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Separa'Shan update and improvements

Separa'Shan totally-not-Diwali "Festival of lights". Perhaps celebrated on their liberation day? IDK, need more Separa'Shan religious/cultural stuff.
Separa'Shan, even those who don't have rattles, often shake the end of their tail when they are stressed.
Due to their lower energy requirements, a healthy Separa'Shan can fast for up to a year with no noticeable effects. Fasts lasting months are not uncommon. "Forgetting to eat" For a Separa'Shan is not eating for more than a week whereas for others in Yamatai it means not eating a meal.
Somehow I ended up in the older parts of this thread where Legix said Yamatai chose to preserve Essia and hasn't "promoted" Essia, and it seemed like such a weird take that I can't believe I didn't respond then. I disagree completely. The ideas that Yamatai has decide to come in and change Essia is entitled and patronizing. The reason Yamatai hasn't isn't lack of interest or neglect, it is out of respect for Essians to control their own destiny. If, after hearing tales of the outside from Separa'Shan SAoY veterans, they decide they want Yamatai to give them a tech boost, then Yamatai can and will. Preserving them like a museum was never a policy. Essia has its own voice and needs to figure out what to ask Yamatai for.
So my perspective is that Nagashun and Emperor Useu agreed on a 'hands off' policy for Essia. This led to it's slow development, small garrison, and allowance for some civil wars on Essia. However, over time from it's discovery to the occupation, it was overall getting tech from Yamatai and integrating it into their tradtional culture. A example of this is the Essia Monetary Exchange, which had the goal of fully integrating the Essian economy into Yamatai's. The occupation resulted in the changes accelerating greatly. During the occupation a space elevator was built around Essia and Ssinisa. They were also tied into the freespacer gate network. Second, freespacers are allowed to live there and own some parts of the system. After the liberation, the previously somewhat unwelcome Star Army presence was now very welcome and wanted. Himitsu Star Fortress was relocated to the system. The occupation also resulted in a huge Separa'Shan diaspora across the sector. With the medical advances, and only 'adult' Separa'Shan being counted in census population, their population is expected to explode over the next several years due to the lower death rate of children who were born after contact with Yamatai.
Seapra'Shan ears are long and pointy because they can be used to tell if a Separa'Shan can fit through a small opening.
Talked to Maddie about some Separa'Shan stuff (edited for clarity):

Soban — 09/22/2023 1:27 PM
As adults, I think Separa'Shan have effectively human vocal systems. It's their children that don't. This leads to a weird effect in their language where words that a child are more likely to say have simpler and more hissy words. Whereas words a child isn't likely to use have more complex vocal range.

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:29 PM
I'm imagining Separa cussing is intentionally more humanoid in ways that children can't mimic.

Soban — 09/22/2023 1:29 PM
Also I read this in the Bobiverse serves, but I like it because it applies to Separa'Shan too.
Basically, humans solved the 'not enough brain' problem by giving birth prematurely to as big of a brain as possible. However, a species in the book does it a differently way, coming out pretty much fully formed, but with a brain that 'grows' over time.

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:30 PM
That does work, and increases survivability whilst decreasing the parental support needs.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:31 PM
So Separa'Shan children are fully functional in terms of being a Snake, but aren't fully intelligent (like at dog-ish level). They become fully intelligent at their ascension.
This is part of the reason why Separa'Shan parents typically aren't worried too much about their kids. Because they are fully capable of handling things at a animal level that human style children aren't

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:32 PM
That would make sense. I mean, have fun trying to convince Ali of that, but you know how that goes.
The same Ali that would probably be posted up right outside the incubator just to make sure nothing happened with the kids, and would probably fight Naga'Shun if she even looked in the general direction in the wrong way.

Still figuring out how strong Ali's maternal instincts are especially with infants, but she does have pretty much zero regard for her own safety as long as her team's okay normally.

I'd expect that to be turned up to eleven when kids get involved.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:40 PM
Sacre is probably going to have fairly strong maternal instincts for a Separa'Shan and certainly stronger than her own parents (Sacre spent most of her childhood literally in the untamed jungle). But like that probably means she's going to put trackers on them and let them wander all over a park designed for Separa'Shan children to live in.

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:47 PM
Aye. Let them run around and play. She'll also happily set up pools and play with them. And definitely agree with the trackers. But it'd be one of those nightly headcount things and worried nervous overworking herself whenever she doesn't quite know what's going on or something's gone slightly wrong. Plus showing up to work with a bunch of Separa kids asleep in her backpack and warming up on her body heat.

Straight down to figuring out how to tell them apart and making sure they know their names before they make it a week.

But goddess help any perceived thread.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:48 PM
Separa'Shan probably don't have orphans, not because parents don't die but because Separa'Shan children can take care of themselves.

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:50 PM
Makes sense. They definitely have orphans. Just no orphanages. They don't need them.

Also still love the image of Ali on the bridge with one of the kids in her shirt. Head poked up on her shoulder just chilling.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:51 PM
Probably, I imagine that they are very curious and happy to go/get anywhere

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:52 PM
I imagine Sacre's been auto tagged on a MEGAMI project Ali wanted to be a surprise.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:52 PM

Madison Ešterra — 09/22/2023 1:55 PM
Hybriding Separa and Senti genetics would be tricky. And Ali can probably carry at most three at her age, but doesn't mean she's not trying and learning to get Megami to do most of that legwork.

The conversation when Sacre finds out promises to be endlessly entertaining.

Soban — Yesterday at 1:56 PM
don't think it wasn't at the back of her mind during the Senti project


Soban — Today at 1:02 AM
I suspect that Separa’Shan family structure is 'vaguer' than ours.
In that vein perhaps someone who taught/fed you can also be referred to using familial words.

Madison Ešterra — Yesterday at 3:30 AM
Aye. Which would make teachers and day care people important cultural pillars.

Soban — Today at 1:06 PM
I think Separa’Shan brain development happens as they grow larger. So a young Separa’Shan is fairly small. As the braincase grows so does their intelligence.

They are also like sponges for knowledge and learning during their childhood.
There may be some rare Separa’Shan who don't go through Ascension and are just large smart snakes. This also means the language they speak is a bit different as well.

Madison Ešterra — Today at 12:37 AM
That makes a lot of sense! I like it!
Also I can see Ali calling pre-ascension Separa kids "wigglies" and always having treats for them within a couple days if they ever visit Essia.

Soban — Today at 12:58 AM
There are a lot of them right now...

Separa’Shan are having a population boom.

Madison Ešterra — Today at 3:38 AM
Yup. Cause Yamatai's medical tech doubled their hatch rate and the child mortality date's down.

Madison Ešterra — Today at 3:47 AM
Much joyous.
Lots of overpopulated schools.
Many babies eating anything they can wrap their heads around.
Ali: On the town with a small crowd of young teenage Separa kids following her knowing she's going to blow her spending money on treats

Sacre: I'm not adopting them.

Madison Ešterra — Today at 5:35 AM
Let's see... Hotel on Essia...

Ali's been feeding the local kids...

She's warm. Sacre's soft.

Snakes have a way of getting anywhere...

Yup. Confirmed, Ali and Sacre are waking up to a bed full of noodles.

Hope Mari's not afraid of snakes.