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  1. Mary by Prestery11

    Mary by Prestery11

    Adopted by Wes. Named her Mary and will figure out a place in RP for her to appear. This image was cropped for content reasons.
  2. Lyndis

    Art Art Gulag [ Come get this Commish! ]

    Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO Price...
  3. Ametheliana

    Art Ame's Traditional Art 🎨📓🖊️

    I will post SARP-themed traditional arts I have done here. First up is @raz's beauty, Ketsurui Aiko. Note: I did a color test and realized I didn't have the Type 22's blue, so I decided to do a non-canon color combo.
  4. Primitive Polygon

    Art The Polygon Art Pod

    It's me, ya boi, Polyman!~ And we here for a new art thread that's hot hot hot! Remember when people made these? I liked it when people made these. Just updated my tumblr for the first time in a gazzillion years, mostly just getting all the semi-recent SARP stuff in the same place. But here...
  5. Wes

    Nepleslian Medical Symbol

    As you may have heard, the Red Cross has objected to the use of their internationally-protected symbol in games (1) (2) (3), which is why in 2008 I had the Star Army of Yamatai stop using the red cross and switched to a red diamond with a teal center and clearly marked Star Army Medical, which...
  6. Wes

    Art Zairyo Character Art Commissions - $25

    This is the new commissions thread for long-time SARP artist Zairyo. His artwork looks like this: Here's the info needed to sign up: Character Name: Character wiki page URL: Character wiki page up-to-date? (Y/N): Uniform/Clothing Reference URL: Notes: (Pose, expression, props, etc) Who is...
  7. Wes

    Vote on Delsaurian Art

  8. Kaze

    Headshot Icon Commisions { open }

    Hello, I'm Kaze! I was directed to this forum, and it honestly looks like fun! Once I get some art done, I'll definitely work on my first character! So, a good way to get to know people and their characters is to draw 'em, right? So! I made this for a friend a few weeks ago and IT was fun, so...

    DUMBOyBK art commissions available!

    Hello there! I'm an illustrator, animator and am happy to be offering my services to all you fine people here at Star Army. I was introduced via r/ICanDrawThat on Reddit where I drew Aala Dash and Meissa Nashira (original posts here and here). I am offering individual character portraits...
  10. Readlliea

    Readlliea's art

    Most of these will already be on my DA; which shares my username, before I link them here. The pictures are rather big, so I'll just put links if that's okay so I don't stretch the page. Once in a while, some might get posted as the image rather than the link. So long as I'm certain it won't...
  11. Legix

    Reddit "ICanDrawThat" Idea/Topic Discussion

    Heyo peeps =3=/ I'mma start making weekly requests for SARP on this subreddit. The reward for artists who post here is experience, exposure, and thanks... so I hope everyone helps in upvoting these threads, thanking artists (in rewards and thanks alike), and suggesting ideas. I plan to use this...
  12. Ametheliana

    Art Nepleslian Ship Art: Bison

    The Bison by Ark3nd!
  13. LittleWasp

    Art Official Wasp Games

    @Primitive Polygon mentioned an interest in me talking about my various game projects, which is something I haven't actually gotten around to showing here. Here is an archive containing three of my most complete game projects: Aghretta (My very first, and so far only complete game) - It is...
  14. Ametheliana

    Art Nepleslian Uniforms

    I hope @Wes likes these! Done by Tutti!
  15. Pancakei

    Pancakei's Mildly Decent Art

    Someone told me I should put this up here. I have a DeviantArt, where I put up miscellaneous drawings and models. I draw in a mildly cartoonish style with a love for odd shading and THICC sexy linework. You can also see some old (and some crappy) relics from the past RP and stories I've been...
  16. Ametheliana

    Art Protecat Commissions

    @Protecat is a wonderful artist I have commissioned a bunch of times in the past and it is with a happy heart that I welcome her to Star Army! Here is her commission info sheet: Characters done by Protecat for me: Now here are some examples of mecha, power armor, and backgrounds Protecat...
  17. Wes

    Year-End Festival Holiday Art Gift Request Thread

    Hello SARP! As promised at the Star Army meeting on November 16, 2016, I'm opening a general character art request thread in which Star Army gifts character art to its members. The purpose of this thread is to handle non-Zairyo art requests for the 2016 Holiday season. In this thread, you can...
  18. Wes

    10,000 Star Army Images!

    Good afternoon, Star Army! Today we surpassed 10,000 media files on the Star Army wiki, which means that you, me, and other Star Army members, have collectively made, commissioned, rendered, or purchased a TON of artwork and other media for the Star Army universe! Shoutout to member @Arieg who...
  19. The Nomad

    Art The Nomad's Art Corner

    I will be posting any art that I create in this thread. Do note, it'll mostly be on cyberpunk settings and characters, with a small blend of Japanese. Also note, I'm not a great artist. Without further ado, my first art piece of my OC: The Nomad
  20. Ametheliana

    Ametheliana's Art Collection

    I have had a lot of commissions done in the past of my husband and myself and have started to amass a collection of commissions of my characters. I thought I should make a thread b/c not all of these go on either my wiki page or my characters' pages. One of Masumi that I rlly love of her in...