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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Pre-Mission One: Jozu Desu Ne!

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YSS Kaiyō
Captain's Suite
1日 1月 YE 39
0900 Hours

"Now," Taii Teien Eden began as she relaxed in the plush recliner chair in her suite. She was talking with a highly competent member of the crew, one she hadn't seen much of in the time since first meeting her. "You have presumably been doing quite a bit while aboard the Kaiyō the last four days, itto heisho Murakami Mitsuko. Or may I call you Mitsuko? Tell me, first, a few things."

Eden set her elbows on her knees and put her hands below her chin, then said, "Why did I find you filing tedious paperwork on Yamatai when you're highly overqualified for that? It does not seem fitting that you aren't being utilized to the fullest degree by the Star Army. According to your service records, you were present for the taking of the NMX Nest, and piloted a stolen NMX vessel to evacuate your fellow crew members and several dozen NMX Neko.You're listed as surviving at least a half dozen encounters with Rippers during your very many years of service on board the esteemed YSS Eucharis, with none other than Hanako. You rescued several crew members from abduction on the Essai Dreamworld, and then, if I'm reading this correctly, you raided the ship's armory to assist in destroying several dozen invading robots with...I believe that weapon is only recommended for use when attached to a small tank." The Taii seemed to be skimming the record at this point. "You were part of first contact with the Rixxikor... Defended the Armor Bay of the Eucharis, alone, from invasion by a large force of said Rixxikor... Were part of the first force facing the Kuvexians alongside Hanako herself. It goes on, and on." She looked away from the pad. She realized that she had questions for Mitsuko, still. "Besides that, what have you been doing exactly so that you went unnoticed since I brought you on board?"

"Oh, um, they used to call me-" Mitsuko was cut off as the Captain began with her questions, the mousy Neko sitting up straight in her seat to pay the proper attention. "W-well I...um...there's a good explanation for that...and um..." She seemed to shrink into her seat a bit as the list continued. "M-misato did most of the shooting, I just..." She fidgeted with those tinted glasses she wore, straightening up again as the conversation moved past her service record. "Oh! Well, I'm very familiar with the Plumeria. First, I reorganized the Cargo Bay of the Kaiyo. Then I did a fresh inspection of your supplies, now that everything was properly arranged. Following that, I reorganized the Bay again, now that I was familiar with its contents. I assisted your cooks with their inventory, and created a proper rationing schedule. Then there was the Armory. Oh, and I had to visit the other three ships, too. Did you know that the Logistics Officer on the YSS Excalibur had her supplies sorted alphabetically?" She made a dismissive 'pfft' sound, giggling to herself...before noticing the person interviewing her looking over those records again.

"It says here you once drove a shuttle down to a lava planet to rescue several crew members from crystalloid aliens with," Taii Eden paused, then continued. "With unexplained gravimetic powers?"

"...w-well yes, but...um..." Her eyes wandered past the Taii, widening as she noticed the state of the Captain's desk. One of her small statuettes was slightly misaligned from the others next to it. Her train of thought lost, she trailed off...

"Add that to the list of your accomplishments. So you answered question about what you've been doing here and, yet, you didn't answer why it was you haven't been assigned anywhere other than a -- Oh, it says here a fighting high school with Shayla McBelle, of all Neko, and then to do clerical work. Can you explain that to me?" Taii Eden wasn't one to impose, but when she asked a question she expected answers.

Mitsuko pulled her attention back to the conversation at hand, relegating her worries about the Captain's knick-knacks to one of her many long lists. "...I am not at liberty to discuss...um...any ongoing investigations. Y-you should contact Helen." She blinked. "Oh...Helen Klein-Chusa." One of the more famous/notorious, highest ranking SAINT Operatives. That Murakami seemed seem to be on a first name basis with. "I don't think she knows I'm here..."

"I see," Eden said. "Then I think I may have to, but not in any way does that affect your placement here. I just have a curious nature. I'll have to inquire, but this mission comes first. We will be taking on the Kuvexians, in their own space, in due time. It will take several lightyears to get there. But we will get there. When we do, it won't be easy for them to get out of our grasp. Until then, we face pirates, unknown species, and unknown threats to our Empire." Swallowing hard, Eden did what was always hard, putting someone in a position of command, "I want you to step in when things are at their most dire. I want you to be there for the away team when they fall short, if they fall short. I want to promote you to jôtô heisho before I ask you if you will do that for me. Will you be a part of the away team when they need someone of your experience most?"

"Kuvexians..." Mitsuko shook her head at the thought. "I didn't actually go to their secret base, that was just...the others..." She realized she needed to change topics. "I...I mean, I only met the one Kuvexian, but he wasn't alive for long...and..." She bit her lip, as she realized she was giving the Taii the wrong impression yet again.

"So you've had Kuvexian contact?" Eden said while her her eyes went to the ceiling of the suite and then she bit her bottom lip in ecstasy before speaking again. "This is so good. So very very good. Can I put you in a position of command, Mitsuko, without failure from you?"

"...regarding the Kuvexian prisoner, you should really speak to Candy...um...Candon Howard Suites-Heisho. I believe he's on...special assignment...to the Vekimen..." She saw the look on the Captain's face, hurriedly changing subjects again. "Y-yes, Teien-Taii." She slumped as the responsibilities were piled on her unassuming shoulders. "...thank you for the promotion, Teien-Taii. I will do my best...a-and please, let me know if you need any help...organizing...anything..." Her eyes twitched, as she forced herself not to look at that desk again. "I hope you, um, don't mind if I continue to use my Mindy II, i-if you want me...helping...with the away teams. I know it has a bunch of dents and cuts and...scrapes from..." She sighed and looked down at her lap, plucking at her long skirt. "...thank you for the opportunity, Teien-Taii."

"But of course!" Eden said as she stood, saluting to the new jôtô heisho before her. "Dismissed! I will call upon you as soon as I need you. Until then, enjoy being aboard!"
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