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RP: Elysia Thule Task Force


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A few hours after launch, Mel yawned and walked onto the bridge carrying a brief medical report for everyone on the crew. She looks a bit tired and hands her the datapad wearing a silken robe that is showing some cleavage. "Here you go, Agrael. You requested medical updates on everyone in the roster...." Agrael, wearing normal, white robe, took the report from Mel before replying, "Thank you, Mel." She then noticed both the tired look and showing bust. "Is something the matter?" she asked with a look of concern. "I've just been up all night doing physicals, but it had to be done." A yawn occurred as she stretched, which also caused a light bounce. "I'm going to get a shower if there's nothing else..." Agrael nodded slowly before randomly suggesting, "I've been working on these reports and need a break. I haven't taken a shower in a while, so do you mind if I join you?" The Prefectii stood up and stretched a little as well.

Mel nods, "It's more efficient, and I don't mind. "If you please," she stated, letting her commander lead the way. Agrael nodded back as she led them to the showers from the bridge.
Once they get there, Mel went to a stall, got the water going so it would be nice and warm, and began to remove her robes. She unfurled her large wings to stretch them out to let her E(E?) cup boobs bounce free and settle slightly high on her chest, her figure slender and sexy enough to have even hardcore misogynists drooling. Her long, well-groomed blonde hair fell down her back to just above a tight, shapely rear... Agrael entered the same stall and started to disrobe. She undid her long, white hair from its ponytail and casually stretched. Mel looked over and smiled at her in a friendly fashion. "You look prettier with your hair down, I think," she complimented her as she stepped into the stall and moaned softly as the hot water began to drizzle over her luscious body. "How long have you been a commander?" she asked casually. Agrael blushed lightly at the compliment and thanked her before getting into the same shower, standing against a wall. She couldn't help but look over Mel's body as she replied, "This is actually my first command. I'm a little nervous and stressed over the sudden change..." She sighed softly. "Aw you should just relax." Mel said stepping aside to let her share the same shower and splashed her lightly with some of the water. "Hopefully nothing too bad will happen."

Agrael smirked as she walked into the shower as well. The Prefectii let the water covered her before she flicked some of it back at Mel. "Well, I hope so as well." Mel gah'ed and flicked a little more water at her in a playful fashion. "What's the worst thing we run into? Angry nepleslians?" she chuckled a bit and smiled. Agrael blushed lightly at the noticeable differences between the two female Elysians. Mel was obviously much more attractive then the Prefectii, yet also seemed much more innocent. The water tickled the commander slightly as it passed across her lower lips. Her white wings fluttered slightly in response. "Hmm?" Mel blinked, looking at her as she lathered her hair up with shampoo/conditioner mix. The woman shifted some and glanced at her, brushing the blonde hair out of her eyes. "You look like you have something on your mind."

Agrael blinked a moment before replying bluntly, "I just haven't had sex in over three months." She laughed slightly as she began to wash her body. She always liked to have her body be clean before washing her hair and wings. Mel blinked at her when she admitted it like that. "Better than me." she blushed. "I've never had it." she pointed out. "Oh?" Agrael looked at Mel a little shocked. She was innocent! "Why haven't you?" she asked slowly. She didn't want her to feel uncomfortable, especially with her commanding officer asking such personal questions. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to." the Prefectii admitted with a blush. Mel blushed as she thought about it and laughed softly, trying to understand the reasoning behind the surprise. "Never had time, I've been too busy with studying, medical practice and all sorts of things." she shrugged, trying to put it off like it wasn't a major issue. Agrael smirked as she stared at Mel for a moment. "Well," she finally said, "I'm sure that you could get any guy, any time, anywhere if you set your mind to it." She giggled as she cupped her average, yet still small, breasts to give them a good washing.

Mel giggled a bit and leaned over, pressing her noticeably larger ones against hers lightly to share the soap between them. "Maybe, I don’t' know how to pursue something like that." she admitted casually, blushing a bit. Agrael giggled back before getting an idea. "Perhaps I could teach you? It might be fun." She winked with a blush on her own face. "Teach me..." Mel blinked then flushed darkly. "That would be a new experience..." she said. "I mean I bet it's on a differe level then letting patients feel my breasts to calm them down." "Kind of," Agrael admitted, leaning forward to squish their incomparable breasts together even further. "Anything in particular you want to start with?" her smile was a little too cheerful. She blushed more at that and shrugged a little, noting her "too cheerful" smile. "I'm......not sure" "Well, if you can't think of anything..."

She reacted like anyone would and stepped back before she got too much contact with her body. The medic flushing furiously at that, "wha..?" Agrael sighed a bit, "Well, if you don't want to learn some new experiences, then that is fine." She was a little disappointed, but continued to wash. Mel shook her head and smiled at her. "No, its ok you just surprised me is all." she said. "I'm not used to people being that forward." she said and continued to wash. Agrael nodded before apologizing, "I'm still sorry. I suppose I should slowly introduce you to things. It can be startling at first." She smiled happily at Mel as they washed. Mel shook her head, as she continued to wash her luscious body off, getting everywhere while the conditioner did it’s work on the hair. "That's usually the best way to do things."

Agrael thought for a long while before whispering, "Hm... perhaps we should start by washing each other?" That seemed innocent and simple enough. Mel thought about it and smiled. "That sounds nice." she said and took a soapy sponge. "I'll do your back if you want." "Sure," Agrael replied with a smile. She turned around, making sure that her wings didn't hit her friend, so that her back was exposed to Mel.

Mel backed off for when she turned to avoid being hit and began to wash her back, massaging slightly as she washed between her wings. "You have soft skin." Agrael cooed slightly. "You have a gentle touch." She giggled as the sponge crossed the skin in between her wings. "Isn't that almost a prerequisite for a doctor and a pediatrician?" Mel asked as she continued. "I regularly use cleansing ointment to keep it that way." she smiled. Agrael cooed again happily, "Well, that's true. I'm glad the crew is in 'good hands'."

Mel giggled a bit. "very funny." she said and continued on down to the small of her back lightly, making sure to get under her wings thoroughly but gently. Agrael sighed with relief. Unfortunately, this was also turning her on. Although Mel didn't know it, the area underneath of each wing is a major turn on spot for her. Mel scrubbed a bit under her wing, finding a bit of blood or something caked onto her skin. It was a little rough but she'd stop once she was satisfied. The blonde would finish up with her lower back and playfully swatted her rump and giggled. "at least you have a nice little butt, I bet the guys like it." Agrael blushed heavily. "My bum isn't the only thing they like," she claimed, licking her lips with a wink over her shoulder.

Mel blinked a bit and laughed a bit. "Well you are a pretty woman." She said and blushed a bit at her flirtatious response. Agrael nodded, still with a blush before turning around carefully. "You are much more beautiful then me, though." She giggled at Mel as she said that. "Ahhh no i'm not." Mel smiled at her and handed her the cloth. "Can you get my back?" she asked and spread her wings upward and turned so she couldn't whack Agrael with her wings. "Yes, you are," Agrael nodded as she looked her up and down. Damn! Her ass is much better then mine... she thought a little sadly before beginning to lightly scrub Mel's back. One hand held the cloth while the other massaged the soap into the areas that she had just scrubbed.

Mel blushed as she started to wash her back. "Mmmm that feels good." She purred softly to her. "You have a soft touch too." Agrael looked at her hands as they glided over Mel's back. "I suppose... I don't normally work with my hands anymore." She hummed lightly as she washed the top-heavy medic's back. "What did you used to do before they asked you to command the ship?" Mel asked with a purr as she continued to get her back washed. "it feels good." Agrael coughed slightly before answering, "Well, I just worked my way up the ranks anyway I could." She smirked at the memories as she washed under Mel's wings, along the small of her back, and eventually almost down to her butt.

Mel shivered some and softly moaned. "So did you the dirty with superiors to get promotions?" she giggled in a naughty way, blushing as she did. When she finished, Mel turned to her blushing a bit pink and went to wash the stuff out of her hair. Agrael blushed again as well. "Well... yes, you could say that." A grin formed on her face as the Prefectii waited for Mel to finish. Mel laughed a bit, flushed. "I'm only a Duplicari because I've never thought to try that one." she said. "But I've never really wanted to go up further in rank. When she finished, the busty woman stretched some and giggled lightly. "That felt good." Agrael nodded in agreement. She watched Mel stretch with a slight blush, but tried to ignore it. "So, what would you like to do now?" she asked, stretching a little herself.

Mel thought for a bit. "Well I'll follow your lead in this. I do want to learn a bit more about ......that." Agrael smiled slightly as she stepped out of the shower. "Well, what exactly do you think that you'd be ready to learn?" The Elysian woman put her hands on her hips as she waited. Mel went to go get changed. "Well the basics wouldn't hurt would it." she joked a bit. "To be honest I only know as much about sex as is in the medical books"

"Hm..." Agrael mused as she dressed herself as well. "Well, there is foreplay, first of all. It is probably the easiest and most fun, in my opinion." She smirked as she fitted the robe around her thin form. Mel fitted her silken robe around her as she nodded. "I've heard of that, that' just mostly touching. Cuddling, caressing, etc. right?" Fay blushed as she added, "Also can be licking, sucking, and the occasional grope in the right place, but you got the jist of it." She closed her eyes and took a breath. The air seemed fresher now for some reason. Mel giggled a bit and tried it out. "like under your wings?" Agrael made an 'ahem' sound. "Yes, under my wings is a hot spot on me. What about you?" The Prefectii hadn't had much experience with other females, but she figured that 'hot spots' were in different locations on every woman. They headed over to Agrael’s room to converse more of this.


A few hours later in Agrael’s room, the Prefectii finally said something, "Yes... do you think that we should get back to work now?" She didn't really want this night to end, but it would have to of course. "Unless you want to have me watch you engage in intercourse with that seraph I think it may be best." she giggled lightly, pointing to the poor thing. Agrael shrugged, "I'd rather not. I haven't been on protection in the past two months, so I don't want to risk it." In fact, she hadn't had her period yet this month, so she might be starting any day now. "If you want to be sure, let's go get you checked out." Mel said, shifting and standing up and brushing her hands down to smooth her robe out.

Agrael stood up as well, but she then noticed several stains on the top of her robe. "Let me change first..." The Prefectii took out a clean robe before easily removing the one she had on. Mel teased Ag a bit and let out a whistle at her before turning away. Ag blushed and stuck her tongue at Mel. "No comments from the peanut gallery, please!" She quickly dressed and led the way out of her quarters as if nothing had ever happened. Mel just smiled a bit and just adjusted the belt she wore around her waist and went with her down toward the medical bay.

Once they got there, Mel would ask Ag if she could get a blood sample from her as it was the best way to find out pregnancy early on, that or studying pee, that was kind of nasty though. Agrael acknowledged in giving Mel the blood that she needed to run the test. "How long before we know?" she was rather curious. She had made love to several men in her life, some of them even being aliens. "Probably a few minutes." Mel said and sat in a chair and watched the displays coming up showing streaming data as the scan went through the sample. "What'll you do if you are pregnant?"

Agrael thought for a moment, biting her lip. "I don't know..." she replied. "It mainly depends on who the father is and how the child looks. In fact... I might not be able to... even if I had to..." She had a distant look in her eyes, but she soon returned to reality. Mel looked at her seriously. "But if you were to have a child, it'd be 100% dependent on you for almost everything. And it'd be dishonorable of you, a patrician to just abandon a child." she reminded her. Not seeming pleased in the least bit about her seeming willingness to do it. "Alright, suppose it's an elysian child then." she said brightly and smiled, rubbing her thigh in a comforting way Agrael smiled again as she nodded. "I don't think that I will give it up... even if it isn't an Elysian child." She blushed lightly, but nearly hugged Mel for her support.

Mel smiled at her and nodded, thinking it was the right decision. "Well we should find out soon enough, who do you think it could be? Who was the last man you" she coughed and blushed some. "Had relations with?" Agrael thought for another moment. "Well, I haven't..." She then realized something. "Oh God..." she whispered, "I forgot about him..." A lump entered her throat. Mel perked a brow and blinked. "Who?" She asked and patted Ag's shoulder gently, offering comfort in only the way another woman could. Agrael tried to gulp the lump down, but it only brought tears to her eyes. "About... three weeks ago, I decided to take a break from working on setting up this task force. I got very drunk, so can't remember much... but I do remember meeting a guy. His name is eluding me, but he wore a mask... Oh God... I think that we slept together..." Tears were streaming down her face by the time she finished.

Mel blinked some and wrapped an arm around her and hugged her close to her side. "It sounds like you got raped or something." She said and rubbed her back gently. Agrael shook her head sadly, "I don't know... I probably would remember if he had... It probably was consensual... so it is my fault... I wasn't on protection and now I probably am pregnant." Mel's comforts helped, and the Prefectii had stopped crying. "It's ok Agrael." Mel said and smiled, rubbing her back gently. "Well think of it like this: a baby is the greatest gift any woman can receive. At least I think so." she smiled and blushed. "I want to be a mother myself one day." the blonde said. "If it turns out that you are, you should inform the father if you can. it's the right thing to do."

The white-haired commander took in a breath and nodded. "I'm glad to have you as a friend, Mel." She hugged the medic with a smile. "I wouldn't know how to contact him..." she said with a sigh. At that moment, the test results appeared. It was positive. “Well all I have to say about it is...congratulations." Mel said and hugged her back and smiled, having seen the display. "Well you will be able to one day ^_^ I can do tests to figure out the father once the child's born." she said. Agrael nodded silently. She was speechless. Fear nudged her heart, but the Elysian knew that she could get through this. It would probably change her life, but only for the better. A smile crept onto her face.

Mel noticed her smile and blinked and smiled back. "I know you're a little afraid, but that's only natural." she said. "What do you hope it'll be? a boy or a girl?” She giggled softly. "Good news, it'll make your breasts swell too once it's born. I suggest you breast feed the child because it's better for them." Agrael blushed as she answered, "A girl..." She blushed even more at Mel's comment. She looked down at her small breasts, trying to imagine them any different. A giggle echoed from her throat at the thought. "A little girl, huh?" Mel smiled at that. "It's only natural if you're wondering." she pointed out and proceeded to do a full examination of her overall health, just wanting to be sure she'd be in good condition. Agrael giggled at little at what Mel just said. She let her do a full examination. It made her feel a lot better knowing that someone cared.