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OOC YE 45 Election Planning Thread

It's not the Senate I'm not interested in, it's being Premier. Head of government and you have to moderate the senate without getting a vote. IRL, very powerful. In play, kind of boring.
If there was a glassdoor review for the position, Katsuko would gladly write one. lol
Ya’ll seem to be forgetting that the purpose of acrewing power isn’t to be content with it but instead to hoard it and try to get more until you can take over all of government as dictator for life!

How many Roman emperors just up and weaseled in or outright stole more power for their positions before being ironically murdered by their preatorian guard?

Like hell I have the time for it but if I had a char in this position they would be trying to gerrymander and coerce every senetor, admiral, and influential person possible to get what I wanted passed instead of just playing moderator.
Sure if we wanted to have some kind of dictator plot, I’d be down. But for it to have some teeth, the dictator would have to be some kind of credible threat. Throw the constitution out and take control of some fleets maybe.
I'm holding out for Kuroko to be the first Mishhuvurthyar Empress of Yamatai.
I view it as an opportunity to show the best of the rest of Yamatai's goverment besides the Star Army. The organizations the Premier controls issue passports and visas, start new colonies, promote industry, run the police, provide housing, and so forth. This is a great role for someone wants to flesh out the YSE's civilian side. Furthermore the Premier's job is foreign relations, some Yamatai needs help with. The absense of active premiers has often led to the military awkwardly taking the reigns with their gunboat diplomacy.
So at this point, there's been a law passed to get the election going and allow regular people to vote. However it requires at least 3 choices. We need to make sure there's 3 options so basically in the next week we need to put in a couple of last minute candidates. Is there someone that might work for the Bellflower party and/or indepdendents? I'm not taking Soon seriously because as far as I know she's not a Yamataian citizen.
She does seem kind of obvious, I think she's been doing a great job in Personnel though and Hanako is so attached to the Star Army! Also I was kind of hoping for help with Yamatai from someone not me. I'll think about it and I guess if there's no other better option put forward by next weekend I guess I'll submit her.
There is no stipulation within the Constitution of Yamatai that the Premier cannot be a serving Star Army officer. It only says that "To divide the power, no person shall hold more than one of the following offices at the same time: Emperor or Empress of Yamatai, Imperial Senator, Imperial Premier, and Commander of the Star Army of Yamatai." Just for anyone on the fence about whether they have a character to run for the position. Half the Senators show up via telepresence anyway so it'd be conceivable for the Premier to do so as well.

One thing I am wondering is if there will be a vote by players through their Senators or via a forum poll. I feel as though the vast majority of Yamatai's NPC mass citizenry would vote for a traditional candidate but that might not be reflected in a vote made by players. Not a big deal to me personally either way because my characters are doing their Star Army thing, but it's something worth asking.
I was thinking that I could put a struct on each character's page (only for Yamatai faction characters) where each character could vote, and then tally up the total per star system.