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Readlliea's art

Most of these will already be on my DA; which shares my username, before I link them here. The pictures are rather big, so I'll just put links if that's okay so I don't stretch the page. Once in a while, some might get posted as the image rather than the link. So long as I'm certain it won't stretch it.

Depending on if I believe I can draw someone else's characters well enough, I might have pictures with other characters. Sometimes it might just be a headshot instead of a full body.

My whole avatar-

Displeased Tacticus-
Your art has a distinct look to it. I really think you should try getting into digital art. Scanning the images in and doing colors there would really make them pop.
Thanks. I'm just worried about destroying it by accident and understanding all the mechanics of it. A new laptop is a must though to do anything new on as mine is getting picker on charging.
Here's a repaired Tacticus repaired tacticus.jpg

And here's a short comic inspired by a OOC conversation with @Jack Pine I didn't really have much to work with making Mark's design so...it's probably not what Jack wants him to look like. Also I posted the pictures wrong. The page on the right is what is meant to come first, while the left is second.
ooc sooslw.jpg
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In the dark of the night is one of my favorite songs and the cover by Jonathan Young is great too.

The Red husky is a character of mine on Devianart and he's been through hell. A nervous submissive dog who fell in live, the friend of his love interest tried to kill him with bears, and he got dragged into the illegal dog pits in Nome.

I won't bore ya with anything else
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Damn....that Facial hair!!
I wanted to experiment with facial hair and well, I refrenced a character called Bernie from Puffin Rock. So this guy's facial hair is meant to kind of look like that. A big beard and a mustache; along with a robotic hand. Don't know what I'll do with him but he's mine!
com alex and uso's ugly sweaters.jpg
The first picture is of Alex and Uso. I never read any bits of their bios till now but I learned that Alex has a ugly christmas sweater and was adopted by Uso. I don't know if Alex likes his ugly sweater but....here it is. I don't know how to do dirty blonde hair so I am sorry on that. Along with hand issues and well all the issues. So much of these two was new for me that I struggled with both of em.

com arcie.jpg
I tried to do a sunset sky with Araxie, I'm sorry. I didn't have cobalt blue so I went with Cerulean but I tried to make it light enough. I wanted to do a different position with her wings but nothing looked proportioned right. I actually messed with this thing for almost a week now. Sorry.
I'm surprised that you guys like em. When I was trying to do them and looking at the art in the wiki of em, I just felt like anything I did wouldn't be good enough and would just look blah in comparison to what you already had.

I don't know what Virol from TTGL is, I'll look it up. Usually when I give the chin a point, it looks better than when I make it flat or try to make it slightly round. I'm glad that you liked Alex's expression.
there's a lot of things I haven't watch. Though my parents comment about the slight anime look my art has. So I guess the chin thing is from that as well as I do watch animation more than anything