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RP [S.E.A.R.C.H. Initiative] Ch.1: Hanya Secrets


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Planet Nepleslia, Hanya
For years I've dreamed to reach out to the stars to find the unknown, to seek the answers that no one else could find and promised myself that one day I will be standing in those ruins unraveling the unknown and making sure the world, no the galaxy would know. For those that offered me their trust, their opportunities, I was a great asset and delivered on my promises. A master of engineering and deciphering the unknown. But I wanted more, reach out into the dark void of space and so I started my voyage among the stars and creating a name for myself. I might now work for Black Wing Enterprise, but my passion is seeking out contracts of finding these ruins and so I created my own archaeological team of adventures, named Salvage, Exploration, Archealogic Research in Critical Hazard operations Initiative or short S.E.A.R.C.H. actually the O requires to behind it, but I didn't like that. Yet the first big contract was placed before me by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia, so I traveled there to meet my team and find this ruin.

Location: Planet Nepleslia, Hanya, City of Ayhan.

Leaning against the side of the balcony door, Igia looked down at the harbor of Ayhan. She saw most of the landscapes being industrialized and formed towards the will of the Nepleslian people to meet their demands of resources. Igia wondered if there was really anything left of historic value at this planet, a planet that saw conflicts over the years in their lifespan of creation till now. But for some reason, the mountains at Hanya still some secrets, secrets that the government was willing to pay the money for. The contract even included the use of a transport ship, while Igia had already ordered a ship with Black Wing Enterprise, the deadline to use it was not going to reach the contract timeframe. So Igia had agreed to use the cheap ship to transport most of her equipment and team members to this planet.

Looking over her shoulder into the room that was filled with equipment and gear, in the middle was a large table with maps and old notes on it. This continent had quite the historic value, Hanya was home to a race of mostly female giants, Hanyans, that were described in legends and these old records were released to Igia and her team. The brutal truth of that historic fact is that the smaller male inhabitants of Nepleslia subjugated and ate the giants who are thought to be extinct, one way of going down. Traveling in this region was easy due to the infrastructure of roadways. This planet was beautiful once and now was shaped to the industrial image and vision of these people, maybe this was their definition of beauty?

Suddenly the door opens and she snaps out of her flow of thought and turned around with her arms crossed over each other seeing her team members entering the room "Welcome to Hanya, or specifically Ayhan. We have only briefly met per video call..."Seeing most people had entered the room "But my name is Igia Sakkarah, I am your boss and leading this team into locations we hopefully going to find. We have been contracted by the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia to go towards La Hanya. A location that is nestled in the heart of Hanya's deep mountain valley. There we are to find a little town of La Hanya that had once upon a time the main tribe of Hanyans lived. We are to find information there and get into the mountains to find the ruins of these people. Questions thus far?" Igia was a person that rather jumped into the operations, rather not make a social call with everyone.
"Quick one our fair lady; I don't suppose these giants were very nice were they? I do not wish to have my bones ground for soup and perfume powder. Any trace of them from the last few years, even further back? Maybe a giant sized middle finger or Keep Out sign? Always a figment of truth in legends of yore you know."

Seidreainne did not look like a very welcoming person. She was an odd mixture of tall and almost lanky in a quasi-spidery or fly like way but she was far from fragile. Her eyes were too sharp, the fangs that glistened when she spoke too cruel, and her build far from malnourished but toned to a sleek predatory form, one that leaned against the wall on metal-plated digitrade legs and that watched with four pupil-less, almost glowing eyes. Her slightly elongated head looked like the glistening face of an eel ready to leave its burrow to snatch an unsuspecting eel or octopi.

"Maybe it's tribal blood speaking from my uncouth heathen veins; but if they're still there, we ought to have a bit of respect for that. Modernity's not for everyone."

Granted, the tone of her words was a little odd. A large, sleek weapon clearly meant for long distance engagements was propped up beside her and a pair of weapons that would be huge in a human's hand but easily fit into one of hers could be seen attached to sides of her hips.
Genevieve - Gunny, according to the patch on her vest - watched everyone enter from a discrete corner of the room. Once she entered, she had picked just the right spot to see the newcomers as they walked in, but not be seen immediately. As far as she was concerned, that would give her ample time to draw her weapon and deal with any unpleasantries that might come up. More importantly, she wanted to know who the hell she was going to be dealing with.

So far it was looking to be some kind of freak show. The paperwork had told her what to expect, of course, but seeing their motley crew in the flesh was something else entirely. It wasn't that she hated other species. It was simply that they tended to operate in their own ways and that made her job complicated.

At least the one that had just spoken had some common sense. 'Seidreainne, if the paperwork was right,' Gunny thought to herself. She let her eyes drift to the woman's - she thought it was a woman - weapons. 'Enough sense to be dangerous with those. Worth keeping an eye on.'

The Nepleslian woman took a step forwards and gave a very brief introduction. "Gunny, Security Chief."

"Initial survey data says the ruins are clean," she continued in her gruff voice. "As much as I'd like to believe the data, we'll be treating this like we expect trouble. Gear and provisions included."

Gunny gave Igia a nod, letting her know that she had said her piece.
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Yesterday, 4:58pm
Planet Nepleslia, Funky City
Neppies, Gurrand Street

"Byyyyyaaaa haw haw haw haw!~" the booming, boisterous belly laugh of the ID-SOL behind the counter shook as he continued after hearing the order. A small, tiny figure had scuttled to the tall countertop to place an order. A cheeseburger, ketchup, pickles, hold the onion with Nepleslian Cheese vat-grown lettuce on whole wheat, or sesame seed bun. Vat-fries, and a small Dr.Baus soda, minimal ice. She'd been laughed at by the virtually 11ft tall giant for a good two minutes or so.

"Listen'er lil'un, I t'aint servin' you a big'ol burger." he'd refused to hear more after he handed her a kid's meal. But! He had given her the soda as ordered. The tiny Daur had been so nervously miffed by the ordeal she ate the meager meal in silence. At least he hadn't tried to short-change her. So much for her first few days on the planet. Though the plastic toy she had gotten had been nice.

Today, Now
Planet Nepleslia, Continent of Hanya

City of Ayhan

In'anna, yes, her name was In'anna, a beautiful name as far as her parents were concerned stood apart from her fellows. She had dressed for the cooler weather, a knit, balloon sleeved sweater done in an off shade of white along with a rainbow scarf. Her pants were simple denim and her footwear had hiking in mind. It wasn't too cold (To her), but it was best to dress for it just in case, right?

Her mind had gone back to that embarrassing moment of her life when ordering a meal once her new team leader had spoken. She fidgeted at the thought before pushing it aside whilst focusing on what the unusual female, an Iromakuanhe was saying. Her ears had perked, up and forward as her golden-furred tail bobbed slowly up and down showing interest.

With introductions seemingly underway, her tail had positively fluffed itself to oblivion upon focusing on the tall, alien being who had yet to introduce herself. After her initial fear and shock had worn off, In'anna snuck glances every so often. What kind of people did she come from? Something to stutter through later on. She still felt a little apprehensive, even as another tall female spoke in a gruff and very brief no-nonsense manner. A Nepleslian. The woman's demeanor caused her tail to fluff a little again. That was... until it was time for herself to make herself known.

The small fox had clasped her hands before her, a small animal with a cat and bunny-like features and floppy ears cuddling up against her scarf. She didn't so much as raise her gem-like green eyes a millimeter from the floor.

"I-I-I a-am In'anna, S-Suen N-Nin'urta. X-X-Xenoarcheologist." she let out a ragged breath even as she squirmed around a little after her poor introduction. Sensing the discomfort its master was in, the small ball of fur lifted its head and licked one of her cheeks with a rough, tiny tongue and a soft purr as if to comfort the shy if slightly nervous archeologist.
The last to enter was a vary tall Tsumi male, his hair and horns as black as night, his skin as crimson as blood. His gold irises gaze spoke of the noble blood he was born from as they searched the interior and company present, ducking with annoyance as he entered the room. Having dressed in more up to date clothing common among these aliens he continued to meet, Horus Averon was dressed in boots, jeans, and a muscle shirt custom made for his race of four armed humanoids. Being a member of such a warrior race, he was massive, over 8ft in height and well buffed in the muscles department. But despite such a body, he carried himself in a proper and appropriate manner, as he was raise to given his noble birth.

"Horus Averon Ae-Baerris, contracted as security chief, per request and hiring arrangements." he intoned in a deep yet well spoken voice, acting as if he had ignored any utterance of the woman nep woman across the room having stated having the same position. Horus gave his new employer a curt bow, his large bag with his gear being placed to the side with, a gentle clank given as it was set down carefully.
"Quick one our fair lady; I don't suppose these giants were very nice were they? I do not wish to have my bones ground for soup and perfume powder. Any trace of them from the last few years, even further back? Maybe a giant sized middle finger or Keep Out sign? Always a figment of truth in legends of yore you know."
Seeing the bug-like lady'ish talk made Igia not look shocked or anything. Heck, it was her that assigned her towards the team afterall and she softly smiled at the lady "The nature of the giants are to be known as aggressive, they do have a bloodline still living in that village we are heading to. I would advise not to give them a reason to get them angry, don't tell them we are here to collect artifacts as the mutual connection between the people on this planet is as thin as paper" Igia pointed out and let the lady speak again.

"Maybe it's tribal blood speaking from my uncouth heathen veins; but if they're still there, we ought to have a bit of respect for that. Modernity's not for everyone."
"That is the least I am asking, respect their culture and just keep out the mentioning of treasure hunting, I bet someone will say it...even if its accidentally. I will do my best to correct it" Igia rubs the back of her head and shrugs a bit at that. She was expecting certain friction between the people and her team, yet the idea was to stay only as long as required and go into the mountains. On that note, she was obligated to talk about that Igia made a mental note as she blinks hearing her Chief.

"Initial survey data says the ruins are clean," she continued in her gruff voice. "As much as I'd like to believe the data, we'll be treating this like we expect trouble. Gear and provisions included."
Nodding to her "I agree, the ruins are not the only problems I am expecting, the government did provide me on various teams heading to those ruins and all contact was lost. When arriving at the scene with armed squads, they found only the equipment. Suspicion is the village was behind it, but they were open and only said that they warned these people. Nothing was found" Igia pointed out as she taps on the map "It is also the location we are heading towards as the historic value is large there"

"I-I-I a-am In'anna, S-Suen N-Nin'urta. X-X-Xenoarcheologist."
Smiling at the small Daur, oh these foxes were always so adorable and cute, Igia smiled at her "I am counting on you, there is ancient alien text there that we require to decipher as best as possible. It might lead us towards rooms that we require to find" Igia looked at the door seeing the large Tsumi walking in the room and smiled "Horus!" She was thrilled to see this cute hunk of a muscled man "Watch out where you walk...there is a Daur" She made a concerning note seeing the height difference.

"Horus Averon Ae-Baerris, contracted as security chief, per request and hiring arrangements."

She rose her finger and looked surprised at Horus at the mention of being a Chief as she looked at her side to Genevieve "Heh...right....mmm" She looked down at the papers and started to shuffle around "I know I got the manifest somewhere....ehhh" And finally got the one paper and taps onto it, as she shrugs looking down and took a deep breath "I made an itchy pitchy mistake..." She shrugs and looked back at them both "I listed you both as contracted Security Chief for this assignment. It was late, had a few drinks and you know....it happens" She rose her hands to stop them both "Wait wait....lets do it this way because I saw both your records and they are ....bloody good and I need both of you in this. So....lets do it this way, I will both let you be my Security Adviser in regards of safety and everyone here will listen to you in regards of safety and in the end I will choose a chief based on your ...well performance" She shrugs a bit and looks at both fo them "We do have to go towards the village... our ride is going soon so I need a quick answer...you heard me that there is a danger and you know what...I will pay you both on Chief salary"
"I'm just the armoury lady; I'll trust your lead when we touch down. I'm as ready as any; not that I brought much. Regardless, bit of highland mountain air does the lungs well." Seidreainne bent at the knees and grabbed the hefty rifle of hers, attaching it to the back of her armour with a magnetic *CHRWUNK*. She refrained from any premature judgements on the rest of the team. It is when they touched down and got to work she'd see what they truly were beyond a motely band.
The large man frowned, "A mistake it may be, but a solution not easily I can accept. I was hired under the understanding of what my position wi-..would be. I am bound by the ways of my people, to where I will only follow those who have proven worth to have the honor. Or those who properly compensate for the position. We are a stubborn people, but the practice has merit. We also do not like being lead under falsehoods, as it is a very serious strike to our honor."

"Forgive it being such a way, but the practice has merit, and has kept our rulers in check since the fall of our world." Horus added with a small bow to Igia out of respect for his employer, "On the name of my blood, and by Saweya's graces, my two and a half decades of experience is your's to will. And your's alone until any other has proven worthy of me brandishing my blade for them."
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Just when In'anna thought she'd get a breather to speak to her new boss, yet one more figure made themselves known. With her superlative hearing, it sounded more like the stomps of a gi-, the tiny fox didn't get to finish the thought as she saw the towering Tsumi grind to a halt a short, short distance away. It was enough for the poor Daur to jump and then wrap her tail about herself. The tip of it had poofed to the point it was almost like dandelion fluff.

'W-What is it with these tall people and they're appearing out of nowhere?! she thought as she'd gone very still. In'anna didn't even so much as blink.
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Gunny rolled her eyes as she listened to the large man - a Tsumi, by her recollection - speak. She started to say something and paused, catching her words.

'Easy, Gunny - let's make a good first impression,' she thought. She chose her words a bit more carefully - which, for her, wasn't that much better.

"Fortunately for the safety of everyone here, I don't have any such hang ups. I won't see any of you getting hurt because I refuse to listen to someone who might have more sense than I do. That said, Horus, if you're half as good as you think you are, I'm sure we'll get along just fine."

'There. That wasn't so hard. You even managed a compliment.'

She smiled in her gruff, 'I eat nails for breakfast' kind of way, and looked over the room. "Now folks," Gunny began, "let's talk safety for a moment while we wait for our ride. I'm sure everyone here has had some time in the field. Don't let it go to your heads.

Keep Igia's words top of mind about how to deal with the locals. Watch your footing. More people die on ventures such as this due to environmental factors - such as cold, falls, local fauna, scrapes, and so forth - than outright hostility. The last thing you want on your tombstone is 'Died of preventable causes'. Everyone follow? Good."

Gunny checked her watch for a moment, comparing it to when she expected their vehicle to arrive. They had a moment or two left.

"If things do go sideways, don't be a hero. Horus, Seidreainne, and myself are being paid to do that for you."

She nodded, satisfied for now. She'd even left off a quip about how any enemies would probably shoot Horus first, due to his size.

All in all, things were off to a good start, as far as she was concerned.
Hearing Horus talk made Igia shrug a bit, she knew that the Tsume had honor and obligation to their duty, but this was going over the top. She noticed that the little Daur was getting overwhelmed by it all and sighs as she walks towards her and helps her a bit while softly smiling at her. She heard then Gunny take charge of the situation, it made Igia wonder if she made a mistake in regards to choosing, they both had their area of expertise, yet both have a different approach. The brief explanation was basically a more depth one to what Igia had told them as she looked at Gunny and nods.

"If things do go sideways, don't be a hero. Horus, Seidreainne, and myself are being paid to do that for you."

She had to giggle a bit at the comment of how Horus was a walking bullseye "Aww but he is quite a cute bullseye Gunny" She rubs his lovely muscles and grins enjoying it too much as Igia heard the horn outside and blinks "Already? Well, the lift is here, so let's get all the required equipment that you can carry and need with you and put it int the car. The drive is about 30 to 45 minutes and we need to be there as soon as possible. I rather not drive at night on those routes..." She states tapping Horus to start carrying stuff as everyone took their stuff and walked downwards. While this was the first contract that hit her desk, it came with a warning sign of the unknown happenings around that ruin, she took it due to the money, the adventure and the possibility to get closer to discovering the unknown. Another horn brought her back to reality and she moved quickly downstairs with her back "Yea yea wait for me"

La Hanya, 45 minutes later

The ar drive was humoristic at best, poor Horus had difficulty with the small car as In'anna was forced to go on someone's lap. Igia sat in the front and was staring outside most of the time, the reports had state of road raids or so the investigation concluded as remnants of other investigation teams were found in such condition. She kept the information from her security to make them not more on edge as they were. Luckily for them, they arrived safely without any problem, aside from the cramped car in general. Igia got out of the car and walked to the village seeing some modern houses here and there and some bigger people waiting for them with traditional clothing on that was more local taste Igia presumed. She took a deep breath and walked towards them only to stop at their front and bows slightly "Good day, my name is Doctor Sakkarah and I lead the investigation team that I believe you got informed about" She smiled softly.

"Go, home doctor, if you value your life," A man said in a bitter tone as another followed "Yea, we don't want to scrap your organs off the rocks like your previous people," another said as the elder woman rose her hand to silence them.

The tension was to be cut in the air, in a way Igia could understand their standing in this all. Yet a contract was a contract and she was there to fulfill it, she softly smiled again, not letting the sour comments get to her "Don't worry, my team is in safe hands, they are upmost able to do their job. We are here to investigate your ancestors, the ruins that were left behind in the mountains" She points in the direction without losing eye contact with the elder "We shall treat them with respect and document our findings"

The elder woman narrows her eyes "That is what your previous teams also stated, but fair I will give you the same warning as I gave those stubborn people. If you go out there, you will meet up with darkness and face fears that our people rather avoid. You disrespect them by entering into their temples, their homes. Leave them be, or face their wraith" The woman smirks "We are by definition the ancestors, you will not find anything there"

Igia slowly nods "That I suspected, a fair warning that I will take into account. But I am here for a task and I shall do so...I will, however, heat your warning and leave for the ruins tomorrow morning. My team is tired from the long journey" Igia stated and bows slightly again in respect "Good night" with that said she left the group and walked back tot he car coming next to where Gunny and Horus stood "Secure the area...I got a feeling we are being watched ...but not from here" She eyes the forest and shrugs "I want no one in the forest or anything until tomorrow" she spoke to the group "Take some rest for now, or collect information" She winks.

I will resume the mission in my next GM post, but you are free to interact with the people in the village. Do note that they are distant, cold and restrained to outsiders. I will go with the information you collect, so you are free to state anything ;)
Horus had held back the frown that wanted to curve his lips with such disdain at the words so arrogantly thrown his way. But he kept his expression neutral and serious, holding back any such similar reply. Only doing as his employer asked, taking the cargo to the vehicles now arrived.

After arrival at the village, and listening to all the warnings, it was already clear to the warrior that combat would most likely ensue very soon on this venture. As Iglia came back and spoke, Horus gave a scan to their surroundings with his golden irises, noting every location that could prove an advantageous watch point, or where they could approach the group with the least chance of detection. The giant of a man thought of every possible play he could make, and even those he may have only considered due to lower chances. It was always wise to view the situation as your enemy would.

"I will take the first watch, even in the village I do not wish to leave chance. We are exposed, and in less then friendly territory, and thus no avenue of hostility should be disregarded. I will look over our maps to observe our route to the site, as being aware of, and even avoiding if possible any ambush sites would be wise. Mountains are treacherous terrain limited in how they may be treaded. When we travel tomorrow, we should spread the defenders to the middle, rear, and front in order to cover our angles. Miss Sakkarah, I wish to look over our data on these people and their ancestors, it may be helpful in estimating possible threats, as well as possible signs to watch for on the route.", the Tsumi stated as he looked back to Iglia and what's her name, having not bothered to note it do to his annoyance with the woman.
In'anna hadn't enjoyed the ride to the site. Whomever she had sat on would've had to deal with a foxes' tail, and furry ears twitching and swaying every few seconds. But that isn't to say it wouldn't be entirely unpleasant. The tiny fox wore perfume, the scent was light, not overpowering but a subtle blend of floral and other notes. Her golden, almost platinum colored tail was soft to the touch, fluffy with a glossy coat. It was clear she took care of herself.

Once out of the car and with a heaping helping of gulping for air, the xenoarcheologist scampered to the trunk of the vehicle. No longer needing the protective goggles for daylight hours, In'anna popped the trunk and began to heave her pack out. It looked overstuffed, but somehow this diminutive creature managed to heft the large pack all by herself. Heck, she even seemed more active, energetic during the night time. It paid off being a nocturnal humanoid fox. Pack strapped firmly to her back, she paused a moment to reach around to a side pocket to pull out a data slate. Now activated, the slate synced up to her personal VCN and the InterNEP.

Already she began to download, collect and analyze any data on La Hanya, and the giants. As it worked, the fox bent the slate in half and stuffed it into a pocket of her bag. The Daur seemed to be positively brimming with energy now, the nervousness seemingly having evaporated for the moment as she tottled over to the grumpy elderly woman. By now any light would be caught in her eyes, revealing an iridescent quality attributed to nocturnal animals. She wore a small, friendly smile while staring up at the taller woman.

"H-Hello!" she stammered at first, her eagerness warring with her shyness as she dipped her head in deference. "May I ask you a f-f-few questio-n-ns please?" from the way she looked, her emerald eyes positively sparkled in the dim light while plying a well-mannered attitude toward this clearly elderly woman.
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Not GM post, feel free to respond to explore. Tag for @Soresu


At first, the little Daur gets ignored by the group of two men that assisted the elder woman. Outsiders had no business here and they were not afraid to show it. Yet the elder woman looked slightly up to see what she was dealing with. She had to admit, the creature was looking quite cute with that fluffy tail.

"May I ask you a f-f-few questio-n-ns please?"

She softly smiled and looked up to the woman "You asked already one little one, what else do you wish to know and make them count as I am quite busy as you might have noticed" She was not actually doing anything but more observing her village and the outsiders that ha camped closeby. The large Tsumi had caught her eye, yet she was not impressed with the sight of seeing such creature here.
In'anna's tail bobbed up and down almost frantically at first before slowing to a nice, even rhythm. "Well..." her stutter seemingly disappeared just as her ears stood on end and forward. Much like her four-legged namesake, it seemed this little fox was at attention, excited and curious with exuberant energy. The iridescent-quality of her eyes sparkled as she began talking.

"What were your 'ancestors' like? Can you tell me about their language?" she threw her little arms up as her tail began to bob up and down quicker. "Or a-n-anything you are comfortable with to tell me! I'm v-very curious about them and your tribe!" the Daur archeologist brought her arms down in front of her chest, tiny hands balled to fists as she leaned a little forward. The old woman had her full attention and the little fox's curiosity seemed entirely genuine. She had the itch now, she wanted to know about them. Know about them in such a way that she could spread their legacy amongst the stars. So that these once-living giants could be remembered instead of fading to nothingness and half-truths and legends.
"What were your 'ancestors' like? Can you tell me about their language?"

The elder woman waved her hand gently to stop her children to intervene "As I said to the good doctor, we are the ancestors, the tongue we speak is the tongue you hear. There is nothing more to speak about, as what you see is what you get" She listens towards the little Daur who continued to talk as the old woman started to take a better pose to sit down. Her old bones got the better of her and she refused to modify her body in the Nep traditions.

"Or a-n-anything you are comfortable with to tell me! I'm v-very curious about them and your tribe!"

"Mmm we are but a small population of the Nepleslian cultural society, we are descended from the Hanyan Amazons, our elder. We believe in our gods, drink our coffee and try to stick to our people's traditions" She laughed a bit as also sadness is in her voice "The temple your team wishes to explore is actually our more holy temple that our elder used to perform rituals to please the gods. Yet time changes as you can see" She references all the traditional industry that was clearly present.
Gunny watched the exchange with interest, keeping an especially close eye on the men. Things seemed to be going well so far, but if it came to it- well, she knew how to resolve violence.

The small girl - woman? - with the animal ears and tail was a sight to be seen. She decided that if these locals could decide that In'anna was a threat, they would have been wiped out a long time ago - either by themselves or Neplesia at large. After a bit she shrugged, deciding that she could shift part of her attention elsewhere.

"Horus, Seidreainne, we've got gear and supplies that need to be readied for our trip. Since Horus so kindly volunteered for the first guard duty, I'll trust him to keep an eye on our researcher friend. Seidreainne, let's take a look at what we've got and see if you have any suggestions for how to secure the perimeter."

She motioned with her head towards the aforementioned supplies and started to walk that way. In the back of her mind, she was wondering just how far she should trust Horus' plans. It was one thing to be nice, but another entirely to let people die because of it.
In'anna's tail continued its bobbing as she listened. So this was the language the giants spoke? The fox took out her slate. The tappa, tappa of tiny fingers on such a large pad was audible. She was taking notes, her ears twitched in time to the sound of flesh on the synthetic materials of the slate. Nodding with a Hum, hum while documenting the last of what the elder spoke of.

Looking up from her work, her curiosity had yet to be sated. "If the temple is your most holy site, I would feel bad just entering it without permission." her words sounded truthful as did the look of apologetic remorse upon her countenance. Suddenly her face scrunched up as she thought, then nodded once more.

"I-Is there a way for me to enter their temple peacefully without forcing entry a-a-and not offending your g-g-g-gods or your t-tribe?" she asked, looking hopeful now. If there was a way, she would prefer to do so peacefully and not force the issue. "I just wish to ensure they are remembered." nodding enthusiastically at this, these amazons deserved to not fade away. But to live even if only in textbooks or on existing displays. The march of the industry about the place caused her to pause from further questions as a hurt look overtook the bubbling excitement, curiosity, and determination.
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"If the temple is your most holy site, I would feel bad just entering it without permission."

The elderly woman shrugs at that notion as it was a bitter taste in her mouth "People come here to take our temple for granted, I warned them that the temple spirits of old would come to haunt them. They ignored our warnings and now prisoners of old" She takes a deep breath and sighs a bit "Yet you are the first person to ask permission where others didn't ask at all" She softly smiled at the little Daur.

"I-Is there a way for me to enter their temple peacefully without forcing entry a-a-and not offending your g-g-g-gods or your t-tribe?" "I just wish to ensure they are remembered."

This little one was trying her best to respect their beliefs, their ways, and their traditions. She looked with her big eyes at the little Daur eyes "Enter the temple with clean and pure thoughts, do not lie, do not sway for its tricks. Lust will be your biggest temptation. Stay on the path of right and you will find the light" She gave the woman the riddle as she stood up slowly "Now little one I have to rest, these old bones are not as they use to be" She softly smiled once again. Yet her eyes did notice the other woman walking towards the outsiders supplies, she was always watching.
In'anna waved to the old woman as she left. That itch of discovery tickled the back of her mind even as her heart swelled at the aspect of being able to work in such an environment. Such was the case that her tail was standing up, the golden furred tip puffed up. If anyone knew of her mother tongue they'd be able to venture a guess that she was brimming with excitement. So much so she positively skipped. Her whole demeanor seemed to change as she spoke of her work. Her timid nature had melted after speaking to the elder.

Hefting her pack, the smol fox placed it on the dirt and began rummaging in it rather close to Horus. In'anna pulled a rather large, clear bio-plastic bag out of the pack. Inside were huge strips of dried, smoked meat, essentially jerky. Her tummy had begun to grumble so this was a nice treat before dinner. Pulling a hefty strip out, In'anna began to gnaw upon it until she saw the towering Tsumi. Jumping a bit in surprise, In'anna looked up at him with a bit of a nervous glint to her eyes.

She pulled forth another piece of the smoky, spicy jerky and held it up to the thickly muscled male even as her hand shook as she did so. It always paid to be polite!
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