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Yamatai - Tamahagane


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One thing that has always felt missing to me, especially in a realm that models itself after Japanese culture was the lack of swords.

So I have created a company to manufacture swords, and will be working to expand their offering with time.



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After seeing the 'old map' I have chosen a location for it.

Kyousou is located on the southern coast of the Vela Prefecture. It has a population of 15,000. In addition to Tamahagane, its economy is supplemented by fishing, farming as well as a number of artisans.

I also added this to the Tamahagane page as well.


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Must be extremely cost prohibitive and expensive to produce a sword of Yamataium all things considered.


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Hmm, it's interesting to see another traditional and down to earth type manufactuer. I'm wondering if this'll be a trend for manufacturers to use more traditional methods of creating unique or ceremonial items in the setting.

(By the way, I'm working on Godfrey & Morrison Clothing Company, but the article is FAR from complete, and once I see it ready, I'll post it.)


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I think that these articles are more or less ready for approval, unless Wes himself has any concerns about this.