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Aliset Soren

Aliset Soren is a player character played by harpermadi.

Aliset iš karo laivo Tokyo1)
1584742250357_image0.jpeg Art by Hannah Werner
Species & Gender: Female Senti
Date of Birth: 22日 3月 YE 08
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Pilot
Rank: Santô Juni
Current Placement: 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons", YSS Tokyo

Physical Description

Aliset Soren is a bright and bubbly young Senti woman, her slender physique is not particularly attractive by her species' standards, being far more curvy than most other Senti, partially due to a bent pelvis and partially due to deposits of fat accumulated during her bedridden portion of that recovery.

She stands a fair five foot three inches, and weighs three hundred and seventy pounds. (5'3“, 370lb)

Her eyes are a patina burgundy with a fading green irridescense and her hair is a deep rust brown.



Aliset Soren is a talented and confident pilot and astronavigator. Curious, honorable, and intelligent, her personality may be considered enigmatic to those ill-prepared. Like most Senti, she will rarely engage in unnecessary interaction unless approached, and even then say merely what she needs to say. When she does speak up on a subject, however, she is honest, and has a sharp delivery that can be seen as quick and off the cuff.


Aliset was born onboard the Shurista Flotilla near Planet Akina in YE 08, to Saliten And Setiel of Freighter Soren.

At age sixteen, she passed the skill test and the written portion to pass into adulthood, and began her formal training as a postage delivery pilot. This includes law enforcement training and a Senti Service knife.

Unfortunately, there was a hull failure in a portion of the Flotilla, and Setiel was killed by exposure to vacuum at 240 years old. The emotional shock of losing her mother and knowing that she was the only child born by either of her parents weighed heavily. Some bad decisions were made, and she found herself injured after her romantic life took an unexpected and violent turn. Her assaulter was executed by Saliten Soren in accordance with Senti law during the inident, but Aliset still suffered a bent rib and pelvis. She will not be able to bear children safely until she is seventy years old, assuming the damage is not repaired.

Unfortunately, she gained a lot of weight during her recovery and bedrest, being unable to walk while she healed. She has shed most of this weight, though is still 70 lb overweight, by Senti standards.

In YE 38, Freighter Soren made a delivery of needed supplies recovered from Senti pirates, initiating First Contact between the Senti Flotillas and the Yamatai Star Empire.

In YE 42, she enlisted at the Uesureyan Fortress in the Star Army to fight the Kuvexian slavers as a pilot. She was the first Senti to become a Yamataian citizen and the first Senti in the Star Army. Her oath of enlistment was administered by Hanako herself, and she was entered into warrant officer school and pilot school due to her fourteen year piloting experience as a Senti postal worker.2)

To mark her cultural compatability with this goal, she delivered the oath in both Yamataigo and Senti common. 3)

During flight and Warrant schooling, it was discovered that Senti typically don't operate by normal sleeping arrangements, preferring small, densly packed pod beds. When she was placed in a Capsule Hotel style sleeping arrangement, her sleep cycle and performance improved significantly, indicating a cultural inclination towards agoraphobic insomnia.

She was quickly assigned as a pilot for the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons".

aliset_soren_afs.jpg Art by Hannah Werner

Skills Learned


Aliset is a skilled pilot, being able to feel where her ship is in relation to other objects, and know instinctively where her cockpit is in relation to the rest of her ship.

Familiar with the Ginga bomber


Being Senti, she has had to deal with her fair share of breakdowns in deep space. She is familiar with basic space craft components and systems, how to diagnose and repair them, and when to call an actual engineer.


Can chart courses through FTL, successfully routing around hill spheres, dead zones, and other dangers, and is extremely familiar with the area around Akima.

Law enforcement Training

Vigilant and quickly learning new rules and regulations, she is quick to correct infractions.

Close Quarters Combat

An expert in Senti null grav Judo, Aliset is trained to neutralize, detain, and, if necessary, dispatch a Senti up to a full century older than her. Moderately skilled in Star Army CQC (Though she doesn't find it nearly as useful.)

Star Army Common Skills


Aliset is a talented linguist and has an exemplary grasp on law and logic, allowing her to quickly learn alien legal systems and manipulate them to her advantage.

Social Connections

Aliset Soren is connected to:

  • Saliten Soren(father)
  • Attina Soren (grandmother)
  • Nicol Sanger (Shipmate from Soren, flight engineer, boyfriend)
  • Leventé Barná (wingmate, language student, boyfriend)

Inventory & Finance

Aliset Soren has the following:

Aliset Soren currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

This page was created by harpermadi on 03, 11 2020 at 14:21 using the Character Template Form.

In the case harpermadi becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
neé krovininis Soren iš Shurista
Senti common uses Lithuanian as a stand-in language
4) , 5)
Physiology necessitated.
Senti Civil Post O-3, Star Army of Yamatai Santô Juni
All displayed text in Senti Common
3 years without accident, or exemplary flying
Shurista Civil Post: Shield with envelope insignia
Completed police service career without violent incident

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