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Rejected Submission Vorpal Catnip (TM)

This suggestion has been closed. Votes are no longer accepted.
Well sometimes it is not practical or possible to send them back immediately, but in the meantime...

Or we can do it in transit too
I object to the current presentation of this submission.

Here's the things I think aren't really addressed here.

1. The Neps do not know nearly enough about Neko to produce a drug/agent that Neko can't filter out. I don't care how many prisoners they test on — the ability is refined and updated in the face of each agent or substance a Neko encounters, and those updates and refinements become available to every other Neko connected to PANTHEON or SYNC. Unless you're talking about Mishhu venom or the Rewriter Virus, which act differently, it's not going to be very effective unless a Neko wants it to be.

NMX Neko likely don't have this filtering ability developed in the same way, but I can't say that for certain.

2. NAM also can't develop a drug/agent that could target only Neko instead of all NH-type body users. Basically, you're creating something that affects each and every Minkan and Nekovalkyrja in the Empire.

That means this only is useful in the same way the NH-series handles alcohol.

In light of these facts, I'd like to see this submission substantially expanded to include these points.
Who's to say they didn't get a consultant on the topic? There's a huge number of disenfranchised SAoY members who'd probably be happy to work on something like this or maybe even its the NMX producing it to destabilise Yamatai the same way America introduced heroin to the USSR during the cold war?

Either way, its going to be really fun.
My objection stands.

I would like some definition here. What is this chemical? Where does it come from? How does it work? I mean really work? Mishhu venom is something even Yamatai has not been able to create a resistance to, and they know more about the Neko OS than anyone else in the known galaxy, save Shinichiro.
...Then what?

Are Yamatai even investing time or work into exploring why it works?

Or are they just relying on themselves AND everybody else not knowing to be enough of a security deterrent?

In all seriousness, security through obscurity is an incredibly flawed and arguably suicidal policy. Anyone who works in any kind of information security knows this.

The fact they don't know opens it up to greater risks since if an attacker works it out, they can't even patch the security flaw.
I'm working on that, to be perfectly honest. The wiki does lay out a lot about the Neko OS, for instance, but frankly, we don't know how Mishhu venom works. It's never been defined.

IF this relies on that, then we need to do some definition work.

If it doesn't, and it's something that Neko/NH-types can just filter out, then I don't have any real argument to stand on.

That result, by the way, is totally acceptable to me. I said that when I was asked about it in the IRC — It's a nifty idea, but a Neko or Minkan will just say, "Oh, I don't want to be high right now" and filter it out.
In which case, maybe this is actually derived as a material FROM Mishhu venom in much the same way many derelicts and painkillers are.
Right but that's not the fault of the submitter but the original article. In which case, the article needs to make the reference then after that work needs to be done on the venom article (or not) depending on what suits our purposes.

I think its nice that Nekovalkyjra have a party drug now.
I don't even understand exactly what Doshii is arguing about. The last time I read a drug article, it doesn't specifically say how or why it works. I'm no chemist so asking me to elaborate on how a drug works is about as useful as asking me to explain rocket science during a brain surgery.

It's a drug I made and put little thought into its ingredients or workings. Just the desired effects.
I'll attempt to be clearer.

NH-type bodies aren't easily drugged. They have systems that can filter out any drug we've encountered so far, and almost any substance known in the galaxy. The only time this capability doesn't happen is when the user turns it off themselves, i.e. the user chooses to experience a drug's effects.

If a line acknowledging this is put into the article, I've got no problems. All the above back-and-forth becomes moot. That's all I'm looking for — an acknowledgment that the drug has no effect on any NH-type body unless the user lowers the body's defenses to it.