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Star Army Space Roleplay

Star Army is a forum community for roleplaying, worldbuilding, and collaborative writing.

Since 2002, we've hosted hundreds of RPG campaigns in a shared, living universe. It's a unique and original setting characterized by starships, aliens, and transhuman androids.

Join as a member of the Star Army of Yamatai or many other factional groups. Or blaze your own trail as an independent adventurer or new faction. The things your characters do and the ideas you contribute will become part of Star Army's history and lore.

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You must be at least sixteen or older to join.

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Were you looking for wargaming instead?

5150: Star Army* is a military sci-fi tabletop wargame that shares our name (but is unrelated). It revolves around infantry squad combat, using miniatures. You can get it from the fine fellows over at Two Hour Wargames.

* 5150 is a trademark of Two Hour Wargames. The Star ArmyŽ trademark is used by Two Hour Wargames with permission.