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RP [S.E.A.R.C.H. Initiative] Ch.1: Hanya Secrets

"Seems you're used to noisy visitors. Doesn't feel far from home personally." Seidreainne said off-handedly to one of the giants watching them. Truthfully, she found it hard not to sympathize with them being from a society that even after its great expansion was still seen as backwater and primitive in spite of its technological and sociological advances. Was that really a bad thing though? They hadn't chosen the path of grand star-spanning empires and profit driven ravenous hunger. If that made them backwaters, so be it.

She turned to the Nepleslian but nodded at the giant before she followed her. It was hard not to think about the fact that they were probably in the sights of whatever sinister force these indigenous folk had mentioned. The giants didn't like them but they weren't threatening them either. This likely wasn't the first time they'd seen outsiders here.

"Someone should ask them what this darkness is; methinks folk myth turned maneater. Feral, intelligent, and waiting for the cover of night or for us to move over into the tougher terrain where we're less mobile - that's what the swoopers did back in my homeworld, hill sliders and drop snatchers as well."

Her homeworld was long that technology and militancy had long since tamed yet the deep valleys and craggy mountaintops still were the domain of the savage and untamed. As an exterminator, she'd learned the ways of steppe, cliff, and predator well. As she moved towards the supplies, her various eyes scanned the highest areas of terrain. It was difficult to see clearly even with the magnification granted by her armour but she couldn't help but feel that they were being watched.

As she approached the pile of supplies however, she began to quickly rummage with little care to the mess she was made. Boxes tumbled, crates clattered, and even a few spare weapons tumbled here and there.

"Observation equipment, multi-spectrum, and anything that can track motion or even scent. Once we get moving, whatever's out there is going to notice. We play it dumb; see them but don't acknowledge them. Best way to get a drop on an animal that knows you're coming."


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La Hanya
The next morning...

The team had a quiet evening, nothing big had happened and shifts had turned in between the two Chief Security Officers. Igia gets out of her made-shift tent and yawns and placed her hands at her side. She took a deep breath and had some spirit to get going for this temple that was now so close and in their reach. She did make a mental note of it that the villagers were still not pleased to have them around, making an awkward smile and wave to them as she turned towards the equipment and walks towards it. The others had worked quite some effort into getting this ready...she blinked however and leans forward to it opening a cracked open box. The box contained communication equipment and it was broken or partly gone. She shrugs and leans forward onto the box as she took a deep breath and then looked at her side seeing in the mud some prints, of hands and feet it seemed going away from the location "Well...damn" As her eyes stopped at the car that had a flat tire.

"Could someone explain to me how our equipment is being wrecked and our car is no longer operational?" Igia slaps the side of her leg and shrugs again "For crying out loud...okay this is not going to withhold me from getting to that temple" She said to herself and walked towards the car and hums a bit in agony of being annoyed. She wanted to blame someone, but the act was already done and the damage is there.

"We warned you that they shall resist and that your presence is not welcome here at Hanya. GO home ..." A villager spoke in spite of what has been concluded by Iga.

Wanted to now scream out fo frustration as Igia simply looked annoyed at the villager "We are going to that temple, EVERYONE GET READY TO LEAVE" she said with a bold fist and walking back to her tent to get it packed. After a short, while she had her stuff packed and into her bag and placed it onto her back "We will walk, I am not going to let this dream be folded that easy..."


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In'anna awoke to the warm rays of Core, Nepleslia's star tickling along her short coat of fur. The fox had been awake for a decent portion of the night scampering here or there, the flash of cameras and almost inaudible tapping of a tablet as she worked. It was her first dig after all and she desired to document these early findings. Though as she worked, the old woman's words kept coming to mind. Even as she turned in for the night, having built herself a little hammock she hung from a tree. Daur like herself usually liked to sleep in high places. And she was no exception.

By the time she'd hoisted her pack up and hung it from another nearby branch, she had yawned whilst pawing at her eyes before restful sleep took her.

And now here she was, the first day of the dig, the Core's rays kissing her fur with blessed warmth. Having curled herself into a ball in her hammock, In'anna unfurled, yawned, and peered below at the Iromakuanhe female vowing to make it to one of these people's holiest of temples.

Now more or less awake, In'anna climbed down from her bed, untying the hammock and lowering her bag from its branch to the soft earth. Touching down on the ground, the small archeologist gathered her things before making her way to fellow teammate's vehicle. The rays coming off Core made her squint more and more, her sensitive eyes began to water before she put her goggles on. The little fox gasped as she surveyed the damage once her eyes had stopped smarting.

Had the villagers done this? Or was it the spirits, the dead come to curse their journey to one of their holy sites? With a shudder, she realized that it was more from the thought of such a thing than the morning chill. Still, though, she shared the Iromakuanhe team leader's desire to continue despite this setback.
"What a wonderful start. I sure love having my long, gangly, specifically evolved legs for strenuous sustained physical activity. What about you folk?" Seidreainne turned to one of the villagers, the same one that spoke. "Do you like these long morning hikes as well? Lovely stuff. I love them. My team does too, yes."

She had to admit, she was a bit irked but a part of her grinned. Truth be told, she'd been in a similar situation before but her actions had been far more severe against extraterrestrial visitors. It was the sort of thing you usually ended up being put to trial in front of unmarked ditch for, that was if the natives were the sort to uphold their laws with 100% rational detachment. Such a thing was in short supply among the tribes seeing their land slowly taken from them.

What wasn't was Seidreainne's energy. Her annoyance faded fast but the idea of exploring on foot this strange new land awakened that wandering hunger in her head, the sort that activated whenever she saw a mist-swept trail or a sprawling old forest.

With her bags packed, the digitigrade tracker tapped Igia on the shoulder.

"I'll take the point-woman position, scouting up ahead if need be. You just worry about keeping everyone in line."


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Gunny rubbed at the bridge of her nose in frustration. The discovery of the wrecked equipment urged her to point fingers, to claim that someone, anyone, else was to blame for the incident. She knew it wouldn't be productive to do that. She also knew that if she said anything that the words would come spilling out. She was getting along so well with the Tsumi co-chief, too.

The last thing their budding working relationship needed was for her to point out how much he'd screwed up.

She poked and prodded at the mess of parts a few times, then leaned down to inspect the tracks.

"Feet and hands?" she muttered around the metallic thumb tip she was biting. The prints were humanoid enough, but this suggested something very primitive. So how did they get past the perimeter checks? And whoever had been on post when this happened?

Gunny stood and looked at the others. Had one of them been involved? Unlikely. Given their group's unusual makeup, she was fairly certain that none of them would even remotely match the prints.

She walked to Igia, who was getting everyone rallied. "Beyond the obvious, I'm not sure how our things got so wrecked. Seidreainne had motion sensors setup and a watch rotation was established." Gunny kneeled down a bit and lowered her voice. "I'm not suggesting that we should back off, but we should be careful. The natives are more dangerous than they seem."