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Approved Submission [Yamatai] Ke-M2-W3901 Shoulder-Mounted Scalar Machine Gun


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There's still a few things to work out. I noticed there's a sorta desynch in its title and the name used in some parts of the article. You'll need to fix that, though the more I think of it, the name could use a little bit of work, since "Shoulder Mounted Repeating Scalar" seems to be missing something. Do you perhaps want to call it a "Shoulder Mounted Scalar Repeater", or "Shoulder Mounted Repeating Scalar Gun"?

Other than those small details, it's practically ready to go.
Not this version, no. However, I could see a variation in a scalar pistol as being totally something that would be created.
I originally said that the name of the gun was inconsistent throughout the article, but now, it seems that the name of the gun is consistently lacking something. Like there's a bit missing from it. Right now, it's "Shoulder-Mounted Scalar", but shouldn't there be something at the end? I gave a few suggestions previously, like adding on "Repeater" or "Gun" to the end of the name for an example. You could come up with your own of course, but I'm rather confused at the current state.
Both repeater and gun are bland and I felt that the article still 'lacked' that something even when I included them. I liked my original suggestion of machinegun as this is a slightly larger and more capable version of something called a submachinegun, but Wes didn't like it.
Well, in its current state, the lack is more literal than figurative. We have to come up with something, so if you're not able to come up with or find a good word you like, just default it back to what you originally intended; 'machinegun'. Wes may not like it, but I feel that's still better than the current state of the weapon. Maybe you could try 'autogun' or 'autocannon'? It's likely worth talking around with people on discord to figure this out too. Perhaps someone will have a good idea.
Could just go with "weapon."
Two Ke-M2-W3900 weapons exist in a non-WIP state when searching for "m2-w3900" in the wiki. As such, this article's nomenclature and link may need changed into an Ke-M2-W3902 and one of the W3900 weapons mentioned changed into the W3901.

Another submission currently in process has been recommended to change into the W3903 (it was submitted after this one). Until now, this and that submission both attempted to become W3901. I'm hoping this isn't indicative of a wider trend.
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I've updated the name to W3902 at Cyan's suggestion. I've also added back in the machine gun naming because I like it and I can't really think of anything that I feel fits it better.
You'll have to put it in as "Shoulder-Mounted Scalar Machine Gun" under the nomenclature's name section, but other than that, I can stamp it once you get that done. Once it is approved though, be sure to rename it as "stararmy:weapons:ke-m2-w3902_scalar_machine_gun"
Approved on the condition that you work with Wes to look into getting art for it.