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RP [2nd IRC] A New Understanding

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Various workers and servants rushed about, carrying decorations, tables, and equipment about the diplomatic area, making last minute adjustments to the set up for the conference. All the major leaders had been invited, and Yamatai did not want to disappoint. The refrigerators were filled with the finest foods and the wine racks fully stocked. Security was heightened and every last bit of dust had been removed from the VIP cabins...

Empress Himiko was of course the first to arrive, although for now she was staying aboard her space yacht, Honor.
Waiting for the beginning of the conference Karael Malach, the Senatorial Legate of the Elysian Celestial Empire waited upon the ECS Abire, the Thantros Class Destroyer which had been given over to her command for the duration of the conference.

More precisely she waited within the luxurious captain's quarters, an area filled with ambient light which seemed to emanate from the air itself, and even more precisely than that she lay on the magnificently ornate four poster bed with volumetric projections of all the most recent reports from Elysia's intelligence network hovering above her head. At the same time she commanded the computer, with only a thought, to stimulate her brain with its two way SQUID device. Knowledge was power, and Elysia had not intention of being relegated to a secondary position.
Robert Davis was next to enter the area, having arrived on the NSS Alliance, which stayed docked in space.

The Sky Marshall was, as always, garbed in formal military clothing, and walked with a polished wooden cane. He was well-groomed and rested, and he displayed a sense of professional aloofness demanding of his position.

He sent a signal asking for permission to enter.
With Elysia and Nepleslia present, Himiko headed into the conference area to get set up. After sitting down, she looked over her agenda for Nepleslia:
1. Formalize Nepleslia's policy on not being used as a base or shield for terrorists or pirates. In return, be clear and formalize that Yamatai will not be used as a base for pirates and such.

2. Convince Nepleslia to withdraw any forces in the UOC. In return, withdraw forces from old Freespacer turf and boot the Reds out of Halna.

3. Promote a peace treaty between Nepleslia and Elysia if possible.
A Yamataian diplomatic assistant guided Davis to his seat, where a little Nepleslian flag waved proudly on the desk.
Andariel Vokos arrived some time after Karael, transported in frugal style aboard a Concordia scout. The idea of bringing another of Elysia's higher-powered warships to a peace conference seemed a little counterproductive. By shuttle, she transported to the ECS Abire, where she (presently joined by Karael) made her way to the bridge.

Andariel was a patient woman, but the tension in waiting for the conference to begin was thick enough to cut with a knife. Into little cubes of tension. She could sell them at the market for seven Aurea each...
A lone Wayfarer-Class shuttle would soon make its approach on the station. Just as the shuttle came into sensor range of the station a signal would be transmitted from the vessel.

Ambassador Aegis Yaweh Fyunnen said:
"This is Wayfarer-Class Shuttle 'Procession Run'. Requesting clearance to land on Pisces Station. I am former-senator, now Ambassador, Aegis Yaweh Fyunnen. I am here on behalf of the Lorath Matriarchy to represent their interests during the coming conference. I also request that I be cleared to land at an external landing bay. I will not be needing assistance in servicing my transportation. Thank you."

As the shuttle made its approach, the station's sensors would detect a sum of scorching upon the little shuttle's hull, along with a hefty sum of residual signs of plasma weapon discharge. Apparently the little craft had seen some action as it traversed the distance between the Nyli system and the Albini system. A patch of OLED paint near the cockpit window of the shuttle shined with several glowing symbols of skulls and crossbones which were posted alongside images of several power armor and a handful of old fighter designs commonly used by pirates. Apparently, the ambassador aboard the shuttle was quite intent on making her way to the meeting, regardless of the cost.

Within the shuttle, Aegis went about the final process of making the approach on the station. At the same time she adjusted her attire which she wore. She uttered a soft curse as she noticed a small rip caused by shrapnel from a ruptured component. With one hand she piloted the shuttle, with the other she went about retrieving a small mending kit from a travel satchel so she could repair the rip. "Leave it to me to show up to a conference looking like some sort of grunt... Without any blood to show for it even..." she muttered as she placed a self-sealing patch over the ripped portion of her attire. The small crisis was solved, and soon she was landed upon the station, where she made her way through the docking port and into the station, with hopes that she would not encounter much resistance to her presence... After all, she was there not only for the Lorath Matriarchy, but as a representative of the Lorath Matriarchy as a protectorate of the UOC.

As the former-senator made her way, she could not help but to recall some of the military philosophy lectures which were drilled into her many decades ago. Unfortunately, every bit of those words came down to a mere few options which stood out in Aegis' mind: Fight, flight, bargain, stall. Every one of those options each had their own consequence which stood firmly apparent in the mind of Aegis, who had to suppress a shudder at the potential outcomes. The truly troubling part... was that the suppressed shudder was not entirely out of fear. That very feeling was what made her a Fyunnen. Such an oddity... a Fyunnen diplomat... on par with oddities such as Mishhu lounge singers, virgin Nekovalkryja, sober Nepleslians, faithless Elysians, and planet-bound Freespacers.

Goddess help me do what is right. Aegis thought as the weight of her situation made itself apparent in an abrupt realization.
"Thank you," Davis said as he handed his overcoat to the assistant.

With his coat removed, the presence of a datapad and communicator attached to his belt became apparent, but the Sky Marshall paid no attention to them as he sat down and calmly clasped his hands on the table.

There had been much power shifting in Yamatai over the last year. The new empress sitting there said that much. There was an air of change in the room, Davis noted, but the change was an unknown. Was it the kind of change that brought forth a hope for the future, that mended old wounds? Or was it the splintering kind, a sudden instance that shattered the leg of a table, spilling food all over the floor?

Memories of the first conference were fresh on his mind. He had been diplomatic and courteous, and continued to be so even when he pressed on issues that he knew would not be passed. But that had fallen to the wayside when the princess Hanako made an impetuous stab at politics, twice, doing more damage than could have been imagined.

Had it been any other Nepleslian in charge of that meeting...

...the Sky Marshall erased those thoughts immediately.

He would remain diplomatic, as was necessary of the proceedings, but there would be no bending over backwards this time. Nepleslia was on equal footing with Yamatai, and he would act so.

"Greetings, Empress," Davis said warmly to the woman.
The Empress was dressed in an embroidered and bejeweled white kimono. Her hair was very long, very straight, and very black, while her eyes looked like big balls of polished ruby or perhaps glasses of cranberry juice.

"Good morning, Admiral," Himiko nodded. "How is Nepleslia faring internally and on the international front?"

- - -

Elsewhere on the station, the uninvited Lorath ex-senator was detained after she boarded the station, and brought to a holding area to wait until Himiko decided to accept her into the conference.
"We are doing fine, thank you," Davis replied. "How fares Yamatai? Might I add, it is a pleasure to meet you."
In an empty section beyond the Albini gravity well a small fleet of ships blinked into existence against the star lane. The largest ship, the YSS Nadare identified the command escort group as there to help defense of the station during proceedings, and as honour guard. A Takumi was also present, with several Ayame, Yuuko, and a squadron of six Nozomi.

A smaller ship, signaling as a private Ketsurui yacht came from the Chiharu. About half of the smaller craft formed up around it as she approached the berthing she was assigned by coincidence next to another Ketsurui yacht. It docked, and the vanguard returned to find rotations and stand sentry away from Pisces in case of altercations or need of support.

A message to the conference room announced Princess Taisho Shimizu was coming.

Akina went straight for the ongoing greeting ceremony in formal clan wear, a robe she had only worn on a few occasions since the formation. Her red hair had been hastily put up with decorative chopsticks by Honoka, her Fleet Aide and her makeup to white-lined lipstick had been conservative to enhance her beauty and not oversell a traditional look. She wanted to be welcoming, but never seem archaic. In fact one of the Clan Chujo in the Fourth had to convince her not to show up in a military uniform. The one benefit of the robes was her pregnancy was not highlighted as much as it could have been wearing just about anything else. It was still quite obvious, but she didn't feel like some bloated creature hefting herself around. Taking a deep breath while security got the doors for her, she stepped through to the conference area.

Bowing with her hands crossed over her lap deeply to Himiko, the Taisho smiled at the small gathering and waited to see if she would be drawn in any direction before she would take it on herself to go be nosy. A warm metallic green shone through in her eyes with the smile, years had softened her a little away from battles.
((Hope it's okay to bring Shinichi with me hehe.))

The next arrival were vessels from the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces. Once proper clearance was exchanged, shuttles departed from the main ship. The first to dock contained members of the assembly who had chosen to go and small groups of aides. Notably, Deguchi Shinichi and Mochizuki Ayumi.

After the recent scare, the blonde haired woman was glad to be off another military vessel. They reminded her a little too much of those old days in the Star Army for her tastes, specifically the jaunt in the power armour. "They were going to start the party without us." She commented softly to Shinichi while they walked form the concourse to the area. Constant communication with the aides stopped, and they went to the receiving area for similar members of the delegation. Smiles were exchanged with the strange looks they were getting at least from those whom recognised them. Onlookers and officials dwindled, while security increased. They had reached the conference room. Smoothing out her business skirt one last time, the Jiyuuian took a deep breath and walked side by side with her counterpart into the big wide galaxy. Here goes nothing...
"Yamatai is doing well," Himiko nodded. "Our people continued to enjoy their new rights and protections and our military, while now smaller, is growing stronger and more diverse. Economically, job competition is high yet poverty is minimal, especially in the core and military areas. Our main concern in the international area right now is the UOC, which seems to me the core of a hateful alliance against my nation, which spreads dangerous technology to dangerous factions."

"It is also my understanding that one of these dangerous factions, the Freespacers, has begun using your nation as a shield for its activities..."

Himiko stopped, somewhat irritated, as she was interrupted by the arrival of the so-called Princess, followed by the UOC's representatives.
Alexander Romani trailed behind the throng of aides, and the two senators. He himself having elected to come with the group of Assembly members as well. The man wore a snappy black pen striped suit, with a wine red tie. His customary long black hair was held back, in a loose ponytail, and everything seemed to be in perfect order with the man. Not one crease, or wrinkle, not one thread out of place....

He soon tapped the two on the shoulder, coughed politely, and waved a hand forward. It was now or never afterall.
"Just don't run over whomever that is." Ayumi whispered behind her, smiling at Romani over a shoulder. They didn't see eye to eye but those things were less important when standing next to the fact he was there with them. She was waiting for Shinichi's lead, but did curtsy smoothly to the room at large, and keep her smile very inviting. [/i]The lights are up..[/i]


"Good day, I am pleased to have made it in time. Majesty, Marshal, it is my honour to finally meet you both." Akina's heart was pounding sick in her throat, maybe it was not the best idea. "By the Empress' grace, I am at her service."Too late now! Waddle over there! The finely dressed Shimizu stood between her Empress and the Sky Marshal, very aware she should be addressed before stepping closer to them. "I believe..." She added smoothly, "...they would be from the Colonies?"

When they did not look at her, Akina examined everyone she could, from Davis whom seemed well aged. A concept that seemed very...interesting to her but something maybe he could permit her later. Himiko's eyes reminded her of those old weapons, which was an odd comfort. To her, they were beautiful.

((Imperial/Emperor(ess) - Majesty, Princess/non imp - highness fyi!))
Davis stood at the entrance of the others. He bowed graciously, sweeping his hand in western style.

"Ah, yes, it is quite good to meet you too, Taisho," he said to Akina. "I take it your trip fared well?"

He smiled warmly and straightened up once more, turning to the UOC's contingent and bowing once more.

"I thank you all for coming. I am Sky Marshall Robert Davis and I speak as as a representative of Nepleslia, which I humbly serve. I hope that our meeting here can promote a sense of reconciliation amongst our nations."

As Davis returned to his seat, he thought of the words Himiko had just spoken, but decided not to address them until the formalities of the meeting were out of the way.
Well isn't he interesting? Akina thought while smiling at the Marshal. His manner was not completely unpleasant, and she enjoyed his sign of courtesy as much for the novelty as well as he had been able to pull it off.

"Thank you, Marshall. I did enjoy my trip, the Nadare is a wonderful home for many. I speak for the preeminent clan of the Bard Cluster and beyond, the brave soldiers of the Fourth Fleet of the Star Army of Yamatai, all in service to the Empress. I really look forward to speaking more." Slowly, and elegantly as possible the Shimizu Princess moved just back, and to the side of Himiko. "It would be remiss of me not to ensure you were seated comfortably first. An escort back to your seat, majesty?" She smiled as best she could in that moment, both trying to be proper, helpful, and gauge to see if the Empress would find it a little funny for someone that looked like she needed help walking to try and be that level of formal with her. It was just subtle enough that it could be taken seriously, or get a smile.

Or that's what she thought.

Sitting down would be a good dream for the moment...


"Okay okay, here goes." The Assemblywoman stepped towards their delegation's seating area, then paused. "Hello, I am Mochizuki Ayumi, this is Deguchi Shinichi, and behind us is Alexander Romani. We are part the small elected legislative body that helps to run the United Outer Colonies. "We are looking forward to maintaining our positive, neutral position and extending open relations if possible." Right...let's get this going. She thought, taking the quick line over to sit down and put her hands down on the table in front of her. Look at them..robes and everything. I guess not everything has changed...
Before Alexander seated himself, he couldn't help but appear thoughtful. He was, despite Jiyuuian flesh still Nepleslian to the very core of his soul. As the Assembly Woman introduced them, he returned the bow to the Sky Marshal. "It is a pleasure to finally meet the man who help keeps my native homeland safe, and prosperous in person. It is a pleasure, and honor, Sky Marshal Davis. Your hard work and steadfast dedication to Nepleslia is a credit to her, and her people." He said in polite tones before then bowing to the Empress.

"Highness, a distinct pleasure to meet you as well, I would like to thank you for this opportunity to begin talks, and relations between our prospective nations. I would hope that by the end of this Conference, we will leave with light-hearts and in friendship." He also said, equally as polite before patting Shinichi on the back and gesturing towards where Ayumi was seated.
Shinichi felt at awe by the amount of influential people around him. Get ahold of yourself. The Jiyuuian scolded himself. We're not hear to yack with the big boys, we're here to represent the UOC. "A pleasure to meet you, Sky Marshall," then turning to the Empress Shinichi bowed, though his bow wasn't as low as he would have once done it was still a respectful bow. "and you as well, Empress Himiko." Shinichi said to her before deciding to take Alexander's unspoken suggestion.
Himiko waited a while for the Nepleslian Admiral to speak, but he did not.

So, to keep things rolling, she started by saying, "The people of the United Outer Colonies are the same as the people of Yamatai - they are our family, and I do not wish to harm them in any way. In fact, I would not be averse to forming an alliance with them, under the right conditions."
Alexander waited for Shinichi to seat himself before smoothing his jacket out, and sitting as well as the Empress spoke. He nodded politely to her words, and smiled at the end of her speaking.

"Just as Nepleslia before us, the Colonies have grown into independence, and have grown into good, fine nations. Comrades, and friends. Both of which who it would seem wish to remain close to our friends, the Yamataians."

"I am however curious as to these..."right conditions" you speak of in regards to a treaty, or, as you've said, Alliance. Provided these "conditions" are fair," He stressed this word subtly, and politely before continuing. "For both parties, I would honestly believe my comrades and I would love to reconnect with our family across the borders, to ease the tensions between us, and welcome each other with open arms."
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