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RP [2nd IRC] A New Understanding

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"Anyway," Himiko said, turning back to Davis, "does Nepleslia want to fight alongside Yamatai in this war? The Mishhuvurthyar would be all over you and all other nations once they were done with Yamatai. It would be better to work together rather than divided. Do you agree?"
Alexander had returned with a small bowl of hot warm water, and proceeded to sit it down when the Empress asked her bluntly put question of an alliance. Usually it ment a few things. They did not want to fully expend the resources necessary for another war. Were not fully committed, still recovering from the last SMX, war, or worse, losing, and required assistance which seemed to be plainly obvious part of her choice of words but also carried a dual meaning. Frankly, he wished to place his palm to his face at the lack of finesse, elegance and outright lack of tact, a veiled threat not from Yamatai's part, but what could happen should Yamatai lose.

Bringing other nations into one's own wars when things looked bleak, considering past misgivings seemed wholly...he simply wished not to dwell on it. The implications of renewing international bonds was there, but, why should they shed their blood for Yamatai if well enough as in hand? Or atleast it was his assumption considering the last war.

"Empress, if I may pose a question? You have asked the Sky Marshall to become involved in a war in which is currently upon Yamatai's doorstep. In the past, you have succeeded in repelling the invaders. You have just asked Nepleslia to shed blood, and lives for Yamatai. This leaves me to believe, this new, current villain is superior in strength or constitutes a greater threat, and causing discord amongst Yamataian ranks, simply put.

You do not think you can win alone, or the victory would come at too terrible a cost to warrant it. Forgive me, please, if I am coming off as wholly to crass, but, your declaration, and request has caught me off guard. But, do you believe the threat is so great to involve the other nations?" He chose his words with some care, but left his tone neutral, more at this point looking for answers, and to gauge the strength of this present foe given the Empress, of the Yamataian Empire's views on the matter.
"Also, if I may add..." Aegis spoke up, chiming in along with her fellow representative from the UOC. "If the Nepleslians were to join you in the war against the Mishhu, what guarantee do they have that their aid would not doom them to a fate like that of which happened to my people when we sided with your Empire?"

A rough sigh escaped Aegis' lips as she spoke. "When my people sided with your Empire, little help was given as a moon was dropped on my people's home world by the Mishhu. Furthermore, only Fifth Expeditionary Fleet proved to be of any genuine aid... We all know what genuinely existed within the Fifth, after all, Alexander and myself are here representing what was born from that fleet. I assume there is not going to be a rebellious fleet commander to come to Nepleslia's aid if the situation were to become grim for the Imperium. I would hate to see for another civilization to be so brutally wounded by becoming involved in the conflict between an Empire and their failed creations. None the less, if the attackers are the Mishhu... then it would be in all of our best interests to evaluate our military stances. Not to merely fight alongside Yamatai, but to ensure the future of all of our peoples."
"I'm trying to actually give birth here." Akina huffed blithely at the sudden conversation. Another charge went off outside, but things were starting to get a little more manageable. The alert wing on the Nadare Had managed to launch, and were starting to sweep through the station and secure the concourses.

"Sorry." The woman called after she realised it was just the situation making her upset, and not Aegis or anyone else. Taisho Shimizu then made a suddenly higher noise, "Pushing..h-here goes I think they're done tormenting m-meee!" The Taisho's sound of exertion cracked through the hall, and the sensation of her first child being born was something she knew she'd never forget, even if it didn't feel as nice as everyone claimed it was supposed to in the NH-29 body.

She finally had no more noises to break, but that was all put to her concentration. A worried look went to Davis, and Himiko, who didn't seem to be paying attention (but what did she know? It's not like she was focused on that at the moment, either) then she closed her eyes, and pushed hard. The survival of the Empire and other nations came before her.

Then she was there, the little youngling, after so long, she was delivered, mess and all without any harm. There were still two more to go, and she had not even opened her eyes. Her hair, a vibrant violet, was a mess all over her body, and appeared to go almost to her ankles, not that a lot of it had stuck to her in that direction. Trying to peer down, Akina could just make out the child that came from her love for Katsuko.

I can do this.

"Is she okay?"
After a long pause, where he didn't pull his vision away from Akina, Davis replied to the conversations going around him.

"I believe... it is not appropriate to come to such a decision, even if it was within my power, until we know what exactly is going on."

The Sky Marshall did not want to dwell on the bluntness of the question. The other diplomats had already shared the most obvious problems with leaping into an alliance, but there were several more. Acting offended wouldn't help either, but there was a small burning flame in the back of his head when the mention of sacrificing Nepleslians crossed the discussions.

But a baby was being born right there, right now, and, actually, had just come out of the lady.

It was... odd... to see a micronized version of a Neko sitting in his hands, nothing like a Nepleslian baby, but then again, he had been one of the very very few Nepleslians to see that happen. Given numbers of the populations, it would be fairer to label the conception of his son as more of an oddity in this universe.

The little thing wasn't crying, either. It just looked at him with the open-eyed curiosity of a fully-awakened, self-aware child.

After a quick, careful washing of the Neko with a cloth, he passed it to Akina.

"It... is ok?"
"H...hello. You have a lot of fur on your face, other-Mommy." The little girl informed the Sky Marshall, poking at the palm of his hand, where she rested. She had fussed some while being cleaned, but all that hair finally fell into place down her body. Her eyes had opened, bringing her to the conclusion the man holding her was definitely not her other parent after her first exclamation. Naturally, she recognised what the older man was wearing after getting her bearings, then looked around the room.

She was finally born, the first Shimizu daughter, who was curious about the man who held her. "Who are you?" A simple prompt, from the beautiful little youngling.

Akina reached for her, with a smile, and nodded. "She's fine as I can tell without a scanner. Hello precious." The new mother had just brushed her fingertips against the girl, when her others started fighting over who was going second and by result, third. It stole her breath, and made her grip the table, the sweat along her forehead became slight droplets. "They're...c-coming. Akiko..be good please." She told the child.

She felt amazing, in the midst of all the excitement her embarrassment had gone away, leaving the top Shimizu with an indescribable warmth for her youngling, and that she could, and would, make sure that the others were safe. It was a kind of love she'd never felt that strong, touching her in a profound way. The girl was right there, from the love she and Katsuko shared...and she would not be the last.

"Huh...? Oh. Yes." The more lit eyes of the daughter started to take in the others. Trying to figure out who they were, also.

The care, and faint awe she saw in the Nepleslian man had given the Taisho something to think on, though. That was interrupted by what felt like the two Nekovalkryja trying to shove out of her at the same time, and finding it impossible. "NNnghnnohn-nno..." Just decide! Akina pleaded with them.
"They are pretty," Himiko remarked, looking the nekos over as they came out. This was the first time she'd seen childbirth. "Are you alright, Akina?"
"I'll be better when they stop fighting for who goes second or wh..h-a-aaa!" Akina huffed, and tilted her head back as they decided, and the intense sensation of her second born making her way out shot through the Taisho's body.

Akiko looked at everyone, then poked at Davis' hand. "Would you be so kind as to put me on the table please?" And she bowed stiffly, "Some clothes would be nice too. Oh right." The little youngling calmed herself, and a black and pink bodysuit that left portions of her thighs, and arms exposed formed over her skin. It wasn't real, but it would do for the time being. She could see her sisters were being a strain on their mother, and that at least her plan to start had caused her to be noticed.

With her head pressed to the Nepleslian jacket, and the eventually slowing din of battle and inevitable vibrations as a result. Those were ending. The XO in charge of her small battlegroup outside informed her about something..deploying something.

She didn't care, the sweet pain had dulled off, and by the time her second daughter emerged from her mother, the third was on her way.

This child had a perfect head of hair to look like Katsuko, and it dipped down to the small of her back. She was not as tangled in it as Akiko had been.

Unlike her older sister, the last couldn't be contained, and with Akiko looking on, the last of the Shimizu daughters were born onto the Empress' kimono. Past the point of embarrassment, Akina went a little limp, trying to look at them, but tired, and sometimes shaking from the exertion even if it wasn't as painful as it could have been. Worn. The young woman (though not by Nekovalkryja standards) was warmed with the knowledge it was over, but that they were all beautiful.

"What is my name?" The first asked. "Akiko..unless the Empress wishes to name you, little one."

"Empress?" One little voice asked with spirit. It was the second born, who then turned to Davis, smiling big. The last had come out with projected clothes on, a little close-fitting dress, simple white. They needed to be cleaned though.

The last youngling had shortly cropped, very red hair that brought her honest face out more, and starkly contrasted the shade of violet in her eyes. Akiko, with the most sense, and being the most clean, bowed to the Empress.

"Ayano." Akina said, and thought it at the same time so she knew who she meant. "The youngest.." And for several moments of indulgence, Akina closed her eyes, finally understanding the maternal instinct she had been grappling with so long, especially with Tio so far behind unfriendly borders. It seemed like she did so little, when it was over, to be given such a wonderful thing.
Himiko blinked for a moment. "No, thank you," she responded, not really having a name in mind. She paused for a moment to remember what she was doing.

"I believe we should adjourn this conference and continue at a later time," Himiko told Davis and the others. "There is a lot going on that we must attend to. In the meantime, please consider my offer of alliance."
"Agreed, we should pause for now." Aegis spoke flatly as she rubbed the bridge of her nose. The conference which was supposed to improve relations between major nations had turned into something quite near chaos, absurdity, and a hefty sum of catering to the interests of a desperate Empire it seemed.
"Yes, I've had -more- than an eyeful for today." Ayumi, from the United Outer Colonies noted while collecting her notes. She had stood up by that point and stretched, looking up when the intercom messages started to play throughout the station. A personal one came into the conference room. "Delegates should arrange for their departure as quickly as possible. The lock down is hereby lifted."

"Someone getta' medical team too!" The youngest of the Taisho's girls exclaimed, looking on at her mother. That reminded the woman to tune back into the connection she had with the Nadare. Things were getting worse back home, and she would have to leave with the staff, no matter how tired she felt.

That's when she got the news. Dead?

Outside, the bodies were being carted away and sorted through, to be revived by medical once the foreign delegates had departed once clearing medical checks. Many ships had departed initially, and even more were once the battle had ended.

I understand. Thank you, please be prepared for my arrival. I'm bringing the remaining staff back...once I can get up.

"A medical team has you in the queue, but since you're not dying you might not be seen quickly." The intercom from command informed them, cutting out after.

"...the Nymph, just get me there." Akina said quietly, then told Himiko, "As you please." Trying to sit up on the table, and see if she could at least walk out to where the fragments of her staff waited to return with her. The biggest problem to her was what to do with her girls. Once they got to her yacht, things might be more clear.

"I'm sorry you all had to see me so indisposed..." She apologized as warmly as anyone could muster after that.

The doors all opened again, and Ayumi promptly waved to her counterparts, intent on heading back to the UOC vessels that had carried them to the conference. "We'll have to discuss these matters with the PM. Thank you for hosting, I hope the next time it's not so lively."

The eldest girl had already perched herself on the top of the back of a chair, swinging her legs slowly while she waited for someone else to say something, and see what Davis would do with her sisters.
Davis bowed politely to those in the room.

"I agree. Now is the time to shore up defenses and gather information. I shall keep in touch. I will have one of my officers signal for you all to depart Nepleslian space at your convenience. Please take care."

He then continued cleaning the children. After he had finished they were sitting about on the table, looking around and at him.

A silence fell upon the Sky Marshall, before Akina's words reached him.

"Ah, no, do not concern yourself with pleasantries right now, my lady," he said, still looking at the oldest child. "This is an event that cannot be ignored, no matter what the circumstances."

He washed his hands in the water, then pulled his rumpled coat off the table and put it back on.

However, he noticed that the children were just sitting there as the princess was standing to leave.

"Do... you need help carrying these... children?" He was fumbling for a name as he looked to the eldest child.

"Sorry, little one, that was rude of me... I shall call you Tomoko, 'wise child' for now."
"I must agree with you, of course." Akina smiled tiredly at Davis, then brightened a little when he came up with a name out of seemingly nowhere. She wondered what he'd have thought of with more time, but liked it all the same. Maybe she'd have to wait on Akiko? It made her feel there was some hope for their countries, at least.

"I..oh..I'm never doing that again." The Taisho protested, making the youngest child work into a giggle, as she reached up and tussled her own hair until it felt right again. She formed a grey and burgundy jumpsuit, and the middle-sister projected a similar one with the midriff exposed in black and gold.

"I think so, we need to get them to my yacht. My staff is outside, or what's left of it. From there I'll transfer a medical team from the Nadare, and send them...send them..."

She didn't know. If she sent them to Katsuko no Iori and it fell, would she ever forgive herself? "...I don't know, but I'll think of somewhere. I'm not going to let them see war like their b-..brother had to."

The Eldest girl quietly lifted herself from the table, and floated onto Davis' shoulder, while the other girls looked on, apparently just remembering they were quite able to do the same if the look in their little eyes said anything. The one he called Tomoko sat down and pecked his cheek, offering, "Thank you sir."

While Akina held out her hands, she quickly found the middle child occupying the spot.

This left the youngest. After a moment of making a huffing sort of noise, she jumped off the table, and floated up to one side of Himiko, bowed in mid-air, then silently sat down on her shoulder like her older sister had done. "You're Auntie Himiko right?" She asked cutely.

"Okay..I'm ready. I think these legs of mine will work. Shall we go?" Akina asked, looking to Himiko and Davis, she started slowly on her way from the conference center.

(Continued here...)
Himiko nodded and waved goodbye to the younglings, before moving off in another direction; watching the girl Empress walk was like seeing a swan gliding on a lake.

The Empress, accompanied by her small of samurai, returned to her yacht, Honor, and returned to Yamatai.
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