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RP The Kyoto Debate Club Sessions


Well-Known Member
RP Date
10 October YE 40
RP Location
Clipper-Nogara Debate House, Imperial Archives, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai
(OOC: The following takes place in the Imperial Archives' Clipper-Nogara Debate House. It is open to all Yamatai characters, and Senators are encouraged to participate.)

This Week's Topic: International Relations
Clipper-Nogara Debate House, Imperial Archives, Kyoto, Planet Yamatai. Date: 34日 7月 YE 40

The Debate House was filled with the members of the Kyoto Debate Club and other outside interested. The topic was displayed at large above the debate chamber, and the chamber was divided into two camps over the issue. The President and presiding chairman of the Club was Yuumi Hatagora, and she stood up from the chairman's seat at the middle of the room. Raising her hand, she silenced the mumbling students and then opened up his papers. He looked around the chamber, and then said:

" Today, the Club shall discuss several issues pertaining to international relations between Yamatai and other nations, their intent, and the rights of foreign cultures and species. We shall place extra focus on the ongoing Kuvexian War. Presiding over the Xenophile group is Mrs. Hanako Kogarshima, and presiding over the Nationalist group is Mr. Harry Lowman." The two who were addressed stood up and looked around, and then got seated again.

" Our first issue is with the following statement: ' It is in our common interest to adopt foreign cultures to better their integration, and that they do so in return.' opening statement comes from Mrs. Kogarshima." Yuumi concluded. With that, he sat down again, and pointed at Hanako on his left side.

Hanako stood up, straightened her papers, and then began: " Thank you, Mrs. Chairwoman. I would like to begin with attributing some common factors in which we have benefited from foreign cultures. Let us look, for example, at our culinary culture. With the influx of Nepleslian and Iromakuanhe food, our cuisine has become more diverse and has allowed for many types of nutrition that was previously unavailable to be cultivated for the benefit of both countries. And if we look at our trade, which our economy depends upon, then our understanding of culture becomes almost obligatory to conduct good exchange. In short, Mrs. Chair, we must look beyond the simple statement that 'they are them and we are us' and that they must exist sideways. Secondly, we must understand the ethical questions of these issues. Is there a thing as an unified culture? Should we seek to understand other than bar them? And: if we do not grant them the rights, what stops them from doing the same to us? I am afraid that while it seems a simple 'yes or no' on the surface, it is a much bigger part in reality." With that, she bowed short to Yuumi and then sat down again.

" Thank you, Mrs. Kogarshima. Now, does the opposing group have any comments before their opening statement?" Harry stood up and tapped his microphone, and said: " I'm glad that my esteemed opponent started with foreign food. I for one am very happy that we have Nepleslian junk food." The team behind him laughed softly, and Hanako at the other side send out a short smile and nodded sideways. " Very well, Mr. Lowman. Continue to your opening statement." Said Hanako after silence returned.

" Thank you, Mrs. Chair. Let me begin with emphasizing that our group is not necessarily against integration. It is important that other nationalities and cultures find their way into ours peacefully. Instead, I wish to differ from my opponent by beginning with some facts. Fact 1: immigrants, at first, adhere to nought but their own culture. Fact 2: in time, immigrants will seek rather to exert their culture than to integrate in the culture of their host. And this leads to geographical segregation, despite laws that bar them. And finally Fact 3: the main cause of discontent and opposition between cultures comes from large themes, such as norms, values, and tradition. Let us look for example, at one of Nepleslian's foremost cultural identities: Freedom of Weapon Holding. In other cultures, such as our own, we understand that the right to hold a gun for personal protection is a civil right. However, we here agree that they should be reserved for frontier people, or citizens who work in dangerous environments. However, if we tell a Nepleslian that he can't hold a gun in the middle of the Imperial Palace, he won't adhere..." Yuumi now stopped him, and said: " I urge Mr. Lowman to keep on the issue." Harry nodded, and said: " Understood, Mrs. Chair. I will say in short that infringing on tradition is the main reason why integration is difficult. When one grows up with his culture, one cannot simply adopt another one. And saying that we should adopt the same them, would not lead to integration, but rather reverse assimilation." With that, Lowman stepped down, and saw that another person at the other side had stood up.

Yuumi saw the man from the Xenophile group and recognised him. " Hearing from Mr. Tom Flushing, Diplomatic Corps." The man nodded at Yuumi, tapped his microphone, and said: " I have been invited here due to my expertise on Nepleslia. And I'm hearing Mr. Lowman, and while I disagree with his point, I would like to tell him a personal story: I am a naturalised Nepleslian for almost 10 years now. I must admit, at first I had to adjust to Yamatai culture, as you said. It took a long time before my examination even allowed me to get a nationality of Yamatai. This is not the issue here however. What I think we must understand is that integration is a progress, and a two-street one at that. It is both a compromise and a duty. And in some strange irony, it is now one of my duties to integrate other Nepleslians like me. Therefore, I have to say that adopting foreign culture is important for both parties." With that, he leaned back, and the group aside him nodded. From the other side, a young woman stood up, and Yuumi addressed her.

" Thank you, Mr. Flushing. We will now hear from Mrs. Kari Oshiga, owner of Kari's Bakery." Said Yuumi. The woman nodded and then said: " Indeed I am. I've been the owner of Kari's Bakery for four years now. Since I'm a traditional Yamatai bakery, I've had a hard time adjusting to foreign cuisines. In fact, the opening statement forgets that foreign cuisines do not integrate, but rather replace other cuisines. In fact, most small time owners find themselves increasingly replaced by fast food chains. It appears as if I'm being increasingly stocked out of business, in my own town." She sat down, as the group around her nodded and knocked on their tables in agreement. Yuumi waited for them to get silent, before continuing: " Now comes the Argumentation of the case from Mrs. Kogarshima."