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Art Ame's Traditional Art ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ““๐Ÿ–Š๏ธ

I will post SARP-themed traditional arts I have done here.

First up is @raz's beauty, Ketsurui Aiko.
I did a color test and realized I didn't have the Type 22's blue, so I decided to do a non-canon color combo.
Was going to say blood, sweat, and tears but I think that's just because writing the text got me in my feelings.

Ink markers for lining and watercolors for painting.

Gouache is much more opaque and like acrylics or oils to work with, but could never get those washes and blooms of color, it sits wherever you put it.
Did we talk about that once?
Gradients you achieve by running over the paint with a brush in gouache. But the things I did are more of blooms. Putting the say pink or red paint down before I put the black down next to it and letting the black run into the colors via water dynamics or vice versa.
So as some of you may know, we had some real g's join the open rp for SAINT. They joined it at a time where I felt really low and was recovering from injury that threatened to stop me from writing. In like 100 ways, writing for SAINT became part of that healing journey. I'm eternally grateful to getting to write something so fun for me and to have had people join in with me. I hope you've had fun, too, even if it was a pretty simple premise... BOTH of your characters guessed my little mystery at some point in rp! Not only did you show up, you outsmarted me. I'm lucky to write with such intelligent people, @Immortal Cyan and @Miyako.

Thank you for trusting your girlies with me, girls. I'm so thankful for you guys for going out on a limb and writing with me. I've put a lot of effort into painting your characters that you brought to the rp and I hope that love and appreciation shows.
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love it! Gosh you make an awkward eihei look super pretty and dashing! And the colorrsss.

That's so touching! It definitely shows, thank you for putting in so much blood effort ๐Ÿ˜ญ

I was just happy for her to have something to do, she didn't really get to do any SAINT things since at least the Battle of Nataria. I'm glad it was such amazing fun, to boot! Thaank you for taking her on for the adventure. ๐Ÿ’™
taiyล howoshi
short hair really suits her, nobody rlly notices she got a cut when I show them this art. Or maybe the eye is drawn somewhere else, idk :x
Getting a little off of my chest with this one, esp the bottom left drawin'. The top one I was warming up, so yeah.

Not as polished as most stuff I post nowadays but I was getting creatively constipated withholding Hoshi โ—กฬ.โ—กฬ€

Spent a good week or so on this Ketsurui Aiko I did for @raz. Using the uniforms he comes up with through AI is a nice way to not get bored. Couldn't get the AI to give me a pose or background I liked, so I still had to do the majority of the cerebral legwork myself, but it's been a fun way to collaborate with him outside of writing!!

That said, I have a roleplay post of his to respond to...
Pirate Prince(ss) Aiko after getting tired of being Yamatai's greatest hero (YE 55, colorized).
Really making me want to make gold epaulettes a thing in the Star Army, lol.
Love that uniform. It reminds me of when real soldiers ceremonially wear cavalry cuirass chestplates.

Gonna chalk her extremely short skirt up to the action pose ;) I will need to tell artists, including Ame, to put her in maxi skirts for future commissions lmfao.

I really like wings. I like drawing them and painting them and looking at them. Let's say that those old hemo ports that let Neko have wings is something she adopted for the sake of art ^-~
Then avert your eyes, kiddo!

Just a few heroes here. Hoshi's Kaiyล sword is shortened to a wakizashi following the events of the last mission โ—กฬ.โ—กฬ€ From what I've seen, it's the only one of them to be broken and Hoshi places a lot of importance on objects so I plan on it carrying weight for her and I'm excited to get a drawing of it like this in.hoshi aiko swords.png