• 📅 April 2023 is YE 45.3 in the RP.

To: Captain Redding of the Abyssal Nomad; RE: URGENT! Project Condor; From: Riccard Black, CEO


Everything Is Magical
RP Date
YE 45.2
To: Abyssal Nomad; Captain's Chambers
From: Riccard Black; Galactic Horizon HQ

Greetings Captain Redding.

I trust the ship hasn't been any trouble during your tour of Yamatai and surrounding sectors. Though you are not scheduled to return to HQ until YE 47 the timetable for Project Condor has moved up and we'll need you, your crew, and the Abyssal Nomad home as soon as possible. Please conclude any outstanding business you have scheduled and return to HQ, shuttle down all non-essential crew once arrived and have the ship operate on "Docked Rotation 04" for the time being.

Oh and have your bridge staff brush up on their Tinacen as you'll be directly conversing with some of the Navy officials once everything kicks off.

Please pass this information on to Kryss and Donvan as well if they're not currently on-board as they will be needed as well.

Safe journey home Captain, may the stars guide you home.