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yugumo corporation

  1. Andrew

    Approved Submission Tengumo-Class Space Station

    Probably the biggest Yugumo Corporation Project we've done in a few years. Thank you design team for all the hard work! The opening of the first station of the class, Kumo no Kagayaki Station aka "Cloudport" will done as an open RP.
  2. Andrew

    Approved Submission More Damage Control Tools and Gear for Yugumo

    Tools and Gear. Big thanks to @iaincarter for the RP example.
  3. Miyako

    SYNC To: Yugumo Fleetworks - A Special Commission

    TO // Yugumo Fleetworks FROM // Shimizu-Motoyoshi-Ketsurui Akina CC // Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko SBJ: Custom Misha-Class Vessel Commission Hoping this message finds you well. We wish to commission a Misha for our daughter, Ayano. Given her profession and proclivities, a ship geared towards...
  4. Yuuki

    Approved Submission Chōuryū Subsurface Torpedo/Sensor Platform

    TORPEDOES!!!!! Types listed as unapproved subarticles.
  5. Yuuki

    OOC Bastion of Winter OOC

    Link to Plot Wiki Entry Link to First Thread of Plot The Plot Namespace wanted us to have one of these. We do use Discord mostly, but in the interests of having place for people who aren't on the Bastion Discord to ask questions and comment, here it is. @Cecily @SirSkully @Arbitrated...
  6. Yuuki

    SYNC Offer of Employment for Azai Kaede from Yugumo Corporate Fleet

    Yugumo Corporation To: Azai Kaede From: Personnel Director, Yugumo Corporation Re: Offer of Employment Azai-san, We at Yugumo Corporation are pleased to offer you the position of Quartermaster. Please notify us of your earliest possible start date. Rank: Kakaraichō Pay: 24075 KS per year...
  7. Yuuki

    SYNC To RHI Licensing Department from YFW Procurement Department

    To: Director, Licensing, Ryu Heavy Industries From: Wakaba Masami, Yugumo Fleetworks Procurement Department Director: Yugumo Fleetworks requests payments of the first ten million (10,000,000) KS in royalties related to licensed Yugumo products used in the Nuwa frigate be paid in product at...
  8. Yuuki

    Approved Character Takeda Sayako, sentient androids

    https://wiki.stararmy.com/doku.php?id=characters:yamatai:takeda_sayako Tachiko's faithful FARS who went sentient when put into a better body. Had a "Class Representative" custom personality module that stuck with her. Some neat gadgets embedded in her that were FARS accessories.
  9. Yuuki

    RP [Open RP] Yugumo Corporation Armaments Systems Catalog YE44 Model Search and Shoot

    Yugumo Corporation Armaments Systems Catalog YE44 Model Search and Shoot YTP Entertainment, a division of Yugumo Corporation is producing Yugumo's Armaments Systems division's YE 44 Catalog. We are looking for all species of the Kikyō Sector to model various weapon and armor systems...
  10. 2021 Cecily Winters by Lily Marlene commissioned by wes

    2021 Cecily Winters by Lily Marlene commissioned by wes

    https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=character:cecily for @Cecily
  11. Yuuki

    SYNC To Kingdom of Neshaten Division of Public Safety

    Yugumo Corporation To: Lunar'yl Chevrossi, Division of Public Safety, Kingdom of Neshaten From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Fuku-Shachō, Yugumo Corporation Re: Hiring Neshaten Expatriates and Security Standards Most Honorable Lunar'yl Chevrossi, The Motoyoshi Clan understands, and sympathizes with...
  12. Yuuki

    SYNC To Yamatai Department of Immigration Re Highly Skilled Visa

    Yugumo Corporation Tokyo, Jiyuu III From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Fuku-shachō, Yugumo Corporaton To: Yamatai Department of Immigration ATTN: Director, Neshaten Services Re: Highly Skilled Visa Director, Enclosed is the application for a highly-skilled exemption to citizenship, sponsored by...
  13. Yuuki

    Approved Submission Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol

    IC retcon because scalar stuff.
  14. Yuuki

    SYNC Yugumo Corporation E2 Energy Pistol Now Available

    Yugumo Corporation Announcing the Yugumo E2 Energy Pistol Yugumo Corporation is pleased to announce an updated version of the venerable Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol. The Yugumo E2 is lighter and more efficient, carrying three times the capacity in two-thirds the mass. Private Security...
  15. Yuuki

    SYNC To: Yugumo Fleetworks Re: Takeda Fleet Requisition Request

    YUGUMO CORPORATION INTERNAL SYNC RELAY ADMINISTRATOR 7, TAKEDA FLEET Takeda Fleet requests an internal transfer of the following ships to Takeda Fleet business unit: 12 Misha-Class Explorer (1B) 12 Seiza-Class Cargo Hauler (1B) 6 Yūgure-class Merchant Destroyer 20 Shuryoku-Class Super...
  16. Yuuki

    SYNC Black Crane Counter-Boarding Training

    A Yugumo Corporation Company Tokyo, Jiyuu III OFFICE OF THE SHACHŌ From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Shachō, Takeda Fleet, Fuku-Shachō Yugumo Corporation To: Mizumitsu Tomomi, Black Crane Securities Mizumitsu-san, As Takeda Fleet has adopted the Paradin system and other Ryu Keiretsu hardware pursuant...
  17. Yuuki

    Approved Submission Yoru no Tenshi Ni 'Tenshi II' Light Mechanized Power Armor

    Civilian Security Power Armor, high end. Update and refresh of an existing design. For internal use only, unless someone like the YNP would be interested. Rationales Yugumo Corp security needed something to help out on the postwar frontier. Yugumo Corp wants to reduce reliance on external...
  18. Yuuki

    Approved Submission Kaimon Ascendant Consort Android

    The Kaimon Ascendant Consort is Yugumo Corporation's new KAIMON AI in an anthroform form factor. Rationales Yugumo Corporation uses a large number of anthroform drones. The best models on the market are 8-9 years old and they're feeling that squeeze. Yugumo just developed a cutting edge AI in...
  19. Andrew

    SYNC Yugumo Corporation - Noval Purchase

    To: Harvan Thren, Senior VP of New Market Sales From: Motoyoshi Yuka Good Afternoon, I've been alerted to a new space station you have on the market. I'm interested in the following: 1 x Hibiscus-Class Mobile Space Station "Castle Variant" - Delivery: ASAP Thank you. @Whisper
  20. Andrew

    Seeking Assistant - Yugumo Corporation

    So, I've been thinking about what to post in this for a while. I'm looking for an assistant to help me with things for Yugumo Corporation. The reason I think this needs a detailed post is that my requirements for this are rather specific and I need to find someone who can not only assist but...