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RP [Yamatai] Summer Beach Party, YE 42 [Open RP]


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RP Date
5月 YE 42 (After the IRC)
RP Location
Temeridi Beach, Malifar, Planet Yamatai
beach party.jpg

Temeridi Beach, Malifar
YE 42

Yamatai was the sector's hub of trade, business, and population, but it had more to offer than just Kyoto. On the other side of the planet was Malifar, the jewel of a desert city. With Hanako's World still in the blue-skinned hands of the Kuvexian Enemy, the Yamataian tourist industry's gaze shifted to a new place to have Yamatai's biggest beach party: Malifar's Temeridi Beach. Although Malifar had been extensively damaged back in YE 33 during the Battle of Yamatai, over the last nine years it was rebuilt and improved into a tourist destination where almost everything was fresh. It was a city full of monuments and statues and tourist attractions, and there were crashed Star Army ships in the bay that were now home to coral reefs to dive at. Malifar was reachable by a scenic multi-day train ride from Uesureyan Fields through Winsonville, Dasulim, Ternifac, and Jskita or by shuttle to the gleaming Akechi spaceport on Falitar Island.

As much as Hanako wanted to take the relaxing train ride, Hanako instead opted to take her home with her, bringing the entire YSS Eucharis and crew to the spaceport to spend some much needed shore leave there. On the morning of the beach beach party Hanako put on her old blue bikini with the sakura flowers on it, threw a sundress over it, and grabbed her big straw hat from the closet of her cabin. She went through the red-colored ship's bridge that had seen many battles, down the zero-gravity passage, and then met her small crew on the smelly deck of the cargo bay near the open cargo ramp. The sun was quite bright and the air was warm with a mild breeze. It was perfect weather for a beach trip. Victory had ordered some of the new LSTV vehicles, which were capable of driving in sand, and loaded them up with a tent, grill, and essential beach party supplies and so they climbed aboard and headed down the beach to start having fun.

The sound of the ocean and scent of the sea filled the air as they came down a trail to the seemingly endless shoreline with its snow-white powdery sand. Waves of foamy teal water rolled and lapped the shore. There were already a moderate amount of people around who had colonized the beach with towels and umbrellas, and Hanako looked around to see if there was anyone she'd recognize.

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Sacre enjoyed the warm sand as she slid along the beach. She was easy to spot standing head and shoulders above the crowd of mostly Nekovalkyrja.
She shaded her eyes from the glare, she didn't really care much for the beach, but she was here. She had briefly visited the beach before the battle of Yamatai, but hadn't been back since. It was easy to forget the devastation that had been here. After her last tour of duty, she had decided to study medicine and become a doctor. Going into more formal medical training using a Star Army program had granted her the rank of Santo Juni. It was surprisingly a relief, she didn't have any subordinates and her study of medicine in her free time for years even as a Yonto Hei was paying off. She was assigned to the hospital ship Iyashi for practical work while she was taking her classes.

The tall Separa'Shan wore a Bikini and a small waterproof medical kit. The two-piece swimsuit revealed the shocking number of scars that she had obtained in her life. It was notable that her forearms were the only part of her body that didn't have them, close observation would reveal that the scars sharply terminated there. While those who knew her thought it might be strange for the severe and serious medic, there was exactly one person she was wearing it for, Gravity. Sacre could feel her heart flutter and a certain joy fill her at the mere thought of the happy exciting Neko who she loved.
Hanako's Personal Space, Temeridi Beach, Malifar

"Oh F- Heads up!"

A small frisbee came sailing through the air without a sound, skidding to a halt at Hanako's feet. Moments later, the sun was momentarily blocked out by a set of fluttering wings. A small dragon the size of a housecat came bumbling out of the sky, bonking headfirst into the sand and tumbling end over end before sliding on its stomach and bumping lightly into Hanako's shins. One might have thought it was injured, but within moments it bounced back up on its feet and happily took the frisbee into its mouth. Its serpentine tail wagged furiously and it shook the toy with a playful growl. It was an odd little critter, with shiny golden scales and eyes as blue as the skies above.

"Oh sweet Wes above, I'm so sorry!" A man called as he jogged up to Hanako. "His AI is really buggy, so he's not really the brightest! Are you... Are... You..."

The man's voice died off as he slowed his approach. He wore nothing but a pair of sky-blue swim trunks, and stood just shy of six feet, with a ripped physique that you only saw on magazines. He wore his hair in a flowing mane of golden locks, with two triangular ears protruding from the top. A rope-like tail of similar color swished behind him cool apprehension rather than erratic panic. His eyes were a rich azure.

A face that once held the rounded edges and timid aura of a boy now held the harder edges and confidence of a man who had seen the world and knew his place in it. He was now a lion, in stark contrast to the kitten Hanako had probably remembered him as. A face of horror and embarrassment turned to confusion, recognition, before turning into elation

"...Hanako?! Long time, no see, Shosho- er, Chujo!" Jackson Howard, former engineer aboard the Eucharis and current owner of Havok Customs greeted. "Congratulations on your promotion, ma'am!"

Sacre's Personal Space

A long braid of black hair began to lower itself into Sacre's field of vision. Said hair was followed by the grinning face of an azure skinned neko, her eyes hidden behind dark aviators. The right side of her body was covered in tiger-stripe tattoos, and a similar tail floated behind her. All of this was visible, of course, due to the navy-blue bikini that the neko had also worn for the explicit purpose of gaining her girlfriend's approval. A green drake landed on Sacre's shoulders.

Gravity had arrived.

"'Sup?" the neko asked casually, trying to maintain her "cool factor". Presentation was everything. Then, her sunglasses fell off, followed by the wind blowing some sand into her eyes. They began stinging and watering like hell, but the girl managed to maintain her posture. The show must go on! So, in the final act of her greeting that she definitely hadn't practiced for hours before hand- no, really, she hadn't. She had zero clue what she was doing.- Gravity edged forward for the upside-down-Spider-Man-kiss.

She missed, due to the sand in her eyes, and kissed Sacre's chin.

Nailed it.

Ophion for his part sauntered up to his owner and gave Sacre a disinterested look that said 'good, your back, now pet me.' However, Sacre was distracted. She kissed Gravity's chin, laughed a happy laugh, then gently pushed Gravity to bob slightly upwards so they could kiss upside down properly. The kiss lingered for a few moments. "Hey." Sacre said fumbling for words for a second. "Your flying is as good as always." She said in a tone that sounded serious to a stranger but was laced with Sacre's brand of humor. "I'd offer to help you down, with kisses the whole way, but I'm pretty sure they don't allow that sort of stuff here." She added with a suggestive smile.
"Howard!" Hanako grinned. Memories came flooding back to that night on the beach on Hanako's World where Jackson had brought tons of booze, got naked, kissed a fellow crew member, and got super high. "Mister Party Hard," she added with a giggle. "Thank you. Are you doing anything interesting these days after your golden ticket out of doing honest and honorable service in the Star Army of Yamatai?" she asked. "If not the action else, I imagine you miss the camaraderie."
Sacre's Personal Space

Kiyo looked around after having left the transport hurrying off onto the beach dressed in an adorable two-piece bikini in a color that would go well with her blue skin. She smiled as she felt the sand beneath her feet, and the freedom from shoes, and the Mindy armor that her feet were so long in; Shades protected her from the bright lights of the sun.
She spotted Gravity and Sacre so she torpedoed towards them. “Siiiiiiiissss! Saaaacreee!” She said her red eyes noting the kiss but being so innocent, she thought the chin kiss was intentional. What a cool sister she had!

She stepped into place close by. “Hiya Sis, Sacre, I missed you both!” She said to the two of them, though while she missed her sister, she knew that Sacre probably missed her equally too, so she began thinking that while she’d like to hang with both of them, maybe she should leave them be. “Awesome kiss, Sis!” She complimented as she began stepping back “you two probably want to spend time together right?” She said in a question form. “You both look awesome”

Jax's grin turned sheepish at the "party hard" comment. Not one of his prouder moments. The golden drake scurried up his leg and found a nice place on his shoulder.

"Well, you know, I continued partying hard for a while. Did some business out at 188604 for a while with Candon and the USO before that went down in flames. Then, I spent some time expanding the business, formed a racing team, invented some stuff. A bunch of mercenaries tried taking over my space station, so I booted them off. Now I'm here, trying to see about the logistics of moving an OOSS a couple hundred light years and parking it within Yamatai's borders somewhere, because of said mercenaries." Jax rattled off casually, wincing a little at that last part. Yeah, that wasn't going to be fun. But if things went accordingly, Yamatai would have a luxury casino and resort.

Then, his expression turned a little bitter-sweet with memory.

"But, yeah, I do miss the Eucharis. I haven't spoken to anyone from the old crew since Candon and Masumi's wedding." the nekojin admitted to his former superior. Then, he said, very seriously: "If we're being totally honest here, after I'm done with this space station nonsense, I'm going to join back up."

He wondered if he'd be able to get his old rank back. It wouldn't really matter if he didn't. He wasn't in it for the money, this time.


'Later. Promise.' Gravity mouthed to Sacre with a mischievous little smirk. She righted herself and stuck the landing. Then, she saw Kiyo.

Kiyo was alive. Kiyo was unharmed. Gravity knew Sacre could handle herself, but there was a small part of the neko that felt she needed to protect Kiyo. She'd spent many sleepless nights at the training facility dwelling on combat footage from around the sector. Each little addition to the casualty count was another flash of Kiyo's eviscerated, broken body floating lifeless in space through Gravity's imagination.

So when Kiyo tried to step back, Gravity reached out with lightning speed and pulled the younger neko against her in a crushing hug. Not crying, of course. That little droplet of water that ran down her cheek was sweat. Because it was hot. Duh.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't totally a surprise that Kiyo was doing well. They did have a groupchat, after all. But seeing her in the flesh just... really sealed it.
Sacre's Personal Space

Sacre circled around the two hugging Nekos. "I see my littlest kitten is still charmingly nieve." She said, but at the moment Sacre was too happy to sounds at all serious about it. It was the happiest anyone had seen her in a long time, perhaps ever.
Temeridi Beach

"That is quite a story," Hanako smiled. "The Star Army would be be glad to have you back. Let me know when you join up again and I will make sure you get posted somewhere very interesting," she offered. "I am in the personnel command now so I manage assignments as part of my duties. It also gives me a good reason to travel around to different parts of Yamatai and see what Star Army personnel are up to. I like the new job and it is more work but less stress than combat. It did not stop me from joining the Battle of Nataria, though...that was a pretty desperate situation. We really bloodied our nose that day and we lost a lot of great people forever. I was almost among them and the Kuvexians specifically targeted me at one point. Getting to relax on the beach is a nice change." Hanako looked back over her shoulder to see her Eucharis crew pitching a tent in the sand and the same grill the cooks had used at the hanami festival was getting filled with charcoal. "Have you been in the water yet?"
Sacre's Personal Space

Kiyo blinked in surprise when she was grabbed and pulled in a hug so suddenly. She buried her face against her sister. She held her before she turned her head as she heard Sacre speaking “yup” she said though realizing what she had said. “I’m still the same girl as before,” she said. She continued her holding before she tried to look at her sister “did you tell-wait, are you crying?!” She asked her, before hugging her once more, tightly hoping it comforted her.
Sacre's Personal Space

"N-No." Gravity choked out, continuing to hold onto Kiyo for dear life while also trying to reach an arm out to grab Sacre. "We're on a beach. There's water here."

It made sense if you didn't think about it too hard.


"Thank you, Chujo. I'll keep that in mind when I'm back in action." said Jax sincerely with a small bow. At her question about the water, the nekojin looked back over his shoulder at the gaudy party he'd managed to sneak away from. Their tents made the Eucharis' tents look like homeless shelters. The grills were massive and tended by five star chefs who wielded their spatulas with the same grace and skill as a samurai. The people within wore such beautiful outfits, painstakingly selected and tailored for the occasion by top of the line stylists.

His P.R. guy said he needed to mingle in order to bring more attention to his brand. On the surface, the corporate elites that made up that party looked like they were having a grand old time mingling. But as he looked deeper, he couldn't help but draw parallels between the well-dressed crowd and a school of sharks, all swimming around and waiting for one of their own to spill a single drop of blood.

Stars, he could be so dramatic. In short, fuck 'em. Their party was lame. Give him a bunch of infantry neko any day of the week.

"And, now that you mention it, I haven't. By all means, lead the way." Jax grinned and gestured towards the waves. He would follow along beside Hanako. He wanted to ask for more details about Nataria, but he figured now wasn't the time, not when almost everyone on the beach was trying to forget about it.

"Say, Chujo, whatever happened to Tsuguka? I tried looking her up, but she was never the most open person."
Sacre's Personal Space

Sacre took Gravity's hand, and moving in to join the group hug by placing Gravity's hand back around Kiyo then slipping her own arms around Gravity without losing touch with her lover. Her tail curled protectively around the trio, close enough for them to know it was there, but not restricting movement. "Everything will be ok," Sacre whispered.
Sacre's Personal Space

Her sister denied crying, she said it was because of the beach that there was water there, but she wasn’t so easily convinced. She was certain that her sister was crying, but she began thinking that maybe her sister would prefer that she think it was because of the water out there on the beach. She felt Sacre, moving the arm back, and she could feel the Separa’s tail but she said nothing, feeling contentment there.
"And, now that you mention it, I haven't. By all means, lead the way." Jax grinned and gestured towards the waves. He would follow along beside Hanako. He wanted to ask for more details about Nataria, but he figured now wasn't the time, not when almost everyone on the beach was trying to forget about it.

"Say, Chujo, whatever happened to Tsuguka? I tried looking her up, but she was never the most open person."
"She is no longer part of the Eucharis crew. Her new assignment is very hush-hush," Hanako grinned. "She was always one for high-stakes, high-speed units." Hanako took off her hat and handed it to Victory Kuroki, then ran both hands through her aqua-colored hair once before lifting her sundress over her head to reveal a Star Army Blue bikini with a sakura flower pattern on it. She handed it Victory, stepped out of her sandals, and led the way down to the waves with a skip. Soft powdery white sand gave way to wet, hard sand and finally foamy waves of crystal clear blue water under her bare feet. The water felt slightly warm, yet refreshingly cool compared to the bright sun above. She gestured at Jax to come in after her.
Sacre's Personal Space

"I got it. I got it." Gravity gasped, mostly to herself. She released both Sacre and Kiyo, sniffling and wiping excess tears. The helmswoman placed her arms around their shoulders and smiled. It wasn't that standard, cocky smile that Gravity usually wore. This one was gentler, and way more genuine. "Let's go someplace where there's good tequila, yeah?"


Jax smiled and followed his former, and soon-to-be, superior into the water, diving head-first into the waves. As Jax came up, he pushed his flowing mane of hair back and sighed. This was nice. He was having... a good time. A legitimate good time. Not a fabricated good time in which he'd forced enough liquor down his pie-hole to make the moronic conversations of the rich and well-connected bearable. The nekojin waved hello to Victory, an old comrade. Though they had had different lines of work aboard the Eucharis, there was a certain bond that tied people together after having been shot at on the same metal tube sliding through space.

"Yeah, that sounds like To....Tsu." Jax mumbled somberly. He'd almost been tempted to call her by her first name, Toyoe. But she'd explicitly told him not to do so. Hanako probably knew her real name, but the engineer refused to utter it out of respect. That three-month romance they'd had after that beach party had been something, to say the least.

"So, office job, huh? I never would have guessed. I figured another sixty years from now you'd have been shuffling around the bridge with your walker, shouting commands at Condition One." Jax jabbed with a shit-eating little smile, laying back in the water and allowing his tail to act as a rudder. Jax, himself, hated office work. So much so that he had an army of interns dedicated just for that purpose, so that he could slip back into the workshop. "Did they at least set up a SheBrew within walking distance of the building?"
"Being the Deputy Director of Personnel is an office job where you can still make a difference for good and get out there among the soldiers. I get to travel a lot and see how different ships and units are doing things and get people what they need in terms of who they are working with, which is very satisfying," Hanako explained. "Yui let me keep my ship, too, which made me happy. We have a Warm and Sweet. Or had one...Fort Minori was practically burned to rubble during the battle. We have moved operations to Kyoto for now."
"Well, it sounds like you got yourself a good deal. I'm happy for you." said Jax. He allowed himself to simply float and enjoy the moment. The way his future was shaping up, he suspected that times like this would be rare. "Oh, did I mention? I spent time travelling around the Astral Commonwealth. Beautiful place, and the curdatl people in particular are especially hospitable. If you ever get a break and want to get away somewhere where no one knows your name, It's perfect."
Somewhere with Tequila

Sacre paid for the three huge glasses of Tequila and brought them to the table with Gravity and Kiyo. Sacre's was something with watermelon and jalapenos. Sacre sat next to Gravity, gently curling a long tail around her legs. She tried to sigh and make it look like it had been such an imposition. "Here you go." She tried to sound unenthusiastic. However, she actually sounded entirely too happy and no one believed her act in the slightest partly because Sacre had gotten the largest glasses that the place had.
Sacre's Personal Space
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Kiyo looked on as her sister now placed her arm over her shoulder, and the youngest blue-skinned Neko grasped the hand gently as they began moving to get tequila. She hadn’t drunk alcoholic beverages in a while, and she usually preferred not to, but this, was a special occasion, where she got to reunite with her sister and her friend.

She saw Sacre bringing back glasses of the drink her red eyes widened at the sight of the largest glasses she ever saw. “I missed you two, I know I said that already, but not being able to hug you physically was bad, so I am happy I got to do it now,” she said in her sweet voice she had for friends, family, and other allies.
"I hope Yamatai and the Iromakuanhe's relationship continues to improve," Hanako told Jax. "They seem interesting but there is still much to learn about them. Maybe you can write about your experiences and share them with people there. As much as I have thrust myself into danger before, the thought of going to a large empire that we had a bit of a cold war with still makes me uneasy because my..." she tilted her head, "...notoriety? ...could make me a target. Also politics are so much more difficult than war," Hanako added with a smirk. "Honestly."

She slowly walked on the grooved sand, gingerly avoiding stepping on the occasional shell, until she was neck deep. "I do not want to talk about work but I have not done much else lately," she admitted.