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OOC Service to the Free State OOC


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This is for the SFS plot OOC. Everything not IC and not GM-provided information goes here.

I want to be clear up front that if you have a question, ask here and if I don't reply quickly, PM me. That is the best way to avoid mis-communications.

At the same time, I also want to let everyone know that character death is always possible if you screw something up. For newbies, I will generally try to point out what the consequences are but veteran players will have slightly less leeway. New players - that is not license to screw up. You may get warnings but if you or your character don't learn, the consequences are on you.

That said. Everything is possible. Treat this like an open world where you can literally do anything. Want to shoot on instinct without orders? Go for it. Want to tear apart some random crate cos you think there's something there, go for it. I encourage creativity and initiative from players. Laura will give orders but she will generally tell you what she wants done, not how she wants it done. Bernhard will serve more as someone who can point you along the right way if you need a hint.

I will be using this first post to talk about things more generally and lay out what's the current situation OOCly with the plot. This will be your stop for quick info.
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Admin notes:
  • Stickied SFS's OOC threads
  • Added special thread prefixes to make the Service to the Free State's IC and OOC threads super-obvious.
  • For those of you wondering why the plot is running in Nepleslia instead of Open RP like other new plots have been:
    • Sigma's plot had special requirements that made Open RP not work well for him.
  • For those of you wondering why the plot doesn't have its own subforum:
    • It will soon. Sigma is just running it in Nepleslia for the initial mission.
      • Once the plot earns its subforum by completing that thread, the plot's threads will be moved into a shiny new subforum.
I am leaving tonight for Singapore and will be unavailable for some time. Due to the nature of time travel, I do not expect to post until Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest
Due to the ongoing work with the forum restructuring, Service to the Free State has been given its own subforum early to keep it out of the way of all the archive work.

Enjoy your shiny new subforum!
I was writing my response, and I just realized something. Do nep soldiers have access to basic stims? Im not talking about crazy alien or future combat stims. But stimulants such as tablets designed for over extended operations and the like? Or are we primarily looking at SPEED! and THRUST!? ha
I think a slightly better question would be are they provided by the military, and who, specifically, would be responsible for that? Is the brass okay with their use (I'm thinking so, since some power armors in Nepleslia will drug their users).

Also, unless they're considered contraband, I'd think Nepleslians would be able to bring almost any personally purchased drugs aboard without issues (and even if they were, they could still be smuggled onto the ship).
Never had that question arise, honestly. Not sure how to rule on it since it's kind of a faction wide policy question rather than something left to a GM's discretion. Perhaps @Koenig808 has thoughts.

EDIT: Waiting on Aendri to introduce his character. Then we go. If your character hasn't gotten into armor or whatever they need to protect themselves from vacuum, I suggest you do it soon. Otherwise, you're going to running around with whatever your inventory says you're wearing.
@Oscar_Geare: Phase is 8' tall right now. Phase is taller than most of the people there. Nor does anybody (except maybe the corporals? idk) know that Phase's current body is simply an exosuit. Please correct your post when you get the chance.
Apologies, I didn't realize this was a forum of its own, been looking for it in the Open RP. I might not be able to throw anything up tonight, but I should be able to do it tomorrow.
Hey guys, sorry about the slow posting, tomorrow I will jump in all the threads, Christmas was just a lot busier this year then anticpated!
So much for that plan ^

Can't make one before my time travel flight tomorrow. Will try to make one before the new year but... no guarantees. Time travel is a funny thing.

Hopefully, nothing will happen as I fly over the Pacific. If anything does, I am counting on @Koenig808 to rescue me with pineapples.
Hey Sigma, as everyone can see I posted. Now I just want to confirm with this post there is a) enough distance between the doors that the action is possible and reasonable before she gets mobbed . B) That there is enough distance between the crewmembers with torches and engineering that she does not put team 2 at risk. It seems like there should be.

I will edit my post accordingly if I am off about this
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All I will say is to consider what Laura Romero really means when she says weapons free. I think she's been very clear about the nature of this military operation. If you need a reminder, read my posts on page 2 & 3. @Deathevn