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RP [YSS Kanagawa] Beyond The Border, Upon an Unknown Sea


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Thad stepped forward to face off against the crab. He had fought large boars, huge bears, a bigger than life black knight and even a Mo. If he could take all that on and live to fight on, then this crab would have to go.

He inched towards it slowly, his hands placed out in front of him. The gunblade was tucked in nicely against the length of his arm. Ready to do a quick strike to assert his dominance. "I got this team." He said over comms to those near by. "Looks like we will be having seafood for dinner tonight..."


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Aether struck the shark's skin and - singed it. Parts of it even seemed to have been pierced, but certainly nowhere near the extent that one would expect from a strike from weapons of those caliber. Neon-blue blood oozed from its wounds. Luckily for Taharial, the attack had slowed it, forcing the beast to reconsider its choice of a meal. It snapped its jaws at Taharial one last time, far too close for comfort, before turning to get away from the painful rain of aether falling upon it.

Inside the derelict, the electric lines along the crab-thing's carapace lit up as it committed to the fight. It reared up its head and made a screeching sound that shouldn't have been audible in the vacuum, but somehow echoed across the local comm lines.

The walls around them seemed to react. Large, barnacle-like things opening up to reveal a writhing mass of pulsing purple and blue tentacles. They seemed too short to reach out and grab hold of the Mindys, but had an eager look to them none the less.

The crab took a step forward, its sharp feet leaving dents in the derelict's floors. It squared off against Thad, then charged in with claws ready to bisect him given the chance.
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Thad dug his heels in deep as the crab collided with him full force. A small shock wave emitted from the point of impact. The metal groaned under the immense pressure. The mindy armor gave out status repots showing the damage caused by the initial impact. Yet he held firm and the armor did not give out. It was like a battle between two sumo wrestlers facing off. Only Thad had the added fun of dodging from time to time the random pincher claw trying to take hit head off. This back and forth went on for a good five minutes. In an instant, Thad vanished from site and the crab launched right over him. The screeching sound of metal and shell grind rung out. The gunblade he had careful placed was extended fully and out in front. He could feel this was not the killing blow as he stood back on his feet. The mindy legs moaning as he prayed them out of the metal floor. "Come on big boy, I am in the mood for sushi tonight." He yelled out, not that it would hear him being in a vacuum and all. He started to stamp and pull if his foot backwards like a bull about to charge.