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Star Army Medical Administration Working Group SAMA-WG

I like this.

This is something similar to the "Star Army Medical" I've alluded to why my own NPC Doctor. I'm glad to see something formalized in parallel and plan to make use of its if it's ever developped further.

I'm happy to see Doctors getting more clout this way. Star Army Personnel are tenaciously difficult to take care of when they actually do need help! :)
I like it to, it makes sense to me that SAMA is a stand alone organization, it would also have educational value (linked to training department) and would Field medics fall under here (emergency services)?
SAMA would be responsible for training and certifying EMS as well, I would say.
So, since Yuuki seems the most interested in this, I'm going to put them in charge of SAMA on the OOC side.

One suggestion I have is SAMA also can serve as the "VA Hospital" service of SARP and provide care for Star Army veterans as well as current service members. This will give its doctors and staff more experience.

Another idea is a section dedicated to identifying and preventing the transmission of diseases. Did you know the Star Army has a special, secret force for disease control? https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=stararmy:units:task_force_75
Oooh Nice Task Force! I had had something similar about the VA thought too. I need to get my ideas I shared in channel on here too
SAMA gets more -sama. Hopefully they do a better job than the real VA and CDC. You can look at my Star Army Training Administration reform proposal wiki if you want ideas for schools.
ok! Sounds good!

For the record, the VA treats me very well. I am often surprised considering what I hear from everyone else.
It might depend on age and center. The one I have been to has some older ones always complaining about the treatment.
Here are a couple of my random notes from Discord

So there's the YMA, Yamatai Medical Association, which is a voluntary but de facto mandatory professional association that sets standards of care and training, with de jure recognition by yamatai law. it is civilian inasmuch as anything in Yam is civilian and the SAMA Star Army Medical Administration that is responsible for implementing those care and training standards in the SAoY as well as staffing command officers in hospitals on garrison ships big enough to be quasi garrisons
SAMA should give training paths for people going into the medic fields. I always figured that with Basic, they were given training for stabilization in the field for injuries, but tougher stuff would kinda be outside of their experience levels. I feel like SAMA should be a secondary school for those in the medic fields to give additonal training for things like a heavier focus on treating field trauma, or even on ships.

Like Wes said, have SAMA oversee the VA and the Military hospitals, which could double both as places for doctors and medics from ships to retire/spend stints at, and as a place for training kind of like a residency. Medics can go to ships straight out of basic, but some time in the hospitals would be kinda looked at as finishing school to become certified for full sponsorship from the group, kind of like how a SAINT agent has to go for additional training.

SAMA can also teach courses for mental health too, both to help medics and doctors deal with mental trauma in the military and for retired vets. There are plenty of Neko still alive that more than likely have PTSD from the first and second Mishhu war, and this could fall in line with some of the stuff that Toshiro is pushing for with his character.

SAMA can also help with the research and development of new tech for medics in the field, which would help them out with things, and CDC work as well.
Given the timing and that Sage referenced it, I feel like I should link to this thing being considered and possibly at risk of stalling/being altered due to IC : https://stararmy.com/roleplay-forum/threads/to-byujura-niniko.63146/

Yaichiro has been told that IIS is responsible for veteran care and was trying to work between them and Tahamagane (They own VCE) for a broad mental health program over VCE via SYNC (or SACN if applicable) for refugees and soldiers that might, in time, go to the wider public. Katsuko, brought in as his superior in the Army and in his new role in Yugumo Corporation, is concerned about the implications of some non-Ketsurui Zaibatsu group working with Neko and Minkan minds and the permissions /laws related to that. She called in Yui.

That's where we stand right now. Tagging members of that conversation for their input. @Ethereal @Nashoba @Andrew @Wes
Corporations never get to tell the Star Army of Yamatai what it can and cannot do.
Chaplain(Priest/Miko assistants?)/Ship Counselor occupation is something I can work on if you want.
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Ooh yeah. What are our Deanna Trois Wes?
It's not that any corporation is saying what the Army can/can't do. It's what the Army/Government will allow the corporations to do/how far in the mental care they're allowed to go. Yai was never imagining memory editing as being part of the process, but I could see how it could progress to that, making it the territory of the Ketsurui.

Would the Army/Government instead change the route things are heading somehow? Would it be SAMA and some civilian version, or a blanket thing? Would Tamahagane, being a Nationalized company, be trusted with the VCE aspects either way?
yeah the line kinda does blur there, I mean where does Ketsurui/Tamahagane/Motoyoshi end and the Empire begin?
From my limited view of the world, I always thought the Ketsurui was the empire and everyone else is just paying rent.
"We've got contractors doing this work now. Are we gonna bring this work back for government employees to do? Split the work? Chop it up somehow?"