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  • Current IC Month: 9月 YE 42 (through December 31, 2020)

RP [YSS Kanagawa] Beyond The Border, Upon an Unknown Sea


The Smollest Smol
FM of Elysia
RP Date
YE 42
RP Location
YSS Kanagawa, Currently Unknown Location

Gen rubbed at the bridge of his nose as the information came back to him. A glance at the damage reports coming in from across the ship only confirmed what he was hearing.

"Alright," he began, composing his thoughts, "I think we need to accept that the ship is a wounded bird for now. We'll get engineering to work on restoring critical systems, but I don't think we'll be flying at full strength for quite a while. Given the distance we've traveled, I don't believe we can expect any Star Army support.

We're on our own, for now," he finished.

The rest of the discussion was on the specifics of their situation. Uncertainty about where they were due to a combination of the nebula blocking out distant stars and the usual long-range navigation systems being damaged. The lack of most, if not all, of the ship's weapons and major systems. Life support was functional, if in dire shape, and only the ship's slowest engines seemed operational.

After what seemed like hours, Rokusai decided that the crew needed some tangible goal to work towards. If only to take their minds off of the worst case scenario.

"The ring itself seems safe enough, now that it's.. powered down," he said, tapping through a few screens. "Sivins-Hei, you wanted to get a closer look. Suit up with a couple of engineers and go take a look. If the shuttle bay doors open, hopefully one of the Raccoon's will still be functional. If not... well, maybe the engineers can sort that out, too."

"As for the rest of us, we'll head to one of the nearby derelicts. I'd like to get a better idea of what caused all this. Maybe we can even salvage something. Sagara-Hei, set course once Sivins and the others have departed. Given our low speed, I don't think we'll be leaving them in the dust anytime soon."

Gen stood and stretched his neck a little, preparing to say a few last inspiring words before dismissing everyone. "Th-"

As the words began to come out, a proximity alarm began to blare. The sensors, damaged as they were, had picked up the intrusion into their local space far later than was appropriate.

The screen showing space before them was suddenly full of what looked to be a pod of massive, tentacled whales. The largest was the size of, if not larger than, the Kanagawa itself. They undulated slowly along, as if moving on some unseen water. Smaller somethings darted among them, like shoals of fish and dolphin. A few, like the unusual, tentacled dolphin analogs, seemed to occasionally pluck one of the 'fish' out of a school for food.

One of the larger creatures was curious about this newcomer to their territory, giving the Kanagawa a furtive nudge as it swam by. The ship shook violently once again, though far less so than before.

Regaining his footing, the Captain just shook his head at the odd sight drifting further out of view. "And, I suppose.. be careful of the local wildlife."

YSS Kanagawa

"H-hai." Aradia's uncertain voice filled the shaken bridge, more than a little nervous at the idea of "swimming" with a kraken-whale without any sort of proverbial safety net to help her out if she got lost... Or if said whale thing was hungry. It probably wasn't territorial. She didn't waste time, though, to test that theory - the tropical-colored Elysian made her way out of the comm and meandered, albeit slowly with the occasional bump of the visiting xeno shaking the ship, back towards the power armor bay. A quick inspection of her armor showed that it was somehow still functional, which was a boon. Much more trustworthy than the standard issue AMES...

"This is Sivins, reporting that our Mindy-IVs are relatively intact and appear to be functional. Whatever hit us must have been attracted to the large power source," she relayed to everyone in the ship via the intercom. After a few moments, she'd suited up, powering the suit on. Then, she added, "Though I don't know if there's been hidden damage yet. If you guys are going to suit up to scout, try to avoid taxing yourselves too much until we figure out how bad the damage really is."

As she went through the power armor's diagnostics, Aradia waited for someone to either respond to her, or join her in the bay. One thing she knew for certain, though,.... She wasn't leaving the ship on her own.


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YSS Kanagawa
Armor Bay

Thaddeaus Maximus made his way to the armor bay. He did his part to help those in need along the way. He was never one to pass by someone in need of help and even during an emergency that would be no different.

He entered the bay and seen a mix of crew around him. Some looked concerned, others looking completely on edge. For some this was the first time in battle so he was certain the thought of death was on their mind. A brilliant idea crossed his mind. "Fear not my fine crew, for with guns like these there is nothing to fear!!" As his sentence came to a close, his clothes did the opposite. He flexed with all his might and the seams around his shirt burst free. The fabric slowly fell away from his body, leaving nothing but lean Nepleslian sexy behind. The sight was so bright it was blinding. At some point he oiled himself between engineering and the armor bay, let us hope this isn't flammable.

"Come, we have things to save and stuff to break." He had swung an arm around another crew and pulled them along towards the row of armors. Thad wasted no time getting into his suit. A slightly more easy task now that he was shirtless and oiled up like a stripper. The HUD came to life and run down the standard things he didn't really care about. Green means go he always thought to himself.

"I will make my way to outside the ship and have a look." He said over comms.


FM of Neshaten
Game Master
YSS Kanagawa
Ken had eventually managed to free Mia and Himself, having torn away a maintenance panel to trigger the manual override within all of the blast doors re-opened themselves one by one, powerful systems of hydraulics and electromagnets whining while trying to do their best given the ships' somewhat crippled status. Having been no injured personnel in their immediate vicinity the Azure Nepleslian sent Santo-Hei Barber on her way before jogging off to respond to the beckoning call of his colourful little Elysian friend.

Armor Bay
Ken took a few quick steps into the PA bay to join the others in suiting up, chest rising and falling from the quick jaunt over as the big guy approached his own suit, his Type 35 duty jacket still back in the caretaker's room as the lad began kicking off his boots, simply scoffing at his fellow Nep's need to get stark naked before finally speaking up.

"Hey. big guy," Ken started, his muscled back pressing through the white material of his undershirt as he leaned forwards to peel off those boots. "Take someone with you just in case anything sensitive is on it's last legs," he offered before speaking to everyone in the PA bay, powering up a volumetric display near his own Mindy to run some quick diagnostics on it, "Everyone should try to get some juice into their emergency capacitors too, until we get a better grasp on the fuckery at work here having some reserve power hopefully isn't gong to hurt anybody."

With the panel-less red-panel having said what he felt needed to be said he moved to suit up, squishy hemosynthetic interior of his Mindy wrapping itself around the Nepleslian's muscled frame, his bodily proportions making the usually sleek blue suit look a little odd but he was certainly not some slim Neko so it made sense~

"Ishikawa-Hei checking in, suits seem to be running a little worse than they could be but they still look capable, I'll keep an eye on your diagnostics as they come in. Over," the technician's deep voice declared, filtering through the comms system of his fellow suited-up personnel. He was understandably stressed, and felt a little clammy before his suit's temperature control kicked in, but didn't want to be seen as the weak link of those remaining so opted to keep his cool for the time being.


Game Master
YSS Kanagawa Deck 4

The love tap of the Xeno woke Akira from her mini-coma. She promptly screamed out in pain as her nerves reported to her brain of the shattered shoulder, injury to her head, and missing right leg. Gritting in pain as the backlog of data had been finally cleared, she looked around her surroundings in a somewhat panicked state as she assessed her location and any immediate dangers.

With pained eyes, she saw the signage for Engineering. When she looked over at the half-opened door of the Upper Cargo Bay, she knew she was on Deck 4. She looked up at the blown conduits and fallen support structs as she completed her scan of her surroundings. She had no idea if she was originally here or just happened to end up here from another location. But she decided that figuring out what had happened to her was pointless. She also decided that remaining where she was in hope that someone would find her seemed equally pointless to the infantry veteran.

With a pained yell, she engaged her weakened inertia abilities and one good working arm and proceeded to make her slow crawl to Deck 4's Zero-G passageway and up it to Deck 1. For there was only one thing raging on her mind right now: "Get to the Power Armor! Get to the Power Armor!"

Deck 1, Power Armor Bay

After what felt like a few days, Akira crawled her way out of the zero-g passageway. She looks over at the Medical Bay for a moment and forgets she is a commissioned officer and should do the right thing. Instead, she defaulted to her NCO days and hobbles her way into the Power Armor Bay.

She looks at her still largely undamaged Keiko and breathes a sigh of relief.


Submissions Reviewer
Game Master
The power armor bay was abuzz with activity, though the feelings of those within could mostly be defined as 'shell-shocked'. More than one of the occupants had seen someone simply vanish in front of them. Not all of those who had vanished had done so entirely.

One young Neko muttered to herself as she suited up. "Thrown to who knows where, the ship torn to pieces, and the Captain wants us to go out for a swim with the locals? Not exactly what I signed up for."

Another spoke, voice coming from the suit's speakers, "We didn't exactly sign up in the first place, Kit. If we had, I'm pretty sure the recruitment posters said something along the lines of 'See distant stars! Meet exotic aliens! Kill them, sometimes!' which is - well, from what I've heard these stars are about as distant as it gets."

The first Neko gave a noncommittal grunt as she slipped on her Mindy's helmet.

Both of them walked over to Thad, listening as Ishikawa gave them all his take on their suits' statuses.

Back on the bridge, the Captain was drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair. The original plan he'd issued - send a portion of the crew to investigate the apparently abandoned gateway and the other portion to investigate the apparently abandoned derelicts - had to be revised. The strange space-borne creatures seemed to be non-hostile so far, but that didn't mean they'd stay that way.

'Hell,' he thought with a sigh, 'as big as some of those are, they might think a Mindy was just a snack.'

Gen shook his head a bit to clear the thought. He opened a comm to those in the Power Armor Bay.

"Change of plans," he said, voice betraying none of the doubt or worry that he held, "until we know more about our new neighbors, I don't want to take the risk of leaving a portion of you on your own. You'll all be checking out one of these derelicts. Maybe see if we can learn a bit about.. whatever those are."

The comm line closed, though he left himself open for any follow-up messages. He looked towards Kai. "Helmsman, do your best to get us near the closest derelict. If things take a poor turn, I want to be able to retrieve everyone quickly."

Kai issued an affirmative, though his tone was more morose than Gen had expected. Something - more than just the usual shit the rest of them seemed to be in - was bothering the man, but the Captain wasn't sure what just yet. Perhaps there would be time for a question while the away team was investigating.

The Kanagawa limped its way to the nearest derelict. It would be some time before she could reach her usual speeds. Even maintaining a steady course was a challenge for the beleaguered ship, its engines periodically giving out and coming back online as self-repair systems tried to keep everything together.

The derelict itself - part of the derelict, Gen realized as they drew nearer - was truly massive. The section they were nearing was at least a kilometer long. Judging by the nearby debris and the other pieces that they could see, the entire vessel had been bigger than Yamatai's largest by quite a bit. Before it had been blown up by something, anyways.

Gen furrowed his brow as the Kanagawa began to slow, wondering what could take out a ship that big.

"Alright, Away Team," Gen said over the comms once more, "We're in position. Go take a look around. If we can get a better understanding how how old this derelict is or what those creatures are, we might be able to start piecing together a plan."


Game Master
Power Armor Bay

"Initiating Start-up Sequence...
Power Systems online... anomaly detected
Neural Link established...

Reduced aether power output detected, recommend having a technician address the issue...
Welcome back Chui Suzuki...
Severe injuries detected in operator. Recommend seeing medical personnel."

"Not now Ronin. I am stable... for the most part." She said as she walked over to the armory and took out a coherent aether rifle. She inspected the weapon before shouldering it on her right side.

"Very well Chui, all sensors are online."

Akira walked over to the exit and assumed a seiza position as she waited upon hearing about a change of plans. She listened to the pair of Nekos, but did not respond to either of them. She just watched Thad with her armor's Optical Tracking System, so she never directly looked at him. She then took the time to link with the ship's AI and go over what had been going out since she was knocked out.

Upon hearing the order to head out, she finally stood up and looked at Thad.

"Alright, time to dance and see where the hell we are. Unless something is threatening the Kanagawa or a crew member, weapon safeties on safe. No point in upsetting these things." She said before entering space and moved towards an opening of the derelict.

"Faint aether signatures detected, highlighting sources..."

"Wa..." Akira just simply said as she looked at the overlaid creatures. "Are these ships?"


"Are they living organisms?"


"Relay your findings to the Kanagawa AI and coordinate with the ship's sensors if they are out." she said as she landed. She turned on her head's flashlight and looked around. She was still highly angered from the situation and something needed to die, but she kept that side of her in check for the time being.