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Art The Polygon Art Pod

It's me, ya boi, Polyman!~

And we here for a new art thread that's hot hot hot!

Remember when people made these? I liked it when people made these.

Just updated my tumblr for the first time in a gazzillion years, mostly just getting all the semi-recent SARP stuff in the same place. But here is the more new stuff, anyhow;

Elk 44 (Actually an Ayenee character, but yeah);

Promise Greenview (188604);

Olffa (NSV Furi'Ken);

And just to prove that I'm not just making SARP characters 24/7, here is a 3D shmup game demo I was working on during the last year of uni;

Blep. So there ya have it.

Guess I kinda just posted this to reset my brain and decide what to work on next.

Whilst I finish eating this scotch egg.

Hope you like it.
Thanks Raz, Zack, Legix. Appreciates!

Elk; Actually trying out some more clean-cut cel shading with that, so I'm glad people like it. Really need to stop being a lazy doofus and just bluring stuff. >_>

Fang; Actually been thinking about that! She's just hard to get right!
You should make that into a Star Army game or make a Star Army game with this engine in it. If people have suggested it then I apologize but I think that it would look good with MINDYs and other Star Army mecha fighting the NMX, Freespacer terrorists, or rebels of some sort. Fighting on land as a Nepleslian mech or as a Yamatai mech in space I think would be awesome. Just a suggestion though.
I've considered it, don't get me wrong.

The problem is things like the NTSE and questions of what exactly I'd be allowed to use, and what I'm not. An artist might give Wes (or the relevant commissioning person) permission to spread their art on the wiki, but I'm just some rando.

Would people still want to play it if it had original PAs and enemies that were more in the spirit of the original? Probably using characters that I specifically got permission for? This would help me keep things low-poly and achievable for one person, too.
I know I would play either way. I mean if it had power armor of any sort I would play so for me it isn't a question of what power armor you use, but rather having power armor in general whether it was from Star Army or inspired by Star Army.
Make Megaman Legends but with an angsty ID-SOL named Nepleslian-SOL and have him rage-shoot holes through all the fleets of Yamatai to the sweet lullaby of HEAD ROCKING METAL underlaced with funk. His technique can be a Freespacer named Tambourinesmasher 33 and all he does is smash a tambourine whenever you load-out and transition levels.

100% original idea, only need to credit me and you can have it.
Formatted for ease of posing, with some new parts, then dumped it into an old version of the Jerboa Engine that had some experimental shaders.
Random made up neko character is random and made up.

Perhaps I should start a blog for this rather than spamming up the art forum?...

Become the robot catgirl of your dreams, fighting for Yamatai against the evil MishhuMishhu army.

Step into the big robot boots of Yona, an aspiring soldier, and her MINDY suit as she fights and blasts her way through the enemies to help her nation! Embark on a quest featuring gun battles and high-fyling speed, drama as a soldier in the MishuMishu War, and help Yona not only win but perhaps... find a little love?

(insert Yona gawking at a Hanako poster promotional art)

Get upgrades, blast harder, and win the war!
@ Legix; Nekoarmour adventure story in halycon days! (‘ω’)

@ Kai; Thanks! Just make sure you spread your own stuff around!
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It's been nearly three years...

Well, no idea what I am doing in RP or life in general. But here is some newer stuff that serves no purpose.





That's it, thanks for coming to my ted talk