• If you were supposed to get an email from the forum but didn't (e.g. to verify your account for registration), email Wes at [email protected] or talk to me on Discord for help. Sometimes the server hits our limit of emails we can send per hour.
  • Get in our Discord chat! Discord.gg/stararmy
  • 📅 May and June 2024 are YE 46.4 in the RP.

Scheduled Maintenance - March 21

Star Army's host will be moving us to a new server on March 21. They say there will be no downtime but I am telling you there might be because I will need to take some actions to keep the site running.
  • IPv4 will change and will need to be updated in DNS/Cloudflare (potentially causing loading issues)
  • Customizations to PHP will need to be installed again, historically this disrupts push notifications from the forum until I install the GMP extension back.
  • During the upgrade process our main server will not be able to talk to our database server so the forum temporarily will be offline.
In the event of website unavailabity, use our Discord to stay updated. It will be a busy day but it is just for a day so buckle up and hang in there.
Reminder: The server move is scheduled to occur today.
Star Army is now on our new server and everything appears up and running! Enjoy our new faster SSDs! 🙂
Just as a note, the downtime yesterday, support from the host said essentially that there was a conflict of IP address assignments (which may have been caused by the custom IP we had) so basically the new server IP we got was not applied. This is why, when I updated to the new IP as directed, the site went down, and also why I couldn't get it back online despite trying several things, and why when I had the settings right, it gave us a redirect error (basically the IPs were pointing at each other in a loop). It wasn't until the host had fixed the IP glitch on their end that the site was accessible again.