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Wes's Doodles of Cute Girls


Done at work on copy paper with 0.5mm mechanical pencil and clipboard. It'd make good character art, but I'm not sure which character yet.
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Uhm? Female Yamataian/Humans? Uhm ... no I actually don't have one. not even in NPC.

My two females are Ghi To (who's sort of a cat and so not aplicable) and Dawn (a Nepleslian NPC who I always envision as being a little more rugged).

It is a very nice picture though Wes.


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More like lingering construction lines if you ask me ^_^

Construction lines are good, mind you. People that use them are the ones whom, with practice, can have their works seen as professional.


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I've only got one backup that I could find from 2006 that includes the StarChan character art imageboard and unfortunately it didn't have these images so I suspect that were uploaded after the backup was made. But by 2007 we'd closed the imageboards. So I went through my image folder looking for files with the right names and/or content based on the comments in the thread and I've manged to fix some of them. The first two I know are the correct images but the third one I'm a little unsure about.