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Art Ame's Traditional Art ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ““๐Ÿ–Š๏ธ

I will post SARP-themed traditional arts I have done here.

First up is @raz's beauty, Ketsurui Aiko.
I did a color test and realized I didn't have the Type 22's blue, so I decided to do a non-canon color combo.
I have a stack of work in progresses, this one is among it.
@raz and I spitball and brainstorm fun stuff a lot, so it's fun when I get to draw some of those ideas through our characters. This one is Aiko in the sort of regalia you'd expect of the celebrating gladiator she could be.
About a month ago I started this poster-sized painting and it quickly turned into one of my favorite pieces to imagine done :] It is HUGE! I think 2 feet 18 inches! I wish the pic could be better/less blurry but it was hard to get a pic of something so big! It's Hoshi in a human form getting HUFFED after a little sprint she didn't win. Or maybe her running partner is giving her some bad advice? No way to know ; D
So I haven't really been posting my sarp art but this I had to share.

Hoshi and @Noodlewerfer's character Chlorate were able to live a dream in RP and, though it lasted a lot shorter than I hoped and dreamed for them, it was fun. For some reason I planned for her treads to be ON FIRE which I don't know how to paint, so this is still a wip :] I haven't worked on it for, like, a month but only took a pic today.

I don't know when I'll finish it... x.x
A month or so ago I was hankering to draw the Mindy 4 in parts so drew @raz's Aiko sporting some looks. I made some regrettable mistakes like perspective on the wings, her face, that bad grip but I drew it for fun so ๐Ÿคท

I love all of 'em, but this is probably my fave of the posted set. When you drew it back in February, the plan to get Aiko, William, and Saya captured was already in progress. I distinctly remember headcanoning the "Crying Officer Aiko" here as the future moment before she goes beastmode on some Kuvexian planet after getting rescued. V cool.
I was really excited to see Hoshi in some coveralls. After the Battle of Glimmergold she's in the nacelle seeing what she can help the engineers with, is tired of red lights flashing and error messages, and is just a bit grumpy. And yeah I did put a few digital filters on this, it was looking way too much like she wasn't in the bowels of a ship for me
This first painting is Aiko and Hoshi approaching the Empress with alien species they had liberated at IRC YE 44.

The second is a teaser for the Kaiyล

They're good girls I'm proud of em for delivering war splendor and going off on a secret mission next minute sooo their reward is a pic of them in the type 32 skinsuits <3

The way you draw faces is getting especially nice lately.

Who's the girl with the silver buns? Really like that design...
Thanks Primitive Polygon!! That means so much coming from you and I feel very cool about the work I've done to get better and I hope it's okay if I cherish this compliment.

Is Effy Penihposomething, she was my first SAINT agent (and my first Elf!), so I put a lot into her design. She's a great source for tapping into those parts of the setting. I'm glad she stood out!

Ajax- I don't take commissions

Ahhh thanks