nekovalkyrja in two of the tanks. One blue skinned, the other not, The Megami suddenly received ST data,with a request to immediately begin construction of the two. The fabricator nearby, began creating an Aether Katana, it being constructed as the Nekovalkyrja were. Information, video, and records were also sent to Taisho Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko’s terminal for her viewing when she wanted to.
The dark haired and light skinned Neko’s body twitched randomly as the hemosynth worked. Eventually the Neko’s eyes opened, one pair red, the other multicolored, a red and blue eyes. They saw the bubbles flitting about before suddenly shooting down as the liquid drained. The breeze suddenly blew, causing the blue skinned girl to jerk suddenly uncontrollably as if startled by the suddenness of it, but the other hadn’t.

Finally the tank opened and the two left their tank. The blue skinned girl glanced around, confusion on her face. Makoto-San? Where is mom, and this looks like a ship The blue skinned girl said. It is a ship, Izanagi class by the looks of it, ah yes, confirmed on this thing, as to where your mother is.. I don’t know, based on what I see, either she was the first to leave or she was never created here. Remember, we had ourselves backed up, and had that sent to be used in the ships going on the Colonial Initiative, my guess is, your mother might have been sent to a different ship but we were sent here. Makoto said, to the blue skinned girl, before turning as the door opened to allow an Emma to enter. “Greetings, Nito Hei, Santo Hei, Welcome to the YSS Battle of Yamatai Capital city. Makoto-hei, I have your Aether Katana here, though strangely I was.. Forbidden to give you clothes. Luna, Hei I have your clothes, as well as a toolbox for you.” The Emma handed the items to both of the girls.

Makoto takes her Katana and attaches it before activating her volumetrics as Luna got dressed. . Hey, do you happen to know if Kiyo ranked Nito Hei has been remade here?” Luna asked the Emma, feeling a little worried.

Makoto was concerned for her, but she knew Luna was a fully grow adult now, and likely should expect this. Luna will need to grow her wings and fly figuratively like birds leaving the nest. Makoto knew that the ninja wasn’t a mother, but she also knew Luna didn’t need her to be one. But she was surprised when the android spoke. “Kiyo Nito hei is not located on this ship, her ST data was sent to the YSS Mazu, which will be coming along for the trip.” With that the android walked to the doors. “oh, once you two have gotten ready, there is a briefing” it said.

Luna blinked “Mom’s not here, so for the first time.. Unless she can get transferred I’ll be serving without her..” Luna wasn’t sure how she should feel about that. Makoto gently patted her shoulders. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, you have a ship full of people to support you and me as well. Makoto said before adding. Next order of business.. Meet the captain or someone, and get our cabin assignments. Luna Nodded her head.

YSS Mazu​

Hemosynth Chamber​

Much like on the BACC, Bubbles flitted about here and there, some coming from the mouth of the Nekovalkyrja The fabricator nearby, began creating an Aether Katana, one from a specific plans, it being constructed as the Nekovalkyrja was. Information, video, and records were also sent to Taisho Shimizu-Motoyoshi Akina, and Motoyoshi Kaoru’s terminal for their viewing when they wanted to.

Like on the BACC, the green-haired and blue skinned Neko’s body twitched randomly as the hemosynth worked. Eventually the Neko’s eyes opened, one pair red. They saw the bubbles flitting about before suddenly shooting down as the liquid drained. The breeze suddenly blew, but she didn’t react.

Finally the tank opened, and then she left her tank. The blue-skinned girl glanced around, confusion on her face. Much like her daughter and Makoto, she didn’t remember entering a ship, but here she was, before she recollected and realized what happened. Like before an android arrived, and handed her her clothes as well as Silverlight her Aether Katana. “Kiyo-hei, Welcome to the Mazu. “Kiyo nodded, her head. Before asking for Makoto and her daughter, and like they had been, she was told that no such people were on board, and that they were on a different ship. Kiyo nodded her head silently.
Well, Kiyo-Chan, the next order of business is to meet someone about my cabin. The android mentioned all crew were to report to the Soggy Hole. Odd name for a ship location, but I think that might be the best place. Kiyo thought as she finished getting dressed and attached her Aether Katana.
Due to the restructuring of the Hinomaru Sunrises Plot - This Prelude thread is retconned from canon.