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Tachihara Reika

Tachihara Reika is a NH-33 Eihei serving in the Star Army Intelligence division of the Star Army of Yamatai. She currently is assigned to the personal protection detail for the Yamataian princess Kotori (YSS Byakuren Plot), and serves in the capacities of Intelligence Officer and Operations Officer when required.

Reika was created in April 2011 by Khasidel and remains his primary player character.

Tachihara Reika (立原 玲花)
Tachihara Reika
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-33 Eihei Nekovalkyrja Height: 170 cm (5'7“)
Gender: Female Weight: 65.77 kg (145 lbs)
Age: 7 Complexion: Light, tanned
Date of birth: 32年4月4日 Measurements: 104-58-92 cm
Organization: Star Army Intelligence Star Army Intelligence, Star Army of YamataiStar Army of Yamatai Bra size: 41H (American)
Fleet: Star Army First Expeditionary Fleet Star Army First Expeditionary Fleet Hair color: Cerulean
Rank: Shoi Kohosei Shoi Kohosei Hair type: Long, straight
Occupation: Intelligence Officer, Operations Officer Eye color: Amethyst
Zodiac: Aries Boot size: 9 (American)
Current assignment: Ketsurui Kotori, Personal Security Detail - (YSS Byakuren Plot)
SACN orders link: Star Army Communications Network (SACN) - [Orders] Tachihara Reika

Physical Appearance

Reika's facial features possesses an unnatural beauty that is characteristic of Minkan, Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians; giving her the appearance of a young woman of Earth asian descent, perhaps in her late teens or early twenties. Her near perfectly shaped features are framed by a silky smooth mane of cerulean-colored hair that slides down her shoulders as far as the small of her back. Her intense, almost hypnotic almond-shaped eyes are amethyst-like jewels that might ensnare another with their gaze. She has full, luscious lips often quirked into a faintly amused smile. Her delicate, cat-like ears are softly furred and tufted at the tips; covered with the same cerulean-colored hair which trails down from the crown of Reika's head. A dainty, narrow nose with a smooth bridge rests near center of her face, seeming perfectly matched and aligned to the rest of her features. Her complexion is light, slightly tanned and without any discernable blemishes.

Her build is very unusual for a neko in that it is bluntly feminine, with long legs that also make her unusually tall for one of her kind and give her a standing height of 170 cm (5'7”). Her figure is all female and athletic curves, beginning from her strong calves and leading up to her powerful thighs. She possesses a firm, heart-shaped rear and flared hips. Her narrow, toned waist gives her a devastating hourglass figure; at rest revealing just the tiniest hint of her abdominal muscles and giving her a fit, healthy appearance. She possesses a distinctly over-generous bust, while her arms, forearms and shoulders show clear evidence of more muscle definition.

Psychological Characteristics


Reika has something of a dual nature; in general, her behavior towards others is respectful, compassionate, protective and sociable. She can also be characterized as tomboyish due to her hands-on approach to most problems and her competitiveness. Thanks in part to her Star Army Intelligence training she is also extremely observant and is capable of rapid and well-reasoned cognition while working under conditions of extreme danger.

In rare circumstances though, Reika has shown a seemingly uncharacteristic ruthlessness when operating in pursuit of her goals. This personality trait can be disconcerting or perhaps terrifying to those who had yet to see this aspect of her personality and are only familiar with the kinder and more companionable nature she usually presents. In pursuit of her objectives, she is perfectly comfortable deceiving, killing, maiming or torturing an individual if she believes that the task is truly necessary. However, when there is a reasonably viable and less morally repugnant alternative she does generally prefer to explore that option first.

Reika has acquired a bit of a complex in regards to her physical appearance, which is significantly more buxom and feminine than that of your typical nekovalkyrja. While she knows it can be a useful tool, she finds some of the attention she receives because of her features rather exasperating.

The operative's feelings in regards to her current relationship with Kotori are also rather conflicted. Though she is required to spy upon Kotori, her fond feelings for the Ketsurui princess' are genuine and she dislikes the fact that she needs to deceive her lover. It remains to be seen whether or not Reika's feelings will hold sway over her actions should Kotori prove herself a threat to the Yamatai Star Empire, or if she will let her duty reign supreme and eliminate Kotori should circumstances seem to warrant such an action.

Preferences and Goals

  • General Likes: Martial arts, bladed weapons, exercise, sports, reading, music, computers, firearms (especially sniper rifles), starships, spying, acting, puzzles, mind-games, challenges, competition.
  • General Dislikes: Alcoholic beverages, idiots, liars, laziness, losing.
  • Religion: Agnostic
  • Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Tachihara Reika's History

The following contains the history of the character Tachihara Reika.

This is severely out-of-date and undergoing revision.


Reika was created at the behest of Star Army Intelligence. SAINT's request specified the production of several NH-29 (one of which was Reika) with physical specifications and mental characteristics that made them suited for and psychologically predisposed towards performing dangerous intelligence-oriented work in the field.


Reika was created in early YE 32, thus she is still quite young and has spent the majority of her short life undergoing various kinds of preparatory training for her service in the Star Army of Yamatai and Star Army Intelligence (SAINT). She completed basic training in the 99th percentile of her class, meeting the hopeful expectations SAINT had when they initially had her created. After that, Reika successfully aced the four-week SELECT ordeal and following medical examination before undergoing the SAINT mental conditioning prior to her placement in the INDOC program.

For the twenty weeks following her introduction to INDOC, Reika studied and trained in a wide variety of Intelligence gathering activities and disciplines. Having successfully finished INDOC, Reika received her first posting.

In the Roleplay

YSS Eucharis

YE 33

  • After the completion of her training, Reika was assigned to the YSS Eucharis.
  • Mission 12.1 - Encounter At Shara - Reika accompanied the Eucharis on a first contact mission to an alien system, where the Eucharis' crew encountered an alien species.
  • Mission 12.2 - Interception - After the first contact mission, the Eucharis was sent to Ether system, in order to assist the aliens engaging NMX forces present there. The Eucharis was still scarred from previous battles, and soon found itself in a desperate struggle for survival – were it not for the fortuitous arrival of the First Expeditionary Fleet, the Eucharis' and her crew would likely have been destroyed.
  • Mission 12.3 - Red Snow - After the battle, the Eucharis landed upon the surface of Ether in order to assist alien ground forces. The Away team was ambushed on route to their mission objective – an NMX Nekovalkyrja production facility – and several crew members were injured seriously. Under orders from Ketsurui Hanako, Reika captured one of NMX Neko ambushers for interrogation. The Neko informed the away team of the precise location of the Cloning Facility and told the crew about an old subterranean NDI access route. The Away team attempted to enter the facility through the original NDI passages, but their plan fell apart when the NMX became aware of traitor Neko's helping the Eucharis' crew, who then proceeded to zombify all the Neko clones and send an overwhelming force to neutralize the away team. With the tide turning against them, and Hanako injured by a Mishhuvurthyar parasite, the away team began to retreat. Helen Klein fired an anti-matter charge back into the cavern network, causing major damage and destroying many of the enemy. The explosion also irradiated the away team with dangerous levels of gamma radiation. In the end the crew managed to make it out of the cave system more-or-less alive, and the last of the pursuing NMX were picked off by the Eucharis' point defense weapons when it was called in to recover them.
  • Mission 12.4 - Warm and Wet - After healing their wounds, Reika and the rest of the Eucharis' crew were granted shore-leave upon Yamatai for rest and recuperation while the YSS Eucharis' underwent some much needed repairs. Unfortunately the joint shore leave was soured somewhat by the words and actions of the Elysian crew member Papadopoulos, Michael, who in a confrontation with Ketsurui Hanako is stripped of his rank and booted out of the Star Army of Yamatai.
  • Mission 13.1 - Ghost Towns - Shortly after their shore-leave, Kyoto was attacked by NMX parasites. Instead of assisting in repelling the parasite invasion, the Eucharis and its crew were ordered to Jiyuu System to retrieve a certain individual from the United Outer Colonies before it was completely overrun by the Mishhuvurthyar.
  • Mission 14.1 - Nataria Reclaimed - The YSS Eucharis heads to Nataria and rendezvous with the YSS Miharu in the recently reclaimed territory. There the senior officer's also meet with Ketsurui Yui who was overseeing the forces deployed within that system.
  • Mission 14.2 - The Battle of Yamatai - The YSS Eucharis received word that Yamatai (Planet) was under attack by a massive NMX fleet and departs immediately to help protect the Capital planet of the Yamatai Star Empire. The Eucharis and other ships from the First Expeditionary Fleet join into the massive battle above the planet. The Eucharis is then damaged and boarded by the enemy and is shortly thereafter crippled, causing the gunship to fall towards Yamatai's surface. The crew is forced to abandon ship while the Eucharis makes a water landing. After the shuttles carrying the escaping crew landed, they regrouped and engaged enemy forces to secure the near the downed Eucharis.
  • Mission 14.3 - Aftermath - Whilst the Eucharis underwent repairs, Reika's consciousness was transferred into one of the newly developed NH-33S Nekovalkyrja type bodies.
  • Mission 15.1 - Gifted - Reika and several other crew members from the YSS Eucharis were sent as part of an away team lead by Helen Klein on a mission to an uncharted planet to look for and rescue an earlier version of Hanako, who had been stranded there years ago.

YE 34

YSS Byakuren

  • Prologue 0.2 - Saintly gathering - Reika was reassigned as a crewmember of the warship under construction Black Knights, to serve under Kotori. She left the YSS Eucharis along with Jalen Sune and Miyazawa Konoka. Upon arriving at the city of Kyoto upon the planet Yamatai there were no standing orders for the trio, nor had housing arrangements been made. Eventually the three were contacted by a representative from SAINT, Shôshô Celeste Raquel Domina. There the Shôshô briefed Reika amongst the others regarding her new superior and SAINT's myriad fears regarding the threat she might pose to the Yamatai Star Empire. Reika was placed in charge of a small Star Army Intelligence team in amongst the regular Byakuren crew, whose goal was to monitor Kotori for any signs that she might pose a danger, and if circumstances proved dire enough… take action to counter her.
  • Prologue 0.3 - Division of Labor - After Celeste's briefing, Reika, Konoka and Mori Saku went to Jalen Sune's warehouse in order to talk to talk in private, and there Sune provided Reika with a Ke-T2-1c 'Okii-Neko' Aeroshuttle. Around this time the small group learned that another officer, Nicholas Saiga, had been assigned to the crew. Due to Saiga's greater seniority, Sune felt it best to withdraw himself from consideration as a member of the Byakuren's crew in Saiga's favor. After Sune's departure from the group, the remaining three crewmember's met up with Saiga.
  • Prologue 0.4 - Our Imprudent Pursuit - Reika, Konoka and Saku meet up with Saiga, Ira Ramirez and Oshiro Arkase on the streets of Kyoto. There they resolve to seek out the Princess Kotori in order to introduce themselves to their new superior. The group briefly disbands and regroups at the Ketsurui Samurai House, where they find the Princess staying with her mother, the samurai Kôsuka. After some slightly tense and awkward introductions, Kotori acknowledges the group and instructs them to meet her at the Empress' Palace so that the newly assembled crew might accompany her on a private mission to the Bard Cluster, despite the fact that their own ship the Byakuren was not yet complete and ready for use.
  • Prologue 0.6 - Pidgeon Hole - For the most part Kotori's crew assembled at the Empress' palace on time and departed with the princess aboard the Premier One, the loaned space yacht of Imperial Premier Ketsurui Yuumi. Prior to departure, Kotori's niece Ketsurui Sora, her personal samurai protector Hasegawa Sumaru and the Miharu Light Industries observer Asamoya Fuyu appeared with the intent of accompanying Pricess Kotori on her sojourn. During the flight, Kotori revealed that their intended destination is the planet Planet Kotori, a planet named in her honor and formerly known by the name Goumon. She expressed the desire to perform a vigil at Ouchi Memorial, then visit the city Genseirin on local business. The hours long and mostly tedious vigil was completed without major incident and the crew returned to the planetary spaceport and made arrangements for the next leg of their journey. During the limousine ride to their destination, their vehicles came under surprise attack by several rogue samurai of the 'Shadow Viper' school. In the insuing chaos the two limo drivers were killed and many of the crew including Reika were severely or almost fatally injured. Were it not for the timely intervention of Kotori using her fearsome Akuma mecha, the crew would most likely have perished. After seeing to the worst of the wounded, the crew called for the Premier One to come pick them up. In order to avoid further conflict, the crew attempts to flee back to Yamatai but is intercepted en route by the YSS Himoyuri, a Star Army gunship comandeered by the rogue samurai. With a clever ruse, the Premier One and its crew lures the Himiyuri in close and promptly manages to cripple the vessel using their ships modified engines as a mafe-shift large scale aether saber. Before the enemy can retaliate, the Premier One jumps back into FTL and beyond the gunships reach.

YE 35

  • Prologue 0.7 - Touching Base - After a short respite in Kyoto General Hospital, Reika received a message from Celeste indicating she wishes an update on recent events concerning Kotori. The SAINT operative briefly met with Mori Saku and received from her a copy of her memories of the skirmish. Afterward she and Saiga arranged for the crew to meet at the Star Army's HQ building in Kyoto so that they might all be properly debriefed.
  • Prologue 0.8 - Conference - After Saiga was called away by an urgent comcall, Reika was left to handle the crew debriefing. She briefly outlined the pertinent information regarding past events, as not all members of the crew had witnessed the important events that had occured. Afterwards she politely excused herself from the debriefing in order to make her report to Celeste.
  • Prologue 0.9 - Returning to the Roost - Reika met up with Celeste within the administrative section of the SAINT HQ facility in Kyoto. There she informed the Shôshô of all the seemingly important facts she had accumulated regarding Kotori during their time together. Afterward Reika was given an officer's commission by Celeste, promoted to the rank of Shoi Kohosei. She was also informed that she have to personally interview and brief two new officer's for Kotori's crew, Innen Tsukiko and Shinon Maverick.

Service Medals

Item Type Quantity Reason/s
Star Army Service 3 Successful mission completion (Mission 14.2 - Battle of Yamatai, Mission 16.0 - The Nest, Prologue 0.6 - Pidgeon Hole)
Star Army Combat Medal 3 Engaging the enemy in combat (Mission 14.2 - Battle of Yamatai, Mission 16.0 - The Nest, Prologue 0.6 - Pidgeon Hole)
Star Army War Medal 1 The Battle of Yamatai (Mission 14.2 - Battle of Yamatai)
Tomoyo's Kikyô 1 Wounded in combat (Prologue 0.6 - Pidgeon Hole)

Tachihara Reika's Inventory

The following lists the possessions of the character Tachihara Reika.

Current Possessions

Items presently being worn by Reika, or are in her immediate possession:

Stored Possessions

Misc Items in Storage

  • 1x A snowglobe with the YSS Eucharis inside
  • 1x A YSS Eucharis model kit complete with paints
  • 1x Type 33 NSP scope, rails, and charger
  • 1x Bag of chocolates
  • 1x Bottle of YE 32 Sakura Blush Wine from Hanako's star
  • 1x High-quality luggage carrier with personalized nameplate
  • 1x Diary book and gel pens
  • 1x Set of expensive bath products
  • 1x Basket full of hair care products.
  • 1x Stack of assorted novels
  • 1x Small harp Instrument
  • 1x Eucharis Plush Toy

Outer Wear

  • 3x Female kimono, bright colors and decorative patterns.
  • 2x Kimono sash
  • 1x Halter top
  • 2x Jeans, blue
  • 1x Purple string bikini
  • 1x Miniskirt, black
  • 3x Short-sleaved tops, assorted colors
  • 3x Short skirts, assorted colors
  • 2x Pants, black and green
  • 2x Thick long-sleeved shirts, black and white
  • 2x One-piece dresses, assorted colors
  • 3x Simple T-Shirts
  • 1x Custom designed jacket, embroidered with the images of Hoshi no Iori, YSS Eucharis, her sister ships and planet Yamatai
  • 1x Shortskirt, blue-grey

Underwear and Sleepwear

Feet and Legwear

  • 1x Pair of thigh-high stockings, black
  • 6x Pairs of Socks, assorted colors
  • 3x Shoes, black and white
  • 1x Thigh-high Boots, black
  • 1x High-heel shoes, black
  • 1x Pair of sandals
  • 1x Geta (Wooden sandals)
  • 1x Pair of slippers
  • 1x Pair of opaque stockings, blue-grey
  • 1x Glossy black shoes

Tachihara Reika's Skills

The following article contains the skills of the character Tachihara Reika.

Skill Areas

Tachihara Reika

Survival and Military

Reika specializes in intelligence gathering operations within the field such as covert infiltration and ex-filtration; allowing her to more easily sneak behind enemy lines for different missions.

She is also highly trained in survival; the ability to live off the land by finding food, water, hunting, avoid hazards and build shelter. Escape; the ability to slip out of ropes, handcuffs, and similar restraints. Resistance; withstanding various forms of interrogation and torture. Evasion activities; evading hostile pursuit in a variety of urban and natural environments.

Surveillance; covertly observing and shadowing a specific individual or target unnoticed. Forward observing; marking targets for artillery and orbital strikes. Combat reconnaissance; relaying troop and equipment movements from behind combat lines.

Navigation; the skill of finding ones position through careful observation of the surroundings like landmarks and stars. Camouflage; how to use natural materials that can be found in the environment, special fabrics and paints to hide herself, her position or her equipment as needed.


After her rise to officer rank and the subsequent increase in her security clearance Reika has gained access to a larger array of in-service training courses as a member Star Army Intelligence. Thus, Reika has begun receiving training in advanced interrogation techniques and in countering indoctrination; the black art of technological personality alteration and mind control.

Her correspondence training in interrogation has helped Reika better understand elements of humanoid psychology and how to better acquire information by means of intimidation and other psychological tactics.

Indoctrination, or more commonly “brainwashing”, encompasses many techniques – drugs, electroshock, hypnotism, sensory deprivation, sleep deprivation, social pressure, subliminal messages, surgery, psionics, cybernetic implants, nanotech augmentation and in the case of nekovalkyrja, minkan and yamataians; mind emulation re-programming. Often it requires the use of several combinations of these techniques.

Reika now has a limited understanding of how these indoctrination processes work, as well as how to successfully brainwash or deprogram individuals.


Further in-service training as an officer of Star Army Intelligence as well as her various course correspondences with the Kyoto War College have required Reika to acquire greater skill in intelligence analysis, public speaking, command, diplomacy, infantry and starship tactics.

While not yet at the level of a full officer, her past experience as an enlisted soldier combined with her officer training has lent Reika some increased skill in the art of command, allowing her to better lead and instruct others in stressful and dangerous situations using various infantry and starship combat tactics.

Reika's ongoing training in intelligence analysis has increased her ability to accurately analyze and interpret intelligence data, more easily deduce enemy plans and capabilities, evaluate the accuracy of information and rate the reliability of sources.


Her correspondence with the Kyoto War College and Ketsurui Kotori's tutoring are steadily increasing Reika's understanding of the law and history of the Yamatai Star Empire.


As a operative of Star Army Intelligence Reika has been trained in a variety of clandestine skills and continues to utilize in-service correspondence training to improve those abilities.

She has been trained in the arts of seduction, pick-pocketing, physical and electronic lock-picking and intrusion, creating disguises of both a physical nature and through volumetric projection, smuggling items and equipment, forgery and counterfeiting of official documents for the creation of false identities.


For the purposes of sabotage and destruction of specified targets after infiltration, Reika has been extensively trained by Star Army Intelligence in the creation, handling, use, disposal and dismantling of a wide variety of explosive devices used both within the Yamatai Star Empire and in the nations surrounding it.

Reika has been taught how to prepare and place explosives in a wide range of environments; including varying planetary environments, underwater and in a vacuum. Some types of explosive devices Reika has been trained to create, use, disarm and dismantle include biochemical aerosol, biochemical liquid, fragmentation explosives, concussion explosives, thermobaric explosives, electromagnetic pulse, nuclear fission, fusion bombs, anti-matter explosives, aether explosives, EM jammers, plasma explosives and gravitic imploders.


Reika is in peak physical condition due to constant training and intense regular exercise. She has strength, agility and speed all at or near the upper limits for a standard NH-33 Nekovalkyrja. She also has considerable physical endurance, allowing her to perform exhausting physical activity for extended periods.

She is skilled in a wide variety of physical activities such as swimming, long-distance running, and climbing for use in situations where she cannot utilize her innate gravity manipulation abilities to get around without possibly being detected by sensors or scanning devices.


As part of her basic Star Army training, Reika has been educated in basic mathematics such as algebra and trigonometry. Through self-study she has also increased her understanding of mathematics to improve her ability in applied mathematics; the branch that deals directly with physical sciences and engineering.

Part of her original Star Army Intelligence training taught Reika a considerable amount about cryptology; the mathematical study of codes and ciphers, giving her a considerable understanding of various encryption schemes used by different nations and species.


Reika has been well trained in the use of an extensive variety of communications methods; including infrared, laser, radio, neutrino, gravity, hyperspace, subspace, quantum and tachyon devices. Her basic training in communications equipment has been further supplemented by Star Army Intelligence so that she may utilize inventive and complicated means of boosting or augmenting communications tech to break through a wide array of jamming methods for the purposes of relaying important information.

Reika is adept in Nekovalkyrja telepathic and wireless communication, being able to send and receive messages within the full range available to the NH-33 body type.

Thanks to her Star Army Intelligence training, Reika has been highly education in cryptography; the ability to create and defeat encryption systems, codes and ciphers. She can accurately encode and decode messages using complex and practically unbreakable mathematical ciphers, either through the use of traditional communications devices, computers, or solely within her own mind whilst using telepathic sending and receiving.

Reika speaks, reads and writes fluent Trade and Yamataian. She has additionally received SAINT training for and continues to study the most up-to-date linguistic knowledge of civilizations within and in proximity to the Yamatai Star Empire – both friendly and hostile – for the purpose of information retrieval.


Reika is well-trained in several close unarmed combat styles and utilizes a personalized fighting style that borrows techniques shamelessly from different martial arts based on each particular moves utility in combat. Her training in unarmed combat originates from the standard Star Army and SAINT training curriculum but has been extended also through significant martial arts training and simulated sparring in her free time.

During her training, Reika was prepared for combat in a wide range of planetary environments and within zero-gravity conditions, whilst either armed or unarmed.

Reika has extensive weapons training and is proficient in the use of various pistol types, bladed weapons and power armor. She is particularly adept in the use of rifles as part of her SAINT training for assassination, and in the use of explosives for sabotage.

More recently, Reika has also increased her off-hours training in the use of a katana so that she might comport herself better in a swordfight against rogue samurai targeting Kotori.

Technology Operation

Reika is fully capable of operating any computer that makes use of the Kessaku OS, found within all Star Army starships. Her SAINT training has given her a proficiency in accessing and acquiring information within a wide range of computer operating systems utilized by both civilians, military's, and other nations around the Yamatai Star Empire.

Reika's advanced programming knowledge allows her to rapidly create complex algorithms to decode data and hack through digital firewalls and protections within all but the most heavily fortified computer systems. Reika is also extremely adept at hacking the operating systems found within Nekovalkryja and Yamataian minds through telepathic communication, though this can take time depending upon the level of protection in place.

Tachihara Reika's Service Record

The following article contains the service record of the character Tachihara Reika.

Service Record

Character Data
Character NameTachihara Reika
Character OwnerKhasidel
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi Kohosei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Operator
SAOY AssignmentBlack Knights

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