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OOC YSS Artemis OOC Thread


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For those not currently in the Discord server, I'm repeating the announcement made there.

This Thursday/Friday/Saturday I will be posting a close to the Rivals thread. You have until then to get a final post in. In addition, once I've done that, I will be opening up the first Interlude episode (thread) that will be opening the floor to the more philosophical elements that this plotship is going to be focused on when not performing combat operations. During the length of the Interlude, myself and @Jack Pine will be sitting down and preparing, rigging, and establishing the first actual Mission of the plotship. I apologize for how long this has taken. In addition, if anyone wants to suggest ideas for Missions or Interludes, I'm open to hearing them. The next Mission (Currently codenamed "Milk Run") will be taking place in 8月 YE41. I am aware this puts us behind the current date of the site, but I intend to have each major mission occur during a different month. Since the plan for the first tour of duty is 6 months, that is 6 missions, meaning six main mission threads. We'll be returning to the rest of Yamatai around 4月 YE42. Do please keep this in mind. In addition, communications will be kept to a minimum, so your characters will not be keeping in regular touch with anyone not on the plotship. I wish to apologize to everyone if they find they do not like the idea of this, but it's part of the theme of the mission, which is that our plotship is on its own inside the enemy's territory, with no way to reasonably get help from home while it's past the zone of conflict.

I have the basic plans in place for the first three main missions, but the floor is open for those who wish to suggest ideas or concepts for the remaining three.

If anyone wishes to leave the plotship, for whatever reason, please come let me know on Discord (Glein#5930) so I can set such things up.

With Rival's end, we will be seeing the departure of Menelik, played by @Firebrand, from the ship, on his way to Nepland's OCS program. Thank you for your time with us, and the best of luck to your future endeavors.
[EDIT 0459, 01/20/2020, Pacific Standard Time] In addition, Eric Nabeel, played by @SchererSoban , will also depart from the ship. A big thank you as well for your time with us, and best of luck to you, and may your next plot be as welcoming.

However, we will, officially, have @NightDreamer09 and @Classytootsypop join us with their characters Itatski Kyoko, SAINT Field Operations Agent, and Titus Phane, Pilot assigned to airlift actions, respectively. Please welcome them warmly. This is the official OOC thread, to be used in conjunction with the Discord channel, for those who do not wish to use Discord or are unable to use Discord at any point. I cannot say it will be kept up on as much as the discord server ( will, but it will be present.

Thank you for your time, and let's hope this year proves a productive one, for everyone.
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