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Art Ame's Traditional Art 🎨📓🖊️

For the longest time I have had this (warning: real arrow) quasi-meme in my head as something I wanted to draw. I am sure there is some kind of golden ratio going on in the picture and it was really striking. It really was something I wanted to re-draw! Shoutout to @raz for listening to me excitedly talk about this before and during me drawing it and also for photoshopping out the arrow, as it would have made me grossed out to look at the reference with the arrow for so long. You're the best, thank you <3 Saiga, raz's character, is on the left and Hoshi, mine, is on the right. I just realized some details (like SAINT patch and the scrambled eggs) are not colored in, but hopefully seeing Hoshi in a ponytail will off-set those things! It certainly does for me!
Finally a non-meme! It's Teien Eden, she is sweet and nice and it was cool to get that in an art piece! Made w/ watercolors. I am learning a lot about watercolors, for instance I put down the skin shading and was like, hope it's not too much of a contrast to the rest of her skin (because it was really dark) then it dried lol I really want to do a series of portraits of Kaiyo leading ladies like this, but I also want to draw some memes again so idk haha
One of Hoshi's original skills was, and is, painting. Years ago I was trying to decide what to JP with someone and they mentioned her painting skill and thought it would be a nice JP idea, but I was against it and didn't quite know why. I realized recently that it's more important to her than I thought when I flippantly added it to her page. I guess I put some of myself in my OCs without realizing it. Well, to make a short story long, I have been avoiding doing a kimono portrait of Hoshi and realized that it's because I kinda think of Hoshi as being the person painting these portraits from an IC perspective. Maybe one day she'll have someone take a pic of her in a get-up outside and can paint the pic of herself, but for now, here's a "self-portrait" of Hoshi in a more casual environment.
The top of an Infinity Gallon Hat ™ gets wet on cloudy days and works best in space where there's no thermosphere to burn the top fabric and make it a Finite Gallon Hat ©!!

Here Hoshi sports it while tacking her yack and talking about "choosing your path but not knowing the destination" in relation to yack riding.
Name your character something common in songwriting like Hoshi, which means star in Japanese. That way you can listen to music that has her name in the lyrics while drawing her.

Honest to goodness, she is really cute and I wish I had painted this on a piece of paper that isn't small and square so I could frame it >.< I know I could buy a square frame, but I have a surplus of new frames that I normally pull from that are mostly rectangles. Anyway, have a Hoshi.